Everything you need to know about folliculitis | folliculitis home remedy

Everything you need to know about folliculitis
| folliculitis home remedy 0:00:00.000,0:00:04.830
folliculitis as a relatively common skin 0:00:02.610,0:00:08.099
disorder caused by inflammation and 0:00:04.830,0:00:10.889
infection in the hair follicles types of 0:00:08.099,0:00:14.219
folliculitis include razor bumps hot tub 0:00:10.889,0:00:17.300
rash and barbers itch a follicle as a 0:00:14.219,0:00:19.980
small skin cavity from which hair grows 0:00:17.300,0:00:22.949
every single hair on the human body 0:00:19.980,0:00:25.380
grows from its own follicle while 0:00:22.949,0:00:27.810
folliculitis may appear on any area of 0:00:25.380,0:00:30.090
the body except the lips palms of the 0:00:27.810,0:00:32.759
hands and soles of the feet it most 0:00:30.090,0:00:36.870
commonly affects the arms legs buttocks 0:00:32.759,0:00:39.360
genitals chest back head and face the 0:00:36.870,0:00:41.579
condition presents as small red bumps 0:00:39.360,0:00:43.829
which may have a white pus-filled tip 0:00:41.579,0:00:45.899
although uncomfortable 0:00:43.829,0:00:48.239
folliculitis as a relatively harmless 0:00:45.899,0:00:50.780
condition that can affect people of all 0:00:48.239,0:00:53.430
ages causes and risk factors 0:00:50.780,0:00:55.460
folliculitis as generally caused by a 0:00:53.430,0:00:59.039
bacterial infection commonly 0:00:55.460,0:01:02.129
Staphylococcus aureus or staff however 0:00:59.039,0:01:03.870
fungal infections viruses and physical 0:01:02.129,0:01:07.140
trauma to the follicle can all 0:01:03.870,0:01:10.530
contribute to folliculitis folliculitis 0:01:07.140,0:01:12.900
as linked to shaving tight hair braids 0:01:10.530,0:01:15.060
tight clothing ingrown hairs clothing 0:01:12.900,0:01:17.280
that rubs the skin sweat or personal 0:01:15.060,0:01:20.009
products that irritate the follicle skin 0:01:17.280,0:01:21.720
clogging substances such as tar in motor 0:01:20.009,0:01:24.240
oil covering the skin with 0:01:21.720,0:01:27.000
non-breathable items such as tape or 0:01:24.240,0:01:28.890
plastic skin conditions such as acne or 0:01:27.000,0:01:31.680
dermatitis injuries to the skin 0:01:28.890,0:01:33.990
including cuts or insect bites using an 0:01:31.680,0:01:36.090
unclean hot tub or swimming pool an 0:01:33.990,0:01:38.460
infected cut or wound which allows 0:01:36.090,0:01:40.920
bacteria to spread to nearby hair 0:01:38.460,0:01:43.500
follicles weakened immune system caused 0:01:40.920,0:01:46.439
by conditions such as HIV or cancer 0:01:43.500,0:01:48.360
being overweight or obese long-term use 0:01:46.439,0:01:51.180
of some medications including 0:01:48.360,0:01:53.369
antibiotics or steroids symptoms and 0:01:51.180,0:01:55.649
complications in the initial stages 0:01:53.369,0:01:58.290
folliculitis may look like a rash a 0:01:55.649,0:02:01.799
patch of small red bumps or yellow or 0:01:58.290,0:02:04.110
white tipped pimples over time this can 0:02:01.799,0:02:07.290
spread to nearby hair follicles and 0:02:04.110,0:02:09.720
progress to crusty sores the condition 0:02:07.290,0:02:12.599
can affect one or many follicles and may 0:02:09.720,0:02:13.440
last a short time acute case or persist 0:02:12.599,0:02:17.060
long term 0:02:13.440,0:02:20.070
chronic case signs and symptoms include 0:02:17.060,0:02:22.890
small red bumps white headed pimples 0:02:20.070,0:02:25.170
pus-filled sores crusty sores red skin 0:02:22.890,0:02:27.840
