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Hey everyone, it’s Katy and welcome back to
my channel. So today’s video is going to be a Fibro one.
I’m going to be talking a little bit about Fibro Fog. You guys know if you’ve been watching
my Pain Management Vlogs that I was experiencing some quite annoying Fibro Fog in my flare-up
recently and I wanted to sit down and film a video for you guys whilst the experience
is still fresh in my head. And a couple of you guys have been leaving me comments just
generally on my Fibromyalgia videos asking me if I experience Fibro Fog and what I experience
when I have a flare-up of Fibro Fog. So I’m going to explain all of that in today’s video.
So ‘Fibro Fog’ is a term that was coined by the Fibromyalgia community just to simply
describe the ways that Fibromyalgia affects our mental ability and mental function. So
it’s almost like a ‘fog’ on the brain and it can affect our cognitive function in many
different ways and the term ‘Fibro Fog’ is just a broad term to describe the ways that
Fibromyalgia can affect our brains. It’s a really, really common symptom and something
that I guess a lot of you guys know is very common so you wanted to know a little bit
more and you were asking me in the comments to do a Fibro Fog video. But it is very, very
common and it is often experienced in a couple of ways but often very similar ways.
The first one is definitely to do with memory. Short-term memory loss and just not being
able to remember lots of things is definitely a massive side of Fibro Fog and something
that I think all of us, regardless of whether we have Fibromyalgia, can relate to. It’s
sort of like that feeling when you walk into a room and you forget what you went in there
for. It’s like when you’re playing The Sims and you put a massive cross on what they were
doing and they just sort of stand there like ‘why am I here? what am I doing?’. So short-term
memory loss and having problems with memory is a massive side of Fibro Fog. It’s something
that I suffer with and I hate! I have really bad short-term memory anyway but if I’m in
Fibro flare and you need me to remember something, I will not!
So another way that Fibo Fog can affect you and I have recently experienced this is when
you can’t get words out. You can’t string a sentence together and no matter how hard
you try, it’s like the wires in your brain are just not corresponding, they cannot click
together and what you read and process or hear, you can’t make sense of. Then also what
you try to say, it comes out like gobbledygook. It’s really, really frustrating and when you’re
trying to have a conversation with someone about something important or maybe with someone
you don’t know, it can be really, really embarrassing and it makes you feel almost like you’re being
stupid and it’s really frustrating and you try and explain it away. I experienced this
in my recent Fibro Fog flare-up – it was like, I just could not get the words out and you
know me, I love rambling and I love talking and that is a massive part of my life so when
I can’t physically get words out and I feel like I can’t compute, it can be really, really
frustrating. And the final big way that Fibro Fog can also
affect us is with concentration – that’s a massive one and I think it’s sort of under-appreciated
because concentration is a massive thing and we do things everyday whilst concentrating
that maybe we don’t recognise as being something that we’re concentrating on like driving,
or cooking or cleaning or even what I’m doing now, talking to you guys, I’m concentrating
on what I’m talking to you guys about. But as soon as your concentration goes, your ability
to do anything physically just goes down by like 75% and it can be really, really debilitating.
So those are really the three main ways, I feel, that Fibro Fog affects us. I’m sure
there’s way more out there and smaller things that I haven’t gone into but I just wanted
to make a broad video for people to understand ways in which Fibro Fog can affect you and
what Fibro Fog actually is. So I do feel like all of these three aspects of Fibro Fog are
very, very relatable. I think we all have them to some degree. Even if you don’t have
Fibromyalgia, you probably have experienced that going into the room and not knowing why
you’re in there or having a lapse in concentration. So it’s very, very relatable but people with
Fibromyalgia tend to get it just more frequently and to a larger degree and that’s where things
can get more frustrating and it can just creep up on you like that. It can be the worst feeling
in the world but Fibromyalgia doesn’t just affect the body, it affects the mind and people
sometimes overlook that. ‘So why does Fibromyalgia affect the brain?’
I hear you asking – we don’t really know! But if you scan the brain of someone with
Fibromyalgia, you will probably see a change in the chemistry, in the shape or wiring of
the brain essentially. We do know that Fibromyalgia changes the way the brain functions. And researchers
have tried to figure out why Fibro Fog is such a massive side of Fibro. They have now
started to believe it could just be because of the lack of sleep that people with Fibromyalgia
seem to experience but they also are now airing on the side of thinking that people with Fibromyalgia
don’t always get oxygen to certain points of the brain – or enough oxygen to certain
parts of the brain. So that could be another reason bit Fibro Fog is a huge, huge topic
and I’ve just covered it in a very, very small video so please know that this isn’t the only
side of Fibro Fog. For example, I experienced something very, very horrible the other day
actually, when I had a Fibro Fog flare-up, I was reading my phone and I couldn’t see
anything, I couldn’t read it! It was really, really panicky and really, really scary. You
guys know that I wear glasses, I am short-sighted so that means I can’t see things far away
– so I can’t really see the viewfinder of my camera or anything like that. My vision
is awful long distance but when I am reading something close-up, I’m absolutely fine and
I switched on my phone and started reading Facebook and just scrolling through and I
couldn’t read – I couldn’t read it. It was awful, it was all blurry and when I focused
on the words and I could see them, my brain wasn’t quite understanding what I was reading
so I was getting really, really frustrated, really upset and also really, really scared.
Fibro Fog can be very, very scary sometimes. So yeah, let me know if you have had any experiences
with Fibro Fog, if I’ve left anything out that you guys want to acknowledge, let me
know in the comments below. I want to hear all about your Foggy experiences! So yeah,
give this video a thumbs up is you enjoyed it and you like the Fibro videos and I hope
you’ve had a really good day and I will see you soon – Bye!

