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– Hey, come on, let’s go. Get you going. Dinner’s in a minute Abbie. What’s up guys? Welcome to another video. So this one’s a little
bit different this year You’re right on top of my camera. Are you trying to get my attention? ‘Cause your standing right there? What’s up? Yeah in a little bit. Can you come here and say hi to everybody. Look, they can’t see you. Say hi. Hi, good job. So we’re talking about
Abbie’s Goally today. This device right here. This one here you know this one, right? So Abbie’s been using this
for a couple of days now. We’ve already done her morning routine with it a couple times. Thanks for the kisses. Can you wait though? Can you wait? We’re gonna have dinner
in a little bit, Okay? You gotta stop asking now in a little bit. I need to put that on your Goally Alright, so what the Goally is, it’s a schedule. It’s essentially like a digital smart. So you’re going to be
persistent this whole time, aren’t you? So this is also a giveaway. So make sure you stick around
to hear about the details of the giveaway to get your own Goally We’re giving away two
of these one on YouTube one on Facebook so that
everybody has a chance of getting one. So what this is it is a digital it is a it’s technology
based task device, you know. For completing tasks for and then also has a reward
system built into it. So Abbie’s used visual schedules before but you know it’s old technology, right? Like stick it Velcro on
there and they work great. This just kinda ups the game
and puts your your schedule and your rewards and behavior
tracking all into one device which is super cool. We know how much our kids love technology they love their devices, their screens, so this really adds to that. What’s up? I know, attention ha? Okay, you have to wait though, okay? Let me finish talking about this. Let me tell the people. So using the accompanying
parent app for this for the goally app you can set up this this device I did it in about about 50
minutes that was pretty quick. Ran through this setting,
put in all of her routines, her rewards, and then all
the behaviors positive and not desirable behaviors. So that we can keep track
of all that and log in and she gains points
for the good behaviors and loses them for the
undesirable behaviors. She also gains points by
sticking to her her schedule. The goally is 189 and for that price you’re not just getting a
device and the protective case and the pop socket site type
standard little wrist lanyard and the app that’s on the device you’re also getting support. You’re getting support from therapists and professionals in the field not only with the design of it but in further support down the road. You know, just setting up the device that’s gonna work best for your child. They’re there for that as well. You have that support through
Goally, through the company. If you have a challenge
that comes up later on something that you wanna
put on here inside you know, how do we how would you recommend
we work through this issue that we’re having and how
can we use Goally to do that you can contact the company and they can help you through that. So that is just I mean, that’s priceless. There awesome feature to add to it to be able to have access
to that kinda support. Now you can get $10 off
if you’re not the winner of the two devices you can get $10 off with this code right here. So like you saw the beginning this is not a sponsored video
and Goally reached out to me I was like, yes! Super excited about it. I love putting devices like
this in the hands of people that really need them that they
could put them to go to use. This could be a game changer
type of device for your child. So in just a couple of hours we’re gonna run through the
evening schedule that Abby has for Yeah, hi again. Hi. We’re gonna run through
the evening schedule that Abby has on her Goally and I’ll show you guys
what that looks like. But first, first let’s
talk about the giveaway. Okay? So all you have to do is
comment on this video, whether it be on Facebook or
YouTube comment down below who the Goally would be for, you know, Goally for my son, Goally for
my daughter, for my grandchild for you my friends kid. Whatever, just comment down below. That way I know in the comments who’s just commenting or
who wants to be entered in for the drawing for the Goally and it’s going to be random selection we’ll pick from the comments that way. So you can win yours and we will draw this, When are we gonna draw this Priscilla? – How about on Friday the fifth. – We will draw this Friday the fifth. Okay? So we will post the winners
on Facebook for Facebook for YouTube we will post
them in the community tab. So make sure you’re subscribed. And then you have the bell
notification turned on ting, so you get notified when we
post on the community tab. Okay? And just a little pro tip. If you follow us on Facebook and YouTube, yes, it does kind of double
your chances of winning. – Let’s go to your bedtime routine. Abb here, Go to there bathroom. You ready? (alarm alerts) Good job, Okay? What do you have to do? We
have go to the bathroom. click your green guy. Now we have to put what? Our pajamas on. Put your staff in there Click green? What do we have to do? Brush your teeth. Brush, brush. So if you’re new to the channel the reason that we have this vest on is because Abigail likes take
her pajamas off at night. Ha? So we put this vest
on, it’s super stretchy. It’s actually a Cat and
Jack and it’s really nice. It’s stretchy and so if you
can’t get pajamas off that way. That’s why she has her
pajamas on backwards. And these don’t have the feet cut out but sometimes we have to cut the feet out. It works for us. So if you have a child that likes to get out of their pajamas I highly recommend this trick. Ha. It’s been working
for years knock on wood. You’re doing so good. So Abby has a lot of sensory issues. She has sensory processing disorder, so she likes to gag on the toothbrush. So I’m not letting her get that sensation because we don’t want that to happen. So that’s why I’m helping
her brush your teeth. You’re doing so good. Okay. And then do you need to wash. (mumbles) We have a little bit of time left. Here, the mouth. Right up here There you go. Okay? Come here. No we’re not done yet.
Turn that light up on. – Time for bed. – So click the green guy. How do you feel? How do you feel right now? Hey, are you happy? Or sad? Or neutral. (celebrates) Okay. – You got 100 points Ab. – Hey, nice job! Way to go. – So look in the morning.
You’ve got screen time and you’ve got a trip. Ready
to go for you in the morning. (celebrates) You earned your points today. – Good job Ab. – Good job. A smile. – Hey I love you. Oh no, we’re not gonna
candy, were not gonna candy. We’ve just brushed our
teeth, we cannot candy. – Hey. Can have I have
one kiss? Can I have one? I love you. Say bye to everybody. – Abbie – Hey Over here. – Say bye. – Say bye Wanna close it out to. (laughs) – Can you close it out? – Come on, Say bye. Bye. Look at me. Bye. Bye. Just flew. Okay. See you. The schedule, it’s essentially
like a digital smart. You’re gonna be persistent
this whole time, aren’t you? I know Yes. We’re gonna have dinner just a little bit but you have to wait
can you wait a minute. Okay, thank you. Like four
this will be four minutes long. So this is also a giveaway.

