[Eng Sub] Run BTS! 2020 Ep.92

[EP. 92 Mini Golden Bell 2] [Previously][The Mini Golden Bell kicked off]
– Mini Golden Bell. – Golden Bell. [New MC’s coming of age tale]
I want to be the MC. Play it! You want to take rides… [A series of incorrect answers]
Wrong! Is Jin… correct? [Excitement goes up with penalties revealed!]
I hope it’s not a dragoon. [They’re struggling to understand
the translation service is saying] – Jung Kook! Jung Kook!
– Yes, partner! My age… Blah blah… [Trying to guess] – My age 23!
– Something along the lines of my age is 20! [What on earth is it saying?] It’s Chungcheong. [Will this game ever end…?]
This is too difficult. [8. Chinese]
Guys, this is also a Chinese accent. [Chinese]
Why can’t I still let you go. I heard “bbuji”. Can we listen to it one more time? – But you’re an MC.
– Okay. Why can’t I still let you go. [Autumn Leaves, very difficult]
“Autumn Leaves” are very difficult to sing. [Trying anyways]
No… [They got suddenly so excited] Let me listen to it one more time. [Patting] [One more time]
Why can’t I still let you go. [I… don’t know]
You don’t know, do you? [I can’t tell]
– This is your song. – You don’t know. – Guys.
[No clue] – I don’t know what it is. It would be a miracle
just to get the lyrics right. [Hint]
It’s the bridge of “Autumn Leaves”. My part is right after the bridge. Could you let us know the melody? – Na~ah~!
– That’s too dangerous. [Sitting up]
I remember only one thing. This part was featured on the radio, and V wanted to sing this part. So what part is this? [… That part] [Glancing]
Why can’t I see [Could you… listen…]
falling leaves. [Nope] [LOL]
What is the flow? [One more time!]
Let’s have one more listen. [Replay]
Why can’t I still let you go. – Why can’t I!
– Why can’t I still! – Why can’t…
– Jung Kook! Jung Kook! Jung Kook! Jung Kook! Jung Kook! – Please get it right.
– Why can’t I still see you~ SUGA, SUGA, SUGA! [So close]
Why am I still holding you. Jimin! No! [Appeal] – I did it.
– Again, again. – Again, again.
– Why am I still holding you. – Jimin! – Nope!
– Jimin! – 1, 2, 3!
– Jimin! – j… Jimin was late. j-hope. – I don’t have a clue.
– Jimin! – Do you know? Do you know the answer?
– I do. You do it. Why can’t I… – The last half, isn’t this it?
– What is it? Why can’t I still forget you~ [So close]
No, it’s not the answer. [MC needs to involve everyone]
– Jin! – Who hasn’t tried yet? – j-hope!
– Well… – I don’t think “holding you” is correct.
– No, no. – Don’t let it go! Quickly!
– I got it. [What… shouldn’t I do…?]
– I got it. – Give him a hint. [Hint]
I already gave him a hint. j-hope! j-hope! – Why can’t I still let you go.
– Yes! Don’t let it go~ Finally! I’ve got one right! I’ve got it right, but I’m sad. I’ll be the dragoon anyways. Guys. [Hobby: Mimic a dragoon] [9. Greek]
Now, next up is Greek. – Greek was difficult.
– It’s so difficult. [Greek]
I’ll go my way no matter what. [It was before the fan meeting]
We’ll sing this at the fan meeting. [Thinking][Thinking]
– ~go. – We’ll sing it at the fan meeting. – But we’ll sing a lot of songs.
– That’s not helping. – Jin! Marathon, marathon~ – No. – Jung Kook! Jungkook!
– We won’t sing Paradise. Jung Kook! Jung Kook! Jung Kook! – He’s dangerous.
– “Spine Breaker!” Nope. – RM…
– That’s “Jump”. “Jump”, “Jump”, Jung Kook, “Jump”! Yes, it’s “Jump”. But that’s not the answer. [Well] Let’s listen to it again. [Oh!!]
What did you say again? – I’ll go my way no matter what.
– Yes! – Why did you say no?
