Gender Spectrum Story Time: Hello, My Name is Octicorn

Hello there my name is Justin Lowe
friends called me JLo I’m the co-creator of “Hello, My Name is
Octicorn” and I’m happy to read the book to you today. Hi everyone I’m octi what
haven’t you ever seen an octicorn before? we’re half octopus half unicorn
so okay maybe we are kind of rare not like the unicorn side of my family which
you see everywhere personally I don’t get why people like
unicorns so much I mean even just the name unicorn. shouldn’t it be unihorn? where does the corn come in plus if you ask me
unicorns are a little full of themselves but back to me people always ask how I
came to be an octicorn and how my parents met I think it was a costume
party or maybe a personal ad. Unicorn seeks octopus for fun friendship and possible strange-looking offspring as far as I know I’m the only octicorn
there is which sometimes makes it hard to fit in on land or at sea and when you
don’t fit in you don’t get invited to a lot of parties which is too bad because
octicorns are lots of fun at parties for one thing we can juggle like
nobody’s business for another we’re quite good at certain games like ring
toss and if it happens to be a pool party octicorns are great at
watersports even if there is the occasional beach ball incident
pop or if you’re not having a pool party here’s why you should still think about
having an octicorn for a friend octicorns are good at lots of sports
we’re also terrific dancers octicorns are excellent swimmers but what I really
want is a jet ski octicorns love s’mores and recess too even if it can be
a bit tricky sometimes our favorite color is blue like sky blue or sea blue
or cotton candy blue sometimes octicorns feel blue too
but octicorns are extra good at hugging which usually makes everything better
octicorn hug anyone? and if you’re wondering what to serve an octicorn
for lunch we love plankton fresh clover and also
cupcakes because who doesn’t like cupcakes I know I look different than
everyone else but that’s okay because in the end we all want the same things
cupcakes friends and a jet ski so um will you be my friend? awaiting your
reply love octi I hope you enjoyed the book I was asked what the inspiration for the book was the book actually began as a sticker
I used to post these stickers all around town in Portland Oregon
this was 10-15 years ago I had combined an octopus and a unicorn because I like
being creative and come up with new things and so it just started out as
sort of this iconic character that you’d see around with this sort of nervous
expression Kevin Diller then came into my life with
the idea of creating an octicorn book for children he came up with a story you
know that encourages people to be themselves to accept accept themselves
and also to accept others who are different from them Society is often
telling us to fit in and you got to fit in but it’s okay to stand out and we all
bring something different to the table so I think that’s a message that we hope
kids get when hearing this story I’ve gotten a lot of kid fan mail actually
and a lot of kids have written to tell me that they would be octicorn’s
friends and that gives me hope for the future because I think we’re in a time
right now when we can cut down on bullying and if we can all be a little nicer to
each other and a little more understanding then we can work better as a team
but we’re all human and we all matter and so that’s a message that I think is
powerful well everyone thank you for watching
this video and I gotta head out now I hope you enjoyed
it and I’ll see you next time I’m gonna go back inside this book

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