100 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!!! – A Schedule Device For Autism

  1. I would love to win this for my son that has autism!! I think it would benefit him a lot!! Thank you for the chance! 🙂

  2. Goalie would
    Be for my little
    Cousin who
    Is 6 and has autism thank you so much for the opportunity his mom is having a hard time and this would
    Be a super game changer !!

  3. Goally for my daughter, age 6. recently diagnosed with ADHD. We are learning how to help her become the best person she can be with the challenges she faces in processing and dealing with her environments. Her and I love watching Abby and how she communicates, we have even started to sign through times of difficult communication <3 keep spreading the awesomeness! Also: Please pass along to Priscilla she looks absolutely amazing! her transformation has been beautiful to watch from one WLS patient to another- keep rocking it momma <3

  4. My 15yo son is also severely autistic with intellectual disability disorder and we are in the transition to adulthood stage of his development. He is nonverbal like Abbie but highly motivated to communicate in other ways so we could use a scheduling device with data tracking capabilities live this to keep him on task and to develop good habits.

  5. I'd love to win the Goally for my son – he's almost 4 and visual schedules help him so much. This technology looks amazing.

  6. Hi guys,

    I would love the device for my self contained classroom. I currently have 6 non verbal students. This would be of great use for all my kiddos. 🤞🏼

  7. I would like this for my 5 yr old son, he has SPD and waiting on additional diagnosis. The Goally is something that would really help in advancing his growth in behaviors and emotional support with communicate.

  8. Hello! I love your videos! As for the giveaway, I am a daycare teacher and this year and coming year, I will have multiple three to four year olds with autism and delays. I would greatly appreciate a Goaly for them whether they’re able to share or my co-teacher and I use it for particular children. Thanks for the opportunity to get our hands on this technology!

