8 thoughts on “Easy Android accessibility – Android Conference Talks

  1. Google needs to do far more in this area their documentation bar the basics (content description on images, touch targets, etc.) is non existent.

    What about what to do with custom views, what to announce how to handle UX for someone on a screen reader? Do we announce loading states? If its a pager and we need to announce the title say because the tab layout has been made to be a dot indicator with no tab titles, very common. What do we announce?

  2. It's ironic that the Youtube app doesn't fully support Android accessibility. Talkback can't read community posts and with screen magnification, texts are distorted. I wonder if the Youtube team tested their app.

  3. I love the video until I saw the the issue tracker mention at the end, tha thing has soo many "close because of reasons" that is a waste of time.

  4. Please add ocr in screen reader Because according to the need of the daily life, it has become necessary to read the text which is in the photo and pdf

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