DEPRESSION (The Truth about Depression that No One Sees or Understands)

Depression is one of the
most poorly understood conditions on the planet. All experts weigh in on what the cause is and cures of this situation is, but the thing is, is that most of what they say is all over the map. And often, is contradictory. And this can lead to people who
are suffering from depression, feeling even more depressed. Before I get into this episode, because I’m going to weigh in, on what actually is causing
depression how to cure it, I have to say that depression
is not a character flaw, depression is not a weakness and it is not something that
people should be ashamed of. What if I told you that you
could understand depression, if you understood a single sentence. I’m gonna give you
that sentence now, and I’m going to actually use
the remainder of this episode to fully explain this in depth, as well as what to do about it. The sentence is this: There is a big difference
between resisting futility, and accepting futility. Depression Everything that you feel has a cause. Dysfunctional brain chemicals or imbalance of brain chemicals, is not a cause, it’s a symptom. You have to understand that, before we go deeper into the
actual cause of depression. We are creators at our core. What I mean by that is that we are designed to come into
our physical time-space reality and to create the life
we specifically want. If we can’t do this, then how we feel is that we
cannot create personal expansion, we cannot fulfill our needs and we cannot fulfill our desires. This defies the entire
purpose of even being here. Basically when we can’t do this, we feel completely powerless. Depression is caused by
a situation in our life (or many) being something where no
matter how many times we try and try and try, we cannot cause it to
turn into what we want, and what would meet our needs. Therefore we feel it is futile. Futility and depression
are synonymous. Now what you will find is that life is relationships. If you’re talking about your “work life” what you’re really talking about is the relationship that you have to the people you work with, bosses, colleagues, any of the above. When you’re talking about “home life”, what you’re really talking about is also relationships, but this time with parents,
siblings, children, spouse… And here’s the thing, even when you’re talking
about a futile situation that has to do with you, that’s still a relationship. It’s a relationship between
two parts of you. It’s: “I feel futility about the part of me that
continues to behave in this way.” It’s still a relationship. So, Fundamentally, if we go even deeper and we drill this down
to the root of the root, this is what depression is about. This futility of depression, is that you perceive that in order for something to
become what you want and need, you need cooperation from other people
involved in this situation or other parts of yourself. Because you can’t
create it or change it by yourself or despite yourself. But they will not collaborate and cooperate. Therefore this incapacity
to change the situation, because you can’t do
anything about it, makes your self-esteem
go out the window. And you perceive yourself
to be forced to surrender to the tortured endedness, of the fact that your
life is suffering. This is pure futility. It is terrifying to learn that
you cannot make someone take your best interest
as part of their own, and collaborate toward you
feeling good in a given situation. This causes anxiety. But this anxiety is
simply the first phase before someone hits
a sense of futility. But this is what makes
depression, depression. When you hit that phase of futility, Instead of accepting that futility, you resist it. Part of you does not give up. Even though you see it’s futile. Now what this does, because you’re so heavily identified, with that part that is so separated from what you really
want and really need, is almost like you’re not
lost in the darkness, you are the darkness. To comprehend the
way this works, I want you to imagine
somebody who is in front of a gate, and this gate is blocking them
from getting to a village that they really want to get into. Now this person will try every way that they can possibly try to get through this gate
and into the village, until it dawns on them, that it isn’t happening. It’s futile. At this point they sit down. But what they do sitting down, is they emotionally resist the fact that
that gate is closed. Because in them there’s
actually a hope that even though it’s completely
out of their control, one day, maybe, it might happen. Basically, that suffering and darkness is just something you
have to hang on through. Now all of this is done as opposed to accepting
the futility of the situation and going to find another village. What you have to
see is that part of you is not willing to let go completely. You refuse to cut your losses. You’re so tied to the images of
how you need something to be, that you won’t give up on it. This resistance to the futility itself, is what makes you so
exhausted all the time. And also keeps you stuck in futility. Because you live in a
time-space reality based on the law of mirroring. Whatever you resist persists. Now people who are
suffering from depression when they really look at
this dynamic of depression, come up with reasons why
they can’t cut their losses. But what they
have to do, in fact, to even get out of depression is to
realize that it’s actually a choice. There’s a big difference between:
“I can’t” and “I choose not to.” a lot of times when we say
“can’t” it just means that I literally am in a situation where
it feels like so much of a lose-lose that it’s not really a
choice even though it is. But here’s the thing; No one knows better
than me, that you have completely valid reasons to
never be able to cut your losses. But the thing is, is you also have to see that it
keeps you powerless forever. It’s critical to become aware of just what you are so attached
to that you can’t let go of. By accepting that it
will never come to be. What are you afraid will happen, if you accept it is and
always will be futile? It’s at this point that it’s
worth it to mention that some people actually
use depression, as a way of avoiding suicide. I know that’s funny, cuz most people think
depression leads to suicide, but actually depression is
a way of avoiding suicide, for as long as it works. because of this; Most people are afraid that
if they really cut their losses and really accept the
futility instead of resist it, accept that that thing
that they can’t let go of, will never come to be in the way
they want it to come to be. A great majority of people think: “You know, if I had to accept that, I would have no reason to live.” “In fact, I’d wanna die.” Basically, they would see no future anymore. Now this often happens because a lot of times when we suffer
from chronic depression, we have the kind of personality where we want what we want, and we want it in
a very specific way. And we can’t see that
that thing we want can come through any other way. So for example, I work with a lot of people
who struggle with depression and it’s like: “Well I want
love from that one person, and everything else is just
like a crappy substitute.” “So, unless that one
person loves me, in a situation where quite literally