– I wasn’t looking at the answer. Oh, right. [Final question!]
Let’s listen to the final question. Final question! Can I give them two points for this? [Do as you wish]
That wouldn’t make a difference. – You can give them 10 points.
– Is the question difficult? – 10 points? – 10 points for the final question?
– It’s English. [10. English] – Is it difficult?
– I won’t say the title [2 points without a hint]
and give you two points if you get it right. [English]
A drink on one hand, a thyrsus on the other. – RM!
– One hand? “Dionysus” A drink on one hand,
a thyrsus on the other. [Correct!]
Correct Wow. [LOL] – Was it two points? – A drink on one hand. – Two points. [The dragoon is me…]
Don’t worry, I’m the dragoon. [Gave up]
I’ll have the double crown. – Double crown?
– Double crown. – I’ll be Nizoral.
– A double crown. Nizoral. [Total score] [RM, Jung Kook 5 points] [Jimin 4 points] [Jin, SUGA 3 points]
[j-hope 1 point] Now, we’re going t [Noise] – It must be an O/X quiz.
– What’s the current score? [Distracted]
– Let’s move on Round 3. – Earlier… [Watch now. MC’s coming of age film]
Nope. It isn’t there. No, no. [Encouraging]
It’s fun, V. This is new. I’ll never volunteer to be an MC. [Round 3 begins!]
Let’s go. Do we get one point
every time we get it right? Let me read the rules. [Shh, the MC is reading the rules]
– The MC is checking the rules. – Okay. Round 3 is the BTS OX quiz. We have questions about BTS. You can answer with O or X.
Quite straightforward, right? – Yes.
– You’ll get a point if you get it right. – So do your best.
– Okay. – You’ll have three seconds to answer.
– One point. – You need to answer within three seconds.
– Within three seconds. How many questions do we have? I think there are 10. – V, can we change the answer…
– Change it with… [No change!]
– You can’t! – By the majority rule! – Okay.
– The first question. [Q1] RM gets more than 80 points at a karaoke. O or X! 1, 2, 3! [Everyone chose O] This… RM, sing. Just like that? – That changes everything.
[OMG] – Wait. [Surprised] Even he said O,
so it must be higher than 80. – It must be.
– This changes everything… RM, if you sing loudly, – you get high points.
– How can I do that now? [They didn’t know they’ll have to prove.
So, we’re doing it again] Okay, so I can choose whatever I want. 1, 2, 3! I trust him. [No change]
– You can’t change. – Don’t change. [He can’t trust himself]
I’ll be singing. Three Xs and three Os. Don’t do a good job. [He needs to do his best]
– But he has to sing. – Right. – You can’t stay quiet or do weird stuff.
– I’ll sing. – It’s a fair game. – If you sing it and get more than 80…
– What do you want to sing? [Thinking]
But he gets more than 80 these days. “Epiphany”. [RM chose Epophany] [Nervous] – “Epiphany”.
– It’s not an easy song. [Appeal]
RM, I chose X. Don’t worry guys.
I’ll do my best. [Announcement]
[He’ll do his best!] – This… This is a whole new world.
[Surprised] – I’ve never done this. [They’re from ancient times]
– MR is too quiet. – I think you might touch it. Turn it up. [Epiphany sung by RM] Show what you’ve got. Ad-lib please. Guys… I’ve got something to say. [Start!] Do your best. [Satisfied]
The vibration though. You wrote the lyrics. Not yet. Not yet. You’re doing this on purpose. [He’s not]
I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose. [Hum] It’s so sad. This must be 100. [Heartbreaking…] It’s so poignant. [Singing his heart out…] It’s so moving… [It’s too obvious]
– He can’t get over 80. – End! – As far as karaoke goes…
– This is so hard to sing. He’s got a round of applause! – Doesn’t that mean he got over 80?
– He got applause? – He got applause?
– I think it’s irrelevant to the score. We need to delete this app
if he gets more than 80 points. [Your score? 63
Please try a bit harder…] [App: Whew… I don’t have to be deleted] [Q1. RM gets more than 80 points at a karaoke.]
