Finding Role Models with Bipolar Disorder

Hey guys. It’s Hannah. When I first got out of the mental hospital
and received a diagnosis of bipolar 2 disorder, one major challenge that I faced was finding role models. People with bipolar disorder who lived great
lives and who were successful. Because when I left and the years right after,
I felt like I couldn’t find any hope in my future. I had nothing to really grab onto or see what
my life could potentially be with bipolar disorder that wasn’t negative. People that were not only diagnosed with a
mental health condition but embrace that side and who found the positive. Say, “Hey! Yeah! I can be a little messy in my life and it’s
a bit of a roller coaster, but I try my best to manage my bipolar disorder and I embrace
it.” And that’s what I try to be every single day
for people out there because that’s something I didn’t have for years until after my diagnosis. Then when I got involved in the mental health community and I started researching bipolar disorder, everything changed. I find my role models now in Patty Duke, Demi
Lovato, Catherine Zeta Jones, Carrie Fisher who is a huge, huge role model of mine. I’ve been Jennifer Marshall, who writes Bipolar
Mom Life. And even through volunteering for NAMI, one
of my biggest role models is a good friend of mine and her name is Donita. These people inspire me and they give me hope
for the future. Who is your biggest role model that lives
with bipolar disorder? Any mental health condition? It does not have to be a celebrity. It can be anybody that you’ve met along the
way. And this is why I constantly encourage people
to get involved in the mental health community and research their condition. Because it definitely benefited my life in
so many ways. Share your thoughts and your comments below. Do a response video. I’ll leave the information down below as well. I can’t wait to see you next week. Bye.

7 thoughts on “Finding Role Models with Bipolar Disorder

  1. Hey this might sound really cheesy; but you are one of my role models want to comes to dealing with bipolar. We have a mental health club but it's full of people who are a lot older and not really in my age range, so it can be hard to find people who have bipolar but I can talk to.

  2. I don't many people with disorder , especially bipolar 2 so I would have that you're my role model . I don't do any research on others , but after watching this I think I just might .

  3. My role model is my favourite singer Halsey. She has bipolar disorder and she suceeded to live the life she wants despite her disorder. You inspire me as well. You are the reason why I started to speak about my disorder at instagram (i_am_a_hurricane)

  4. Vincent van Gogh the first time I saw his paintings I told my mother I understood him later I found out he was bipolar many years after I found out I was bipolar.

  5. My favourite role model ever regardless Bipolar or not is Mariah Carey. Just listen to her songs like “Looking in”,”Portrait” , “Can’t Take that Away”. People think she is a mean diva while she is actually very insecure and a people pleaser. I mean back in The 90s she worked like a slave for her fans. And in 2001 when she crashed and had The breakdown. Even after her breakdown she still made music(2 weeks after). She is definetely someone I Look up to. She had an extremly hard childhood and an abusive marriage in The 90s and after divorce her ex husband tried to sabotage her career and Mimi(fans call her like that) still succeeded. I feel like people hate her for no reason. Okay,she might be a Little bit “extra”
    Hi! Can you please check Kanye’s “rant” in The Oval Office? Was that a full blown manic episode. He Said he has Bipolar,in The Oval Office(where he denied but it was obviously as he jumped from One topic to another without making much sense-he is still a musical Genius and I love him) and then again he admitted on Twitter. He admited he is Off meds as “Bipolar is his superpower”
    Think Bipolar is a “Genius” disorder😂😂❤️. Mariah Carey is a musical genius,Kanye is One,Halsey is a songwriter genius. I don’t really like Demi Lovato though. She is beautiful and inspirational but I don’t like her music
    +Britney Spears is suspected to have it too. And I love Britney too

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