Eat Brains Love In A Nutshell

a teen zombie movie that is not your
typical take on the horror creatures but was it any good let’s take a crack into
here on movies in a nutshell I’m gonna lie you kind of scared me I think those
two ever hook up of course why else would you join the cheerleaders
alright yeah well goddamn worst lesbian scene ever
however noon welcome to movies in nutshell where we talk about movies in a
quick way so you can get out there day I am your incredible host detective
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please today our movie will be eat brains love in this video we’ll be
talking about spoilers Sophia Mancini brains love yet hit that watching her
button on this video go and watch the movie and then come back in and join in
the discussion go or if you do care about spoilers sit back and let’s talk
from the director of leprechaun 2 and idle hands comes a teen zombie movie
where the virus is only transmitted sexually and the infected can transform
when they’re stressed horny or hungry I can relate also when they refer back to
the human form they’re healed from any attack suffered while they’re in zombie
form and they’re amnesiac during all of it so they don’t remember shit they are
essentially where zombies like werewolves but where zombies damn I miss
idle hands our story here is about I like her stoner idiot named Jake look
familiar he also played Toro Callaghan in the
Mandalorian show but don’t worry he died because that’s what happens when you
betrayed in you slimy piece of shit sorry about that um it was just another
pointless day at school for Jake until he and the girl of his dreams Amanda
bull turned into zombies and eat their classmates they band together to go on a
road trip to find her brother who may know about a potential cure how would he
know buddy cure well because he believes in zombies and
he hates the government sure why the hell not
meanwhile a special psychic government agent named Cass and her partner are in
search of the two because their evil government boss wants to do some
experiments Tim and shit like that you know because your typical evil bad guys
shit nothing to see here maybe some zombie slaves is their boss Jeffrey
Dahmer that dude wanted some zombie sex slaves it’s ahead of his time throughout
their search Cass actually develops feelings for Jake and we have ourselves
a good old-fashioned Twilight love triangle well they won’t they he’s good
for her but she’s better for him I don’t know I really enjoyed the gore in this
movie it looked great and actually made me wince a couple of times but it was
awesome I love gore in my horror so I’m kind of a gore whore my wife though
nearly threw up three times watching this and that was entertaining within
itself so win-win for me her not so much the comedy the movie was
effective and it reminded me of movies like American Pie
so I laughed quite a bit or am I just immature nah fuck that milk milk
lemonade around the corner fudge is made yay well anyone the movie ends when cast
rebelled against her evil government agency and teams up with Jake and Amanda
even though there’s that sexual tension and their road trip continues because
Amanda’s brother actually had a friend in Iowa who knows about the real cure at
the same time they went into the girl who gave Jake the zombie virus in the
first place now all three of them on them some guys have all the luck
yeah it ends on a cliffhanger it’s ambitious but I fucking hate it
sometimes like what if there’s no Part two loose ends are not a means to an end
now it’s gonna rate the movie so let’s bring out the radius bar we have awesome
must watch damn fine movie good dump fun watching your board and avoid at all
cost I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would it was funny gory and it
didn’t drag it did a good job of setting up its where zombie rules and the themes
of coming-of-age and unprotected sex go hand in hand pun intended you know it
unfortunately didn’t leave much of a bass
an impact and the ending being a cliffhanger for a sequel that may never
happen was pretty annoying if there is a sequel though I’ll definitely watch it
and maybe this wouldn’t all be for nothing I guess we’ll just have to wait
and see so I hereby declare eat brains love good
dumb fun so what do you guys write the movie if you’ve seen it Walden the pole
above whereas deploy you ask tap screen hit the I button and cast your vote
simple also the link for the trailer is in the description celeb don’t you guys
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this was the most disturbing thing that happened to me today

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  2. Its a pretty fun film. Although its pretty much your typical zombie flick, it doesnt shy away from being funny and especially gory.

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