Detoxing from the Inside Out | The Healthy Me Podcast Episode 005

(resonant music) – All right, I am here
today with Dr. Daniel Pompa. He’s a global leader in the
health and wellness industry, traveling across the country, educating practitioners and the public on the root causes of inflammation, inflammation-driven diseases
such as weight loss resistance, hypothyroid, diabetes,
chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune disorders, and
other chronic conditions. Dr. Pompa received his
Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Pittsburgh and his Doctor of Chiropractic
degree at Life University graduating second in his class. His authority today,
however, is rooted in his own personal battle, having overcome
serious neurotoxic illness and heavy metal poisoning using
the cellular detoxification strategies learned in his
journey back to health. A relentless self-experimenter, Dr. Pompa has been studying,
practicing, and teaching true cellular detox, I struggle
on that word every time, for nearly two decades. Dr. Pompa’s mythology runs
counter to mainstream tactics which focus on suppressing symptoms, by seeking the root cause of illness and removing it so the body
can execute the healing. I totally believe in that. Coaching clients with
severe health challenges remains one of his greatest passions and I know that to be true and seeing lives change from
a multi-therapeutic approach fuels his mission to
change modern healthcare. Learn more about Dr. Pompa at and catch his weekly
show, Cellular Healing TV, at Thank you Dr. Pompa. – Yeah, hey, you said
cellular the next time and for a dyslexic you
should see the words that I torture myself. – Gosh, that word just gets me every time and you had to put it
in here like five times. I’m so excited to talk to you. We are personal friends
and I have heard you speak. I have done a couple of your programs. I am a true liver and believer
of everything that you preach so I want to talk to you today. I’m so glad to have you join me, because my tribe will totally love you. – Yeah, well, hey, we’re
believers of Primal Life Organics. My wife now swears by them
and she’s a hard sell. – She is and when I gave her that vitamin C serum her eyes lit up. After she used it she was like,
“Ah, I’ve gotta have that.” Welcome. – Love the products. – I wanna focus on the detox of your cells from the inside out. I do a lot with the outside, but I want to hear about the inside out. So share your story on how
cellular detox saved your life. I wanna hear that from pain to purpose. – Yeah you know, I didn’t plan this. It wasn’t like I sat
down one day and said, “Okay, I’ve got a great idea.” You know, I’m going to
talk about cellular detox. I mean it did, it came
through my own battle. I didn’t know what was wrong at first. Matter of fact, I was in
the best shape of my life. I was racing my bike, I mean
I was at the expert level. All was well. Had two young boys at the
time and then fatigue hit, so I thought I was just
over training, backed off, and then it didn’t work. It was like I took 10 days
off and it was horrible. I would come back and
I would have headaches and I wasn’t sleeping. Then it got worse. It went into digestive issues. I was basically allergic and sensitive to every food I was
eating, out of nowhere. My fatigue got debilitating to the point where then I started getting
anxiety and panic attacks. Bizarre stuff, I mean literally. I mean body twitching,
I was sound sensitive, irritability that just was off the charts. So I literally became someone
I didn’t know anymore. With the kids, at that
age, life got really hard. I couldn’t even keep up with
my practice at that time. After some time, no doubt,
I have to give credit where credit’s due, God led
me through a lot of answers and those answers are what I teach today. I got my life back and now I help people from all over the world with
unexplainable illnesses. Like you said in the thing, autoimmune, a lot of different conditions. But you know, the key is
really going upstream. Look, when I was sick, my hair was falling out, it was thinning, low body temperature, so thyroid problem. Couldn’t adapt to stress,
wiped out fatigue. Adrenal fatigue, I mean,
no doubt I had both. – What you’re describing, a lot of people out
there have these issues. – [Daniel] Yeah. – A lot of people have these issues. – You know, I just spoke
to a gal this morning. A gold medalist athlete. She said, “You know, I suffer
for years with those symptoms. “I thought it was normal.” Now she is an Olympic gold medalist. She says, but you have to understand, all of us have the brain
fog, the low energy, the sleep issues, so it
becomes normal in your life. Then after working with her she’s like, it’s just like, “I can’t believe “that I lived that way for so long.” You’re right, what you’re
saying, but here’s the problem. When I would address my
adrenals and my thyroid, some things would get better, but a lot of things
