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And then you’d spin again and then you know, it’s like Peter tap dance for 30 seconds if it sucks streak forceps, so I got this one So I literally get up in the middle of the bar. I get up in the middle of the bar and I’m like Yeah, I fall committed okay and they were all laughing at me Okay And then I sit down and then they were like yeah that sucked and then they still made me drink after getting up and tap dancing Freaks me out. I don’t like it and they’re like crawling at me on all fours and and I don’t like I don’t like I did my best, you know I thought it wasn’t gonna be that scary cuz every time we play the forest is not that scary because I’m always with friends and um Going attitude. I don’t think that’s like contradictory Foolish is hard See Grayson thank mr. Yvonne e he won his LCS game Brendon think mr. Anyone’s Academy. There’s like some sort of Thing going on here. What’s the same? I Think that picture and comment that every single day or every single game day I Think I’m not blushing. It’s fine. Yes, you have nice hands. Um My child likes to meme that I have a hand fetish. I would argue that a very Most girls that I talk to you. Okay, notice hands or like you know You know, there’s a lot of tic TOCs going around about girls and hands lately. Okay? I mean you just you have nice hands literally ten on ten hands I’m just saying, you know, we don’t ever really yeah Bryce your man’s dream First of all, I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing watching that guy. I don’t know actually, he’s a nice guy I always feel very good my stomach hurts my stomach I’ve never had work Something goes wrong, dude I Fell asleep in that beef body This is when I got home dude. This is when I got home by the way, this is legit This is I look like and like it’s actually scary dude And if you want say I was just drunk there’s no way I know myself Dean he’s define. I don’t believe it This is that like 7:00 a.m. Do I finally made it home? That was on stream So I don’t feel like a roofie like some but I think that something was in one of these drinks that was just drink indeed So and I went back to Eugene. I puked everywhere. It was so bad it Was scary you I’ve never experienced that how long were you to keep what to keep it in your mouth like 15 you had like spit it out. It was like that painful It was so funny when you aim good and then he took the miracle berry In your face is exactly was safe we asked you boys I’m so bad scheme is very close. I Silas is actually griefing here, you know Kill them kill them. Ah, I got you blocked. What the fuck? I’m done. I can’t I don’t know why God why why I wish I wasn’t so scared of things I wish I could just play these games by myself Aren’t you scared? How do you overcome that? How do you snot get scared by scary games? Waters locked down in her hometown has been extended for more days because in her County there is one new case Water is stuck for yet, and she was supposed to be out yesterday So at least four more days of stuck in her house, that’s three weeks already three weeks So Yeah Isn’t the very scene worse well, oh Okay. Yeah, you know Chinatown lockdown they’re taking they took a lot of preventive measures and I think it really helped subside the numbers I still in the numbers are true, but Our goal is to get water to the leaver house that she can get to the damn airport and get her ass out of China I am using math Yoke that’s good I’m going I’m going in Oh Sonya is it serious bro, he’s on his bit Yeah, sure, he’s Anya’s that Good enough, you know who needs that wall. I don’t need that wall. Fuck it. You know what? I don’t need that Whoa, you know what? I mean? Like I can just Whatever Cami oh I really I met their mom I met them at uh We were doing a night stream by ourselves You know how to do Q and I met them on the and I asked him to get pancakes with me And they got pancakes with me at that at a Hawaiian place And like I remember I bought them pancakes and they hung out with me. What – karaoke the other I Remember now? Kodama yeah. No that is Senna’s balance. Yes, when I played it true. I saw it Speed and you should talk to her. I’m just gonna go drink this water Wait, really, why can’t they drink this water? What All right, let’s see if we even a vodka treatment for one more I hope we do He’s dude, yes Or he’s hug more I Need every last drop for this There it isn’t getting all the every last drop boys frugal and yet it again Okay, she be good enough Nunu nunu he’s running it down Come on where else could he be? Oh God this fucking needy would it felt like I would get taken advantage of so I Slowly changed myself to appear more confident to appear People call me intimidating. I don’t want to be intimidating so I need to find the happy medium well, I don’t I don’t want people to take advantage of me and I don’t want people to think they can just treat me like Shit, I don’t have confidence Water is stuck for yet, and she was supposed to be out yesterday So at least four more days of stuck in her house, that’s three weeks already three weeks So It’s so good I Really don’t think it’s that good I’ve known you guys for a long time most likely to stick a roll of quarters up their ass on a dare. I Stefan Stefan He would do that stuff like he did already. I plunger up his ass actually wait he did yeah, he’s stuck one real deep. Oh Sorry In their voice when they’re not engaged and so yeah So sometimes I Justin does that where I am clearly like losing attention and then he’s like you’re not even paying attention to me I’m like I am and then I Always get him I’m like you were talking about how this this this and this and then this this this and then this he’s like Oh you were and I was like, yes I just don’t look like I’m paying attention but my brain actually operates at a higher level than most human beings where I’m able to Like do something and listen to somebody at the same time So so you just claim that your brain operates at a higher than most human beings. That’s exactly what I just said Did I saw water? Like you to reflect on your interview that you just had FIRST TIME MEETING JODI, Scared E-girl, We surviving out here, who needs that wall?????, I LOST Kreygasm, You’ll be there one day, KKona MY MAN, what leslie learned today LMFAOOA WAT, stefan did wat, Leslie’s Brain Operates At A Higher Level, tap dancing in a bar, updates and chattin’ and sub interviews, Jake roofied, Pog I WAS HERE, content king?, Stuck in China, Water’s lockdown gets extended pepeHands, doing laundry in the morning, Nunu with the magnificent escape, Irelia Bot is So Good, testing internet – only playing 2 games LOL, Mouse over minimap, no cam doing scrims! my eye swollen it weird l00kin You

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