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Yo light can you just stay the same for like five minutes? Please? No? Great. Hey everyone it’s Katy, and welcome back to my channel. So today I am bringing back some of those videos where I just waffle and don’t really have a direction or a purpose in mind and we just see how it goes. So grab a seat, grab a snack, because I literally have no idea where this is going. So I do have a topic in mind but I don’t really know why I want to talk about this topic or why it really came into my head that it would be a good video. I don’t really know and I think that’s probably why I haven’t planned this video out I’m just gonna sit and talk about things and see where it all goes. But I kind of feel like if maybe five or six years ago I had seen someone publicly speak about this topic maybe it would have helped me feel less self-conscious about it and less alone in this whole topic and problem that I experience and yeah, as you can probably tell from the title, I, today, am gonna be talking about excessive sweating. So I kind of went back and forth with doing this video Mainly because I do feel like it’s a little bit random and I’m not sure if it really fits into anything else that I discuss on this channel. I’m not sure if excessive sweating is a sign of fibro or a side of fibro, I’m not sure if excessive sweating is a side of autism but I wanted to talk about it nonetheless because I feel like it’s a side of things, regardless of where it fits, it’s a side of things that isn’t spoken about enough and I really hope that at the end of this video myself and hopefully anyone out there who experiences the same thing feels a little bit less alone and isolated in this and I’m hoping that getting this off my chest can kind of be a bit therapeutic for me. So let’s just dive straight into this topic and see where we get to. I became aware of sweating back in high school and I don’t think I was really aware of things prior to that. I hadn’t hit puberty when I was sort of in primary school and going through my primary school experience I wasn’t really aware of myself sweating or anybody else sweating and I think a major point for this was because my school uniform was a white polo shirt so we didn’t see any kind of signs of sweating at all not even into like the latter years of primary when we were all kind of running around and growing up and hitting puberty. So I was blissfully unaware all the way through primary school I think that people sweat and that people show signs of sweating. I think I just went through it without really paying much attention to it. And then when I hit high school complete reverse. I spent most of my time in high school being very aware of my level of sweating. At this point I didn’t really think that I excessively was sweating. I didn’t think I was sweating above and beyond what anybody else did and the main reason why I was so aware of sweating in high school was because of my uniform, and I’ve spoken about my uniform in high school a lot because it was just the work of the devil and one of the things that we all hated, not just myself but all of the students hated was the blouse, because our high school blouse was baby blue and it was made of this horrible like crepe material and it was just like the worst thing you could possibly put on your body when you’re going to be spending eight hours of your day in that shirt because it showed every single drop of sweat. So much so that most of the students refused to take off their jumper, even if it was like boiling and sweltering heat and we were all like overheating, most students refused to take off their jumper because they were self-conscious of their sweat marks because most people in that school would sweat a normal amount and like I said any kind of drop of sweat even if you sweat less than the average person you probably would have still shown signs in that blouse because it literally it was just like a beacon of sweat and it would just show every single mark and drop and bead of sweat possible. So it made a lot of people feel self-conscious especially when we are going through puberty and trying to figure out our own bodies and we didn’t want to take off our jumpers and I was definitely one of those people I refused to take off my jumper when I was in school. And then I would get home and I would take my top off and I’d be drenched in sweat. But I’d just put it down to the fact that I haven’t taken my top off, like I had naturally like overheated and it got really hot because I was self-conscious and that would have caused me to sweat more. If I’d taken off my jumper I would have probably sweated less. So I didn’t really think much of it all the way through high school. I was self-conscious of it. I hated it. My outfits and my kind of school day did very much, especially in summer, revolve