would actually get worse. I definitely didn’t get better, just like most people, right? The frustrating part is
my blood work was normal, so a lot of people take
thyroid meds, I didn’t. But when they do, their
blood work gets better, but yet they still don’t
feel better, right? – That’s the key point. – Yeah, key point, totally key point. – Right, you’re not
getting to the root cause, which is exactly why I
love what you do because you know, and I preach
this too, it all comes down to the health of the individual cells because that’s what makes up everything. – That’s right. – It makes up your tissues,
your organs, and your systems, and if that cell isn’t healthy, you can speak on this better than I can. These symptoms come up. – That’s it, I mean I coined the term you have to fix the cell to get well. And more specifically, you have to detox the cell to get well. So one of the things that I had, you know, taught now for years is real
detox has to be at the cell. So many people today
are identifying the fact that their hormones aren’t
right, they’re not right because they have some toxic issues. But they’re downstream
doing colon cleanses, you know, the liver
cleanse, the 10 day cleanse. I was actually in Whole
Foods a couple of weeks ago and I took a picture
of all of the cleanses. (laughing) I tell you, it was actually remarkable. I myself, I said “Oh my
gosh, I remember the day “where it was just like
one or two things, right?” It’s like, I’m trying
to get there actually– – Now it’s like a buffet bar. – Oh my gosh, it’s every cleanse! But the problem with all of those cleanses is that they’re too far downstream, they’re not getting to the cell. So it’s not that even I
have a problem with that, most of them are poopers, meaning that, you know, they just get it going, you know, the bowels going, which can be very helpful
and I don’t have a problem with infrared saunas, but you know, you’re not going to get what’s
happening at the cell right. Look, the bottom line is,
when we look at the toxins that are affecting us today, they’re affecting the
function of the cell, and what happens, and
I’ll keep it very simple, not jumping into the
science, but what happens is is it shuts down the normal
detox pathways of the cell. Now you’re in trouble, I don’t care how many colon cleanses you do,
how much chlorella you take, you know, now the cell’s
not doing what it should do, and that’s a problem. – Right. And part of that is because
it can’t function normally so it’s not gonna be able to actually have a normal lifespan itself, possibly. – That’s right. Well, and then what happens is, here’s what happens,
when once you shut down these detox pathways of the cell, now what happens is these toxins start building up in the cell. Now here’s the other problem,
your DNA is in the cell. So now it starts turning on bad genes. Now what does that mean, that means– – And then you start getting
all those other issues. – Yeah, right, that means your thyroid, you know, that gene can be turned on for a thyroid condition. Listen, we all have
genes of susceptibility, thyroid problems, diabetes, I
mean we can go down the list, cancer, you know, whatever it is. But what we used to think, they were just, that’s your genetic thing,
you were gonna get diabetes because your mom had it
and that was the dogma that went on for many years. Now we know that’s not true. We know the genes actually get turned on. So yes, you have, I have susceptibilities. I had high blood pressure
when I was in ninth grade, they weren’t gonna let
me on the wrestling team. My mother had high blood pressure, so guess what was told to me? “Well you have it because
your mother has it.” And I was like, “I’m doomed,” right, ’cause I watched my
mother’s health deteriorate. Look, once I got my cells well, as we’re pointing out,
once I did cellular detox, et cetera, by the way
my diet didn’t change my blood pressure issue,
it did take the detox, but it turned the gene
off, that was the point. So the genes are getting turned on, of susceptibility, and it’s
because really the toxic cell. So if we’re going to turn the genes off, we have to take the
stress away from the cell and then the best news is
the genes can get turned off and then we turn on good ones, so. – And really, if you want to get rid of a chronic disease, this
is the best possible chance of it happening, right? Like, healing your cells? – Look, you know, I’m
blessed to help people from literally all over the world because I do just virtual
coaching now, right, and you know, I train doctors mostly so I don’t have a brick
and mortar practice, so I do just virtual,
one-on-one coaching with people, ’cause I love it still, and I’ll tell you, look, the conditions range
from neurodegenerative, the impossible, the autoimmune, et cetera. The body can fix it all. It does. I don’t fix anything, but you have to remove the interference and when you do it at the cellular level, the body can heal. I don’t care, I mean, I’ve
