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so in peoria story recently by we can happen abadaka eighty s uh… who was still a minister in uh… tennessee and she had become part of the clergy project
which is really run by the richard alan standish uh… clergy projects and aims to help ministers of various faiths who have lost their and we’re kind of stuff
in their commission on itself and come out and try to give
them a sport structure and then to find a way to
uh… against and that’s uh… chapter in life so npr uh… reading a story about tree
sort of pain uh… who recently uh… after being a pastor
uh… methodist church for nine years uh… lost her faith and had been dylan
on preaching it getting started and singing instead you know if you’re still trapped and uh… the the thing that this this story was actually brought to
us from one of our uh… commenters on you to this person
really wanted us to ah… goal is reached out to about it and i
think they commented on you too was about how uh… restive that comments were on both the original
news story and then on n_p_r_’s reporting of the
story because that internet comments were i’m in some cases really ugly and
really mean and net was one of the things that this man and his former
minister uh… trees and pain uh… was very helpful for her because she described herself as being such a people
resort and being such a good dot and community for so long her statement it is like are just can’t believe in the morning it
would be role for me to stay in this position being they don’t believe it
anymore that made her such a filament yarns of
her community and and she had she was seeking new jobs uh…
man job interviews that she had schedule the
company called back in cancelled more than one situation uh… lexicon which was just because the
because without the shins knickers and bits and more basements of the job interview copies yet it is with call her and said
uh… thank you we’ve fill the position incident she comments
tile picture is that it that happened what happened in light of
day of the local news story coming out
without because she actually he announced uh… acts uh… the american atheists
convention in bethesda maryland and when that reporting got back to her
home staff made a new story uh… as a global
interest story that community did not react favorably
to her and have so its that’s really it for the new story but
what i have who went to the website uh… both npr and the original w_c_ t_v_ news story worthy cause this story on
the internet and i’ve got just a highlight of some of
the internet comments on um… that were left accout this woman
have her story and i want to read some of them so we can see how fair minded in wonderful some
christians are about throwing all christians in this group because there
were a lot of announcer comments from people who claim
to be christian uh… uh… but i want to read some of them
click off some of the murders this lady is nothing but a lawyer cheat
and scam artist who use the church and hurt people in
the process at no added sugar uh… yeah lawyer altitude sheets cameras are ally ready yet she was living a life of that which
is trying to find a way out of the situation that uh… really anybody who find themselves in uh… someone else that being a university homosexual and i
cannot uh… will get you in the same ends remember homosexuality expose showing
that you did pathway will get you to say that they’re both just plain wrong beat the
bible and it will flat tell you this anyone that doesn’t believe in god just
doesn’t have a clue in my way of thinking as far as being homosexual that is just
plain gross another one said if you look at the church website uh… the people play the instruments
look like lesbians she seemed to attract these masculine
looking women and put them in leadership roles for
some reason babysitter dot gov because she does want to be attracted to women she will
skate me this is she married she is a sinner to mental scape uh… but internet comments don’t
usually itself as the ulster of a guy alexander contradict himself at the end
there but whatever guarded in all caps days people it’s yours for me in my house we will serve jesus
and go to a better place in others can serve the devil and spend
eternity in a lake of fire with him and a false prophet problem foster profits star whole markers hormone really meant as a forum on his
belief about ourselves all there is no longer scholars liars murderers
unbelievers and there’s a comment and nothing comes after that accommoda com
another thing that happened whatever what happened nothing but the devil all caps when god
all caps jetstar with this world i pray he have mercy on our souls god
bless you all she’s a liar she had said it as well as right number
of papers on why had hallowed she believed initiative she is also with the what did she steel the united methodist church pays for portion of education for
ministers chief really took the financial supply heath who knows
what house yet but i did she took that money is
with the administration was a believer our guest is part is that they pay for
you to believe you must withdrawal so if i lose my favourite activity back i guess training parents out although
there is not there is a shit identification diffuser it the unbelievable lioness will cut off
that wasn’t pals and that’s in the case of hell hello is this nation for all who did not accept jesus if it was possible to increase in our
audience in a punishment if you’ve got what they call it that was
a dozen times worse for unbelievers who become a pianist andrew the other is
a stray from obedient faith in god but it is to the agony of eternal regret
for all who do not believe regardless i actually really like the amazon
industry okada increasing in internet punishment thousand thousand times if you call it we care you know we cannot get highlight what do
you think it is not really finds some added up the last comment is one of my
favorite calls and all the love is because this is an argument that you have been battling a lot of lately
okay this is someone who is trying to be
uh… produce this downward former minister and this person said locally not all of us par he fall literal as bigots good luck for you on
your journey signed over rio christian because we all go anytime to christians disagree but first thing they do is twenty three
two other guests not real christian yes user are interpreting it wrong hyatt interpreted this is why they are
that it’s that it’s the threats catholic orthodox god’s house of seven triad then said
stymied there are hundred having this probably
thousands uh… christian denominations exporter
the second no one can agree funny on haiti no one can agree on any of the
point of the tax you have people who point out here that the bottle dozens says that uh… homosexuality which would actually ends i don’t think i realized how funny that
statement was that the at least for men are men no homosexuality but really jordan montana compact but some
late he’s saying okay we’ll buy a house in sichuan on asian and yet i’ve met no end of christians
we’re like no homosexuality is fine it’s not bronze on those being led by their
both estimates al gore i heard argument which i thought was a actually
ridiculous argument that like the kinds of homosexuality talking about
the bottle are not the kinds of homosexual
relationships we have now and i play if i could meet you sir i would
spend dispensary particulars argument so fortunately there are no shoes scotsman
and uh… who are we to believe christians which
one of the real question christians is the question i asked you dallas last
week and talk to the right one right because that’s becoming very difficult outcasts