[X] Yes! [Applause was just a kind gesture]
It gives applause anyways. Guys! I sang to my best ability
even though I chose X. [Moving on]
The second question. [Q2] Jung Kook makes the longest sound. 1, 2, 3! [Huh…]
What should I choose… …3 It’s long three seconds. …2 [Thinking] – Wait…
– Was it three minutes? 1, 2, 3! [O – RM, SUGA, Jimin, Jung Kook]
[X – Jin, j-hope] You can compete with those
who chose X. – V can breathe.
– But this… – Who chose X? It’s you and me.
– V… My lung capacity isn’t as good. When I get a health check-up, [Need more oxygen]
I look really funny. [Hup] Breathe. [What happens at a check-up]
– Breathe. – I can’t…. I’ve got three seconds at a check-up. [But… they’re healthy!]
But that’s different from breathing techniques. V has the best lung capacity. [Lung capacity king]
– V makes the longest sound. – I agree. [Serious]
I think V and Jung Kook should compete. If you say so, Exactly, I chose X because of V. [Breathing competition][Jung Kook VS V]
let’s pit them against each other. Jung Kook, I believe you. [Nervous]
– Let’s time it! – Let’s go, V! – Ready…
– Jung Kook, you can do it! [I can do this]
Steady…. Go! [He’s good] His voice is too soft. That doesn’t matter. Don’t try to ruin it! [Steady] [He] [Danger] Don’t make him laugh. – Why are you laughing?
– Don’t laugh. [~End~]
Okay! – I think Jung Kook will win.
– Oh no! – Oh my god.
– Jung Kook… – That was long.
– He could do better. I think Jung Kook can beat him. [V – 23 seconds]
23 seconds. – No, no, no.
– He can win. – You’ll win.
– I can’t beat this record. – Jung Kook, you can do it, right?
– Can I make a soft sound like him? – Sure.
– Of course. – Ah… [What’s that] You need to be at least as loud as he was. – Ah~ that loud.
– Let’s play fair. A fair world. Okay, okay. [A bit disappointed]
– You need to make a sound. – Let’s do it. – I’ll begin.
– Oh my god. [JK, you’ve got this!]
– Okay. – Let’s go! Ah… [Oh my god]
Why, why! Don’t laugh. [Most excited]
Why… – Why, why!
– JK…. [Don’t do this to me]
Don’t laugh. [You don’t need to help but don’t ruin it]
– Don’t laugh. – Okay. – Don’t ruin it. You said you won’t laugh. You suddenly changed your voice.
It was hilarious. – We didn’t see that coming.
– I thought you were going to be like “ah~”. [Mimicing fun]
And then… Okay, I’ll use a lower voice, then. [Got it!]
Nobody laughs now. It was so soft. Don’t burst into laughter. Then, you’re screwed. I believe you. – Let’s go.
– I chose O. Start! [Everyone tries to ignore] [Empty your mind] [LOL] [It’s white noise] [Inner peace~] [He’s good?] [This is the limit!] [Ah] [Okay!]
Wait! It’s neck and neck. – You can’t tell.
– It’s so close. I think it should be about 21 seconds. [What would be his score?]
– You wanted to laugh in the middle of it.
– I think you could’ve done better. It’s interesting. You’ve got the same decimals. – Really? – Really?
[Not confident] I don’t think I did a good job. [Jung Kook – 20…??]
Ah, 20′ 84″. You won. j-hope, congrats. You’ve earned a point. [Jung Kook – 28 seconds]
– 8 seconds… – 8 second difference. – Who lost?
– Did I win? – We won. [Q2 Jung Kook makes the longest sound.][O]
Jung Kook scored 28 seconds. [So excited]
– I don’t think I did a good job. – We lost? We lost. [Gave up]
Today is not my day. [Q3.] V has the second longest arm in the team. 1, 2, 3! [Hesitant] Stop, stop, okay, stop! Isn’t his arm the longest? I think so. [Right!]
I think so too. [High expectation 1]
I think I’ve got the second longest arm. [High expectation 2] – I think I’ve got the longest.
– No. – If you think about the height, it should be RM.
