DEPRESSION What is it like? | Mashed Potato Analogy

hello everyone it’s Vanessa. in today’s video
I want to talk about depression and what it’s like for me. so a lot of my life
I’ve had depression. probably since I was about 13, so the past 11 years and it’s
hard, and a lot of people don’t understand what it’s like. so the best
analogy that I found is the mashed potato analogy. so imagine one day just
waking up and you go to eat your favorite breakfast and you take one bite
and it tastes like mashed potatoes. like plain, unsalted, un-buttered, instant
mashed potatoes, so you’re like that okay well that’s not what I wanted. then you
go to eat your favorite lunch you take a big bite of maybe, a juicy burger, and it
tastes and feels like mashed potatoes all you can taste is the texture and the
flavor of plain mashed potatoes. so you go to dinner you’re feeling a little
discouraged you have your favorite dinner and it just tastes like plain
mashed potatoes, and this goes on and on and on and on for weeks, or even years
for me, and you just don’t want to eat anymore. you don’t want to do those
things anymore. you, so instead of making your favorite meals you start making
mashed potatoes because you know that’s all you’re going to be able to taste. so
you make plain mashed potatoes everyday for every meal when you talk to people
about it a lot of people don’t understand and they say why didn’t why
don’t you try using spices in your food? have you tried hot sauce?
have you tried butter? have you tried more salt?
have you tried Indian food? have you tried Thai food? have you tried this and
that? and you say yes I’ve tried all those things, no matter how many spices I
put it into it, how much hot sauce, salt, butter, curry, anything, it just
tastes like plain mashed potatoes and I’m sick of it.
but that’s what depression is like every time I do something that I love I feel
nothing. I talk to people and they say why don’t
you just go do your hobbies? why not try painting? why not try sewing? you should
try this try that. and I I do and I try and I it’s just all I get is the texture
of mashed potatoes. that’s all I feel from doing my favorite
things, and it’s hard for a lot of people to understand. but this is what
depression is like for me so I hope this video has helped you to understand a
loved one or a friend in your life that has depression and I hope that you can
be empathetic with them and understand what they’re going through the best you
can even if you don’t have depression yourself. please try to understand that
no matter what we do sometimes all we’re gonna taste is plain mashed potatoes we
may do our favorite thing we may do try the yoga try the essential oils try
things like that and it it may not do anything. but over time there is hope
some people their depression will lessen and it’ll taste like mashed potatoes but
with the spices so you’ll have one day have mashed potatoes with hot sauce,
maybe you’ll have mashed potatoes with butter and gravy, mashed potatoes with
garlic. so maybe one day I’ll paint and I’ll feel, hmm, that was okay. or I’ll sew
and I’ll feel like yeah that wasn’t too bad,
I felt something from doing it. and for some people with their depression over
time can get better and it takes a long time but you go back to
tasting your favorite foods exactly the way they were. doing your favorite
hobbies and feeling that good feeling exactly how it was before you had
depression, but for some people it takes a very long time so please be kind and
be have sympathy towards your friends and loved ones who have depression. and
if you have depression just keep trying. it’s better to feed your body with plain
mashed potatoes and it is to not eat at all. it’s better to do something for
yourself do some self-care every once in a while than to do what your depression
tells you to do at all times. so I love you and you’re amazing, bye

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