92 thoughts on “From Minister to Atheist – TYT Religion

  1. First time watching and I really enjoyed it I'm a christian and personally I think they did her wrong your suppose to help all regardless of whatevers going on.

  2. Its so strange how often people who clam to be on god's side sound as if demons are tilling them what to say. I am just saying, put these people in demon suites and hear what they have to say. Its very dark.

  3. The ones that recieve the worst negative comments tend to be the ones that are outright hostile. I mean EXTREMELY hostile.The stuff about "love thy neighbor" does not get any of it. But if they start saying bigoted, hateful or just plain dumb things, they will cop it.

  4. That is a good point to bring up 5555. It definately goes both ways and I've seen some fairly hateful comments from Atheists/Agnostics. I think there is often attacks on the ideas themselves that get translated to attacks on the person, when that is not the intention. Most of the attacks I see on Christians is a disdain for their ideas and beliefs, where as Christians tend to damn us to hell and consider us spawn of the devil, so there's that line too.

  5. I'm an atheist, but I think when some Christians are saying homosexuality is ok because the man-on-man action was different in the bible, they mean that the "sex" in Sodom and Gomorrah was actually violent rape more about a show of dominance than sex. And obviously sexual relations were different back then given that it was customary for 40 y/o men to marry 16 y/o girls. So before talking about SLAPPING someone, maybe you should consider all viewpoints?

  6. I merely commented to contend the statement at 9:05 … In terms of the other instances in the Bible, well, homosexuality was probably viewed differently back then because gays can't reproduce. With an overpopulated world, "go forth and multiply" isn't as pertinent. Also as a queer person it actually does effect me. 😛

  7. Any opportunity to bash religion is a good thing. Religion deserves no better. For your sake, I really hope you're just another troll.

  8. Well, if you're not okay with "homo-sexuality", you shouldn't be okay with shell-fish and mixed-fabrics. I enjoyed the over usage of hyphens in your comment.

  9. The religious are rarely if ever rational. It is as if they have forgotten all about Martin Luther, John Wesley, Erasmus, Rousseau, Locke and more of the thinkers of the Enlightenment.

  10. why should nt they religion sucks for the most part. If you want to defend any religion edit out the stupid parts in it and make it better, but you know what they will not allow you to do that because faith does not accept revision in the face of contradictory evidence.all the best supporting your god of the gaps. remember culture is constructed.