they don’t and so it’s futile,” then I don’t want to live anymore.” Now I know that it’s hard
if you’ve never experienced the meeting of a need,
any other way, to know that this universe, is full of unlimited potentials. So I’m not asking you overnight to just get: “Well, if you
just walked away from that village gate there
would be another village.” Most of you are like: “I don’t know that there’s
any other village, I could be wandering the desert
for the length of a Bible.” But even that can be an excuse that you use to not cut your losses and
to not accept futility. And this means, and it’s what you’re gonna
have to see eventually, you’re actually committed to a dead end. It’s a common assumption that depression is synonymous
with suppression. And this is both true, and not true. The reason is, is that most people,
when they suppress, they’re suppressing
because by suppressing, they do get something
that they actually need. For example, I’m in a relationship where
another person’s not okay with my anger and I
want a good relationship, so if I suppress, I can have a peaceful
relationship with this person. Now, we all know that
doesn’t work long-term. But the suppression is
still not ending in futility. Now what makes depression
so different from this, is that a person with depression
is often suppressing, not because they’re
actively suppressing, (it’s not actually getting them anything). What it is, is that
after years of trying to get that thing that they
need and want so badly to come to fruition,
and it not working, through expression, they realize there’s
no freaking point. Anytime they expressed themselves and what they needed
and what they wanted and anytime they
express themselves so as to try to get somebody to
change something they were doing so that that could
manifest in their life, it was futile. So, this means, that a person
ends up in a situation where why would I scream, if there was no one
there to hear me? Yes, this means that a person
has to suppress their truth and be inauthentic. But it’s a very different flavor
than normal suppression. The flavor of it is, there’s no point. It’s at this point, that I have to explain that this is a reason why
there’s such a high rate of depression in childhood. Because childhood is actually prison. We don’t like to look at it that way, but that’s how it is. If you can’t leave
your childhood home, unless someone rescues you from it, and most people aren’t
going to do that, because most people are gonna
recognize a home as being: “a loving home” as long as
certain needs are provided, then you’re a captive. And your experience and your capacity to bring
about what you desire, is totally dependent
upon your keepers. That means, if you have a parent
who is not willing to cooperate, by helping the child line up with what they desire and need and want, that child is powerless. It is futile. Now here is where the spiral
of depression gets even worse. Because if you are unwilling to
accept that something is futile, so as to redirect your attention towards any other way to
meet those needs and desires, then what you have to do is to stay in a situation that is futile. And to do that, you have to actually
betray a part of yourself. So actually, it is this refusal to accept the
futility of a given situation, that causes an internal
war to begin. Now what do you
know about betrayal? When one person
betrays another person, isn’t that person usually
really really angry? This is how this part
of you actually feels. When you take an action
to stay in a futile situation, and betray it in ways to
adapt to that futile situation, that part that is inside you wants you to freaking die. Emotionally, it feels like self digestion. People who struggle
with depression are both completely unaware of free will, and yet damaged by
free will all the time. This is what I mean by that: The majority of people who
struggle from depression, they feel like it is actually
their responsibility to try to get other people and circumstances
outside their control, to align, so that they can create what
they desire and want. In other words, they
expect themselves to be able to control those conditions
that are uncontrollable. And when they can’t control
those uncontrollable conditions, It makes them feel like
crap about themselves. At the same time they’re
acutely aware of free will. Why? Because it’s obvious that when
somebody else has free will, they are not going to
take your interests and best interest into consideration, they’re going to do
exactly what they want. Even if it’s in the exact opposite
direction of your actual desires. Basically your pain is that no one seems to
be willing to participate in creating your version
of a feel-good life. You feel like people
are all taking action intentionally or unintentionally and often idiotically as if oblivious, against it. You hate them for it. Why do you hate something? Because it hurts you. It hurts you that it
seems in your life, that nobody will use their free will to take your best interest
in continued consideration, so as to actually collaborate and cooperate to create a life
that would feel good to you. Also because you don’t see the fact that you are internally fragmented, it doesn’t make a sense to you, why you oftentimes don’t do what’s in your
own best interests. Talk about an atmosphere and
a climate of self distrust. But because you’re
unwilling to accept this and unwilling to accept the futility, basically it puts you in a position of painfully just waiting
for it to change one day. But the thing is, is that that waiting just gets
more and more and more and more painful. Because as those years go on, it just is proven to you
over and over and over and over again, how futile situation is. Then the third aspect of
the depression spiral sets in at this point. You look around the world and you realize: “No one else seems
to feel as futile I do.” “Great.” You make it mean
something about yourself. “There must be something
seriously wrong with me because I can’t feel good.” Then the third aspect of this
whole depression cycle will set in. And it looks like this: You’re looking around your
life and you’re realizing: “No one else seems
to feel as futile as I do.” “Happiness seems to be
working for everyone else.” And then you make
it mean something. “Something must be seriously wrong
with me because I can’t feel good.” But here’s what’s
actually happening: because of the magnitude
of the amount that you care about this situation, coupled with the magnitude
of futility in that situation you care so much about, doing all these things that would technically
make someone feel better, you know isn’t gonna
change that situation. It would be like throwing a
tic-tac at a charging rhino. Or trying to celebrate
an ice cream sundae, when you know there’s an
asteroid headed towards Earth. Or it’s like someone coming up
and showing you a comedy skit when someone you loved to death is
dying in a deathbed in the hospital. You’re gonna look
at that and be like: “This is ridiculous at this point.” Basically, you’re aware
that these little things are not gonna make this
bigger issue any better. Having said all this, what I’m about to say is
gonna make a lot of people really angry, but I’ve got to say it. Depression is actually a