seen the impossible happen. But you have to go upstream
to the real problem. – And really, that’s
what I like to talk about is the body always tries to
bring you back to normal, always, in every detox or
everything that you do, but we’re messing it up
a little bit, or a lot, by environmental factors,
by medications, by diet. When you factor all that in, we sort of mess it up
because the body always tries to heal itself and go back to natural. But I want to ask you what, explain what generational toxicity is. – That’s a great question
because, you know, we were at Bulletproof together and that was actually my talk, right, and I stirred it up, meaning that many people think that, okay, “I did a cleanse
for a month,” right, or it’s like, “I do a cleanse a year.” The level of toxicity is
so much deeper than that. It starts in the womb,
and it goes to the tomb, right, but let’s talk about that because if you look at the
number one cause of lead, it’s mom, meaning that
we, our parents and us grew up in the lead generation. Everything had lead, right,
the gasoline, the paint, I mean it was in the air, everywhere. We were all exposed to it. I mean if you take dust in
a house built before 1978, you find lead even to this day because it was just everywhere, all right, the paint, the windows, you name it. So the fact is is that that
lead is stored in the bones, that’s the problem. The body will shuttle it in
the bones to protect itself. Here’s the issue, during
pregnancy it’s very normal to lose bone during pregnancy, and when you do, out comes the lead into the baby in utero. So I experienced it personally. My wife had extremely high
lead levels, just like her mom. Her mom ended up with breast
cancer, standard treatments. I told her, “If you don’t
get to the cause, Joyce, “you’re going to end up
back here 10 years from now, “that’s what studies show.” I’m telling you it was 10 years, you know, right at that year mark,
and she ended up dying two years later of uterine cancer. She didn’t get to the cause. My wife was heading in the same direction and we were trying to
balance her methylation which is, you know, helps
you get rid of toxic hormones because she had such low methylation she wasn’t getting rid
of her toxic estrogen, and therefore she was gonna
end up like her mother, but it wasn’t happening. We ended up testing her
lead, off the chart. So my point is this, though. We raised healthy children
on a perfect diet, nursed, had our babies
at home, unvaccinated, I mean all these amazing things, and my kids’ digestion were horrible. Diarrhea, constipation,
the one was like colicky, all these things, candida problems. Tested their lead, off the charts. Where’d they get it from? Mom. It’s generational. Then one more point, mercury. We know that mercury gets into the brain, causes hormone disfunction, where do we get most of it? In utero. The number of fillings, lady, those silver fillings in your mouth, is proportional, on
studies, matter of fact one is called the FACEP study, the other is called the Duresh study is proportional how much is in your brain, but how much is in the
baby’s brain in utero, that’s the Duresh study. I mean, that’s what we’re getting at. – That’s scary. That’s really scary, because
you feel like you’re doing everything you can to
make yourself healthy but you don’t realize that
this started a long time ago, so doing a detox like you said, a week long detox, whatever,
it may be 10 day detox, it’s getting a little bit, but it’s not actually
getting to inside the cell. So how do environmental toxins affect us at the cellular level, talk about that for a minute. – You know, okay, so, I talked kind of briefly about
how it affects the thyroid and these different hormones, but imagine if this is a cell. So on every cell, actually
I’m gonna go a step further. Watch this, folks, we’re
gonna draw the cell. Ah, look at this, this is, a picture’s worth a thousand words. So that’s a cell. So on every cell are these receptors to all of your hormones. We talked about thyroid, let’s
just use that as an example. So thyroid hormone, actually
the one that most doctors give is called T4, it’s an inactive form. It has to convert into
an active form called T3. Okay, now follow me here because there’s one problem right here. This conversion, most of it
takes place in the liver. So when people get very
toxic their liver starts not working the way it should, and many of you don’t
make that conversion. Okay, now why is that important? Because here’s the thing, they’re looking, the doctors will give you the T4, if they feel like your
blood work is finally off. And by the way it takes 20 years for your blood work, you
know, having a thyroid problem and not feeling well, hair
falling out, skin dry, can’t lose weight, before your
blood work’s even off, right, but okay, finally it
is, they give you this. That makes your blood work look normal. But the problem is is