around not showing signs of sweating and… But I knew I wasn’t alone in that so I didn’t really think much of it. I don’t really know when I realised that I sweat more than the average person. I don’t know when that hit me I don’t know what caused me to realise this. I don’t think I really compared myself to other people and was like, oh they clearly don’t sweat that much, I sweat more. I think it was more of a case of like I just feel like I sweat more than I should. It was just like a self-evaluation not having to compare myself to anybody else like if I was the only person on the planet I would still think that I was an excessive sweater because of the level and the amount that it effects my life and yeah, like I said, I don’t really know when that occurred to me or how that occurred to me it just is something that I have known now, probably since college and I think I really understood how much this was affecting my life when I realised that I was completely adjusting my wardrobe and my sense of style and what I would wear in the day to prevent sweat marks from showing and to make me less self-conscious and that is still something that I do today. If you go back through my videos, most of what I wear is black or white. I don’t tend to wear a lot of colour because it shows sweat marks. I brought out a line of t-shirts in white because that is something that I naturally think of as being the only colour that I’m allowed to wear. You know it has affected what I’ve chosen to wear. So now I’m thinking that I should show you guys a little bit of what I’m talking about in like the least graphic way ever and I’m tempted to go and swap my t-shirt out for a t-shirt that I don’t ordinarily wear when I’m filming or when I’m going out. I tend to wear these in the house, but even then I’m still self-conscious about it. So I can feel the amount that I’m sweating under this t-shirt, it is hot today anyway, so I will be sweating but let me go and change. Okay, I have decided to go with blue. Yeah, oh my gosh, you can already see that I’m sweating. I have not had this top on for two seconds. Can you guys see that? So shall we talk about the TMI bit and the bit that is kind of gross and that I don’t really talk to anybody about apart from my mum because I’m pretty sure that I have never met anybody who sweats in the same way as me and it’d be really lovely if somebody else out there says “Hey yeah that happens to me as well” because this is the side of things that I have only really noticed and experienced over the last couple of years but this is why I really now know that I sweat differently from everybody else because I’m pretty sure this doesn’t happen to the average person. So I don’t really sweat a lot anywhere else, I obviously sweat like behind the backs of my legs and my back and my forehead but like nothing excessively like nothing that anyone would notice or really that I’m self-conscious of. The bit that causes me all the problems is my underarms. If they’re sweating I form beads of sweat that actually run down my arm. So it’s almost like my armpits are crying sweaty tears, and I will get sweat that has traveled from my armpits in my hands because it’s come all the way down my arms and I can feel it running like a tap down my arms and yeah, I don’t think that’s normal. I’m not sure if everybody else sweats like that, but I’m pretty sure people don’t. I’m still looking for that miracle cure and it’s actually something that I have gone back and forth as to whether I need medical help with, going and seeing my GP and discussing this and maybe seeing what they can do in terms of more medical-based solutions. Maybe I still will go and do that at some point but I’ve kind of just struggled through. Yeah, I wish deodorants were the quick fix, and for people out there, if you have a deodorant that is a quick fix I am seriously envious of you. So I think that is about it for today, I am sorry that this video is a bit random and hopefully you guys enjoyed it anyway, let me know by giving it a big thumbs up. I am now super aware that I’m no longer moving my arms at all. I’m like this. Shall we see? Oh, this is the bit that I was dreading but I think it goes well with the video. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna go and take this top off now because it’s just too uncomfortable for me, but let me know your thoughts and your comments about this topic down below in the comment section, if you guys have experience with this if any of what I said related back to you guys or yeah, if you just want to have a discussion with me about this let me know in the comments, chat away to me and hopefully we can all feel a little bit less isolated in this if it is something that you guys like myself deal with. So, yeah, I’m gonna go change. I hope you’ve had a really, really good day and I will see you soon. Bye guys!