relationship dysfunction. Most people don’t want
to see the depression as not chemically caused
mental illness, (remember that the imbalance
of chemicals is the symptom) but is the result of
relationship dysfunction. Because most people don’t want
to admit to the futility itself, in the relationships
they have in life. They would rather make
it about how they feel. In other words, to sit there and focus on
the chemical components of your mind and how
they’re going wrong, and what you can do to fix that, is actually a coping
mechanism in and of itself. Why? Be really honest with yourself. It feels more empowering and less futile to focus on something you can improve about
your own brain, than it is to try to fix the relationship dysfunctions
in your life. Especially when you’re
surrounded by people who seem so completely
unable to cooperate in creating anything
that feels good to you. Now death, you think
you have me there, right? A lot of people slip into
this pattern of depression after they lose someone, this is still a relationship
dysfunction. This is why: Understandably,
when someone dies, it takes a while to accept it, right? It takes a while to
accept the futility. The futility being, this person
is never gonna come back. So there’s a huge period
there were you’re feeling actually, really angry
that that dead person died in the first place, and isn’t really collaborating anymore on creating this life you had
in mind for you and them. There’s a second form of coping that this actually gets us, when we have depression
and we focus on the chemical component of the dysfunction that
we’re experiencing. And that is, that maybe, just maybe, if people see that we’re
not doing good and that we have something
actually wrong with us, they might actually cooperate, even if it is because of pity, enough to stop antagonizing our creation of what
we want and need. For this reason, I’m going to say it’s your choice whether you decide to use antidepressant medication
to begin with. I have huge issues with
anti depression meds, for a lot of different reasons, but some people seem to like them. The reason that I’m
not going to propose anti-depression medication, as a treatment for depression, is because it’s like
shutting up the voice that’s screaming about what it
actually needs to do to heal. Sometimes painkillers have a purpose. If they work for you. Sometimes that purpose is to take
the edge off the pain enough to let you focus on
the actual root cause of an issue so as to change it. But thinking that any
type of depression med is going to cure depression, is thinking that if you
clip a little bit of a stem, that’s coming out of the ground, that it’s never going
to grow back again. It is! The root is there. All that being said, what should you do if you
are dealing with depression? 1. Face your futility. Overcoming depression is all about admitting to and recognizing the fact that you actually
feel complete futility. Facing those situations
that are causing the futility, Resolving the situation that
is causing you futility, even and especially when that means accepting the futility so you can focus on getting
that thing somewhere else. Yet again, this could be one
situation or multiple situations, but right now, I want
you to look at your life through this lens of futility, now that you’re consciously aware of it. “How in my life, am I feeling completely futile?” People often never get
out of depression. Because all of the strategies they use are to try to make a
futile situation not futile, instead of accept that
that situation is futile, and trying to get those needs and
desires met in some other way. Basically, they try to resolve things in all of the futility resistant ways
that they can possibly think of, instead of facing the fact that the non acceptance of the futility is the problem. This is also why fighting depression is the dumbest thing you can do. That’s like resisting the resistance of the futility. 2. Do the completion process
with the feeling of futility, specifically. If you feel futility in your life, and this is what’s causing
your depression, then it is about the futility
in a current situation, but what you have to accept and see, is that that futility in
the current situation, is in fact a repeat or reflection, of a likewise scenario of futility that occurred in your childhood. This is a repetitive pattern. Obviously, we’ve got
to resolve the root. So, I want you to learn
the completion process. If you want to do this, my best suggestion is to
pick up a copy of my book that is quite literally titled: The Completion Process And if you don’t want
to do it by yourself, if you want to be led
through the process, you can find a practitioner to lead you through this process at 3. You need to work directly with the part of you
that resists the futility and refuses to cut your losses. This is the part that continues
to keep you adapting to the futile situation in ways
that are detrimental to you. And this sets up a pattern of
self-hate and internal anger. Also, work with a part of you
that is opposite of that one. You don’t even need to know
what that part is specifically. You can simply say: “I choose with my free will to
become the opposite part to the one that refuses
to accept the futility and cut my losses.” And allow yourself to
really be overtaken by the energy of
that part of yourself. To understand how to work with a
fragment of your own consciousness like this watch my video titled: Fragmentation (The Worldwide Disease) Also to increase the understanding
about the internally focused anger that is created by this part of
you, watch my video titled: Bulldozing (The Way To Ruin
Your Relationship With Yourself) 4. Having accepted the futility, you have got to find different
ways to move forward to get those needs and desires met in different ways that
aren’t dependent upon the futile elements of that situation. Do something new. Look for the options that you DO have. We get so stuck and
locked in depression because we are so focused
on what isn’t there and what isn’t happening. The gate isn’t opening. Instead of looking for a gate that’s open. Resisting a futile situation,
puts you in a rut in life. And this is why it
can be so beneficial, if you’re struggling from
depression, to just make a change. And I’ll tell you something, the more
drastic the change the better. Depression is all about focusing on what you can’t change and refusing
to accept you can’t change it. Instead of focusing on something else, or doing something else. So I want you to ask
yourself this question: “If I accepted that what I want
is never and I mean NEVER, going to happen, what would I do then or instead?” I know you’ve heard about
this type of scenario before. It’s this thing: if you stop focusing on
the door that’s closed, only then, do you see one of
the windows that’s open. It may be hard for you to believe
that your needs and desires can be met in any other situation. Or even that any other
situation actually exists. For this reason, I want you to watch
my video titled: The Zebra and The Watering Hole Also, I want you watch
my video titled: How to Meet Your Unmet Needs 5. You must develop safe relationships. Depression is first and foremost
relationship dysfunction. Dysfunction in terms of your
relationship with people in your external life,
