Do You Really Have Two Brains?

INTRO Does being creative means you are “right-brained”? Or if you like math and science, are you definitely
“left-brained”? More importantly, did a quiz on Facebook give
you this idea? For over a century, we’ve known certain
parts of the brain are specialized for certain tasks, noticing that people with injury or
damage to specific parts of the brain often lacked the ability to do *very* specific things,
like speak, or identify objects or even recognize the faces of loved ones. Because evolution doesn’t care about making
sense, the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body. Anything presented in your right field of
view is only seen by the left side of your brain, and vice-versa. But in your standard brain, that one-sided
information can’t be hidden from the other, because the two hemispheres are connected
by a neuron superhighway called the corpus collosum. When these fibers are plugged in, the brain’s
two hemispheres work together in seamless harmony, and we don’t even notice that different
functions of daily life reside in different parts of the brain. But if these cords get cut, it is a different
story. In the 1940s brain surgeons came up with a
new way to treat the epilepsy: Splitting people’s brains. A seizure is like an electrical storm that
puts the brain in overdrive, so build an impenetrable barrier to contain the storm, stop the seizures. And this actually worked. People with so-called “split brains” were
mostly the same, but doctors started noticing some weird side-effects. Like that when choosing clothes to wear or
picking out food, each side of their body was operating independently from the other. Scientists could finally look at what actually
happens if the two halves of a brain are separated, and it completely changed our notions of how
the brain is organized. When a word is shown to the right side of
a split brain, the patient can’t say what they saw out loud, but can draw it with their
left hand. Kind of creepy. Normally, motor signals get confused when
you try to draw two separate pictures at the same time with each hand, but a split brain
patient can do this task, as if they’re operating each hand completely separately. These spooky experiments showed many brain
functions are lateralized, they‘re generally divided into the left or right side. The ability to speak, for example, takes place
in a spot called Broca’s area that in most people, is on the left side of the brain. Decades of these experiments showed that generally,
the right side of the brain processes spatial and temporal information, the when and the
where, and the left side controls speech and language. But that doesn’t mean in different people
one half dominates the other. More like our brain is arranged in compartments,
a collection of fuzzy little modules all working *together* to form what we know as “us.”But
why use tiny bits of our brain to do complex tasks instead of the whole thing? Basically because our brains are big. We have more neurons than most animals, which
means more connections– in fact we have *too many* neurons for them to all link up. If each neuron in our brains was connected
to every other, our brains would be 12 miles in diameter and information wouldn’t be
able to travel fast enough across our neuron network. Smaller circuits mean more efficient heads. Thousands of ants can work together as a coordinated
colony without each individual getting instructions from the queen. Our brain combines those functional modules
in a similar way, only instead of building anthills, they come together to somehow build
that thing we call “consciousness”. How a unified mind can emerge from a brain
made of tiny packages with different responsibilities is one of the greatest questions in not just
neuroscience, but all science, and we still don’t have a complete answer. But splitting brains in two has taught us
that breaking our three pounds of thinkmeat into smaller and smaller pieces probably won’t
solve the puzzle. Consciousness isn’t one specific *thing*
we can put our finger on. We could study a symphony by describing the
physics of individual sound waves but it loses a bit of its beauty along the way. And looking at the function of single neurons
in a brain likely won’t let us decode how we think and perceive the world. We *should* understand how the individual
instruments are played, but also remember that your brain is more like an orchestra:
different sections working together to produce beautiful music. Stay Curious

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  1. People with surgically split brains show some pretty strange behaviors. Do they prove that we've all got two conscious minds inside of us? It's nowhere near that simple, because the brain never is… 🤓

    Tell us what you thought of this week's video!

  2. How would someone react to nootropics or drugs if they had the split brain? Would specific actions be hampered while others remain the same? Take marijuana for example. The concept of time seems slowed when high. Would this still remain true? Or how would a LSD trip be experienced with a split brain?

  3. Huh. So I suppose more people use their right hand because their left brain is better at showing than speaking. Well, they can't speak.

  4. yeah… but which is reversed? the locations of your arms, or the locations of your brain? and you cant say its both cause then it would be right – right and left – left, and thats not true.

  5. Some years ago I heard about those split brain patients, they way each side would make decisions it's own decision makes me think there are two legit people in everyone's skull. But it also made me want to get the surgery done and see if I can train my split brain to agree with each other again, and reconnect them a year later, regardless of success, just to see how my brain would react. But then I hear they can't be reconnected, which sucks because I really wanted to see the affects of their rejoining. Will they be happy? Will they cooperate or "argue"? Will my dreams be filled with their stories as they recount their year apart to one another? Sadly, I'll never know.