34 thoughts on “Fibro Fog | invisible i

  1. it happens with me sometimes like when i am talking to someone and want to ask them a question i forget what i wanted to ask….

  2. I can definitely identify with the reading & not really comprehending it, like I can read a sentence then my mind is confused & rereads the same sentence again…over & over, I gave up reading books & have audio books now & i sometimes need help if what I need to read is important haha I think the worst part of Fibro fog is when others notice & can see it getting worse, like sometimes someone will say something, I know im listening & concentrating but sometimes it doesn't go in, or its like I see their mouth moving but hear nothing..sometimes it is scary 😔

  3. I've a new friend who has fibro and I'm trying to understand and not be bugging them with questions. I really want to be supportive and a good ally. its hard to find information on this. it would be brill if you could do a video on how to be a good ally for someone with fibro.

  4. I found your old channel this morning and just found this one this afternoon. I am 19 and was diagnosed with Fibro in august of this year, As well as depression and anxiety (had those since i was a kid!), and i just wanted to thank you for documenting your journey. I have had a hard time adjusting to this new life, and seeing someone else my age going through the same thing as i am, is somewhat comforting.

  5. I feel like my fibro fog is a constant in my walk, not just with flare ups. I have noticed in school my decrease in being able to argue my points verbally and people continually mock my stuttering. It's debilitating and then you just completely forget what you were trying to say or talk about. Thanks so much for making the video! I'm new (and recently diagnosed) and it's so amazing to know someone so young (like me) is speaking and being so positive!

  6. please guys ,come and join the community on badpom have fybro and copd ,
    we talk about meds and i would love some company and to chat as iam bed ridden ,i video most days ,it's a raw look at us ,,,,,thank you

  7. I have the same problem then I lose track of time when I have fibro fog I fall asleep not long after without realising. do you have this too? xxxx

  8. Thank you. You described this so well. For me, a very scary moment was when I was driving down a street I drive on all the time. and I suddenly didn't know where I was what I was doing. It was just blank. luckily it came back to me within about a min. but it was really terrifying to be in a car driving when it happened.

  9. I can totally relate. It is very frustrating when you are in a conversation and you just can't put thoughts and words together.

  10. my kids laugh at me because I have to point at things but sometimes I can't point so i end up like a poop on a toilet in a desert

  11. I've had a massive breakdown after I've started to notice that I constantly forgot things (such as my just bought chocolate in a Duty Free lounge and my precious Back on Track mini blanket on a plane all on the same day) throughout a really bad month in which I was very depressed and panicky to begin with and it was super frustrating and I felt like I was losing my mind. I eventually had a really massive panic attack in a very crowded place after losing my phone several days later and had to get helped by paramedics. It was that bad.