and any sector of life, and relationship dysfunction between your internal parts. The specific dysfunction here, is that because of the
lack of collaboration, you find it very hard to
create the life you want. Most specifically, it is powerlessness and unsafety when no one will be an ally, to the creating of the
life you desire and need. This means you need
to go to places where people see, hear,
feel and understand you. You need to heal the trauma of no one choosing
to align with you, so as to participate in what you wanted and needed
to create for your own happiness. But this is part of
accepting the futility. To do this you have
got to stop trying to get people who have no
interest in doing this with you, to do this with you. For this reason, one of the most important
videos you will ever watch, is a video that I did called: How to Create a Safe Relationship. Also depression is an
intensely isolating experience. For so many different reasons. A) Because it was set up by that relationship
dysfunction to begin with. B) Because the more you see how unhappy you are versus
how happy everyone else is, the more alone you feel. C ) It makes you isolate. For this reason, I want you to pick up a copy
of my book that is called: The Anatomy of Loneliness This book breaks down what the actual elements
of loneliness are, what is causing it, and how to go from a state of
loneliness to a state of connection. 6. The more little things you can do to have control over your life, so you feel like you can create a life that is a mirror and match to your desires
and needs the better. Now this is where most
people go wrong with it, because the majority of advice that people give or tips
for how to cure depression, are done to try to
make you feel better. Stop actually focusing
on trying to feel better. Instead start trying to focus on what makes you feel a
little bit more empowered, a little bit less powerless, a little bit more capable of doing things and being in situations where your needs will be met, instead of situations that cause futility. Now the majority of advice that people give for how
to overcome depression, actually fit into this category. It’s just you have to look at
them in this different way. Instead of this being a little
thing that I’m doing to try to make myself feel good, let it be a little thing that
I’m doing so as to feel like I have a little bit more control, instead of futility, in terms of creating what I want. I’ll give you some suggestions
of what this might look like; Eating foods that make
me specifically feel good, especially in mood boosting foods, spending time with animals, getting a massage or
other form of touch, exercising, getting enough sleep, setting attainable and
achievable goals and scratching them off the list
when they’re accomplished, taking on responsibilities
which enable you to see your positive contribution, visiting and making new friends, (this prevents you from isolating) taking control of your focus through
positive focus or gratitude exercises, or working with your core beliefs, sitting out in the Sun, meditation, creating a routine, setting things in your
schedule each day that you can look
forward to even if it is as simple as watching
a comedy show, picking up a new hobby, changing up things
such as home decor, or what room you sleep in, or where you habitually go to eat. Yet again, if you’re doing
those types of things from an attitude of this
will make me feel better, you will just end up
more disappointed and with more proof that it’s futile. Because right now, that’s another form of futility. Feeling good is futile. Don’t do these things
to try to feel good, do them to try to see that you can have personal control, instead of feel totally powerless, to what you want and need. If someone in your life is
struggling with depression, please don’t be afraid of them. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Depression is not contagious. Also, people who are depressed, they need your presence. They don’t need your pressure. Now obviously, you don’t
know what to do to fix them. Nor does a person who’s
depressed actually need you to know what to do to fix them. And the reason that most people
who are depressed isolate, is because it sucks for them
to be around people who continue to have this
energy around them like: “I need you to feel better.” That’s pressure! So if you’re going to be around
somebody who’s depressed, have the attitude of: “I don’t care if you’re depressed
for the rest of your life, I’m still gonna be here because
being here is what I want to be.” That’s the only type of energy
that takes off the pressure for a person to suddenly feel good, which they feel futile about. And here’s the thing; A lot of you, you’re gonna have to
become comfortable with painful emotions. because most of the time when
people experience depression, they lose people in their life,
not because they feel bad, but because the people in their life are too afraid of their own feelings. To be around somebody
who’s suffering, it makes you feel something. If you’re not okay with
feeling that something, you’re gonna go away
from that person. Sort of thinking that they’re the
cause for the way that you feel. Really it’s just that you’re terrified
of feeling those emotions. Also, even if you’ve
watched this video, there is nothing that is
shameful about depression and this includes nothing shameful
or wrong about resisting futility. You know what this is like, Okay? If you had a child, or something you wanted worse
than anything in the entire universe, and that child was suddenly
swept down the stream, and there was nothing
you could do to get them, how long would it take you
to accept futility, do you think? This is what it’s like for
someone who’s depressed. This means overcoming depression
is a great deal more complicated than simply deciding
with your freewill to stop resisting and
accept that futility, and do different things that
are empowering instead. And it’s a great great
deal more difficult than just jumping out of a
hole that you got stuck in. If you want to do the
best that you can do besides being totally presence, than help somebody who
is currently depressed to face that pain, instead of trying to get
them out of their mood, by doing something that
will shift their focus. Really help them to
consciously go into it. In other words, instead of trying to get a depressed
person out of their darkness, hold their hand and dive in. If you are struggling
with depression, I can promise you that that feeling of zest for life, the feeling of wanting to wake up,
of having something to live for, being energized,
feeling inspired… Is on the other side of
feeling like you actually can create what you need and want. Guess what? There are people on this planet who want to cooperate
and collaborate, on fulfilling those desires
and needs with you. Basically, there are people
who want to be an ally to the creation of what you need, versus an antagonist. But all of this is
on the other side of focusing on the absence
of what you do want. And all of this is on the other side of, really consciously facing, accepting and resolving your futility, instead of subconsciously resisting that futility., Have a good week. Subtitles by: Tanya Duarte Subtitles by the community

