Doctors Visit and Autism Sensory Aversions

– Oh goodness! What’s up guys, welcome to the vlog. Riding that struggle bus today. Abigail did not sleep well at all. She didn’t really sleep much. – Yeah. – So she had all her meds
you know, and everything. She’s been doing great with sleep. Great. She just had a night when
she was up all night. – Yeah.
– Very restless. I was laying down with her I ended up just staying in there, cause she just kept
getting up, poor thing. So we’re headed to the doctor today, not related to the sleep stuff. Just happened to have
a doctor’s appointment. – Do you remember this
office? It’s been a while. Look, you’re just gonna
put you’re finger in there. See? Like that? It’s easy! It’s going under your arm There you go. – [Nurse] I’m just gonna listen (upbeat music) – [Asa] Sandy Sandy! Good girl! Good girl, that’s your name! That’s your name. Got the kiddo dropped off at school, gonna do some editing outside so that Sandy can run around It’s hard to keep an
eye on her in the house and work in the house at the same time so I come outside to edit which I’m not complaining about ’cause it’s so nice outside But then also simultaneously working on a little bit
of training with her learning her name, to
sit, and to lie down. So, multi-tasking! Once she loses interest
in me and wanders off I call her name. When she comes back, she gets a treat. I don’t know that you’re
gonna wander off much though you’re invested. All the pets, all the rubs. So the doctor’s appointment
went really really well We had been able to put to task some of those things that Abigail is being able to withstand now like the blood pressure cuff and getting her temperature
checked and stuff like that. It’s gone really well. So this is not a sponsored video at all We actually work with Abridge now such a fantastic company,
great group of people. But, we use it every single
appointment that we go to and so many of you guys ask all the time, “Hey what was that app
that you talking about?” The app is called Abridge,
I will link it down below in the video description. And I’ll also link it on future videos, like, I’ll just leave it
down in the video description so if you ever trying to
remember what that app was, I know a lot of times like
we don’t think about it we go to the doctor, we’re like, “Man I could really use that
app Asa was talking about” So, you just go to one of our videos, anything after this, I’ll
have that linked down below. Exciting news coming up with the app and being able to use it in therapy, and IEPs, so keep an ear out for that ’cause we’re working with
them on developing it to be functional in that aspect, so I’m really really excited
to work with this company, It’s a free app! It’s free. Sandy! There you are, good girl! Hi, Sandy! That is your name isn’t it! Yup! Sandy! Sandy! Good girl! That good? – Yeah it is good! – [Asa] Maverick! You’re so well trained! Let’s see.. Wow! Those are good sits!
– [Priscilla] Good job! – [Asa] Okay kids, gonna go inside, we’re gonna go and get
Abbie. Come on! Come one! Come on Maverick! Saw a couple cops in the convenience store and it’s kinda funny cause
they’re talking about their jobs, shop talk, you know?
Just like everybody does conversing about their jobs and stuff but it’s weird cause their jobs have an impact on other people’s lives like he was talking about
like serving a warrant and talking to the judge,
and stuff like that you know? – Yeah – Oh, they have a “Bitty
and Beau’s” sticker on the back of their car!
– Yeah! (laughs) – “Bitty and Beau’s” is a
coffee shop that employs individuals with special needs so that’s pretty cool. But, you know, you don’t think about that Cops get a lot of hate,
but imagine having a job where you impact people’s
lives and freedoms – Right? – That’s gotta be, it’s
gotta take a toll on you. – It’s heavy, like it’s, yeah. Yeah. I don’t think I could do it. – I don’t think I could either, I mean we’re impactful,
our job is impactful but not like that.