if you can’t convert it because many toxins,
there’s actually selenium, is very important as well. I’m trying to write and my pen’s dying. (laughing) Anyway, let me see if I can
get it writing down here. So selenium, nope, need a new pen. All right, so selenium is
important in this conversion and heavy metals like
mercury bind selenium. So heavy metals can bind selenium, interfere with conversion. Heavy metals can slow down the liver and interfere with the conversion, okay, so that’s one big problem is why your blood work would look normal and you still don’t feel well. Okay, now, this T3,
let’s say you do convert, now the T3 has to attach to
this receptor on the cell. Now toxins make their way
into this fatty membrane and guess what they do? They cause inflammation,
and now those receptors are blunted and they can’t get the message from the thyroid hormone. So guess what, it doesn’t
get its message in the cell. You don’t feel well. And again your blood work can look normal. So that’s the problem is
toxins can interfere here, toxins can interfere here, and I’ll draw one more example, or I’ll state one more example. – I love that, that’s very simple, thank you for for putting it like that. – It is, but yet people
aren’t talking about that. You know, when you have these
fillings that I mentioned, and this is one example,
that creates mercury vapor, ’cause 50% of those silver
fillings is mercury. The mercury vapor goes into the brain. I mentioned the study that was in FACEP that showed that the number
of fillings in your mouth is proportional to how much
mercury’s in the brain, but where they found most of it is the pituitary hypothalamus. What is that? That controls your thyroid. That controls your adrenals,
that controls your hormones. So when the control
tower is being poisoned, I don’t care what bioidentical
hormones you’re taking, I don’t care what you’re doing downstream, even the perfect diet, it won’t fix you. So that’s why I realized I couldn’t sleep, I was producing this cortisol boost in the middle of the
night, would wake me up in the middle of the night. My pituitary wasn’t right, and it wasn’t until I got the heavy metal out of the pituitary that I was able to sleep
and not have anxiety, you know, et cetera. So, multiple places the
toxins can interfere with the cell and interfere
with your hormones. – So what are the most common toxins that we need to be aware of, and that we should be
avoiding as much as possible? – Well, we talked about the
generational issue, right, so we inherit lead from our moms, we inherit mom’s mercury, oh, and then we go on and we get flu shots which still contains 25
micrograms of mercury, and it’s still in many vaccines, so the kids now are loaded up. I mean, we may have gotten four, today they’re getting 70 to 80. – Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. – Yeah, so even the vaccines that have taken out the mercury, now they’re putting aluminum in. Hugh Fudenberg, he is
the leading immunologist, at least the most quoted, okay, he stated that the
increase in Alzheimer’s, dementia, all of it, he feels is the bioaccumulation of mercury and aluminum in the brain. When asked where we’re getting it? Flu shots. I mean, the CDC is still
attacking him for that comment, but he stands behind his comment. So the point is we’re
getting these exposures of mercury and lead from utero
all the way through our life, okay, now listen, here’s the problem, there’s a third player that
has recently entered the game. Probably mostly in the ’90s,
it’s called glyphosate. They’re spraying it on all of our food. – What is glyphosate? Explain what that is. – It’s the active ingredient in Roundup, it’s in basically all
of the herbicides now, because the patent ran out
so now everybody is using it. And the problem is, is that
it allows these heavy metals that we already have
in us, been exposed to, to cross even deeper into the brain. Stephanie Seneff, that was a 2012 study, she’s the senior scientist out of MIT, she showed that it’s causing
these, the early dementia. By the way, there was a
University of Virginia study and they found, they looked
at people over the age of 28. 100% of them already had early signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 100%, I mean that’s how
bad our brains are getting. But glyphosate is allowing
these heavy metals to cross deeper into the brain, and it’s opening up our gut barrier and our blood brain barrier, so that now is driving food allergies, sensitivities, everybody’s
running from gluten, but it’s not the gluten, it’s the fact that these chemicals like glyphosate are opening up our gut barrier and allowing these proteins
like gluten to cross in and then our body makes antibodies to it. So the bottom line is, you just put those three things together, the mercury, the lead, and the glyphosate, we have a perfect storm here. Now we see why by 2032, it’s estimated that one out of two boys is going to be on the autism spectrum. We’re talking about a portion, one third of the population