– Wait. [I’m not even on the list?]
Why aren’t you mentioning me? [It doesn’t have to do with the height]
I looked at some research, and your arm length has little to do
with your height. – I’ve got long arms. Look at me.
– It’s irrelevant. But, I think, generally speaking,
if you’re tall, you have long arms. – Generally speaking.
– On average. – Right. My arms are longer than you think. Look at this. The sleeves are short on me. [Not even looking]
I think me and then V. – Let’s measure it, starting with j-hope.
– My arms reach the floor. [Let’s measure it!]
– Go on. – Or V. Let’s start with j-hope. It needs to be measured by staff
to make it fare. [He becomes the strictest in these situations]
From here to the fingertip. – No, no. We should measure it like this.
– Shouldn’t it be like this? [Only arm, excluding shoulders]
That’s not an arm length. – That includes your shoulders.
– Shoulders. [SUGA wants this…]
But this is how MBA measure the arm length. – Wing span… [Not confident]
– Then I can be high on the list. [Calling the MC to decide] – MBA…
– I thought this. – V… Should it be this or this? [Do I know?]
I don’t know. It’s up to you. [Speechless]
You’re the judge… – But, it’s ambigious.
– Wait… V’s arms are not that long. – Me?
– Then… [Shall we include shoulders?]
Let’s do it like this. This is fair. Okay. – Let’s measure it from the shoulder bone
to the fingertip.
– Shoulders should not be included. – I think this is right.
– Okay. – It’s hard to tell… [From the shoulder bone to the fingertip]
From here. [You can stretch out your fingers!]
Can I stretch out my fingers? – Relax.
– I need to stretch out my fingers. [Muscle][I’m… not embarrassed!]
Why are you flexing? He flexed suddenly. [Carefully from the shoulder!]
– For the show. – From here. [to the fingertip!]
– To the fingertip. – Stretch out your fingers. To here. [Straight]
77. It’s about 76.7. [j-hope – 76.8cm]
– Okay. -76.8! – Let’s measure mine.
– Okay. I’ve got long arms.
They’re as long as 95cm. [Confident]
– 95cm… – Do I have long arms? I don’t know. – Jin has long arms, too.
– They are 190 combined. RM has really long arms. Jin’s bone is so spiky. Okay, then. [Going down]
A bone is sticking out here. [Hey…]
You can’t pull your arm like that. [Tense]
Relax your shoulders. – Okay okay.
– You can’t pull your arm. [Why is this making him so nervous…] [Focusing all neurons on fingertips… but 74.6cm]
You do it all, and it’s still 74.6cm. [Embarrassed] It really isn’t relevant to the height. – It isn’t.
– RM, your turn. His arm is much longer. [Good body] – He’s got a great body.
[Curious] – What about me? [Current number one RM 79.8 cm]
79.8. Number one, RM. – Number one, RM.
– Jung Kook, come here. [No. 2 j-hope, no. 3 Jin]
– Jung Kook… – We’ve got no. 1, 2, 3. He does boxing these days.
So his arms are pulled. He… [Pumping] – His chest…
– He pulled out his arm. [Do it right]
You need to measure it from here. [It’s the same…]
– It’s… parallel. – Okay. [Jung Kook – 77.4cm]
77.4 Then he’s the second place. [No. 1 RM 79.8cm]
[No. 2 Jung Kook 77.4cm] [No. 3 j-hope 76.8cm]
[No. 4 Jin 74.6cm] From here. [Director and actor]
No, the line’s here. – My bone’s here.
– Is it a good thing to have long arms? – I don’t know.
– It doesn’t hurt to have long arms. It’s good when you dance. Cute SUGA! [Cutie SUGA]
77.4cm. – It’s long.
– We have the same arm length. [His arm length is not cute]
– 77.4. – It’s same as Jung Kook’s. I have long arms and legs. – Are you excited to measure my arm length?
– I am. [Look at my shoulders!]
Where should we start? [It’s dislocated!]
Jimin… I think he already lost 3 cm from fingers. [Warning: his face]
– Your muscles will get tense. Stand straight. [Okay] I’m nervous.