inflamed skin itching burning tenderness 0:02:25.170,0:02:29.550
pain swelling mild fever complications 0:02:27.840,0:02:32.040
although folliculitis has not 0:02:29.550,0:02:36.870
life-threatening some complications may 0:02:32.040,0:02:39.180
arise these include for uncle OSIS boils 0:02:36.870,0:02:41.430
under the skin scars or dark patches 0:02:39.180,0:02:43.620
permanent hair loss due to follicle 0:02:41.430,0:02:45.500
damage recurrent follicle infections 0:02:43.620,0:02:49.230
infections that spread to other areas 0:02:45.500,0:02:51.420
cellulitis infection of the skin types 0:02:49.230,0:02:54.170
there are several forms of folliculitis 0:02:51.420,0:02:57.240
which can be either superficial or deep 0:02:54.170,0:02:59.280
deep folliculitis affects more of the 0:02:57.240,0:03:02.310
hair follicle and has more severe 0:02:59.280,0:03:05.910
symptoms superficial folliculitis 0:03:02.310,0:03:08.550
superficial forms include bacterial 0:03:05.910,0:03:11.010
folliculitis a common type of 0:03:08.550,0:03:14.250
folliculitis characterized by pus filled 0:03:11.010,0:03:16.410
pimples that itch this type is usually 0:03:14.250,0:03:18.690
caused by a staph infection which 0:03:16.410,0:03:20.910
normally lives on the skin but enters 0:03:18.690,0:03:23.810
deeper tissues through a wound or other 0:03:20.910,0:03:27.840
damage to the skin pseudofolliculitis 0:03:23.810,0:03:29.970
barbae also known as barbers itch this 0:03:27.840,0:03:31.080
type of folliculitis has caused by 0:03:29.970,0:03:34.770
ingrown hairs 0:03:31.080,0:03:37.650
it affects up to 60% of black men and 0:03:34.770,0:03:40.610
others with curly hair it may also 0:03:37.650,0:03:44.160
affect people in the genital area 0:03:40.610,0:03:46.800
Pseudomonas folliculitis more commonly 0:03:44.160,0:03:49.590
known as hottub folliculitis this is 0:03:46.800,0:03:51.570
caused by a type of bacteria Pseudomonas 0:03:49.590,0:03:54.540
that is found in pools and hot tubs 0:03:51.570,0:03:57.510
where the chlorine levels and pH balance 0:03:54.540,0:04:00.330
are not adequately monitored symptoms 0:03:57.510,0:04:02.489
usually appear within 72 hours of 0:04:00.330,0:04:04.739
exposure and are most prevalent on the 0:04:02.489,0:04:06.660
areas of the body covered by a swimsuit 0:04:04.739,0:04:09.239
or on the back of the legs 0:04:06.660,0:04:11.459
minor symptoms can resolve without 0:04:09.239,0:04:15.180
treatment within 5 days 0:04:11.459,0:04:17.340
pity rostrum folliculitis a yeast 0:04:15.180,0:04:19.459
infection of the skin which leads to 0:04:17.340,0:04:22.680
chronic lesions that are red and itchy 0:04:19.459,0:04:24.780
it most commonly affects the face and 0:04:22.680,0:04:26.650
upper body and is particularly prevalent 0:04:24.780,0:04:29.800
in young adults and adult 0:04:26.650,0:04:33.870
men deep folliculitis forms of deep 0:04:29.800,0:04:36.610
folliculitis include psychosis Barbie a 0:04:33.870,0:04:39.210
deeper form of barbara’s each that can 0:04:36.610,0:04:43.600
cause scarring and permanent hair loss 0:04:39.210,0:04:46.060
boils staph bacteria which deeply infect 0:04:43.600,0:04:48.419
the follicle and lead to boils furuncles 0:04:46.060,0:04:51.490
that are swollen and filled with pus 0:04:48.419,0:04:53.620
they continue to grow larger and become 0:04:51.490,0:04:56.710
very painful until they rupture and 0:04:53.620,0:04:58.990
drain clusters of boils known as 0:04:56.710,0:05:02.590