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  8. Why is this video louder on the right ear? Other youtube videos are just fine… so it's definitely this one. Anything to be done about that? :/

  9. 1.1k comments… Maybe one person will read this but maybe this knowledge will change your life as it did mine. I suffered with depression for 35 years. Ive read many many books on the matter and much of information echoed what TealSwan is saying. I bacame even more depressed and my suptoms worsened because i realized that despite having an intellectual understanding of my depression and the patterns of personal story that caused it, i could not rewrite those stories. I had great difficulty changing what i thought of as the neurological pathways of my depression.
    I started to meditate practicing deep belly breathing. Something miraculous happened. I still had the all of the repeating negative thoughts that would normally grind me down but they seemed to have nowhere to land or take root.
    I had not acheuved any kind of one pointedness or anything that you coupd consider to be the goal of meditation. I was just deep belly breathing and counting it my breath while my mind went on its usual tangents.
    What im actually practicing isnt primarily meditation. Its chi kung or prana yoga. Im increasing the "chi" in my body. Ive noticed some very odd changes in how people interact with me. Whereas before people would talk over me and i couldnt get a word in i find that my presence seems to be more enjoyable to others and they will listen to me. I unction better on less sleep and i dont get sick as often. My persistant sinusitis has cleared up… Its possible that ive simply reduced the cortisol in my body by stimulating the vagus nerve to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to take me out of an perpetual energetically taxing fight or flight state. I am also considering the possibility that ive been chi deficient most of my life and that the symptoms of depression and anxiety were the result of that deficiency…

