Family Therapy Time | Pain Management Vlog | Week 5

Good Morning, Everyone! How are we all? I
am feeling a little bit like death this morning. I woke up with a really horrible cold and
if you saw my last vlog, you know that I was not feeling it at the end of that vlog and
I’m not feeling it today even more. Thank God for make-up cause if we didn’t have make-up
you would see the full nature of this beast right now. But I had to get up cause it is
week 5 of the Pain Management Vlog and I am going to clinic this morning. But this week
is slightly different, it’s actually a relative week and a relative session which means that
we all have to bring someone close to us to the session for support and to do stuff about
family support and moral support and all that kind of stuff. So I am bringing my mum today
and that’s going to be a bit weird but I am looking forward to it mainly because I’m really
not feeling well so it’ll be nice to have her there anyway. I don’t really know what
the session is going to be about today. I do know that the doctor is joining us. If
you’ve watched these vlogs before and you’ve seen the series you’ll know that inside the
clinic is a clinical psychologist and a physiotherapist but today there’s going to be a doctor with
us who is also part of the pain management clinic but she just does’t join us physically
in the sessions – I don’t really know why, she’s busy I guess! So today is actually a
dedicated time for her to come in and talk to us about the more medical side of chronic
pain I guess. I know that we’re going to be talking about medication which I’m not hugely
interested in because if you know me, you know that I treat things a lot of the time
non-medicinally and the only thing I take for my Fibro is Amitriptyline and that’s not
really like a massive drug. So, I don’t know, I’m not sure if I’m going to get much out
of that – I might do, I might not. But it’s almost like a Q&A session I think, we’re going
to be asking about side effects and what being on long-term painkillers is going to be like.
So I’m not sure if that’s really going to apply to me – I guess I won’t know until I
get there. I don’t know what the rest of the session is going to be because I think the
Q&A only lasts for half the session and then the other half we’re going to be doing something
else I guess – I don’t know. But yeah, it should be a bit different today. I’m just
going to make a quick smoothie and I;m going to chill for half an hour because I just feel
*groans* awful. I’m wearing my nice little cwtchy jumper so I can just fall asleep quietly
in the corner! But yeah, I think we’ll be on the move soon. Morning, guys! So it is the next day and I’m really sorry I didn’t film anything yesterday,
turned out to be another busy day and I just wasn’t really feeling it. I’m still not really
feeling that well to be honest but I’ve sort of pushed myself out of bed because I know
if I stay in bed all day I’m probably going to trigger a Fibro flare-up so I really want
to try and get up and do something, so I thought I would chat to you guys whilst I’m just sitting
here. So, the Pain Management Clinic yesterday was really really interesting. I really enjoyed
it and I think it was probably my favourite session so far. It was really different because
obviously everyone brought a relative with them. I brought my mum and I think she got
a lot out of the session as well so I think we both we really enjoyed it and got a lot
out of it. So the first hour and a half of the session was talking with the doctor about
medication and the reasons why we take medication for chronic pain and whether it’s actually
worth it and balancing out the benefits over the side effects. It was really really interesting,
it was a good way of putting it and it was really really easy to understand. She was
lovely and it has made me think about what I’m taking and why I’m taking it. Mainly the
Amitriptyline because that’s what I take for my Fibromyalgia. If you haven’t seen my Medications
video, I’ve chatted about it so much in my vlogs and in every video so far, I feel like
mentioned it so many times! But I will link it down below – I’m sure you’ve already seen
it because I’ve linked it like a thousand times – but if you want to know what I’m taking
generally everyday for my health conditions then you can check that video out. But I do
mention Amitriptyline in that video so if you want to go and have a look and see what
that is you can if you haven’t already. So yeah, this session did make me question Amitriptyline
and wonder whether I should be taking it. You know, the doctor’s aim wasn’t to make
us all come off our medication but it was just questioning why we were on it in the
first place because sometimes doctors just blindly prescribe things and we blindly follow
because we think they’re all-knowing beings when actually sometimes they’re not! And we
have to question why we’re on certain medications and whether it’s actually benefiting us or
whether we’re just putting it in our bodies because someone else has told us that.
And then the second half of the session was pretty much like therapy. It was a really
emotional session and I think it was probably the most emotionally draining session that
I’ve had so far. I came out of there really tired and I felt more ill than I already did
because it was a very very heavy session. Basically what they did is they separated
us out so we had the group members – so the people who I already know and I would consider
them friends now in the group, people who I’ve spoken to and got along with for the
past 5 weeks – we were in one room and then they took all of our relatives and put them
in another room, which was kind of intimidating and scary for my mum so she was just going
off with like 15 different strangers. So what we had to do is we – group members – had to
write down on a big piece of sugar paper what we thought it was like to live with someone
with chronic illness. So not be someone with chronic illness but to live with someone.
So we had to put ourselves in out relatives shoes. And then the relatives in the other
room had to write down on a big piece of sugar paper what they thought it was like to live
with chronic illness. So they had to put themselves in our shoes and it was really interesting
to see what we as group members and then the relatives came up with and how they coincided
with each other. Big, big kind of therapy session! It was a
lot of kind of tough conversations that we were having as a group. But it was conversations
that we needed to have with our relatives and with ourselves. It was very, very interesting
and I really enjoyed it even though it was really emotional. It was just a very different
session, we’ve never had a session like that before and I really got a lot of it and I
really enjoyed it . So on the cards now for the rest of the week
is not a lot because that session was very, very different so we didn’t actually do any
of our ‘homework’ or typical type exercises or tasks that we normally do. So, it was sort
of like a one off session where we didn’t actually have anything that we had to do in
the week. So I am completely pain management homework free at the moment which is really
nice considering that I feel like death. I keep thinking that I should film in the
week but it’s not really like – what I do in the week apart from my pain management
clinic homework – it’s not really pain related. So I don’t know whether you guys want to see
what I do in the week. I think once I finish the Pain Management Vlog, I’m thinking of
doing like weekly vlogs, o continuing to vlog every day but just show you my week and then
just crop it all together and do a weekly vlog on a Wednesday. So if you do like the
idea of doing a vlog every week and showing you a bit of my everyday life and taking you
out with me a bit more and just showing you little clips of what I do in the week then
let me know in the comments below if you’d want to see that or if you’re really not interested
then let me know! But yeah, I need to film some sit down videos
and then I think I will be done. So I think I’m going to call it a day on this vlog but
yeah, let me know if you want to see more of what goes on outside of the pain management
clinic because obviously I do quite a lot but I don’t really film it because I don’t
think you’re going to be interested in it. So yeah, just let me know what you kind of
want to see in vlogging from now on. But yeah, I’m going to call it a day with this one because
I don’t really have anything else to film this week and I’m feeling awful so you probably
don’t want to see my face cause I’m probably going to look like death for the rest of the
week! So yeah, I hope you’ve had a really good day and I will see you soon, bye guys!

7 thoughts on “Family Therapy Time | Pain Management Vlog | Week 5

  1. I think it would be interesting to get your take on the waxing and waning of your tic cycles. For instance, for me there are always signs when my tics are starting to get bad and then they just sort of taper off. so do you feel like you can tell when your tics are going to start to get bad? also how bad do you feel your Tourette's is these days? Do you feel like it's getting better as you get older or is it about the same?
    P.S. love the pain management vlogs. Very informative

  2. I am new to your channel and absolutely love your videos. I would love to see more videos from you regarding your daily activities, especially in the area of Fibro flares and what you believe trigger them. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what my flares feel like compared to my "normal" Fibro days. All that to say, "Yes, Yes, I would love more videos from you!" :0)

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