This is more important than anything else. [I’m serious] – Hold him.
– 65. – Huh!
– It’s a relief. – Okay! W.. wait. (Urgent) – Let’s do it just one more time.
– Okay. [Trying to make it longer]
Make it longer. Do you have to? – You got this.
– Why is the arm length so important? What is it? It’s not even the leg length. You’re the shortest in the team. What’s wrong with having the shortest arm? Why do you think they’re short? They’re not short.
Watch your words. Let’s start from here
because the line’s here. – So hilarious.
– From here. Oh! Jimin! Jimin! – It’s shorter.
– Jimin! [Surprised]
What? [Jimin – 73.3cm]
What about 73.3? 73.3. V has long arms. [Dizzy]
– V has long arms. – As we speak, no.1 is RM and no.2 is Jung Kook. [Is V no. 2?] – Mine is the shortest.
– He’s got long arms. [He works out]
He’s working out, so his shoulders. Wow! So long! His arms are long. [no.2 Jung Kook and V]
[V – 77.4cm] 77.4. – 77.4.
– Then you both are no. 2. – Let’s measure it again.
– Wait. – This… – But we measured different points. [A lot to say] – That’s why we need to measure
the wing span. – Anyways. [A lot to say 2]
I’ll accept the result. [A lot to say 3] – I can’t!
– There’s less chance for no. 2. – It’s okay.
– I can’t! I’m second from the bottom. I can’t accept the results. [Measuring it again]
– Stretch them out. – His arm is long. – Oh! – We’ll get a different measurement.
[Jung Kook -78.5cm] -78. – What?
– We needed to do it like this. – 78.5 [Surprised]
Really? – It’s fair.
– Okay! Then, let’s measure it again. So, what’s happening?
What are the results? [Feel lonely in the crowd] – I’ve got 78.5.
– Idon’t know. – So is Jung Kook the second place? [Measure V’s arm length again to be fair]
– Suddenly, your arm is 1cm longer?
– Measure V again. [Pretending he doesn’t like it]
– Measure V’s arm length. – Why… If it increases again, it doesn’t make sense. Hold this. What is this so important? [Find this whole situation funny]
Stretch out fingers. It’s less than 78cm. [No. 3 V][Q3. V has the second longest arm
in the team. X] I’ve got long arms. Wait, then… Don’t you want to know? [I want to know…] No, I don’t. Sit down. Let’s move on to the next question. [Can’t give up][Sit]
Finally, I got one question right. – Next question. How many do we have left?
– Next question. [Question written by Jung Kook]
You can fit the 500 coin in j-hope’s nose. O! I’m confident. – Have you tried?
– No way. – Guys! – Have you tried? – Next question.
Jin’s shoulder is longer than 50cm. O or X. – 1, 2, 3!
– O. Wait… Jin’s shoulders… – I think it will be like 49 or 48.
– No, I’ve seen it. – I’ve seen it! It was longer than 50cm.
– Was it? [Happy]
– Really? – It’s longer than 50. Because my shoulder is above 49.
But Jin’s shoulder is broader than mine. [Changed to O]
I’m sorry but mine is broad, too. – Jung Kook! Jungkook!
– Yes, V’s shoulder is more than 50. I think the color changed. Let’s measure it. [Shy]
Why are you doing this? This is not supposed to be like this. [Fake…] – Stand straight.
– Tighten up. Just stand still. Relax. Relax. [Careful] The line should be straight
to get a higher measurement. Somebody said the line.
This means they’re dead serious about it. – It’s less than 50cm.
– Go further. [Jin – 48cm] – It’s less than 50cm.
– Lower than 50. 48, 47. – What? 47? No way. [Attention]
– But it differs from person to person. – Right. [Measuring the shoulder]
Anyways, now the number is less than 50. – X!
– You’re doing so well. Go! Jung Kook can get more than 90 points
if he sings the song he’s good at. 1, 2, 3! O. – Be confident. [Blaming the microphone]
– I think there’s something about the microphone. [Agree]
Exactly. I think so, too. – No, it’s because you sing in falsetto.