  11. and yet our Education Minister (Michael Gove) just sent bibles to all schools in the UK. A Government minister?!?!? We should not be complacent.

  12. It's interesting how here in the U.S. we have the theoretical principle of the separation of church and state but always in practice, while in Britain, you have it in practice but not on paper lol.

  13. yes, alot of atheist think you have a mental disorder if you believe in god. So yes, just because you are an atheist it does not automatically make you a better person.

  14. I am sorry to have to tell you two ignoramuses this, but homosexuality as it existed in classical antiquity has no similarity whatsoever to modern homosexual couples who want to get married. Why don't you try reading Kenneth Dover's Greek Homosexuality before making yourselves look like fools.

    Just you don't think I'm a Christian, I'm an Atheist, and a Classics Professor.

  15. I'm just apparently dumber than I realize =P Looking back I cannot figure out why the hell I did that. Thanks for pointing it out so I don't do it again. Gawd! I even used it correctly once and then lost my brain.

  16. Haha, t'was ever thus. I do vote as it is a hard, fought for, right. Check out the Atlantic Bridge and the members of it. Faith and free schools need to be opposed.

  17. If someone thinks I'm crazy I know I would not want to be friends with that person. Atheist would call her ilogical, think of her less especially since she used to be an atheist. Atheist for the most part are the same hateful people who take views and opinions to extremes, they are the counterpart to extreme conservatives. Seeing anyone that does not think of them as cancer on this world. I like agnostics alot better than atheist. I believe in God and I could care less who else does or does not.

  18. ah, good point, they both seem a bit scruffy. I still want a sycophant to follow me around, laugh at my jokes, agree with every thing I say, and make me look good (stretch). Not prepared to pay tho. sorry.

  19. Internet comments are always going to be ugly and really mean because if they spoke like that to people in the real world they would get put in their place.

  20. Yes atheist are extreme. They use absolutes in almost everything they talk about. Like I said just because you are an atheist it does not make you a better person automatically. Calling someone crazy is one thing, actually being 100 percent sure they are well thats crazy conservative territory. I think the two opposites here are the crazy religious zealots and well atheists who will always hide behind the "atheism is the most logical decision" as an excuse to hate on people with different views

  21. "I believe in God and I could care less who else does or does not." Which one? Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Thor? There are over 3,000 recorded gods in human history and 38,000 different christian variation (im assuming you are xtian).

    Please let us know why you know you are right?

    Can you also please tell us an example of a hateful atheist? Brevik?? the 11/9 bombers? Anyone? Please help us understand

  22. yeah thats true. If we don't think so and encourage people to believe in all kind of shit this is what happens. You people start making laws to insult science and halt its progress by making BS stuff like intelligent design etc. We better control a disease before it spreads to every nook and corner.

  23. It's weird I still kinda think of Britain as a Christian Country but when you compare us to America or even just talk to people about religion, yeah I guess we really aren't.

  24. "you people" lol sorry i have not made any law to insult science. Funny how you mention intelligent design. Richard Dawkins a very famous atheist believes in alien intelligent design. You atheist crack me up. You have no answer but act like you know it all.

  25. The United States is no different than Afghanistan, where the Taliban live. Our nation is backward and third-world. The Christians love blowing up and killing and threatening Planned Parenthood doctors. Let's not forget these facts. The problem are the third-world, backward Christians in the U.S., not atheists.

  26. When did I say I was right?? I don't think like you atheist who think they are correct in everything. I live my life how i think its best for me

  27. "Indeed so controversial has the theory of evolution now become that the famous philosopher Anthony Flew, who for many decades flew the flag for atheism, recently declared himself a believer in, well, something. In Feb 2008 (about 7 years after rumours of his 'conversion' first surfaced) he said at interview:"

    So what do you think of him now that he believes in some sort of creator??

  28. Anthony Flew
    Famous atheist convert

    FLEW: I think that the most impressive arguments for God’s existence are those that are supported by recent scientific discoveries. I’ve never been much impressed by the kalam cosmological argument, and I don’t think it has gotten any stronger recently. However, I think the argument to Intelligent Design is enormously stronger than it was when I first met it.

