Dr Sara McDevitt talks about stigma and eating disorders

-: There’s a lot of stigma around mental health conditions, but particularly eating disorders tends to be ones that are very poorly understood. And within the wider public levels, sometimes people think that they’re a lifestyle choice, or they only happen to women, or they only happen to people who are white, and who are, you know, middle class, and so on. And that’s absolutely not the truth. We have a lot of evidence to say that eating disorders occur in people of all ethnicities and genders and cultures. Families, people with the eating disorder themselves, they know from the first professional they meet may not be as aware of eating disorders as they are of other conditions. I think, at a clinic level, what can be really helpful for professionals to do is to, you know, put up notices about eating disorders so that somebody who may be worried would at least be encouraged to go in the door and have a conversation.

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