– RM. You were not even getting the beat right. – What’s your answer?
– O. [Changed] – Wait!
[No] – No, no. You need to sing. I’m confident about his singing. – Of course. – But the app…
– That… is strange.
It’s arbitrary with the scores. 63 was too low. [Let’s hear what the app says]
That’s why you never know. [What will Jung Kook sing?] The song you’re most confident about. The song you’ve practiced to death. [Park Won – Try]
– I’ll sing “Try”. – “Try”. Great. I didn’t know I would sing here. [Shush, Jung Kook is singing]
Focus, everyone! [Try sung by Jung Kook] Love it. [3] [2] [1] [Start!] [What a wonderful voice!] [Touched] [“O” with confidence] [What’s with his emotions?] [Falling into his song…] [Jung Kook coming to our heart] [Our golden youngest, Jung Kook!] [Cut here] Please. – Okay!
– Wow! Let me change my vote. – This is beyond the competition.
– That was perfect! [Perfect song!] – Let me change my vote.
– Amazing. – It was perfect. [Please…]
– Let me change my vote! – That was… [But, the evaluation has failed
due to an error in the app…] [Oh…][Even the app got touched]
Even the app got touched. [Let’s evaluate it on our own]
– Then, let’s… – It was touching, though… – Let’s…
– Let’s evaluate this on our own. [More embarrassing]
– Let’s… – Let’s evaluate this on our own. -Yeah. I will give you 5, even if I think it was worth 100. [No way!] [I knew it]
RM gave 5 points. – I will give 100. – It deserves 100 points.
– Certainly. So, I will give you 3 points. [These guys…]
What’s the average now? [Even harsh to the youngest]
This is who we are. If one sings like that but
can’t get more than 90 points, – There must be something wrong.
– I think… – I think we are flattering him too much. – Thanks.
– That doesn’t make any sense. [Flattering himself] Even I can go over 90,
if I sing “My Love By My Side”. – It should get more than 90 points.
– Even more than 150. [Flattered] Thanks. Seriously, I can get more than 90 points. [No one agrees…]
– I feel like I can, now. – Anyways. I love your passion. [Q5. Can Jung Kook get more than 90 points
at karaoke? “O”] – I’ll say “O”. – “O”! – Thanks. Okay.
Let’s move on. [Nice song, by the way]
– I was “O”. – The question number 6. Can j-hope can throw 2 dice and get
more than 10? 1, 2, 3! [Unanimously]
I will say “X” as today is a bad day for me. – He’s not lucky today.
– Let’s all go for “X”! – It’s all “X”. Everyone is “X”. – It’s alright.
– Think again. [Changing his mind] – I’ll change, just for fun.
– Is there anyone who wants to change? [For fun] – Me! Me! “O”! – I’ll go for “O” for fun.
– I’ll go for “O”. But if it’s really “O”, – you should give 2 points for each of us.
– Okay. Okay! if it’s “O”, give us 2 points. [Deal]
– Okay! – The chances are low. – Alright! – Okay.
– I’ll go for “O”! [Suddenly everyone voting for “O”]
Then I go for “O”, j-hope. – Do you trust me?
– I trust j-hope. – I believe you, though the beginning
may be humble. – Okay, okay. [Please] – Is it coming? It’s coming.
– He will get “O”. – j-hope! – This is really… – j-hope, is it coming?
– Let’s write some legends. [Cheers]
– j-hope! – I believe in j-hope. – If you make it, you’re a real hero.
– j-hope, throw them high! – I trust him. [I pray…] – Our luck of this year depends on you.
– Go j-hope! – I think I got this.
– I think it’ll be 9. [Can he really do this…?]
– I got this. – Cover it! [Today is still a bad day for him] Are they 3 and 4? [4 and 3] [Q6. Can j-hope throw 2 dice and get more than
10? “X”] – He got 7 points. – The lucky 7. – It’s okay.
– j-hope is always a lucky guy. – It’s important that we trusted him.
– Yeah. – Next question. – Can SUGA play Cham Cham
Cham game and beat 3 people in a row? 1, 2, 3! – I’m going for “O”.