  29. Since the discovery of DNA Biologists have been gradually learning that the basic cellular unit underlying all known life on Earth is enormously complex. Far more complex than the latest Intel CPU for example. It's so highly mechanised with concepts such as hardware and software that many at the forefront of microbiology believe a genetic algorithm could not possibly have produced it. , they say, simply exceeds what genetic algorithms are capable of ever producing.

    Science does not stay still

  30. It really depends on where you live. In California (at least the part I live in), you can be openly atheist, nonchristian, gay/lesbian/bi, and few people will resent you for it. It won't negatively affect you. And then you reach the Bible belt…

  31. funny comments. my favorites are always ones that perpetuate the violent wrath of god, you know, because he loves us.

  32. Given some of the comments by "atheists" here on youtube, I'd say a portion of them would say hateful things towards them in that situation.

  33. u only here the bad story's, in Ireland and middle east etc, if u look u will find story's that are the as the ones in the us

  34. most of the comments here are people making fun of religion, and they are no better then the believers who try to bring down the non believers, look when people try to understand each other but not judge humans as a whole to move toward living together not fighting other their ideas

  35. Ironically, we're the ones with a state-backed church (Church of England). But yeah, the situation in the States is absolutely atrocious. The leader of the Western world often seems to have an awful lot in common with the arse-end of the Middle East.

  36. smh stupid comment about homosexuality…just admit it…were you created to have sex with your brother…if you were…then why cant you reproduce…if its so normal why do so many diseases sprout from homosexualism…smh…get over it the bible doesnt support homosexuality…I in no way am any better than you guys but seriously why is everyone always attacking religion…is it really that bad…just because it says what your doing is wrong

  37. If the journey for truth equals the losing of ones faith then so be it. At least these people are being true to themselves and are at peace with their final decision. There's a lot wrong with religion to be sure, to me those who do any good while believing do it from the strength of their own character rather than the strength of any religious belief. This from a protestant Aussie Anglican who's on his own truth journey. 🙂

  38. Why do you think, as an Atheist, I want to move to Europe? Taking German classes atm.

    While I'm here though I'll maintain my anti-theist, outspoken attitude :D.

  39. well, if she is preaching a faith that she doesn't believe in, and leads her followers into thinking she herself is a believer, then yes she is a liar. what she stole could be her follower's faith in her as a religious leader. IMO, once she knew she was an atheist she should have stepped down. just like if someone wrote a book on atheism and eventually decided they were of some faith. BTW, the church does pay it's pastors, maybe that is the money she should repay!!

  40. Thank goodness this woman found "truth" and was able to break away from her toxic beliefs. She's very brave to proclaim her release from the religious nonsense that enslaved her for so many years. Her life will be so much more enjoyable and rewarding in her coming years.

  41. It is true that they accuse each other of not being true Christians, but there are more accurate interpretations. This is true of any ancient texts. We can find errors that previously led to incorrect interpretations.

    So as long as you substantiate your interpretation with solid evidence, then you can validly make claims about varying accuracy in interpretation. But just blindly saying "you interpret it WRONG" is without content.

  42. I live in the bible belt lol, I am also openly atheist so is my sister and I know of one or two others. It is still an absurdity to live in a country where the default position is christianity, where at the at the very best a 1/3 of the people do not except evolution. Still it is very valid point to bring up. Most of my view points are based on a very biased part of the country.

    "That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence." Hitchens

  43. Even these attempts that are being made more and more frequently are exactly why people like this minister are able to free themselves. We're not going to change there mind initially, but if we get them to think a little more, and maybe even acknowledge one point they didn't previously agree with, then they may eventually free themselves. That's what gives me hope.

  44. It can be testing at times, college is the bastion of reason for me, but I work at a Lowes store so I see the and hear from the most ignorant side of the culture. It does sometimes generate a holier than thou feeling (lol) when you look at hundreds of people and know that you personally have a greater understanding of the universe than these people will ever let themselves have. More than anything though it is depressing and leaves me wishing I could just open their eyes to the wonderful world.