    Anyway, that was a few months ago and I've since accepted it as just another symptom of my illnesses. I try to write more things down nowadays but ironically I sometimes forget to lol

  12. People get really mad at me from not listening or not concentrating on something they said. "I told you 3 times this morning, you don't even listen to me!" is what my mother says most of the time. I feel sorry but at the same time she never gets it!

    fibrofog for me is simply hell. I cannot study, I cannot read whenever I want, I cannot have a converstion at all time, I cannot clean up my thought or find an answet about a simple riddle or a subject and even friends couldnt believe it. I hate to sound like an idiot 😅

  13. I don't have fibro but I have Spina Bifida and Chiari Malformation (my brain presses through the bottom of my skull into my spine). The fog affects me so much during flare ups of my CM especially. It made school so hard.

  14. I was diagnosed as a child. One of the hardest things was being in class and having to read the same sentence over and over but never remembering it. It would take me forever to finish homework!! I couldn't understand/absorb anything I read. Forget finishing a test within the allotted time allowed! I'm still baffled at the fact that I I was always on the honor roll! God bless my mother for always staying up late with me to help me study!!

  15. I used to be able to read once and remember it all, but along with Hypothyroidism and IBD, what I assume is Fibro Fog caused me to be overly forgetful. I used to be very sharp, and manage groups in some parts of K-12 (US) school but Fibro Fog causes me to blank out even so a direction was told a few minutes ago. My school grades also tumbled due to Fibro Fog.

  16. Oh yes I've experienced fibro fog a lot !! Forgetting words whilst I've been talking is a big thing and soooo frustrating!! I get worried people are thinking I'm either stupid or mad when this happens . I don't know if you have had this but I also get it where people are having a conversation where I am actually involved but suddenly it's like they are talking another language . It also seems like they are mumbling . It's really weird . Wonder if that's fibro fog too ? 😘

  17. My Daughters constantly give me trouble because i interrupt them alot of times. They will talk to me. I will hear only part of what they say. But what i do hear clicks something in my thoughts, and i instantly speak out and cut them off. I also know if i dont say it that second its gone.

  18. I have a 98% comprehension and vocabulary. I'm also a speed reader. I can be talking with someone, and want to say something and I just can't find the word I need. It's very upsetting for me. But you know…….it can be a form of dyslexia too. We used to call it Cake Snerve…..LOL….see…years and years ago my parents and grandparents were driving in the mountains, and they had to go around lots of snake curves. My grandmother was so irritated about it one night that she said…"Shit! I'm so sick of cake snerves!" The car was silent for a moment and then everyone started laughing. "What?" they asked. So any time you say things all mixed up or backwards like she did we call it doing a "cake snerve" . LOL. By the way my daughter has a true short term memory problem she was born with. I've been fogging for the last 8 years or so. LOL. Getting worse as I get older. Or is it that I am just getting tired? ::sigh::

  19. Fibro Fog is probably from lack of sleep , l have insomnia really bad even at 3or4 am in the morning , l am wide awake maybe around 7am l may doze off then in a hours time l have to go to the bathroom which is another symptom l believe having to urinate frequently , so it’s a constant battle with this thing called fibromyalgia l have chronic fatigue also along with irritable bowel , thyroid , high blood pressure , diabetes , just feels bad all the time , l don’t take anything for pain now , took pain meds for years it doesn’t help so l stopped taking anything for pain l go everyday pushing myself through another day ‘ it is horrible ! if l wasn’t a Christian l couldn’t do it . the Lord gets me through . l just keep Praying everyday 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  20. I forget common, every-day things and words right in the middle of sentences. It drives me mad. I had literally forgotten the word, "Refrigerator," for an entire day, once. I feel so stupid and like an idiot. I feel like I've lost a massive amount of intelligence because I used to be extremely smart and creative and had so many goals. Now all I want to do is sleep.

  21. Among the reasons we experience FF is the fact that our brains process pain first so pain says, “Get in the back seat and shut up, Speech! No one asked you!”

  22. I am having fibro fog, shoulders pain and i wanna die when it hits me i. I am using antidepressants, turmeric, other spices nothing helps. Can some body share solid remedy plssss

  23. Thank you for sharing I have fibro fog right now a little too. Like I can kinda concentrate but it feels like my brain is filled with literally fog.. it feels heavier and cloudy and just like the feeling of walking through literal fog. I write books. That's one of my passions and it can be almost impossible to write if I'm feeling this way.

    Some people just dont understand how terrifying it is to feel "normal" one second to. Dizzy, tired and out of it the next. Or how something simple to anyone else is hard now. It hurts for me to Bend over for more than 10 seconds. I am 27 and it's like my body and mind are betraying me.

    I would take the pain any day over losing the brain capacity I used to have.

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