  10. You are effing BRILLIANT.
    ( Please, everyone, protect her. )
    Thank you Teal, for making your insights publicly available.
    You are a Healer.

  11. this is more on point and feels more illuminating and helpful then 160$ therapy every week ….🙏👌 Im also in group class to learn emotional regulation skills etc but this gets to the core and does the deeper work that is needed

  12. How do I figure out what my needs are? I feel empty but my happy life doesn't seem to exist. I don't imagine other options? But I want to.

  13. Dear Teal. Thank you for the amount of time you use to make us understand how to fix our programmed minds. I have a small pls though. I am very good at English language, but the last 2 years i spend with you, there is often words that i just do not get, and they are hard to hear how they are spelled. Can we use bit more Daily words pls.

  14. I’m confused what she means by the gate I’m waiting open up. What is it for me is it a happy life, freedom, relationships, school or career? How do I know that this is the thing I need to let go of and find something else.

  15. All is mental. Through the disconnection of nature, spirt, and self due to the elites systems we are trapped in, we live in a mental prison. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth…. everything lays within you!

  16. If we are creators then when life doesn't go how we would like it to be, then what's the point of creating if we can't have the life how we want. ?

  17. I just attempted suicide 2 days ago. I have bipolar disorder and i sometimes think i can't go on and one day i will succeed at it. What about bipolar disorder? Because without bipolar mood stabilizers mania is dangerous.

  18. The bully in my head is screaming at me! I’m “supposed” to be above this!!! I’m “supposed” to be awakened!!! Admitting this is a problem isn’t easy. And the thing about depression for me is I don’t FEEL like fixing it.

