Depression: Wie du sie bekämpfen kannst und durch Gott zu einem neuen Menschen wirst!

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video I’m Joshua Wesely. We talk today a little more serious topic and
depression and what does the bible say about depression and how can you as
christ overcome his depression before we get started
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almost day and night because of that but then you want to see who we are
you notified Depression is common
millions of people suffer christians and not christians
equally affects those who attend Depression can suffer intense
feelings of sadness anger hopelessness fatigue and one
experience a variety of other symptoms they can start uselessly or
even feeling suicidal and that interested in things and people too
to lose who might once be so enthusiastic
have depression are often caused by circumstances triggered like
example loss of a job death of a loved one
divorces or psychological problems like abuse or a minor
self-esteem the bible tells us that we will be filled with joy and praise
philipp a 44 and römer 15 11 should be like this that god apparently intends us
everyone should live a joyful life this is for someone under one
depression does not suffer easily but it does can be given by god’s prayer of
Bible study and the application of support groups community under
believe in faith or advice or Pastoral care needs to be fixed
deliberately don’t bother ourselves to give up our efforts
outward feelings of Depression can often be resolved
when those with depression suffer the focus from yourself
shift to god and how there is probably also white
clinical depression at the ki with clinical depression is a
physical condition of a doctor it must be diagnosed
not through unfortunate living conditions will still cause
symptoms by one’s own will be alleviated
contrary to what some of the Christian communities will believe
clinical depression is not always through sin
depression can sometimes be caused by a physical disorder
those with medication and or advice must be treated now, of course
god capable of any disease or cure disorder
in some cases the visit is one doctors for depression, however
nothing more than a visit from one doctor if you’ve hurt yourself
your belief is not small only if you think okay i go to a doctor if
we in presque is also a doctor and what can you do there are some things
those who suffer from depression suffering can do to your fear
countries you should make sure that you are in
word of god so stay the bible too if you don’t feel like emotions
can mislead us though God’s word is certain and is
invariable we have to have a strong belief in god
keep and more firmly to him hold on when we take exams and
trials are suspended the bible never tells us that god
temptations will let our lives die are too much or too heavy for us
first corinthians 10 13 although depression is not a sin
one is nevertheless for the reaction to the distress responsible and
the claim also belongs to the necessary professional help such as
example of pastoral care in the bible we don’t want to stop god on behalf
to praise and thank Jesus these are our victims with whom we deal
confess to god hebrews 13 15 I hope I could do a little here
help further i want one brave goes to your youth pastor
a pastor or goes to one pastor there are pastor websites
there you can go to christian pastors go they can help you with god
together to solve these depressions

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