Differences between introverts, highly sensitive person and empaths [2019]

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updates or videos that I made. dude that’s of interest to you. So, as
you’ll be aware basically at this point of time, I’m just trying to tidy up some
loose ends based on the highly sensitive people persons kind of video series
that has been requested by Lulu and at this point of time we’ve covered just
recently you know the 20 things not to ignore of the highly sensitive person
verses also what we spoke about is also the 21 signs that you are one. This
one’s basically going to be a continue on as promised to you guys that you
wanted to know maybe if you landed on the page today from the very first one
of the 20 that you’re 21 things that you are an introvert or you know a highly sensitive person
to show that differences as promised
between introverts, highly sensitive person and your empaths because obviously we
get mixed up about these terminologies and some of these common traits may come
into practice and even though some people many
misconceptions that think that we’re weak kind of human beings regardless if we’re
highly sensitive or we’re an empath and all that but in the long run, you will
thank us later obviously for being these type of
characteristic traits in us if you’re not one of these yourselves.
So as you’re aware, basically you know we tend to lump introverts,
empath and highly sensitive people together into
– just the one umbrella term of these you know terminologies that comes into
play. Although, some of us will share similar traits however, but just bear
in mind that are each different. So, that’s why I’m here today, I’m going to clarify
the differences. So you want to see the differences between this right or you
may be asking what is the difference between an introvert, empath, and highly
sensitive person? And, the question I’m gonna throw that you know do you see
yourselves as one of these as I’m categorizing them in what I’m sharing
with you today? So, let’s quickly have a quick look. The very first one I want to
introduce to you guys is basically introverts. You may have heard of the
terminology so many times before. Many people confuse introverts with their
shy characteristic traits as well as being socially awkward and also in
saying this that basically there has been a lot of awareness being raised of about these.
This term introverts in the last decade or so, most people now understand that
being introvert doesn’t always necessarily means that makes you shy or
antisocial. Far from it. In fact, many introverts are social people who
loves spending time with a few close friends but introverts
on the other hand – does get drained quickly when they do socially engage with
people and in saying this, they tend to want to just have plenty of “Me” time or alone time to recharge their batteries and recuperate, rewind, or what have you.
That’s why introverts often prefer to stay indoors maybe or spend time with
just one or two people rather than just a big crowd.Being an introvert is
genetic, okay and it does involve differences in how the brain processes with dopamine “the reward chemical” of in our brain. People who are born as
introverts, don’t realize rewarded by external stimuli, however, such as you
know parties that they go to or some sort of disco of some sort of band group
that’s just come into town and they are going to a music function or just a
casual chitchat. As a result, they get worn out in these
situations relatively quickly. On the other hand, however, many introverts take
their satisfaction from many full activities that means a lot to them like
maybe reading a book, doing some creative potty hobbies because obviously
introverts are known for their creativity as well it’s just time for
quiet contemplation- thinking about their day maybe or just meditation or whatever
full on quiet mode they want to be in. However, if you’re sensitive highly
sensitive person though, you’re more likely to be an introvert it’s a given and like from
the research by Dr. Elaine Aron, author of the Highly Sensitive Person inspected about
70% of highly sensitive people are introverts. So, it makes sense of them being confused from one to the other here. Yet, nonetheless or nevertheless,
you can be an introvert and not highly sensitive. So, just bear in mind with those
characteristic traits. This would look like being least in tune with people you
know highly sensitive people – people the brightest thing on on their radar is
as other people as well as being like stressed by certain types of
stimulation that they go by such as time pressure , violent movie scenes, repetitive
noises etc etc. Even though, you still need plenty of time to be
alone. Additionally, however, about thirty to fifty percent of the population are
introverts. Some introverts are neither empaths or highly sensitive people.Introversion is a well study personality trait that separates from both of the others. Right,
next one we’re going to talk about is Empaths. Empaths are like
extremely aware of their emotions of those around them. To an empath, this
isn’t just feel like noticing others feelings, experience is one of
actually absorbing you know other emotions or their emotions entirely. It’s
as if you’re feeling the emotions with them. According to research from Judith
Allof of an author of the Empaths Survival Guide, however, this may even
include physical symptoms when overwhelmed with stressful emotions, empaths might
experience panic attacks, depression, chronic fatigue, and physical symptoms