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  1. im just the same but on my back it doesn't help when you are sat in a wheelchair all day and you get up and you look like you've wet yourself
    im with you there

  2. Try Sure Maximum Protection, apply it before bed when your not sweating, it makes massive difference using it last thing at night and still works after a shower in morning, has helped me as I sweat a lot so know how you feel.

  3. I’m 33 and I’ve always been the same, I only wear black and have done for years! Even in winter I’m a sweaty mess! You’re not alone x

  4. Same here, I’m so self conscious about my sweating. Even before puberty I would sweat so badly, and as a toddler I sweated so excessively that my mum had to change me. I’m 32 now and still it pours out of me everywhere. You’re not alone!

  5. Excessive underarm sweating is either corrected with a special antipersperant or there is a special surgical procedure that removes sweat glands.

    I sweat profusely when engaging in any physical activity. I will be drenched from head to toe. Dripping like I was just standing in the shower. Doctors seem confused when I bring it up. But if you bring up your concern with the gp they should know the protocol.

    Another option is to add it to your "I don't give a damn" list. Lol.

  6. I agree and relate… My daughter has ASD and 4q deletion she swet more than I do… I wonder if it's a Autism and ASD thing?

  7. I am the same! But for me it is highly connected to stress, every time I'm anxious (= a lot, even for stupid things) I would sweat a lot. And sometimes, if the level of stress is really high I would even have a really bad smell of sweat, which is really difficult socially.. So I think the way it would be linked to autism would be the stressing trigger which sometimes can be a little bit more constant in people with ASD

  8. I can relate to this definitely, it was so embarrassing as a teenager. There is a product called Driclor that you can get from the deodorant section of chemists that you apply at night. Beware of using it if you have sensitive skin though!

  9. I'm in Australia. Excessive sweating is normal where I am or where it is constantly hot like it has been in a lot of Europe these past few months . We constantly have days over 30 degrees in some parts of Australia and it's fairly common to sweat often and daily. But as some other posters have said the best way is antiperspirant deodorant until it cools down again

  10. I can very much relate to this! I sweat far too much, even as a kid. I thought it might have been my weight but I really don't that it's the case. Like I'll just sweat, even in winter I'll sweat. Literally the heating will be on and I just find it to be unbearably hot so the sweat will come. I really have to think about what I wear to ensure that when I do sweat out, it doesn't show. But the annoying bit is that I'll sweat out of my head… There's literally no escaping it! Definitely not alone 🙂

  11. Also there are pads available called dress shields which you put inside your clothes under your arms to literally soak up sweat and stop it showing through your clothes.

  12. I understand how you feel! It can be ice cold in the room I’m in and I’ll still sweat and it’s the worst😩! I noticed how much I sweat a few years ago and avoid wearing light colours too. The only time I wear a light colour is when the entire shirt has a pattern all over it. I’m pretty sure it’s my anxiety but I once had to change my shirt 3 times before I went somewhere because the person who was taking me took too long. So I know the feeling of excessive sweating

  13. Have you tried ZeroSweat? I sweat profusely in my sleep. Warning though, this crap works. The bottle says one application can last seven days through showers and everything. However, if you’re one prone to allergies you might just want to give it a test run. It feels a little tingly and itchy as it dries but seriously does the job. Just consult your doctor in my opinion, simply bc you never know. You don’t need a Rx. You can find it on amazon or google it. One bottle can last a month or more bc it literally stops the sweating. Just talk to your GP- I would. Stuff is killer.

  14. I sweat like hell since fibromyalgia flared up and stayed high. My face sweats first and the the whole body. I have to change of underwear like 5 times a day in summer and drench 3 or 4 outfits per day, as I walk in the morning, practice yoga into the evening and I can sweat for light efforts like preparing myself in the morning (great just after shower) or cooking. I have the chance it did not manifest when I was a teenager or along my working years.
    It is now one of the reasons I work at home. The worst is that if I am into my humid, sweaty clothes, my joints get cold and it heightens my body pain. So I have to change quickly and regularly and doing laundry every damn day.
    I know there is some chemical treatment to deal with it but as I already take every day painkillers, hormonal treatment, allergies treatment etc I don't want to add to this list of pills for something that I can take care of in another way.

  15. Yeah I have a problem with this too but it's my head/face… The most obvious area 😭. I really loved makeup but I've mostly given up now since I just sweat it off. I'm 32 btw. I know my anxiety must make it worse but it's just so bad. I'm really sensitive to temperature too. I literally have beads of sweat rolling down my face sometimes

  16. I can relate to this too; urgh, I hated school polo shirts 👕. I also hated winter polo shirts 👚 with high collars, woolly shirts and a blazer. Aside from school, I would of (and still) sweat a lot, in the winter ❄️ and summer. Idk 😐 why. But I was relieved 😅 that I’m not alone in this too. X 🦋✨

  17. I'm someone that sweats a lot too and my theory is that it's due to my heat sensitivity.

    I think you should talk to your GP about it, because your GP would help you figure out what's causing your excessive sweating and how to reduce it.