carbuncles caused more severe symptoms 0:04:58.990,0:05:04.919
than single boils scarring may result 0:05:02.590,0:05:08.889
from large boils or carbuncles 0:05:04.919,0:05:11.169
gram-negative folliculitis people with 0:05:08.889,0:05:13.810
acne who are on long-term antibiotic 0:05:11.169,0:05:16.389
therapy may experience this deep form of 0:05:13.810,0:05:19.270
folliculitis as antibiotics affect the 0:05:16.389,0:05:21.580
bacterial balance in the skin the 0:05:19.270,0:05:23.800
condition usually clears up once a 0:05:21.580,0:05:27.180
person has finished their antibiotic 0:05:23.800,0:05:30.760
treatment Yosa Nephila colliculi tiss 0:05:27.180,0:05:33.430
people with poorly controlled HIV late 0:05:30.760,0:05:36.360
stage AIDS or cancer are most likely to 0:05:33.430,0:05:38.949
experience this form of folliculitis 0:05:36.360,0:05:41.650
symptoms are intense and recurrent and 0:05:38.949,0:05:44.889
can cause hyperpigmentation dark patches 0:05:41.650,0:05:47.080
of skin the cause is unknown but some 0:05:44.889,0:05:49.870
researchers suggest that a hair follicle 0:05:47.080,0:05:53.229
might may be the root cause of yo sana 0:05:49.870,0:05:55.870
philic folliculitis diagnosis doctors 0:05:53.229,0:05:59.050
tend to diagnose folliculitis based on a 0:05:55.870,0:06:01.510
physical examination the doctor may 0:05:59.050,0:06:03.699
examine the skin take note of symptoms 0:06:01.510,0:06:06.699
and review the person’s medical and 0:06:03.699,0:06:09.039
family history they may take a swab of 0:06:06.699,0:06:11.440
the infected skin to test for which 0:06:09.039,0:06:15.070
bacteria or fungus has caused the 0:06:11.440,0:06:17.500
folliculitis in rare cases a skin biopsy 0:06:15.070,0:06:20.560
may be required to exclude the 0:06:17.500,0:06:22.690
possibility of other causes treatment 0:06:20.560,0:06:24.909
the treatment for folliculitis varies 0:06:22.690,0:06:28.479
based on the type and severity of the 0:06:24.909,0:06:31.810
condition mild cases often only require 0:06:28.479,0:06:34.300
home remedies however severe or 0:06:31.810,0:06:35.820
recurrent cases may need medication or 0:06:34.300,0:06:39.600
other therapies 0:06:35.820,0:06:43.020
available treatments include medication 0:06:39.600,0:06:46.050
a variety of medications are available 0:06:43.020,0:06:47.930
for folliculitis they can be prescribed 0:06:46.050,0:06:50.670
to treat either bacterial or fungal 0:06:47.930,0:06:54.060
infections depending on the cause of the 0:06:50.670,0:06:57.300
condition anti-inflammatory drugs may 0:06:54.060,0:07:01.170
also be recommended forms of medication 0:06:57.300,0:07:03.780
include topical antibiotic creams oral 0:07:01.170,0:07:06.210
antibiotics topical antifungal creams 0:07:03.780,0:07:08.640
antifungal shampoos oral antifungal 0:07:06.210,0:07:11.370
steroid creams oral corticosteroids 0:07:08.640,0:07:13.580
light therapy according to some research 0:07:11.370,0:07:16.350
light therapy or photodynamic therapy 0:07:13.580,0:07:19.410
can help improve symptoms of deep 0:07:16.350,0:07:22.350
folliculitis light therapy as sometimes 0:07:19.410,0:07:24.210
used to treat acne and uses both light 0:07:22.350,0:07:28.110
and a chemical substance to kill 0:07:24.210,0:07:30.510
bacteria fungi and viruses Lansing’s 0:07:28.110,0:07:32.970
sometimes a doctor will drain a boil or 0:07:30.510,0:07:36.150
carbuncle by making a small incision in 0:07:32.970,0:07:38.610
the lesion to drain the pus the aim is 0:07:36.150,0:07:42.030