– I am “O” [Himself going for “X”] – I believe in SUGA.
– I don’t think it’s possible. [Whoever going for “O” gets 2 points as it’s
less likely to have 3 consecutive wins] [The member holding “O” is defending]
“O” people, please come out. – SUGA.
– I’ll go for “O” and play. [Getting ready for the match]
– I want you to win. – j-hope! – j-hope, Jung Kook?
– I have to win three times in a row, right? – Yeah. Cham Cham Cham! Cham Cham Cham! [Win!] Hold on a second. What if he really wins 3 games in a row? [Then, no penalty on him] If he wins, he doesn’t
have to go to the London Bridge. Now! Cham Cham Cham! Cham Cham Cham! – What’s this guy?
– Wait. [His hidden talent…?]
– Is there a hidden talent? – Really? [There’s one more match left…!]
MC. [Formal greetings] – Please win one more time.
– What’s happened to you? Wasn’t it 3 and 3? Then, isn’t this your turn to play? – It’s not me. I was “X”.
– It was 2 and 4. Cham Cham Cham! [Sharp] [Q7. Can SUGA play Cham Cham Cham game
and win 3 consecutive games? “X”] – It’s “X”! SUGA did something wrong. – What did I do wrong?
– What? [Verbose…] He should have paused in the middle,
but just went, “Cham Cham Cham”! Just sit down. [It doesn’t work.] Next. – Jung Kook and j-hope…
– It’s sad. – Let’s go, V. – Everyone, this time you should
pick the side really fast. – Why?
– Is the most blood type in the team type O? 1, 2, 3! [O – Jin, SUGA]
[X – RM, j-hope, Jimin, Jung Kook] It’s “X”. It’s A. I see only 2 blood-type-O members
have raised “O”. – We’re all A.
– All A. – What’s the answer?
– It’s “X”. [Q8. Is the most blood type on the team
type O? “X”] – A is the most. – Right. [Excuses] – I knew this but I heard it wrong.
– Me too! Question No. 9. Is the total number of accessories worn by
members today 14 or more? 1, 2, 3! What kinds of accessories did you mean? – Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings.
– Earrings. [Anxious] – I think it’s more than 14.
– We should count watches too. Don’t take it off.
Don’t take it off. – Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings.
– Earrings. [Taking it off right away]
I think it’s more than 14. – You have to count watches.
– Is it an accessory? – Watches. – Watches, too.
– Don’t take it off. Don’t take it off. I took off my necklace and others today. – It’s less than 14.
– I don’t think it is. [Let’s count one by one!] – There are earrings, too.
– I’ll count now. – There aren’t many earrings. j-hope, how many accessories did you wear? – Like this…
– I have two. – Here’s one…
[Confident] – It’s more than 14 for sure. – It’s more than 14.
– Hats are accessories too. [Mumbles] – What? – No, it’s not.
– Why is a hat not an accessory?- Look. I’ll count it. – Hats don’t count. – Only metallic ones count.
– 1, 2, 3, 4. – I forgot about my bracelet.
– 5, 6. Oh, we forgot about V! [Hehe]
We forgot about V. [V is like a gold mine!]
8, 9, 10, 11. – 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
– 12, 13. – Okay.
– V is… [MC, who got the most accessories]
V is… [Accessories=V] – He got all the accessories.
– Right. He’s the one wearing many of them. He was hiding it. – Things don’t work out well today.
– He was hiding his toenails like this. – It’s certainly not my day today.
– Did I go for “X”? [Q9. Is the total number of accessories worn by
members today 14 or more? “O”] You picked “X”. – That’s why you were taking them off.
– The last question. – The last one? – The last question.
– Let’s go. How many points are assigned
for the last question? [Nonsense] 380 points. When 7 of us sing with a single mic in the middle, can we get more than 85 points
at karaoke? 1, 2, 3!
– It’s definitely “O”. – What do you think? – I don’t think we can.
– We can’t. – We can.