  18. Oh my gawd! I‘m so glad that you made this video – even though the topic is a bit gross – which it shouldn’t be because everyone sweats!
    I have been diagnosed with aspergers some time ago but since i‘ve been a kid I struggled massively with sweating ( armpits, hands, face) and it stresses me out when I think people might notice 😖
    If you find a miracle cure/deodorant/pill/spell/anything – PLEASE make another video and let us know, thanks ❤️

  19. I can relate. Ever since going to uni I've noticed that I sweat a ridiculous amount too, on the 20 minute walk from my house to campus I sweat loads and Its really bad by the time I get to class, I didnt realize how bad it was until I came home one day and I saw the gigantic wet patch in the middle of my back. And like you I get it dripping from my pits too and no deodorant seems to help :/

  20. From one sweater to another 💦

    I can relate big time. I first became aware of it in junior school and even more so in senior school and I don’t think it go any worse or better when I hit puberty, things just stayed the same. Thing are worse now and they have been for a good 10 years or so.
    The worst thing I deal with is bath’s.
    Be it summer or freezing winter, when I come out of the bath I have to take about two hours for my body to adjust to the normal temperature before I can put anything on and the back of my T-shirt would be soaking wet with sweat by the time I was dressed.
    I have a list of medical conditions as well as my autism and non of the specialists I have spoken to can help and despite hundreds spent on deodorant none of them today have worked…!

  21. I can relate! My armpits cry too, even when I'm not hot. When I'm nervous it's the worst, I 'armpit-cried' on chairs, tables etc. But, I take antidepressants, and since then my sweating is so much worse! I sweat from my cheeks, my underarms, all the weird places! You are not alone!

  22. I do this too. Especially, when I am anxious. Some people get botox injections for it, and I think it works for months.

  23. Im with u on this i sweat excessivly i think it has somthing to do with fibro caus i call it heat sweats i can b fine one min and next min it can b dripping down by head and body etc i feel boiling hot i keep joking its like having the menopause its got to the point of if i get out the shower and walk to the next room and sit on the bed and im sweating already

  24. I sweat way less than normal I think 🤔 but if I actually sweat it is like you said like water drops forming and running down from the armpit… Because it doesn't happen often I am fine with soaking up a towel or something like that and remove it when I stopped sweating… I know some other people who sweat like this too 🤔

  25. I struggled with sweating a lot when I started high school, I was really self-conscious of it and only wore tops that didn't show sweatstains. Nowadays it's better manageable and I sweat from my face the most, which can be annoying. I noticed I start sweating a lot when the temperature changes. It's like my body has to take a lot of time to adjust to it. Maybe it has something to do with my autism? Idk.

  26. I completely relate, I sweat in my armpits the same way. It's probably from being overweight in my case. I completely can't deal with humidity either. Excessive heat just shuts me down on a sensory level. Sometimes I wonder if my body's oversensitivity to sensory inputs causes some of the sweating as a reaction, I don't know?

  27. Hi Katy, the instagram link in the `show more` section is currently pointed at invisible_katy rather than invisibleikaty. A good vid as usual, my hyperhydrosis is a part of my m.e. not an aesthetic issue for myself but staying dry and warm remains a struggle as a result. fare well

  28. My friend has a problem with sweating and she used a special deodorant recommended to her by her doctor. I think it stings your armpits when you first put it on, but it's supposed to work really well. I hope this is helpful!

  29. I've had this problem all of my life, it caused me terrible bullying when I was younger, I've recently seen a doctor about it and he didn't want to know or help so I went to the pharmacy and I got recommended driclor…… Its been a life changer to be honest…. For my arm pits it has been, it's only a shame I can't roller it all over my body as I sweat absofuckinglutly everywhere but now thanks to driclor my armpits are dry….. But I still sweat terribly everywhere else lol 😂 thankyou sweetheart for such a brilliant vlog we all need to talk more openly about these things xxxxxxxxxx

  30. Ok sooooo the beads of sweat running down your arms to your hands…… Yep I have that too, and it runs down my back into my arse crack all day at work pmsl sorry for the tmi but as we are having a honesty hour then I thought I'd be as honest as possible lol I bath 5 times aday and get through bottles and bottles of deodorant amd driclor and perfumes and body sprays a week…. I even get up and bath extra baths in the night, I always worry il smell but to be honest (yet again) I never smell sweaty it's more of a musty damp smell but not offensive…… Ok I've finished being honest now….. Now I feel embaressed again 😝 lol xxxxxxxxxxx

  31. I have that exact problem but have more or less an actual (in my case at least) a logical reason for it (remarkable how certain things get affected by having certain operative surgeries being done) had a total removal now of the large bowel and a lot of the time it can cause people without one to cause the body not to be able to regulate its temperature as well as maybe it could have, so what happens? I sweat more lol but to be fair with me I really am not too fussed with everything else to do with Polyposis that I have (certainly now on) I don't really care to be bluntly honest haha.

