Dr Michelle Clifford talks about Bulimia Nervosa

-: Bulimia nervosa is also an eating disorder and a serious mental health condition. And it affects both men and women, but we know that it’s more common in young women and the onset is often typically between the mid to late adolescence. Signs of bulimia nervosa are binge eating, and that means eating a large amount of food in a relatively short period of time. That’s then often followed by what we call purging, and that could be getting rid of the food through self-induced vomiting or trying to avoid weight gain through other means, such as the harmful use of laxatives or through excessive exercise. Often people with bulimia nervosa can get very caught up in the negative cycle of binge eating and purging. And binge eating, the cycles can often be triggered by feelings of hunger, sadness, or stress. It’s very important to remember that people with bulimia nervosa can have weight within the normal range, so that can affect how well it’s recognized and it could be hard to recognize bulimia nervosa in children. And it can also lead to difficulties accessing health and treatment as well.

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