– We can. Given that we know the song. What song should we sing? Let’s pick
one of our songs. [The Tadpole Song]
[Song: BTS] [Cute dance]
What are you doing? Yo! Let’s go! [3] [2] [1] [Start!] [Wow] [Let’s get it] [Swim] [Swag] [Swag] [Swag] [BTS] When you sing a song with a high note,
you get a lot of points. [Succeeds if you score at least 85!]
– How many points do we need? – 85 or more. RM’s swaging in the middle was so funny. [What a swagger, the tadpole]
– It was just out of blue. – “A tadpole, swag”. [Will the scores be more 90?]
Swag, a tadpole. – Why did you say “BTS”?
– It’ll go over 90. I don’t recall what I picked. – Did I pick “X”? – If you sing loudly, then…
[You two were “X”] – I picked “X”. – I think I picked “X”.
– We nailed it with a beat. – Let me show you the result.
– I don’t think it’s “O”. – 1, 2, 3! [Different reactions]
I knew it! [What is their song score? 74]
[Maybe it’s too much swag] [Q10. When 7 of them sing with a single mic,
can they get more than 85 points? “X”] – I guess it’s too much swag.
– I think it’s the machine’s fault… – Yeah. – It’s a little…
– So, I am in the last place today. – It’s okay, j-hope.
– Hold on. Let me clarify this one first. [So…] What was the merit of being an MC? The MC’s merit is to be punished along with
someone in last place. [Wow…] I’m so jealous. I knew it. [Silent] [Applause!] – I knew it. I told you.
– I’m so jealous. He even volunteered it! [Upset] – The MC always gets penalties.
– I should’ve done an MC! No, I think you got it wrong. If the MC gets a penalty, he can take one person with him. – So it’s not for today.
– Come again, please? [Serious] – You don’t get a penalty today.
– It’s a good thing. [Relieved] – You can take someone with you.
– Thanks, god. – It’s not a bad thing. [You can use it someday]
Anyway, when you get a penalty someday, – then you can use it…
– Now we need to decide [Now it’s time to decide the penalty]
a penalty for j-hope. – Right. – Wasn’t it already decided?
– At the London Bridge. – In the middle of London. – EEEEOOOO. (like Freddie Mercury)
– I went to the London Bridge yesterday. – Hey! – It’s really short.
– What about free hugs in the middle of
London? With 10 people. – It would take less than 5 minutes.
[Positive mind] – I also like some active stuffs. – It’s really short. – Decide it on your own.
– How about moonwalking on
the London Bridge? [Ugh!] Or… It’s amazing. – You know, on TV commercials…
– Moonwalking… – One crosses a bridge while dancing.
– I got an idea. You know what you’re doing these days, right? [Shake it, shake it]
You walk to the end of the bridge
while doing this. – Just do it. It looks cool.
– 10 minutes, 10 minutes. Don’t we need a speaker for that? No, he will just wear earphones. [So embarrassing] – Just with earphones.
– Embarrassing! Cross the bridge while wearing earphones and
dancing passionately. And, put on the coolest clothes you can. [He can go right now]
I’ll just wear this and go out now. It’s too big to change clothes. Do you want to wear sunglasses? [No way] Are you embarrassed? Sunglasses are cool. [j-hope’s final penalty]
[Dance for 1 minute on the London Bridge] Today’s MC. You were the core [V/ Just retired as an MC][Core of Run BTS]
of the show today. – How did you like it?
– He barely say something for a while. [Exhausted]
How did you like to be an MC? – It’s hard, right?
– Good job, V. [Tired]
I think MCs are doing a lot of hard work. [Good job]
Right. It was really fun. [He starts thinking about the welfare of MCs]
And from now on, – there should be a huge prize for an MC.
– Right. [Q. Are you satisfied with today’s prize?]
– Next time… – For the prize you got today, are you satisfied? [Very satisfied] I’m really satisfied. – Good.
– Compared to what I’ve done, I think I got something amazing. – No, you did a good job.
– Good job. [Aspiration to support the MC]
From the next episode, I will support the MC. [A hasty finish]
It was BTS. Run BTS! [Run BTS]
[EP.92 Mini Golden Bell 2]

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