  19. Hi Teal, first of all let me thank you for all you do for humanity. I cant even begin to imagine the countless lives you've saved and being very sincere about this. You have easily stopped people from suicide , depression ,etc. I am 44 y/o was more science based in my younger days but noticed, science lacked denied and lacked conscienceness which drove me the spiritual side, where things intuitively struck a chord and made sense all around, but I've never really heard anybody quite describe with such intricacie but yet gentle enough so the typical person would not get lost in your jargon explanation. I am sitting listening to your depression explanation, and you explained so well defined that it was coherent logically & emotionally and I walked away with such sense of understanding, structure , and self awareness, that depression is not a mysterious thing that happens theres rhyme and reason and we have to be a 100% with ourselves to be able to see and help ourselves , you gotta own it , thank you most illustrious Teal, its amazing how young you look but with such profound wealth of wisdom. It's an honor to be able to have caught your words of wisdom, I feel blessed and fortunate, thank you once again Teal

  20. fluoxetine is the best thing that has ever happened to me i tried cbt, hypnosis, therapy, and every thing else i have found is 20mg of fluoxetine is the answer especial for me. i didnt care for my family anyone, the drug worked for me. please give it 10 weeks and you will find its a great leveler.

    ( only for people who want to give it a go)

    i dont think teal has a good understanding of depression.

  21. 1. If people are in need of help please contact a licensed therapist or go see your doctor who can refer you to one. This is woo and nonsense and is only here to sell a book.

    2. "make a change…the more drastic the change the better" This is the most STUPID advice to give to someone with depression. I would hope that anyone clever enough to read can guess to what "drastic change" may lead.

    3. Overemotional, made up woo designed to sell your book. You will hurt people who have depression with this trash. You talk like someone still in a state of depression (your mood is very unstable), I hope you get the help you need.

    P.S. Medication, if prescribed, is a useful tool for doctors and therapists to help stabilize people WHILST they get the help they need. It is not and has never been a "cure". You talk as if you get given some pills and then get discharged from care. Your way may help some (unlikely) but will harm many others. Please stop.

  22. Your recommendations against antidepressants are dangerous. You do not have the credentials to make any medical decisions for anyone, and therefore lack the training necessary to fully understand the topics you discuss. Please leave the medicine to the trained professionals. You are risking lives.

  23. Came here to see what Teal swan is all about, to see why so many vulnerable people like myself are drawn to her. Now I see.
    Please, I feel the responsibility to say that Teal is a delusional cult leader who preys on those in need. There has been some excellent reporting done on her by Ross Blotcher and Carry Poppy, and several others. Please don’t give into this dangerous woman. Get help from a real professional.

  24. Yes this sums it up. Im mad at myself because i am commited to whats futile. But if i leave i will hurt the other part that wants this and doesnt want to cut their losses

    Actually you can… just take the next easiest step or get the information. Or Just divert you attention to do the next important thing.

  26. I totally understand what you’re saying and it honestly makes a lot of sense and aligns with things I’ve felt and done but I don’t really have anything I can think of that would be “my futility” so I don’t know how I would “face it”

  27. Depression is a relationship problem, you are totally right i see it now. I'm mid 40's and i'm just starting to realize this. I realize that i lied to myself all my life. When you get to 20 yo, 25 yo and you can't get into any relationship, you stop trying, that's what i did. Why bother, i'm fine alone, if it happen it will not be because i initiated it.. It worked for a long time for me, not anymore. For the past 5 years i have been in an out of depression, i didn't know why until recently. What i really want ? I just want to be like everyone else, having someone to share my life with, a relationship. I'm sick and tired of being alone. But the thing is when you are in constant depression, you have no self-esteem, you hate yourself. How can you love someone else if you don't love yourself ? I just bought your book Anatomy of loneliness, i hope it will help me.

  28. This is BS all of it of you deal with depression speak to a professional with a license!! Do not listen to any part of this. Depression can be triggered by different things it’s not a cookie cutter diagnosis.

  29. It feels so good to listen to her because she understands me she feels like I do… it brings out my tears but it feels so good

  30. Teal is an emotional/behavioral genius. These talks are gems for those with the capacity to understand her and be honest with themselves.

  31. I am so afraid of 5G technology being imposed on us that I live in fear each and every day. I have tried sending letters of objection to councillors, the media, as well as joining anti 5G groups, but it's futile! We will never stop 5G, it's going to come to every part of the world and its going to make us sick, kill us and control us and there is nothing we can do to stop it! So depressing!

  32. First off my congrats to the ability that you have it delivered to others like myself much appreciated I thank you for your spiritual HealthPoint that is definitely by far the best I've ever seen you have that certain roughness to your voice along with your spirit that backbone that's needed to be able to deliver the messages that you have been doing such beautiful job thank you so much. One more thing you remind me of my sister a great deal almost have splitting image if not the one thank you so much

  33. @teal swan I can't tell you how much I appreciate this video on depression. It was THE MOST enlightening explanation I have ever hear.

