Dilbert – The Knack “The Curse of the Engineer”

I’ve been sitting here for nearly a minute without entertainment. Change the battery in the remote. The one on the left. The one on the left
? Well
that’s just spooky. Not really. I have the knack. The knack? For technology. My mom says I always have. I’m worried about little Dilbert. He’s not like other kids. What do you mean? Yesterday
I left him alone for a minute and he disassembled the TV
our clock and the stereo. That’s perfectly normal. Kids take things apart. Ooh. The part that worries me is he used the components to build a ham radio set.
00:00:40,629 –>00:00:41,630
dear. Is that bad? Normally
I’d want to run an EEG on him but the machine isn’t working. [BUZZING AND BEEPING] It’s worse than I feared. What is it? I’m afraid your son has… the knack. The knack? The knack. It’s a rare condition characterized by an extreme intuition about all things mechanical and electrical… and utter social ineptitude. Can he lead a normal life? No. He’ll be an engineer. [SOBBING] No! There
don’t blame yourself. Will it go away over time? It might
but pray it doesn’t. If an engineer loses the knack the results can be devastating. NEWSCASTER: And in further news… Thanks for filling in for our regular doctor on such short notice. I was in the neighborhood.

100 thoughts on “Dilbert – The Knack “The Curse of the Engineer”

  1. I'm an engineer, a verry bad one, don't think this is for me, but I finish the university and now…. i want to be a doctor

  2. Engineering: where the noble, semi-skilled laborers execute the vision of those who think and dream. Hello, Oompa Loompas of science!

  3. When working on the Polaris Nuclear Submarine (Lafayette-class SSBN 617), four of us were dockside due to a hydraulic leak (common). Someone asked, "Would you recommend to your son to become and engineer?" All said, "No!"

  4. a perfect satire of the complicated (and tedious), business world, the comic has a brilliant humor, but the cartoon version, have a one better and direct.

  5. I have the opposite, "The Break", meaning I'm basically hopeless with anything of a practical or useful nature. So I became an artist instead.

  6. Just had my biography Run by me ! THE KNACK. it even did a part where I fixed our t.v. Made me shiver at the accuracy of it all and the predictions about it ever being curable. Fortunately I have never needed the cure,still loving being incurable at 66 !

  7. I'm an engineer but I always wanted to be a quantum mechanic.  Quantum mechanics eat steak!http://w3.uwyo.edu/~sommer/Chem4507/handouts/bob-qm-school.gif

  8. A good friend of mine had kept this "The Knack" for months awaiting the opportunity to give it to me ,he said quite rightly,I found a small documentary about You ! I couldn't believe how accurate he was !

  9. As a child of and engineer, whose best friends father is also and engineer, and whose wife's father is and engineer I fully endorse this. P.S.My wife is the one with the knack in my family… but I can do cartoon voices (sigh…)

  10. My favorite part of this scene is right after it cuts off here it shows to doctor putting on the garbage man's hat meaning the garbage man has been a part of Dilbert's life longer than we thought.

  11. I remember this episode well. This is the set-up for later in the show when Dilbert loses "the knack" and wreaks destruction on the planet. Civilization is saved at the last moment when Dilbert launches a rocket to push a communications satellite back into its proper orbit and everyone starts getting cell phone calls again.

  12. Well, at least the cartoon is just as boring as the comics. Dilbert can get it right, why can't other shows?

  13. My managers believed that my ability to fix stuff that defeated other people indicated that I had knowledge that I was keeping to myself rather than sharing with the team. It's enough to make an engineer tear her hair out.

  14. Him sitting there swinging his legs is hilarious! ANd when he fixes the machine as the Doctor is saying its broken! LMAO!!!

  15. I work as an engineer and my coworkers told me to watch this since they thought I would find it funny. I didn't expect to be watching my backstory in cartoon form.

  16. True story folks. My dad owns an air compressor and one day he was using it in another room, I could hear it acting up a little bit. I knew something wasn't right and I had my phone with me so I Googled the symptoms with the model number. I found a forum post about a specific point of failure that affected that specific compressor, so I found a replacement part online for cheap and placed an order. Six months later, my dad invited me to go shopping with him for a new compressor. "What's wrong with the old one?" "It runs continuously without stopping and overheats the motor." Then I remembered I bought that part. It was still sitting in the shipping package. So I found that and went to listen to his compressor. "Your pressure transducer is shot. I bought another one online a while back. I'll just install this now." He was so dazed from this information that he thought maybe I was mixing things up. He said the problem only just started that day, and he never brought it up with me before. Nevertheless, in under and hour his compressor was working about. Saved him around 400 bucks. To this day he still doesn't know what to think of that.

  17. I have a theiry that the garbage man is a time traveler sent back to make sure dilbert does something important that changes the world. Sort of a “time continuity” thing.

  18. "I'd run an EEG on him but the machine isn't working" (Dilbert fixes the machine) "Oh dear…its worse then I feared LMAO!

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