Expectations After Brain Tumor Treatment

[MUSIC] Well, after treatment there are sort of
two stages following treatment. One is of course after a surgery, and then
if somebody’s gonna get radiation and chemo therapy, what happens after after
that particular treatment. I think that the, the key with any brain
tumor diagnosis in, in terms of what you know, a person can expect is that
they’re gonna have regular MRI scans. The frequency of those MRI scans varies
depending on the diagnosis. If it’s something that has a little more propensity or frequency in terms of
changing or growing, those MRI scans are gonna be closer together, maybe even two months
apart. If the problem is a, slower course, a more benign type problem, the scans may be
every three or four months, then stretched out
to every six months, and even a once a year scan. But one thing that people can count on is that, once they have that diagnosis,
whether they have surgery or not, they’re gonna get regular MRI
scans, because that’s our best way to monitor what’s happening
with the tumor. Following surgery itself, people obviously
have their stitches or their staples removed. If it’s a problem that requires additional
treatment they would, you know, be sent to see the oncologist or
radiation doctor, usually people are back to work around a
month. It does vary a little bit depending on the
job that the person does. We see, by two or three weeks, people are
feeling pretty much back to normal in terms of
their energy states. A lot of that depends, of course, on where
the tumor’s located and how the tumor might be affecting
different parts of their brain. So, there’s a lot of variability in that
particular issue. The, the normal stay in the hospital is
around three days, plus or minus a day, depending again on location,
diagnosis and some other factors. But the goal is to get people through the
process quickly. Get them back to their normal living
environment and get them back to, to their normal level of function
as quickly as possible. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO]

18 thoughts on “Expectations After Brain Tumor Treatment

  1. my mother had a 2 and a half centimeter tumor on her right front lobe they were able to remove all of it but it's malignant I know the Lord is watching her and thank you for the information

  2. my baby 5yrs old had a brain tumor surgery in August 2017.. now she get early puberty.. i just shocked.. what i do now

  3. If I had seen this video for about three months ago, i would've felt really bad about my self… Really really bad! I hear that he's saying over and over again, that it depends of the tumor/tumors location BUT to set such narrow goals makes you feel bad when you're a person that always aims as high as possibly!
    I did my surgery in late nov-17, back to work parttime in may-18
    Still finding ways to my new life

  4. What if Someone whos has a number of health problems and surgery’s at a young age is told they have a brain tumor?????! What are there chances of survival! 😔😣😖

  5. The doc forgot to mention that there's a high possibility of vision loss right after brain tumor surgery! I'm disappointed that he didn't talk about it

  6. Please help me. I have a brain tumour that can't be operated on here in my home country due to the location of the tumour and lack of equipment. I have sent my medical records to different hospital around the world the cost estimate we got, my family cannot afford. Please help

    [email protected]

  7. i dont know if i have a brain tumor or if its just stress and worring or anxiety. but i do get head pain and sometimes i just feel weird on my brain idk why. and i do have vision and hearing loss, but idk if those are related to the tumor cuz i do play like 4-7 hours a day. and once someone screamed really loud in my ear, and also the concerts are really loud so that also might have caused it. so idk if my brain hurts or my head. and it also takes time for me to memorise something, for example, where we were yesterday, it takes me like 10 seconds or more. and i also have trouble thinking, but i just dont know if im over thinking, or if i just have trouble thinking.

    someone please tell me if its a brain tumour or just anxiety (worry and stress)

  8. Not sure why I'm watching this, but mostly been on my mind through the last couple months, been going through a lot of headaches that I haft to stop what I'm doing and just lie down and not think of anything till it calms down also medication don't really help much, experiencing more of a diffrent to my self, a lot of slurs in my voice while talking feeling weaker and also wanting to sleep more offten and also can't really sleep at nights and can't really sleep much in the day time as well and right now I'm starting to puke alittle everyday but by bit or three days after then I puke and writing this now I went to the doctor many times and my doctor wanting me to get a scan of my brain

    After my appointment a neurologist called my mom right away and wanting to see my very soon by tommorow, pray nothing too serious wrong with my brain.

  9. My brother had a brain tumer surgery but after that surgery he is unable to stand and walk. He is able to move his limbs.May be there is something wrong with his spinal cord. Is there some solution of this problem???

  10. I hate doctors , I have anxiety and I’m used to headaches but I got new severe headaches and a variety of other symptoms and I kept telling them that it wasn’t anxiety , turns out I had a tumor . I’m telling you once they diagnose you with depression, doctors are in control , they tell you whatever your feeling is cause of your mental state . They gotta have a more open mind cause what if something is actually wrong like in my case , they gotta listen to their patients and not just say “ yes depression causes that , yeah anxiety causes this” – I’m fucking aware of that but I know my body more than anyone else

  11. I had a rare stage 3 astroycoma glioma malignant brain tumor in my left frontal lobe. Letting everyone know that that was over a year and a half ago and I am still alive. Recommend taking the oral Temodore for chemotherapy if you have the option of what kind of chemo pills you take.

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