  45. Why do we let people who lived 5000 years ago and were haunted by the biggest superstitions and phobias control us from the grave???

  46. It really hurts to have people shut you out because of a belief that the have happened to hold due to their up-bringing. I had a debate about religion once and he kept insisting he was not christian, he believes in god, and accepts the bible as his word. I tried to explain that that made him christian by default and he took offence to it saying how dare I impose a religion on him. He was willing to admit he had no way of knowing there was a god, but i could not tell him that made him agnostic.

  47. To take extreme people's attitudes to what is different in relation to their own world, could equally, be done by looking at extreme atheists. When you use the word Christian, for all whose religion is based on Christ, doing just what these people do, oversimplify and discriminating. It is not a Christian, atheistic people, but people, and people will and have always had extreme views which they will use excludes and hate people ho are different.

  48. Great video. Yes, the others are always "wrong christians", especially the catholics are frequently called that. It's the oldest and largest sect of Christianity, but since they believe differently they are fakes. What surprised me though was when I heard Dan Barker on more than one occasion say that he at the time he was a Southern Baptist priest tried to convert Catholics to Christianity, and I could not make out irony in his words. I think there are about 30k Christian denominations.

  49. Of all the arguments against this woman… she's a thief? Really? I can't remember a time when an Atheist ever handed me a plate and expected me to put money in it just because he gave a speech. If anything, she has now stopped asking for donations and could be argued as an anti-thief.

    richardmccord (dot) com

  50. The most hateful comments I've ever seen written on any internet form, are always from "Christians"

    Who according to their religion of Compassion and Forgiveness are not very Christian things to say.

    Just because you don't agree with something someone says, doesn't mean you need to be a dick about it.

    May your flying spaghetti monster judge.

  51. God had his chance, it was the Dark Ages. The Age of Reason is why we live with modern medicine, heated homes and personal freedoms.

  52. So much for Christian forgiveness!! I'm sure it's not all Christians though. However, for the haters – if they are absolutely right, ultimately – then what exactly are they threatened by??

  53. That's how come these ministers became atheists, right? Actually people with a narrow world view and a certain mindset tend to do that (make up their minds and never learn anything new). And while most of these kind of people are religious, that does not mean the reverse is true. And also, there are plenty of atheist that fall into this category.

  54. News flash idiots! None of the ministers believe in god. They're all taking your money. Keep payin up suckers ima open a church too and make bank of you all.

  55. I disagree. I'm a former believer who went for years not realizing that my reasons for believing were hopelessly fallacious. It was only after I stumbled across Carl Sagan's Cosmos in my library's video collection (I remembered seeing it as a kid) that I began to seriously question the existence of god. Sagan's account of how J. Keppler (episode 3) abandoned the ideas he wanted to believe when the evidence didn't support them started me on the path to doing likewise. (more…)

  56. Granted, with me the process took several years, but this was all just me having to figure these things out on my own. I think if someone had patiently sat down and reasoned with me a little I might have come around a lot sooner.

  57. I said arguing with them is pointless. You weren't argued into changing your mind. I'm an ex-christian, well if you can count being taught nothing else growing up then realizing it was nonsense and abandoning it. But, I never was convinced not to believe in an argument. In fact, arguing with people has the opposite affect. It usually makes them double down and recoil back, only strengthening their beliefs.

  58. when you have debates with them they like to say nonsense and point to that as proof there is a god. to this day i don't know how adults can believe in this crap.

  59. I don't like how they're all turning against her because of something like this. She didn't preach lies or anything. She taught what she believed prior to her lost in faith and to me I don't think she was trying to fool anyone. She just taught what she didn't believe..I don't know..I'm a bit torn after hearing about this and how those "Christians" were so nasty saying all those things about her.

  60. For me, it was a combination of arguments from others and my own internal process of realization. Don't assume you are not having an effect because someone does not change their mind in front of you! Some of the most effective confrontations I had were ones where I am sure the non-believer thought I was hopeless. The more the believer protests, the more internalization is going on.

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