  32. I have a similar sweating tale… except for me it's my feet and hands. On the hands it really doesn't matter.

    I literally wear sneakers and very thin socks even in winter (if it's not snowy), and sandals the rest of the year. If not, my socks will be soaked in 15 minutes or less. If it's a little too cool for sandals, I wear socks in 'em. Keeps my feet comfortable, and the socks stay dry!

  33. I don't deal with excessive sweating, but I am paranoid about sweating to the point where it affects my ability to exercise and go outside for any length of time during certain times of the year and feel comfortable with myself.

  34. Great video 😊…… just to say I sweat a lot in my face ..like someone has turned on several taps . I can be sat on a bus and everyone else looks cool and dry …… me a wet soggy mess !! That's s can be all year round 😱

  35. My armpits sweat in the same way! As well as my hands. its so annoying when the sweat drips, it feels like im in the rain, its crazy. It's a very annoying skin condition and it makes it very hard for me to use my phone because o my hands being wet all the time, but it is fun to confuse people by saying "I have hyperhidrosis"

  36. I’ve heard you can get Botox injections in the armpits that can help reduce the sweating . Would need to do kore research but from what I heard it works a charm

  37. Looks like I sweat in a similar way to you (if not exactly the same way)! All I can tell you is to spend a good 10-15 minutes in some air conditioning, and just keep going like it's an every day thing. Also, if you work out, wear that sweat like a badge of honor! XD

  38. Hi Katy. I have fibro too. It may be the fibro. I didn't start sweating tons until after I was diagnosed w/ fibro (& had gained more weight. But it isn't constant for me. I think it is more due to my faulty body thermometer, caused by fibro. Anyway, one thing that has helped me w/ sweating on my face is botox. I get the shots for migraines. I've heard people get botox shots in their armpits. Good luck in getting help.

  39. I feel your pain Katy, I sweat worse when I am sleeping at night. I wake up soaked and my bed sheets soaked. It is awful.

  40. I feel this. Ive always been like this?? Im skinny and i know its not being overweight. I noticed it more when i went to university and it makes me very paranoid. I dont know if its due to anxiety or due to my suspected autism //god help me trying to get a diagnosis//. Its horrible 🙁 i can just be sitting in a normal temp/cold room and im overheating and no one else is

  41. Hallelujah
    Someone who talks about the nitty gritty stuff thanks soo much I'm told it's fibro but can also be caused by sensory processing difficulties

  42. I personally never sweat. I'm told it's genetic. This lack of perspiration causes me to overheat easily, so I try and keep my temperature as comfortable as possible. Running the AC almost everyday where I live. I have aspergers and FMS, like you Katy. Sometimes I have to get some wet facial tissue and apply the cold water to my skin to help me cool off.

  43. I'm also an excessive sweater. (That sounds like I'm referring to myself as a piece of winter clothing, lol.) I sweat when I'm hot, when I'm cold, when I'm nervous or stressed, in fabrics that don't breathe and fabrics that do. There doesn't seem to be any rules around when and why I sweat, and it's so frustrating! I was actually diagnosed this week with Asperger's, and when I told the lady doing the diagnosis about my excessive sweating, she suggested botox injections. I'm not a fan of most plastic surgery type things like that, but I'm honestly considering it. Because I would like to stop ruining my perfectly good shirts, thank you very much.

  44. Here the same 😪 since a few weeks I have also the diagnose of fibromyalgia, Guess it’s more autistic related when having So much stress during the day on What Will come on your pad. 33 here but since I have the diagnose of beeing on the spectrum I have Something like ‘Okay worst things than sweating’. I still were a lot of black, but also dark green, dark Blue and light pink. Rexona had an anti-transparant roller that is really great. I put in on before going to bed, and during the day I use a deo from Lidl brand Cien which is very dry and keeps me dry for 2 hours when working in a store.