to reduce pain and encourage a faster 0:07:38.610,0:07:44.850
recovery time laser hair removal laser 0:07:42.030,0:07:48.060
therapy may help reduce folliculitis and 0:07:44.850,0:07:50.730
cure the infection it destroys the hair 0:07:48.060,0:07:53.610
follicles so they cannot get inflamed or 0:07:50.730,0:07:57.390
infected several treatments are usually 0:07:53.610,0:07:59.430
necessary to see results home remedies a 0:07:57.390,0:08:01.770
number of home remedies are very 0:07:59.430,0:08:05.400
effective at treating folliculitis and 0:08:01.770,0:08:08.910
its symptoms they include warm 0:08:05.400,0:08:11.340
compresses placing a warm compress on 0:08:08.910,0:08:14.880
the affected area can reduce itching and 0:08:11.340,0:08:17.220
draw out pus to make a compress simply 0:08:14.880,0:08:20.520
soak a cloth in warm water and wring out 0:08:17.220,0:08:23.810
the excess apply to the skin for up to 0:08:20.520,0:08:26.940
20 minutes repeat as needed 0:08:23.810,0:08:29.640
over-the-counter products several 0:08:26.940,0:08:31.710
topical creams gels and washes are 0:08:29.640,0:08:35.910
available for folliculitis without a 0:08:31.710,0:08:38.310
prescription good hygiene gently washing 0:08:35.910,0:08:41.330
the affected area twice daily with a 0:08:38.310,0:08:43.950
mild soap will help reduce the infection 0:08:41.330,0:08:47.100
always use clean hands 0:08:43.950,0:08:50.490
a washcloth is not recommended as it can 0:08:47.100,0:08:54.060
cause further irritation to the skin use 0:08:50.490,0:08:56.370
a clean towel for drying wash all towels 0:08:54.060,0:09:00.019
after use to reduce the risk of 0:08:56.370,0:09:03.029
transmitting the infection soothing bath 0:09:00.019,0:09:05.010
soaking in a tub of warm water may help 0:09:03.029,0:09:08.639
reduce the itching and pain associated 0:09:05.010,0:09:11.070
with folliculitis adding oatmeal or an 0:09:08.639,0:09:12.720
oatmeal based product can be helpful as 0:09:11.070,0:09:15.380
research suggests it has 0:09:12.720,0:09:18.120
anti-inflammatory properties 0:09:15.380,0:09:21.380
alternatively one cup of baking soda 0:09:18.120,0:09:24.440
added to a bath may also ease symptoms 0:09:21.380,0:09:28.380
thoroughly dry the skin after bathing 0:09:24.440,0:09:30.810
protect the skin avoid wearing tight or 0:09:28.380,0:09:33.300
irritating clothing reduce the risk of 0:09:30.810,0:09:35.310
exposing the skin to harsh chemicals and 0:09:33.300,0:09:37.760
skin care products and try to limit 0:09:35.310,0:09:41.040
shaving and trim instead when possible 0:09:37.760,0:09:44.160
when shaving use a lubricant and keep 0:09:41.040,0:09:46.380
the blade clean and sharp prevention to 0:09:44.160,0:09:49.100
prevent folliculitis avoid or reduce 0:09:46.380,0:09:53.339
exposure to the causes of the condition 0:09:49.100,0:09:55.709
these include tight clothing irritating 0:09:53.339,0:09:58.199
clothing harsh chemicals or irritating 0:09:55.709,0:10:00.480
personal care products improper shaving 0:09:58.199,0:10:03.029
techniques blunt or unclean shaving 0:10:00.480,0:10:05.070
tools and properly treated hot tubs and 0:10:03.029,0:10:07.230
pools spending too long in sweaty 0:10:05.070,0:10:09.540
clothing a person should also treat 0:10:07.230,0:10:11.940
underlying medical conditions and speak 0:10:09.540,0:10:13.880
with a doctor if taking medications that 0:10:11.940,0:10:17.159
increase the risk of folliculitis 0:10:13.880,0:10:17.159

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