Do I Have Aspergers or Social Anxiety?

Do I have Aspergers or social anxiety? Aspergers syndrome is considered a form of
autism, though a milder version. People with Aspergers don’t understand them. If you don’t understand people, you’re afraid
of them. Autism is defined as being mind-blind. I’ve never heard that definition. Autistic children are as interested in furniture
as faces, because human faces don’t light up certain brain centers like it does for
normal children. Because they aren’t intrigued by people, they
don’t pick up social cues as babies that everyone else does. Since they don’t understand people, they avoid
them. Social anxiety in normal people may be triggered
by a single embarrassing event, but they have normal understanding of the motivations of
others. For other people, a helicopter parent always
intervening means they are afraid to act without that parent’s approval. Another case of where a parent always helping
ends up hurting the kid. There are problems with psychologists mistaking
introversion for social anxiety, just like they assume boys who don’t get enough recess
are hyper. A kid who prefers reading books to playdates with lots of kids is diagnosed
as shy and given medication. I’d hate to think of the psychologist as
crazy. Where’s the dividing line? Social anxiety is when you want to be with
others but are afraid of rejection. The introvert isn’t afraid of rejection but doesn’t get
energized by crowds. Introverts need to get out and make friends. Introverts do great with small groups and
have some friends, but they don’t like tons of people. Someone with Aspergers will prefer
things over people because they are terrified of strangers. That’s social anxiety. No, fear of the unknown. Someone with Aspergers
doesn’t get people in general, whereas an introvert will understand another introvert
and can become friends. I heard that Aspergers is another term for
retarded. Someone with a low IQ may be called Apsgergers
or autism spectrum because it’s a cooler label than low IQ, but someone with Apsbergers
may have a normal IQ but fail socially because they have no social skills. Life was easier when we called people shy
and slow, or both.

26 thoughts on “Do I Have Aspergers or Social Anxiety?

  1. In other words, if they are not social or "normal", shove a fuck ton of expensive toxic pills these kids throats thus causing more problems which in other terms means more money for the drug companies. Oooooookay then.

  2. Pffft, higher functioning people are always grouped with lower functioning people, autism is a huge spectrum and awareness of external influences varies greatly.

    I have "aspergers" and social anxiety, I often think of the worst case scenarios in my head but I have no fear of the unknown, I just don't want to get hurt. I often have a fear of being wrong and hesitate often because I'm not sure whether what I'm doing is right. I fucking hate my parents.

  3. My mom refused to believe I had aspergers like my older brother and instead simply took me to a psych to be evaluated for social anxiety, and figured I merely acted like I had aspergers because I copied my older brother. I see my little brother also shows some small signs of it but my little brother and I are extremely high functioning- I just lack skills socially and I tend to freak out when surrounded by too many people that I haven't observed enough yet to understand (basically strangers). I am always drawn to people with aspergers and my boyfriend funnily enough turned out to have it as well! I was told aspergers is different in girls. Which explains why my mom refuses to accept that I have it.

  4. I unexpectedly bumped into one of my old school acquaintances just not too long ago & it was kind of a weird experience for me since I didn't know how to react other than to say "Hello, long time no see. How's it going?" but after that, I didn't know how to respond. I was completely blank-minded with anxiety when she was asking me about myself. I am not really great with small talk; to be frank, I hate it (but I put up with it). Anyways, it wasn't just this moment which I had trouble socialising with people. I had many occasions where I had to act in a certain way (other than myself) to seem normal to others. I understand the emotions & whatnot but just can't get it to fit my outer appearance.

    Anyways, can any of you please let me know if this is this a sign of autism (Presumably Aspergers) or is it just social anxiety? Thanks

  5. God, I hate all these words used to define people's behaviours. Retarded, autism, not so much Aspergers but still it all sounds so degrading in a way.

  6. What the fuck is this. Why even make a video on this. Who is so retarded that they can't even tell the difference between Asperger's and social anxiety? They are not even close to being the same thing.

  7. I have an iq of 130 and just now realizing it's apsb I think. I may have PTSD from severe emotional abuse or OCD. I'm not sure. Anyone who has a similar situation please let me know

  8. Honestly this is the best description for these conditions, people like to get mad and start to identify only with their percieved form of illness such as people nowadays identify solely with their percieved genders*, this video gets right to the point with what the conditions are and how they are misdiagnosed and percived, theres a reason why autism doesnt like this vid, good job.

  9. It's so confusing cos you could just be introverted. I mean introversion, shyness, social anxiety and aspergers all have a lot of overlap. Then again you could be all of that at once…

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