Flex Your Brain! Practice This Technique to Grow You Brain Beyond What It Is Today!

Hey everybody Natalie here. Welcome to day
four of ‘It’s All About Perspective’ and today I wanted to teach a technique that
I’ve been playing with for probably about the last year and I have found it
extremely beneficial in my life. I call this ‘Tell the Story.’ Let me
back up a little bit and let me kind of talk about why I feel like this is
effective and then I’ll describe with the actual activity and technique is. So
the way that our brains work as we’ve been talking about throughout this whole
week is that we tend to jump to conclusions and reactions and labels
very very quickly and the reason for that is because we are lucky enough as
humans to have what I’m going to refer to as the old brain and the new brain.
Our old brain, if you think about it in terms of where we’ve been in the past,
is responsible for a lot of our quick decision-making. It’s fight or flight.
It’s labeling very quickly. Are we safe? Are we in danger? Assessing a situation
and coming to a conclusion very very quickly and naturally, almost as natural
as breathing. Very important function of our brain. That’s the old brain. The new
brain is all about making decisions based off of empathy and taking into
different contexts of the situation. It just it involves a lot more in-depth
processing and in-depth just analysis overall. It’s one of the biggest
differences between humans and most other species is that we have our new
brain that’s able to do this, able to offer us this. Now the problem is that
when we get into our habits and our patterns we tend to rely very heavily on
our old brains – sometimes 100 percent on our old brains and what this results
in again is what I’ve been describing throughout the week. It means that a lot
of times we make our quick decisions and we stick to them and we don’t allow for
our new brains to kick in so we’re eliminating a huge chunk of what really
makes us human, which is empathy and compassion
and those extra layers. So the activity today ‘Tell the Story’ is to really help
us refine the skills of using our new brain and to just practice it. Our brain
is a muscle just like any other muscle in our body when we want it to grow and
we want to use it differently, we have to stretch it and we have to practice that
behavior over and over and over again to really start fine tuning it to where it
does become almost as natural as the processes that we have going on in our
old brain. With that ‘Tell the Story’ is an activity where you pick any item in
the world. I’m gonna show you the first item that triggered this for me. It’s my
big old Costco bag of rice here. And one day I was looking at this and I was
asking myself like, gosh I wonder what the story of this rice is. Like there’s
20 pounds of rice in this bag. It’s from India – the Himalayan mountains – and I just
wonder what the story is. And so I started walking you through my head like
imagining the rice on the rice farm and being picked in the people in the the
farm fields who are picking this rice that what their lives must be like and
and then where it goes from there and where it gets shipped off to and once
it’s shipped off to that it gets put in this plastic bag and it gets all bundled
up and then it’s shipped all the way over so how did Costco it winds up here
in Colorado Springs, Colorado and then it gets where I put it on my shelf and I
eat it and it watches all the activity that goes on in my house. What I
found is that going through this activity it seems kind of maybe silly at
first to go through it but what you’re doing is you’re causing your brain to
work or you’re asking your brain to work in a different way than what is natural
or normal. We don’t usually think back and trace back all the different steps
and stories of an item that we’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. We
just see it as it is today and we have our judgments based off of what we know
it is today. And so what this does is it really starts to expand our thinking and
starts to stretch our minds to think about the different layers of things so
when you go back to say the activity that we did yesterday where you’re
looking at someone’s situation and you start listing out reasons why
might have done what they did or why they took the action that they took, it’s
a very similar process it’s just toward also inanimate objects.
It’s practicing the same techniques that allow us to dig deeper and and to look
beyond just the surface because our brains, our old brains, love the surface
and they’ll make quick decisions for us a lot of times base off the surface but
as humans we can go beyond that and we should go beyond that many many times in
our life. So practice this. The goal is not to be right and anyway. With
yesterday’s technique today’s technique the goal is not to
tell necessarily the right story the goal is to just practice the behavior so
that your brains get used to thinking like this. The more used to you get to
looking deeper than just the surface and the obvious answer the deeper I think it
creates your relationships to be your again your empathy towards other people.
It just starts to really shift things in your life and makes you better which
makes everything around you better too. So that’s what I have for you guys today.
I have one more activity tomorrow. It’s the toughest one yet so all of these are
prepared us for our final activity tomorrow but thank you for following me
on this journey. I hope that this has been a great experience for you and that
it’s expanded your thinking and let me know what you think. Leave some comments
and I’ll see you guys tomorrow Happy Thursday!

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