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With the floor Skullcrusher keep an
angle in the upper arms to maximize the stretch in the tricep. If you were to
keep your upper arms in line with the floor you will not only lessen the
stretch but also lose the contraction when the arms are fully extended. This is
because the resistance would be directly above the elbows. Lower the weight down
to rest on the floor before straightening. This also lets you use more weight. Immediately after use your body weight
to really fatigue the muscle by doing a push-up but with your hands positioned
in a diamond shape. The closer hand position and keeping your elbows tucked
in will shift more work onto the triceps. Next going into the overhead press
you’re going to inhale and lower the dumbbell down until your upper arms are
parallel with the floor. Then immediately extend your arms above your head
exhaling through the movement. Notice from the side angle I don’t have my arms
directly flared out to the side. I have my elbow slightly in front of my torso
otherwise that puts unnecessary strain on the shoulder joint. Hitting the long
head of the triceps with the arms overhead, grab one end of a dumbbell and
raise your arms above your head so your elbows point up to the ceiling. Bending
the elbows slowly lower the weight down until you feel a stretch in the tricep
then straighten the arms extending the weight above your head. With the lateral raise try not to shrug the traps when doing this exercise. A lot of times
people will use too heavy weight and then the traps start taking over. Keep
your shoulders depressed as you bring your elbows up toward the ceiling. Now getting the rear delt you’ll sit
forward with the dumbbells under your legs with a pronated grip. Now think
about trying to elbow the ceiling while keeping your elbows flared out to the
sides. This is one of my favorite tricep
exercises. The incline keeps you from using too much weight and swinging. To
really feel the pump keep your upper arms behind your torso and not against
it. This is because the tricep muscle is also responsible for bringing the arm
behind the body and not just elbow extension. Thanks for watching everyone
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