with dementia and Alzheimer’s. You know, I mean, come on, I
mean, how does this happen? Well, it’s happening because
of this perfect storm. – Well, okay, what symptoms do we need to, like what are the general symptoms, or the most common symptoms
of cellular toxicity? What do we look for? – Here it is. I mean, it’s the brain fog, low energy, eventually leads to
not getting good sleep. Okay, maybe you sleep through the night, but some people don’t get to sleep, some people wake up in
the middle of the night, can’t get back to sleep,
that’s neurotoxicity. Now, let’s say you do
sleep, the problem is this, if you don’t measure your delta sleep, your deep sleep, it makes
the problem even worse, because you wake up, you’re
tired through the day. During delta sleep your brain
actually detoxes, literally. So we have the Oura ring, right,
you’ve seen the Oura ring. – Right, right, yeah, mine’s
a little different, but yeah. – [Daniel] Yeah, is that new one? – This one is Motiv, Motiv. – Oh, okay, well Oura ring has
one that looks like this now. But anyway, the bottom
line is this though, technology is where you can
actually look at your sleep. And some people might be
shocked that they’re spending, you know, five, 10, 20
minutes in delta sleep. It’s not enough to detox the brain, so the brain is more toxic, and you know, they’re linking this to
dementia now as well. So the point is though is that
those symptoms right there, classic, digestive issues, right, you know, just not right,
you know, you’re taking this, you’re taking that,
you adjusted your diet, that’s not right. So just brain fog, low
energy, sleep issues, hormone problems in
general, all neurotoxicity. – And weight problems too, including, because your thyroid is
responsible for your metabolism. – That’s right. Look, weight loss
resistance, I coined a term, toxin-induced weight loss resistance, meaning I don’t care how good you eat, I don’t care how much you exercise, you’re looking down going, “I can’t get rid of this
fat right here on my waist,” or on my thighs or whatever it is, that is toxic-induced
weight loss resistance. – So before I get to what the solution, like you have a great
solution for this problem that we’re defining as toxic cells, but I have a question about like, is there a certain age that someone should start to be concerned about this, or is this something
that we need to look at like detoxing our kids, or like is there an age, ’cause you don’t know,
like I know you, me, as you start to age,
symptoms and things show up, like the mental fog or the energy, and you just poo-poo it,
but what’s really happening is things are building up. So is there a certain age that
we really should be on target and say, “You’re 16 years old,
let’s get you tested,” or? – Look, I started my kids,
obviously, very, very young. I mean, they were babies and
we were giving them drops, I mean. (laughs) – Okay, good. – Yeah, I mean because
from the womb to the tomb, that’s the whole point right, I mean my kids were filled with lead because of their mother. All of my kids know how
to do cellular detox and they’ve all been through it. I mean, 100% of them, and I have five, so matter of fact, I have to say this, we adopted two of those who
lost their parents at age seven. Boy, it’s a boy and a girl, they’re twins, and he was on the autism spectrum. And you know, sensory
integration, Asperger’s, you know, not functioning well. If you met him today, you’d be amazed. He’s doing cellular detox
even to this day, so. – Oh my gosh, that is so amazing, that is so powerful. To just know that something
can actually transform a life, like I know you have, but
even at that young age, where they’re on trajectory
to be something else, if you intercept that with healing, he’s got a completely
different trajectory. – My son actually who just walked by, he tells me all the time,
“Dad, you have no idea. “All of my friends are sick. “Most of them are on medications.” I mean, ridiculous. So you have a group of kids who, you know, just to bring the brain down,
they’re smoking marijuana, and then to bring their
brains up to focus, they’re taking Adderall. I mean it’s like these kids are buying Adderall from each other just because they can’t focus. You know, and then they can’t sleep so they’re using marijuana. I mean, I’m telling you, I
fear for this generation. It’s a toxic generation. My son said, “Dad, they’re all toxic.” He knows what it looks like, right, I mean there’s something in the eyes, there’s something in the
kids, you just see it. – And it’s just because
we’re so in tune to the fact that there’s really no solution, but, that’s where I want to get to you. So, we’ve defined the problem. It doesn’t matter how, really
if you’ve done detoxes, you probably haven’t
completely detoxed yourself. So I want to talk to everybody,
