[EN/CN] Light it up Spectrum🔥, ready to stream Spectrum playlist 24/7💫🙏🏻?

Villain: I’m Villain, Villain Villain: First thing I do in the morning is having breakfast Villain: I’m going to wake up my breakfast mate, EunJun Villain: Let’s eat breakfast Villain: Let’s eat Villain: Squid EunJun: Squid first Villain: I should take all these out right? Villain: And coke too EunJun: Chef Lee, make a quick move EunJun: You’re too slow Villain: Wow, so many things here Villain: The menu that I’m cooking today is Villain: Wanna know? Villain: (Again) the menu that I’m cooking is,
EunJun, you pay attention too Villain: Chicaguid (Chicago+squid) Villain: Hey, let me wash this for you Villain: Go and check which of the members
resembles this most EunJun: I’m going now Villain: I’m sure that they’ll be all same EunJun: So, I’ll check which member looks
the most alike with squid EunJun: The Squid Master of our team is awake EunJun: But you know, no need to try to hide
your look with this squid (punch) EunJun: There’s a side room here EunJun: Let me borrow your face for a sec EunJun: I think he’s more alike cuttlefish than squid EunJun: We have another member over here EunJun: Look exactly like a squid right? Villain: Tada EunJun: Cheese should flow out from inside MinJae: There’s cheese inside? MinJae: Oh wow, this looks good. It’s stretching Villain: We actually didn’t eat yet to save it (cheese) Dongkyu: Try it. It’s delicious MinJae: Good Villain: Good? I got an approval MinJae: Start Villain: You guys are so… you know in this small place Jaehan: Working hard Villain: OMG MinJae: Hiphop Villain: Hiphop MinJae: Lego, hiphop? One, two, three MinJae: One, two, three MinJae: I think you look same Villain: No no, it’s a different pose MinJae: Should go now. Hurry (x2) Villain: Let’s go EunJun: Just keep going. It’s good Jaehan: I think we can fix it like this Hawrang: Okay. I’ll practice my part Jaehan: Okay MinJae: Worked hard everyone today Everyone: Guys you did well today MinJae: Oh yeah. Finished! Villain: Cannot just end up this log Villain: Spectrum. Finale by the youngsters Villain: Let me show you EunJun: Don’t know the lyrics.
I’ll just sing with my own words Villan&EunJun: Let’s go to bed now MinJae: Take a shower first EunJun: Ah of course. Towel, where’s my towel

13 thoughts on “[EN/CN] Light it up Spectrum🔥, ready to stream Spectrum playlist 24/7💫🙏🏻?

  1. I knw about them like two months ago and I need to say PLEASE STAN

    I'm gonna go to their concert in argentina and I'm so excited about this, I hope everybody support the boys bc they truly deserves it♥

  2. They appear me in a publicity and they r soo funny i would like to go to they concert in Argentina but im poor :C
    Im going to keep watching them maybe i will stan jjjj

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