  45. I just discovered your channel. I’m wondering if I might have Aspergers. I tried taking online tests, but they claim that I don’t have Autism. I have social anxiety and I am socially awkward. In school I was ostracized for my awkwardness, but at the time I didn’t think anything was wrong with me; I thought that all of my peers were envious of my looks and what I wore, etc.
    When I got to college I had trouble writing papers. I knew what I wanted to write but couldn’t articulate my thoughts onto paper- not even a first sentence.
    When I’m socializing the issue I have is not only that I’m anxious, but I don’t really know what to say to carry on a lengthy conversation (especially when it comes to small talk, which I feel like is a competition to see who can carry on a pointless conversation the longest). This has made it seemingly impossible to make friends. Also, I do tend to dominate conversations. I love making lists. I collect words on my phone because I can’t remember certain words for the life of me or articulate myself well in a conversation. People have told me all too often that I have given them looks of a certain expression of feeling without me realizing or feeling that emotion. Sometimes mundane tasks are difficult for me to start doing.
    I keep my car radio at the lower end of normal volume, but when my bf turns it up to a normal volume it hurts my ears.
    Do any of you who have Aspergers relate to these symptoms or am I overthinking?

  46. I sweat down my arms too – wondering if anxiety can do this? I sweat a lot underarm, but am not too self conscious of it. That said, once, when wearing my green t-shirt, I noticed dark patches of sweat when I looked in the mirror. My hands used to sweat excessively but now it's just under my arms. There is a medical name for it, but can't remember it now.

  47. I saw this discussed once on embarrassing bodies on TV – I think you can get botox for it. Just looked it up – called hyperhydrosis.

  48. I have severe hyperdrosis too and currently being referred to see is I have enough HF ASD. My hair becomes soaking, like I've had a shower and my back and arms. I'm wondering if it's a side effect of SSRIs so going to try old school meds to see if if stops. It's being going on for years now. Like dropping water from my head. I really feel for you and I always wear black and white clothing, or busy patterns to disguise it. I've just subscribed to your channel and it's so informative. Thank you.

  49. There's a difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. Deodorant does NOT help with sweating. It only masks the scent of underarm smell. Antiperspirant is what helps with sweating. I'm not sure if it will actually help you or not, BUT you could always give it a try!

  50. I sweat a lot as well, despite the weather; so only wear dark loose cotton clothing with lots of changes throughout the day. A friend of mine suffers way way WAY worse than me and her life has been a true hell since her teens. Her whole body is drenched all the time; she gets injections for her hands and armpits, but the rest of her body is something she has to live with. Seeing her life, how excessive sweating can be for some, makes me thankful for the relevantly 'manageable' sweat I have in my life.

  51. I also have to warn everyone about those special creamy antiperspirants out there you apply before going to bed. Used them for 2 years, they helped a bit, but then I started getting these huge and very painful lumps in my armpits. Doctors even thought it could be breast cancer….well, thankfully it was not, but it was those antiperspirants which had blocked some of my sweat glands. So beware of this, don't use them or use them once in a while. Sweating is natural, we just need to accept it as much as possible.

  52. late to this video, but I sweat a lot, too. constantly, regardless of what I'm doing, what the weather is like, what I'm wearing… I sweat in winter when it's freezing cold. I sweat wearing 100% cotton. I buy the strongest deodorants/antiperspirants I can find and I will defeat them with my sweat. the problem I've had most has been what I call "sweating the bed". I wake up d r e n c h e d in sweat, sometimes so much that it will wake me up because I can feel it rolling off me. I saw a doctor about it (the waking up sweaty thing, the rest wasn't so bad at the time) and she said it's because of my fibro and my body doesn't regulate my temperature correctly. which is fine and all, but it's really gross and embarrassing when I'm in public and I can feel the sweat patches forming on me. I think I'll probably go back and ask for more help sometime soon because it sucks.

  53. I have had fatigue for years and recently put it down to repeated autistic burn outs but I am an excessive sweater tooo. Its bloody annoying! I can't face using harsh toiletries too so I use natural salt based roll on. Not the best combo. I am now curious as to the links. I did think at one point it could be to do with my adrenals as adrenal fatigue can make your sweat smell bad. Interesting vlog!