I want you to talk about, I have mine here, I actually carry it, where is it, there it is. – [Daniel] CytoDetox. – CytoDetox. I want you to tell
everybody what CytoDetox is, and how it is such an amazing solution ’cause it gets to the cell. – You know, I think you
have the toxicity quiz, which by the way, we were
talking about symptoms. That quiz that you’ll
have on your page there, that was put together, I train
doctors around the country, so that is, we’re looking
at a certain set of symptoms for neurotoxicity, and that will lead you actually even to more
information about that product. That’s why it triggered in my mind, so– – And just so everybody knows, we will post the link to that quiz if anybody wants to go to it, it is toxin score, So if anybody’s watching
live, And you can take the
quiz and it will tell you like give you a toxin score. So talk about it. – Yeah and it’s free,
but it will tell you, I think there’s a link
there to that product too, but anyway, so, look, I
don’t ever want to make detox be about one product, right? I mean that product there
was a huge breakthrough for cellular detox, there’s no doubt. But when I teach it, look, there’s a lot that goes on in the cell, but where most detox
fails is a true binder, and that’s what that product is, meaning that we, cilantro,
chlorella, plant sterols, I mean, I can go down the
list of all these things that people use, and they’re
in all the products, right, you know, they may not be
bad, but it doesn’t work for things like heavy
metals as we talked about or biotoxins from mold, Lyme disease, those are very difficult toxins to bind, so we have to use a real binder that holds on and doesn’t let go, because like cilantro, for example, I was taking that when I said, “Oh, that helps get
metal out of the brain.” I almost lost my mind, literally, my wife thought she would have to check me into an insane asylum. People get injured by that stuff. Chlorella, you know, it
can bind certain chemicals, but heavy metals, it’s a weak bind. You have to have something
that is able to hold on and not let go. CytoDetox does a few amazing things. I said the problem is the cells, so now I’m gonna bring
my cell back up, right. These membranes out here are where a lot of the toxins reside, and then I lost my pen
right, that’s not working so I can’t draw mitochondria, but imagine there would be a mitochondria. That membrane, the toxins make their way and interfere with that membrane as well. And by the way, that’s a big deal. When these membranes are inflamed, you don’t, you can’t get
good stuff in your cell and bad stuff out. When that mitochondrial
membrane gets toxins that drive inflammation, you
don’t make normal energy. That’s where you make energy. So I mean, everything shuts down. So that CytoDetox has the ability to cross into these membranes
and grab these toxins and make sure that they make their way all the way out of the body. So, that’s the importance of
using something that’s real, a real binder that doesn’t let go, because many of those
herbals, they’re weak binders, so I love to give the analogy
of the street cleaners. I used to say, like do these
things even exist anymore? Then I move here to Park City, I see these things all the
time now, so it’s funny. – I remember them. – You drive behind them
and it’s like you see the dust cloud going out and you even see like cups being moved to the side, like do these things
actually even do anything? Anyway, so that’s what
these weak binders do, they kind of bring, they
circulate the toxins and they end up circulating
back down somewhere else, and the danger is a lot of them actually can cross the blood brain
barrier, and then it’s even worse, so you know, we have to use real binders. CytoDetox is a real binder. It was literally a game
changer of cellular detox because we were able now, when we upregulate the cell
function, now we have something that holds onto these toxins
and brings it out of the body. – And it’s amazing, I
mean, I carry this with me, and it’s about 20 drops,
I do a little squirt, and it goes right under my tongue. – [Daniel] Yeah yeah, and it’s going right into those tissues. – And it’s going, and I
don’t know if anybody knows, this is the nurse in me
that has to explain this, this is like a sublingual absorption. So it doesn’t have to go to your stomach, you literally absorb it
right through your membranes and it starts to work right away. And going directly into the cell affects the toxins
internally inside that cell. I just want everyone to understand because not all things do that, and if you have toxins that
are hiding, like he said, from the womb of your
mother inside your cell, there’s not really good
solutions out there going and buying something off the shelf might detox your tissues but it’s not going to get into the cells because of those toxins on top of the cell holding onto the cell, not
letting things through. So what this does is
