Explore a 3D map of a fly’s brain

Researchers have developed a much faster method for creating a precise 3D view of a fly’s brain. Fly through the fly brain Balls represent synapse locations. Purples(lowest synaptic density), green(middle), and red(highest) Medulla and lobula plate help detect moving objects. Mushroom body for learning smells Long tube of axons for sending neurons information Protocerebral bridge helps control movement. Scientists combines two types of microscopy to assemble millions of 2D images into a detailed 3D map of the brain- 40 million synapses- responsible for behavior. The new technique produced results in 3 days, compared to as many as 10 years for previous methods. Scientist hope to use the results and future human brain imaging to better understand functions like memory and decision-making. University of California Berkeley hhmi Howard Hughes Medical Institute

3 thoughts on “Explore a 3D map of a fly’s brain

  1. So much useful information, cant imagine how it will look while the fly is doing some action, like a type of functional mri

  2. What will Berkley do now, now that they will no longer receive Federal money because this institution hates free speech?

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