  54. Hi, I sweat a lot in a flare up of either AS or Fibrbro! The heat is unbearable and hits the entire body, which lasts for ages!
    I thank you for posting this and another video you did on fibro, that helped me deal with it! I'm pretty much bed bound now and can't see ant lights on in the tunnel! Andy

  55. Omg same like actually the same. I actually sweat less, like barely at all anywhere other than my under arms but it definitely is excessive and affects my life. My poor boyfriend though, he sweats like beads and full drops on his face in the slightest amount of heat and he's very self councious about that as well

  56. I'm so glad you posted this because I am dealing with the same problem lately.. it's started after I gave birth to my daughter so maybe it's hormone related? But that was 3 years ago! I get ridiculously sweaty when I'm walking anywhere (not whilst I'm walking but once I've stopped) or if I'm in a social situation but it makes me feel so gross and frustrated.. my worst place is down below, I feel like I've peeed myself and it's so uncomfortable!
    Also just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your video's about Autism, we are 95% sure that our daughter is Autistic , the Paediatrician has said he agrees with us but we are just waiting on a diagnosis. She shows a lot of "typical symptoms" so wasn't too difficult to spot but your video's have been a huge comfort and support for me. I feel a lot more educated on the subject and it's filled me with positivity! Thank you 😁

  57. I can relate to this too I sweat a lot especially hot flashes when I’m getting mine period it happens more!

  58. I can definitely relate. My mom has the same thing and she overheats very fast and can’t cool down. I’m now starting to overheat and completely oversweat (I’ve always sweat more but this is way more) but that’s ever since I got sick with EBV virus. It’s been 6 months now and I’m always hot/sweating and can definitely feel you on being self-conscious and only wearing certain shirts.

  59. I'm autistic and I sweat a lot too. I think I first realized it when someone I was dating previously pointed it out after I did a cardio workout that was not that intense. I know my athletic abilities are a bit undeveloped, so idk if I just have to exert myself more than the average person to do the same exercises or what. The issue is that I really hate sweating from a sensory point of view. I feel like that discourages me from working out and makes my body even more weak.

  60. I SWEAT SO FREAKING MUCH, even when it's not hot out. But I do have hypothyroidism, which could explain it. I drink plenty of water, and my blood work is always normal.

  61. I know this video is a few months old, but I really recommend you see a dermatologist and talk about botox injections to your underarms (they can also do your palms and scalp if needed). I work in a Derm clinic and it's a very commonly used treatment and from what I hear, people have very good response to it with very few side effects.

  62. I realised that I sweat excessively when I would come home dripping in sweat and the first day of school would leave sweat stains all over my new white blouses. I would wonder why these girls in the changing room would spray a tiny bit of deodorant on yet I'd be left embarrassed because I was using the whole can. I now have to buy a special click and roll on deodrant that stops excessive sweating for two days and an anti sweat treatment to put on at night. I highly recommend sure clean scent sweat protection.

  63. I sweat whether it’s hot or cold ,I’m like in a sweat shower all the time and it’s the same whether my body is hot or even cold.bamboo and merino wool clothes help,though

  64. I had my sweat glands removed nhs it litterally changed my life!!!!! Go to your GP because when you don't sweat anymore its unbelievable I can wear a yellow top in summer!!!!! Xxxx

  65. Same girl!! This has been such an issue for me for many years. I went to a physician a few years ago, who told me I have hyperhydrosis, which is probably correct. I've really suffered in so many ways, and actually blamed this for a lot of my social difficulties in my teenage years. Just recently I've discovered I may have ASD which finally is something that actually makes sense. Still, I was so surprised to see this video and can't help but wonder if there's a connection between the two!
    Anyway, really nice of you to open up and to hear that I'm not the only one with the issue!

  66. Thank you so much for making this video! You are absolutely not alone. This is exactly like I sweat. ALL anti-perspirants make me sweat more; it's as if my skin just utterly rebels against them. However, I did notice that I sweat a lot more when talking to people (including people I'm very comfortable with, even if I don't actually feel anxious) so I've concluded it to be a social anxiety/ASD symptom. Black shirts and stick-on sweat shields are pretty much my saviours, though. Sigh.

  67. I have the same problen, that's why i hate summer. Especially the dutch summers with high humidity. I only have to move a little to create complete rivers on my arms

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