– Right – Not like that at all that’s a lot of stress to put on somebody. A shout out to you cops
and spouses of cops and family members of cops, let me know down in the comments. [Asa] Yeah! Home! Smiley girl! Come on! It’s windy today! Grab my bag outta there. – Hold your horses mister! – [Asa] What are you gonna do today Ab? What’s your plan for this afternoon? Snack? Are you gonna have a snack? Yeah? Bathroom..? snack..? Chill..? for a bit maybe? Unwind? I was thinking about a comment that we got I dunno, this was a while back, it was a rude comment, but, I mean, that’s not why I’m addressing it. I was thinking, you
know, about like Abigail coming home, chilling on
the couch, stuff like that. Just a lot of demands at school. – [Priscilla] Yeah – That, and she’s
fourteen, almost fifteen. – It’s like going to work,
– Yeah – And coming home from
work you need a break. – Well, it’s like Isaiah going to school. He likes to come home and chill too. Teenagers are like toddlers, they need way more rest than anybody else. (laughs) – [Priscilla] So true. – But you know, growing
bodies, growing minds, although Abigail, according to the doctor, has not grown. You have not grown! But, how much did they say? – [Priscilla] Half of an inch? – [Asa] Half of an inch in two years? – [Priscilla] Yeah – [Asa] Girl, you just quit? Just quit? Just quit
growing? Look at that, she’s like, “Yeah! I need my rest people!” – [Priscilla] (laughs)
Doesn’t dinner smell good? – [Asa] It smells so good! – [Priscilla] How did
these get on the floor? – [Asa] Ah, the cat. We’ll have potatoes with dinner? – Yeah – [Asa] Excited. – [Priscilla] It’s not dinner time yet! It’s still in like two hours. – [Asa] Oh your brother just got home. – Priscilla said “You wanna taste this?” and Abbie comes running up the stairs. There are your finger
prints on this lens Abbie! – [Abbie] (vocal sounds) – Don’t at me photographers
about my lens-cleaning cloth or lack thereof! – [Priscilla] Okay, it’s
gonna be spicy, all right? – [Asa] Okay, I’m ready. – [Priscilla] Okay. – [Asa] Wow! – [Priscilla] Good? – Mm hmm – You too could have
these results (laughs) – [Asa] You making that video for that? – Yes
– [Asa] Okay – You guys head over
to pot stuff ‘n things! – [Asa] Tacos? – It is tacos,
– [Asa] Poor poor tacos? – Yeah but tonight I’m doing
sandwiches for you guys with pepper jack cheese on top
– [Asa] Oh man! – So you can kind of play around with it. – [Asa] You’re an angel! Ab do you want to taste test? Come on! Come try it! – [Abigail] (vocal sounds) – [Asa] You wanna try? What do you think? Is it good? What happened to it?
You been chewing on it? – No, it’s just these dunky cups – [Asa] You need to dip that one, dip it! – Yeah? – When I dip you dip we dip.
– [Asa] Yeah – Put your hand up on my hip,
when I dip you dip we dip. – [Asa] That’s a really weird music video. – Shshsh! Copyright! – What did you say? – Copyright (laughs) – Look that’s more copyright than this! Copyright, we should keep singing our own versions of songs
– (singing) – [Isaiah] Boston moves (sings) – [Asa] This is the mood for today it’s been.. – [Summer] Yeah? – [Asa] Yeah, she didn’t sleep last night. – That’s what I noticed in the text, and I was like
– She not at school? – No, she went to school. – [Isaiah] Oh, the way
you said that I thought she was just here all.. – No, she was just, every
two hours she was awake so I just slept in her room. – [Isaiah] Oh yeah, I saw
that you weren’t in bed but you also weren’t downstairs, so I was like “Where’s Dad?” and then I came up to grab something, I was like “Oh, that’s his foot” – [Asa] Yeah – It’s weird that it hasn’t happened since the new pills. – [Asa] Right, first time It’s gonna happen, you know? It’s gonna happen sporadically. That’s just autism, I mean.. Lots of kids have sleeping
issues and insomnia. Yeah, I slept in her room last night, I was like, “If I lay there
and do the one arm over thing” then she won’t get out
of bed when she wakes up ’cause that’s the problem, she wakes up – [Summer] She gets herself more awake – Yeah, she gets herself
more awake by yelling and sitting on her couch and rocking, so, if she stays in bed
she’ll go back to sleep. She had no issues going
back to sleep every time – She was waking up? – [Asa] Yeah. – [Summer] Interesting. – [Asa] Yeah, she was up at twelve, she went to be at ten, up at twelve, I lay down with her,
she went back to sleep, she was up again at two, so that’s when I went in there
and just lay down with her. Oh my gosh!