actually gets in the cell, and helps to release those
toxins out of the cell, so your mitochondria,
and all of the structures inside your cell, including
your DNA, ribosomes, all of that, can actually heal,
produce new healthy cells, and function normally and
have a normal lifespan. Is that correct? – Yeah, that is correct,
and it doesn’t let go, so I mean that’s the key because again, a lot of these things
bind and then they end up just letting go for different
minerals, et cetera, and that’s a problem. That creates redistribution. And again, you know, I mean when they go to my site you’ll see, I
mean I have a whole system, but that product was
absolutely a game changer. – Yeah, so if anybody is
interested in learning more, checking out and actually
doing a cell detox, a true cell detox, and this isn’t to say stop doing any other detoxes, ’cause I still do other
detoxes along with it, but this is going to clean out, this is basically going
to clean our your cells. It’s like a vacuum cleaner
for your cells, right? – Exactly, and it crosses
the blood brain barrier, you know, which, I made the point earlier, that that’s really why
people don’t feel well. – Right, and a quick question about that, how about pregnancy, like
can women still take this during pregnancy or is it advisable to not do it during pregnancy? – Look, I would have to advise not ever to do any detox during pregnancy, right, because you know, God
forbid you stir it up and then it ends up pulling
in utero, et cetera, so you know, we just, we
kind of let that one alone. – Yeah, yeah, and most people do, I just wanted, I know that I’m
going to have pregnant women and the next question
we’re going to get is, “Can I take it while?” Because everybody gets
excited about this stuff because nobody thinks about the cells, and you know, we think about detox, I know a lot of my audience
does detoxing, I know that, but do they really detox their cells? And they’re all out there going, “No, I didn’t know I should.” So they’re all going to jump on this, and a lot of my, you’ve got
pregnant women everywhere, so that’s gonna be the question. So after pregnancy, but
breastfeeding is probably okay, I’m assuming, or would you even? – Again, I mean, just
to go with the standard you know medical, you really
shouldn’t do any detox during nursing as well. However, I can tell you that
it’s been a game changer for certain babies that
have certain things, so. – Now, can you do kids? Like is this what you give your kids? – Yeah, no, my kids all take it. Matter of fact, I was just
in my son’s car, you know, and there’s the CytoDetox,
right, so my kids– – So at what age, ’cause
my kids would take it, so how young would you, could you? – I mean, honestly because it’s a liquid, you could give it to very young kids, and you know, obviously
people give it to babies. I can’t make those recommendations, right. People have to work
with their practitioner. – Right, right, disclaimer,
don’t anybody, like. (laughs) – Work with your doctor
or practitioner on that. But I can just tell you people do it. But you know, it’s also,
I want to state this, you want to cycle that. It’s not a product you necessarily have to stay on all the time, you know, because detoxes cycle. A woman’s cycle is a detox cycle, right? It happens seven days of the month. Well you can do three days on, I always say like a minimum
of three days, four days off. You could do seven on, seven off. You know, four days on, 10 days off. I mean, cycling with
detox is really important. So, you know, and by the way,
when we go up to Napa Valley, I always take that stuff, because you get crushed
with glyphosate in the wine. My docs are always dripping
it into their wine, and I’m like, “Gosh, don’t
ruin your good wine.” It works, it binds glyphosate
and sulfites, too, by the way. – Oh my gosh, that’s so funny! Okay, did everybody just hear that? – It’s better just to
keep it in your body, that way you don’t ruin your wine. But, you know, people use it for that. – I don’t know if that
would ruin your wine. I actually think that probably
makes it better, like. – No I mean from a taste
standpoint, a slight taste, so a winer like I am, you know, it’s like, “I don’t want to mess up
my wine taste.” (chuckles) – Right, all right, so. I want to reiterate, they
can find the toxicity score, or your, what do you want to call it– – [Daniel] It’s a quiz. – The quiz, the quiz, at They can find you, because
you’re a wealth of information, not just about this, but if anybody wants to follow Dr. Pompa I know
that you’ve done water detoxes, you’ve done a lot of teaching. I’ve done two of your water detoxes. – Yeah we took over 2500 people. – [Interviewer] I was one of them! – Through a five day
water fast on my Facebook. – So I, and I just told
them I just finished my second five day water detox, so the first one was three months ago. So you’re going to be doing
another one in the spring, and I’m hoping actually to