that define traditional medicine or diagnosis as she wrote in her book. On
the other afterthought empaths basically- disability is both a gift and also a
curse, however. It can be hard because many empaths feel that they
cannot turn it off of their feelings or it takes them years to develop ways to
turn it down when needed. As a result, an empath can find themselves getting from
perfectly happy to overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and other feelings- simply
because someone else walked into the room. At the same time, however, an empath’s ability to absorb feelings is their greatest strength. It also allows them to
understand others around them and will connect deeply in a deeper level with
them. It also makes them extraordinary caretakers, dreams in partners especially
when others understand and appreciate their given gift. Empaths can be introverts
or extroverts, however, on the other hand absorbing emotions most likely happens
by picking up on a subtle social emotional cue and then internalizing
them themselves in an unconscious process. The empaths of them can’t control. Many
empaths are like highly sensitive people. Last but not least for this difference
is your highly sensitive people. Highly sensitivities people are often misunderstood as
I said in my last video if you want to watch it I’ll link it in the iCard above
me basically so you can gain a better understanding so you can revert back to
it after this video is finished. And, often this is common to use the word
sensitive. As if it’s a bad thing, which means that thousands of people, however
sometimes get a bad rep for what they are and who they are.But, the truth is
being highly sensitive means that you have to process more information about the world around you
than others do. For highly sensitive people, however,
that means processing things very deeply and noticing connections that others may
not even notice. Sometimes becoming over- whelmed and over stimulated because your
brain is processing so much import activity from the outside world
especially in highly stimulating environments around them- Picking up on
emotional cues like empaths telling a deep degree of empathy for others,
noticing smaller subtle things that others don’t notice like textures, faint
noises, etcetera etcetera. In other words, being highly sensitive has an emotional
dimension to it too. Most highly sensitive people would not qualify as an empath. They tend to feel
their emotions of others just like empaths. At the same time, being a highly
sensitive person will also involve being sensitive to all sensory input and not just
the emotions. Highly sensitive people can become overwhelmed in situations that are
simply too noisy, crowded, or fast-paced whether they are specific emotions to
deal with or not. Like introversion however, high sensitivity has been well
studied.It’s a largely genetic and involves several unique differences in
the brain. But also a healthy normal trait she can grow up to 20% of the
population around the world. Highly sensitive people are introverts or
extroverts. It’s likely that most of it off not all highly sensitive people are
also empaths. Empaths are highly sensitive people may also turn
out to be two sides of a single trait- as empaths as have I studied more. However , the question is basically are you a highly sensitive person find out by clicking above me with that video that I made two days ago to find out if you are. So, the
opposite of an introvert, empath or highly sensitive person to clarify.The opposite of
an introvert is an extrovert as we know extroverts are sometimes to keep their energy from social situations. They will have as much or will have a much longer social battery
life than us introverts. In their brains are more wired to get a great
deal of satisfaction from these everyday situations. On the
other hand of the opposite of empaths or high-sensitivity is sometimes said to be
narcissism. But, that’s simply not true, just to clarify. Just as being highly sensitive as well as being empathetic comes with its pros and cons. The same is true of being less sensitive. Lessons of people simply aren’t as simply impacted by the stimuli around
them and that can be a valuable trade in the right circumstances- particularly
in loud screaming environments demanding loud environments such as industrial work
sites that you’re working on, the military and others.These individuals
aren’t necessarily narcissistic or selfish. On the other hand, just to bear in
mind, all personality traits exist for a reason however just to end this.
Introversion, empathy and high sensitivity are all but available
advantageous traits in the human species does best when we have a
diverse population with many different perspectives it all depends on the
situations you’ll find yourself in and how well you learn to use your
personality traits with your natural strengths versus your weaknesses and so
much more. This ends quickly basically the video but
I want to end this as a question for you guys- are you an introvert, empath, or a
highly sensitive person, feel free to comment below and actually share your values and [Social media handles on where you can reach me via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook] or your characteristic traits
your characteristic traits and whatnot and what not. And just share why you think you’re one of those if you know what I shared just now. So, in all further ado guys also
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