  9. I would love to use this for my son as he loves technology but struggle with routine and when he has a melt he becomes non verbal has sensory processing disorder struggles in daily life home and school which we are still all learning how to help him and thanks for the tip with tooth brush as I will try that does Abbie struggle with the taste of toothpaste as my son hates the taste of it

  10. I'm So Excited about Tonights LIVE . I would L💙VE to Win the Goalie giveaway for my Great Nephew Jimmy. He's 6 yrs old and lives in Georgia. So Close to you. His Daddy is in the Military and deployed right now so he's up North in his Mom's hometown. Beinging away from Daddy, school and home, his schedule is so hard to keep .The Goalie Would be Awesome!!! PLEASE PICK MY AWESOME 💙 AUTISTIC GREAT NEPHEW!!! I WATCH your vlogs daily. My Niece told me about Abbie and your vlog back in March. I've learned so much about the Maass squad, Abbie & Autism, Pots Pans and Priscilla, Lipstick Momma, Bypass, sock collecting Isaiah, photograph & VLOGGING!!! AND SO MUCH MORE. I LOVE YOU GUYS,AWESOME FAMILY YA'LL!!! Jimmy needs the "GOALIE " TY ASA FOR ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF ALL THINGS !!! LOL I helped my friend get in her house when lock broke on her doorknob. ( I told her Asa taught me HOW !!! ) LOL

  11. Goally for a mom friend of mine who has a kiddo with ASD. Would love to surprise her with this!! I just know she would love it. 🙂

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  13. Goalie for my daughter. This would be an excellant device for my daughter with NVLD, she has executive functioning defecits so it's hard for her to remember schedules and organize herself.

  14. This would be wonderful for my kids who do better with a schedule they are both on the spectrum and it's a challenge when the schedule changed this would help us stay on the schedule

  15. Wow. That was fantastic. I heard Abbie say bye. 8:08.
    I actually have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat.
    Now a tear is rolling down my cheek. lol. I'm so happy for this small humongous moment. Yaayyyy!!!

  16. this would be awesome for either of my 2 grandsons who both have severe autism and developmental delays. I have just received custody of them and their two siblings a few months ago. this would be a game changer for us.

  17. The Goally would be for my niece Sophia. She is 6 and is on the spectrum. She is such a wonderful kid. I don't get to see her as often as I'd like because I live in NY and they live in Denver, and I'd love to have the chance to give them something like this! My sister homeschools Sophia, and I know the Goally would be a wonderful addition!

  18. I’ve never heard of this before! I would love to win for my severely autistic 8 year old daughter!

  19. The goalie would be perfect for my sisters child who is just like abby … you dont know how much it would help her . She acts just like abby. She is 8

  20. The goally would be for the two girls I nanny for. Both are adopted with numerous issues and medications that are a hassle to keep on time and "fun" to take. They are huge fans of technology which adds to the benefit this would provide as a new way to gain screen time!

  21. My brother has autism and he doesn’t have a set schedule. I think the biggest challenge for him is to do simple things like dishes and other everyday thing, because he doesn’t do it everyday. He likes to play video games all day. I would like to see him be able to get used to a schedule and do more of the everyday things. I also think it will help him with his schooling too. I just want the best for him. I think this would help him out a lot. Thank you for your time. Love you all!💙

  22. Hi Asa! Do you know what ages this device is for? My nephew was recently diagnosed about a year ago at the age of 3 with autism and think this would be great for me to purchase for him.

  23. I'm a new aid to a middle school boy who no one has ever worked with. He has so much potential to be as functional as Abbey is and it breaks my heart none of the previous aids have ever helped. I'd love the Goally so this young man can learn to live a better life. ❤️

  24. Goally for my son…

    This device looks amazing and could be a game changer for us. My son has autism and has terrible anxiety when faced with paper type schedules.
    What a great idea

  25. Great loving family! I've been watching your channel a few months now and you guys are amazing. We enjoy it daily. Our son Connar has Audio Processing Disorder. He turned 8 June 9th. He is delayed by about 2 years. He didnt talk well until he was 6. Abby has a special place in my heart, as a mother i can relate so much. Thank you for the daily joy!

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  31. I thought I heard Abby whisper bye , just after dad prompted her to say bye. I have also heard Abby say a few simple words in previous videos. She is very quick , and soft spoken when she does speak., it is mainly when it is quiet, and when she is calm.

  32. Giveaway entry: The goally would be for one of my students who is very interested in time and when lessons are going to begin / end .

  33. I am an Early childhood special education teacher and I have so many students who would benefit from the Goally. I will be bringing it up to my colleagues and special education director!

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