bring you back here with me so you can teach, and
we can do like a podcast just about water fasting,
because it’s an incredible, healing, spiritual experience, so. – I love it, I love the topic, because again, water fasting’s amazing. You know every culture
was forced to do it, not today, but amazing healing occurs. You’re relying on the body’s innate intelligence massively, so. And you know, and part
of what I teach my docs is the cellular healing
and the cellular detox, however a lot of it, the fasting, and we have multiple ways we fast, it’s part of my
multi-therapeutic approach. – Yeah. So you have a wealth of information and I know my audience is, they will love you, so that’s
why I wanted to bring you on, and especially with your
CytoDetox, it’s so important to heal from the inside, because otherwise things don’t necessarily
in the longterm matter. You could feel yourself good food, healthy organic food, but if
you’re not, like you said, getting to the root
cause, you can take a pill to get rid of the symptoms, but really are you getting
rid of the problem? And the problem could be as simple as just detoxing your cells out, things can possibly heal and go away, or you’ve got the best chance at healing. So I totally respect and
appreciate what you’ve taught, what you know, what you bring to us. And I want everyone to
know that they can find you at – Yeah, D-R, D-R, no dot, just D-R and then P-O-M-P-A dot com. – Dot com, and your show
is Cellular Healing TV and it’s, ’cause you’ve got a lot of
teaching, a lot of education, and a lot of experience with that. And then if anybody wants to
join us for the water fast. – [Daniel] Yeah. – That’s going to be fun, and really– – Our goal is this spring,
a million people fasting. – We’re going to get it. – [Daniel] Yeah we’re going
to get it, we’re gonna all– – Is there a way, like
if they’re watching this, can they go and sign up and be prepared, like are you going to be doing
some teaching ahead of time? So where do they go for that? – Yeah you can just go to
my fan page on my Facebook, which is, it’s D-R dot,
not to be confused, because my website is
D-R-P-O-M-P-A dot com, but it’s D-R dot Daniel Pompa. So dr.danielpompa, that’s
my Facebook fan page. When you go there, if you go to videos, you’ll see all the videos
we did throughout that fast. There’s probably about eight of them, so just scroll down,
and you’ll see day one, but even a few videos before day one are actually relevant,
so watch those as well. – It’s amazing to watch those videos. I mean, I’m telling you,
you just watch one or two, and you’re on board, you’re
like, “When can I start my fast? “I’m gonna do it.” So I really highly recommend everybody look into the water fast, do it with us in the spring when we do it. We’re gonna do a million
people, I know we will, I know you will. And then, don’t forget to take your quiz at, really
important for everyone to know at all ages just how toxic you are. And not by nature, really. So, anything else you
want to bring up or add before we end this? – Yeah, no, I did think you
brought up a really good point. You know, I got sick eating a perfect diet and exercising, and
that’s what’s happening to people today, right? And I still eat a perfect diet, I’m a believer, I talk
about, I teach diet, but the reason you don’t feel well, is it’s a cellular issue,
it’s a toxic cellular issue. Toxin-induced hormone
resistance is an epidemic. Toxin-induced weight
loss resistance, I mean, all of it, fix the cell to get well. – And you know, I have
also done some talks, like I have done some talks as well about like how we’re exposed. Like you think you’re eating healthy and you’re doing things, like even the rainwater has toxins in it. Even our tap water. So you might have a whole house, like I have a whole house
water purification system, but when you go out to dinner
and you order an iced tea, that’s brewed there, you
don’t know what kind of water. Coffee, when you’re drinking coffee, you know, you have no idea if
they’re purifying the water. So when you’re exposed, you’re
exposed on a daily basis to things that you don’t even know. Even buying like aluminum, like the foods that are in aluminum cans,
and things like that. So there’s exposure not just
with vaccines, but throughout. – [Daniel] Absolutely. – Just, yeah, so you might
feel like you’re healthy in your practices, but it’s the things that we don’t think about
out here on a daily basis that keep bombarding us
and that’s that buildup that you talked about that
really we need to get rid of. So I appreciate, thank
you, thank you, thank you. – You got it, glad to be here, and we’ll talk about fasting next time. – We will. All right, thanks Dr.
Pompa, have a great day. – You’re welcome, thank you. (resonant music) – [Interviewer] Thanks for
watching, make sure you subscribe to keep learning how to
create your healthy self. See you next time.

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