– [Abbie] (vocal sounds) – [Asa] Hey, if you need to yell you can go upstairs and yell Well then chill, okay? You hungry? You excited about dinner? Me too! Mum’s not gonna eat with us – [Abbie] (vocal sounds) – [Priscilla] I’m not, I’m gonna – [Asa] You go upstairs and yell. – I’m gonna go meet my
Mum for dinner tonight, we have some family things going on, people just not healthy right now and my Mum needs some daughter time and so I’m gonna be vague because it’s not my business to share, but just keep my family
in your prayers please cause it’s a tough time right now, so.. – [Asa] Yeah, there are
some heart emojis down there For Priscilla’s family,
show em some love.. – Yeah, it does not concern my step Dad just so you know, it’s somebody else so.. – [Asa] Yeah, well I
appreciate you making us dinner – [Priscilla] Of course You know the hard part
is having Abbie here so she’s been waiting since
she got home from school. – [Abbie] (vocal noises) – [Asa] Right, she can smell
it just like the rest of us – (laughs) she’s like, “Mom!” – [Asa] She’s been cooking for six hours. – Yeah, it’s so good of you guys we haven’t had this in a long time. – [Asa] No, we have not. It’s
gonna make a lot of meals. – Yeah, like I said, I’m doing it.. I bought you guys fresh
buns from Public’s Deli – [Abbie] (vocal noises) – [Asa] Hey, why don’t
you go upstairs and wait? You can’t yell down here okay? Come on! Now now.. I know.. even a little bit but if you wanna yell go
on upstairs, good job! [Abbie] (vocal sounds) – [Asa] Yep, you can do
that up there all you want. Let it out! (laughs) Yeah, so this time, we’ve
done this as tacos.. – Yeah – [Asa] .. before, and
this time we’re gonna do it as a sandwich.. did you
say pepper jack on top? – Yeah, I was gonna do pepper jack but I can’t find a cheese grater. – [Asa] You just need to slice it, or are you gonna shred it? – I was gonna shred it
for you guys to put it on – [Asa] We don’t have a cheese grater? – (laughs) I haven’t seen
it since we moved here. – [Asa] That’s the
weirdest thing not to have – Right? Warning though, this is spicy because you do the adobo, the
peppers and the adobo sauce so if you want it less
spicy, use less of that. – [Asa] Gotcha. – So yeah. There you go, looks good right? You wanna try it? – [Asa] Again? Yeah – (laughs) That’s the bone import
bought from Butcherbox – [Asa] Oh sweet! – [Priscilla] I’m going to meet Nannie! – [Isaiah] Okay. – [Priscilla] all right? Can you come down and
help Dad get dinner ready? Plate it up? – [Asa] Say “Bye Mum” – I’ll be back in just a little bit okay? I’m not going far. I
love you. Be good okay? – [Asa] Always, always. – Yeah. (laughter) – [Isaiah] I love you so much
– [Asa] What are you doing? Put your feet down!
– [Summer] Scoot in? – [Asa] Finished product! – [Summer] It’s hot? – [Asa] Doesn’t that look tasty? Yeah I’d say it’s probably
a little bit warm, shouldn’t be too hot though, I think you got too much in your mouth! What are you laughing at? This is so funny, oh my goodness! What is she doing to you?
Is she picking on you Abbie? – [Summer] Put your feet on
there! Nobody wants your feet! – [Asa] I think she’s picking on you! (laughter) – She got up there earlier
and I heard the freezer open and at first I’m like
there’s nothing in there, and then I hear her pull something out and I walk there and she runs out and there’s ice cream on the table! (laughter) – [Asa] Did you steal ice
cream from the freezer? – So I hid it underneath the vegetables, so maybe she won’t find it. – [Asa] Did you have a good day? How are you not exhausted right now? Your pupils are a little dilated Aww are you tired? – [Abbie] (vocal sounds) – [Asa] Are you ready for bed? Are you read for bed? I am here, yes. What? Not having snacks, we’re not. Are you trying to talk me in to it? You had dinner.. just like everybody else. She did go to the doctor today. – Good. – [Asa] Yeah. Where are you going Ma’am? Hey, stay in here, Mum’s
on a conference call. Come here! Get out of the pantry! Oh, she’s getting a cup she’s in the cupboard. What do you have? You have a bowl. We’re not gonna put anything in that bowl. Put it back! Abbie, put the bowl back! – [Summer] In the cupboard! – [Asa] Nice job! Okay, close it. – [Summer] Nope.
– [Asa] Abbie.. – [Summer] No, nope, leave the napkins! – [Asa] No paper towels! No! (laughter) – [Asa] And the paper towel too. (laughter) – [Asa] What’s up? – [Summer] We don’t have any snacks. – [Asa] We’re not coming up
there, we’re not doing that! (laughter) – [Asa] So, I’m unprepared
(laughter) can you? Aw sweet girl. Abbie, no
I’m not going up there. Put that away! Put the bowl away! Put it away! – Abbie (vocal Sounds] – [Summer] Good job – [Asa] Leave it! And put it back! – [Summer] Just come and chillax. – [Asa] It’s almost bedtime, you know. It’s almost bedtime.. But it is.. you see.. that’s the thing. Hey, you ready for bed? Well, they might need
to get ready for bed. You wanna say “Bye” to them? “Bye” They asked you to fill out paperwork. – [Receptionist] Get
all your paper address. – [Priscilla] Okay – Tell her to say “I
have people for that.. “I don’t fill out my own
paperwork. She does that for me”

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