  6. Will it be possible to win your own brain? You can try to get out of control of it…. If you are split brained.

  7. And that is why brain doctors are evil in fiction books and movies. They should all be sent to hell with a lament configuration.

  8. Maybe if every neuron was connected, we wouldn’t ask philosophical questions, or make decisions, because they would be premade.

  9. It’s kinda ironic that we can create other humans (babies) but we don’t know how it works. My DNA is keeping things from meeeee!!!

  10. Really interesting video, but why the left and the right sides we switched? Each time you show animated brain and said "left brain…" You pointed the right side. So confusing.

  11. Why am I so addicted to these videos? Lol . You should do a video about why people are addicted to facts!

  12. The left being logical and the right being emotional? Sounds like the opposite of real life.

    Super original joke not made by anybody else

  13. I'm just thinking of the book Visser, when the alien decides humans are insane because we have two arguing brains in the same head.

  14. I was took one of those tests and new immediately after they were 100% fake because I love mathematics and science but I also love art and I'm pretty creative.

  15. 2:28 this is anatomically incorrect, orange is left and blue is right. You are thinking of Posterior-Anterior View

  16. You should have brought Up alien hand syndrome which is caused by the link between the two halves Being cut or damaged.

  17. well evolution is full of symbiotic organisms , why not us ? there may well be two beings in each of us … two minds are better than one !

  18. Has anyone else noticed that this video is a brain talking about other brains and itself as if it were a separate thing from itself?

  19. I'm doing my Master's in Computational Linguistics atm and took some classes in Neurolinguistics as well as Psycholinguistics when I did my BA. I learned that there is no actual neural substrate for human language. While it is true that Wernicke's and Broca's areas respectively seem involved in semantic mapping and syntactic structuring (damaging those areas result in different types of speech impairments; aka aphasia), recent fMRI and other imaging methods have clearly shown that the whole brain is active when processing or producing language. Even the cerebrum for timing speech and, of course, the prefrontal cortex. The latter is not really surprising, considering that language is primarily used as a means of communication, i.e. social interaction. However language does seem to be indeed lateralized to the left hemisphere.

  20. In Grey's Anatomy, which is more drama than science-y, a young toddler got half her brain cut out, but she functioned just fine afterwards and they said it would grow back because she's so young. Is that possoble?

  21. The one part which can not speak is you cuz it will have extra space to store your memory like your friend's names

  22. 1:45, it is actually the opposite here. When the word is displayed at the right side the person can name it, but not if it is shown in the left side.

  23. When I was at the young age of 12 (back in 1997) I was knocked over by a car, what destroyed the left side of my brain. Doctors said I will die in my coma … coming out of the coma 8-9 weeks after being knocked over, I had loss the use of my right hand side, people pick my arm up and it dropped like a rag doll, my leg was the same… The hospital said I will be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life.
    I could understand the Doctor and the words he spoke, but being unable to respond I tried to put my thumb down and yelped a word that sounded like a mumble. The Doctor lent over to me and said ' I'm sorry Lee, but your family need to carry on with their life's and you will be looked after by a home…
    Well with the Doctor saying that, I pushed myself to get as best as I could… I was in my wheelchair for just over a year, then a walking frame for about 6-7 months… I was still unsteady on my feet.
    Now days I'm a father of two daughters, I'm married, even though the left side of my brain had and still is injured, I believe being at a young age of being knocked over, the injury just stopped growing the rout it had planned, for the big bang it received, it just found a new way of growing as much as my brain could.

  24. but cut the pathway, and see what happens
    2 brains in one head minding their own business
    left brain controls right and right controls left
    but split brains can make arms act unhumanly
    left tries to select one thing while right wants something else

  25. I had my left temporal Gyrus removed in 1985 to cure my epilepsy . It was the first such operation with 100 % success and NO side effects , no seizures , no medication and all former abilities retained including 124 IQ . The changes are miraculous and the impact is positive .My prayers were answered . I understand the mind to be the sum of the brains functional collective, and can be influenced at times by the surrounding input , at other times when alone seeking to clarify its own uncertainties.

  26. The only real YOU is your BRAIN which can be divided into two section Left and Right, works differently. And who actually am I/are you? Left or Right side or Both or I'm/You're actually just experience their(Brain) existence through consciousness…Doesn't make sense so does to me. 😖😖

  27. What would happen if you showed their left eye a message saying "walk left" and their right eye a message saying "walk right". If they tried to comply, what would their legs do?

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