  34. It's an imbalance in your brain chemicals. And we are filled with bad food sigarets sugar etc. We don't live in packs what we actually need. We must detox and fasting and good meat good greens good relationships sauna cold showers good minerals vitamins etc.

  35. Anyone else have like 1 friend that you shut out? Always felt different always have been the person who doesn't fit? Sleep days away then can't sleep diagnosed bi polar I am a captive and I just realized that well I don't have to be I realise I create my reality

  36. I completely agree that depression is a symptom of a much "deeper" problem. However, I want to make it clear that there is a difference between being depressed and having a serious mental illness.

    I havee been experiencing depression since I was a pre-teen and I can tell you that it is A LOT more complicated than "not accepting the futile". Those of us that have a clinical diagnosis (not circumstatial), find ourselves futile, not because of a particular situation that we keep failing at. We fail at a lot of things, and often for many years before we start seeking professional help because we just can't take it anymore.

    You just feel constant shame and exhaustion from trying to "get it togeter". You feel as if you can't do anything right for yourself or others, which of course is "proven" through continuous failure. You think you are a burden to the world, a mistake. At the same time you feel you are a "bad" person, "rotten" if you will, and that you deserve to have a hard time. This is why people cut and begin other self destructive behavior. Sound crazy? It's a disease of the brain.

    I have never tried to kill myself but I have thought about it most of my life. I am "pushing through it" as you put it in the video. I honestly believe I can do anything I set my mind to, but I just need to find the right village.

    I just needed to get that off my chest. Thank you for your videos.

  37. Mistele during your conversation on depression I felt some real pain coming through your delivery of this presentation

  38. My poem for all people feeling depression

    Everybody wants to be loved
    but nobody knows how to love

    love has a billion terms and conditions attached to it .that's why, noone wants to get into it and sign that contract

    what is true love really?
    they say it's loving without conditions
    but what if the other person doesn't love you back? then what about self-love

    True love isn't about one person, it can never be about relationships
    relationships are just mirrors of our own shadows that we are hiding from ourselves

    true love is being love. It's a vibe that you radiate for the whole of humanity, for the whole of existence, without any exception
    True love fills compassion in your eyes and forgiveness in your heart.

    It doesn't need anything in return.
    it only flows in all directions like the rays of the sun.
    It is not something to be found, it is somrlething you have to become.
    That will make you whole and you will realise, we are all one.

  39. Thanks teal,
    I keep coming back to your videos when i struggle with bad thoughts ~ you deserve a lot more subscribes .

  40. Thank you. This is what depression was like for me. I didn’t realize this until my partner also became depressed. This second hand depression helped me see because I could see what had changed in his life that brought about the depression. In my life I developed depression in childhood and I could not pinpoint the reasons.

  41. Life in life..and death in life…depression is the latter and it took my life when i was just a young man. It unseats the soul..i took all the drugs , e.s.t., and then i fired all the shrinks when i was introduced to my meditation teacher…it was a horrible thing to hear from my grandmother that all cells regenerate on a 7 year span…i was young driven and ambitious and didnt want to accept such a way lay….but i kept meditating, excersizing, yoga…and working on 'non thinking' as so many thoughts were unhinged…it got better over time…and it lifted…afraid it was 7 years…and i took up where i left off…achieving better than i had originally thought i could do….analyses, talk…have found its not as constructive as doing 100 right actions…i eliminated drink and drugs…my soul gradually reseated and i went on to have a beautiful balanced life…but this i had to learn how to do…from AA steps largely..but also from 45 years of meditating….once one accepts that most in this world is beyond our dominion…thats a load off…cultivate well being seperate of this world…anything that helps you do this is the right answer…for you. But take the 'bit'…sorry but its up to us…To cultivate the experience of beauty changes the way we psyiologiclly work, synaptically, and with the hypothalamus….this speaker fairly 'socially bound'…our natures…the health of our spiritual the best way i have found to 'change the world'…i have no dominion over others save as they reflect off me….if youre happy, loving, and at peace you will reap a beautiful return as others key on this

  42. -"What you are so attached to, that you can't let go" : I think the answer is my freedom. I'm afraid that getting into a relationship, i will lose it. Wow that's a revelation to me, i always knew it but never figure it out, until now. So now i can understand why i'm holding on to it so much, losing it will ruin (like it's not enough already) life. I remember exactly when i gave up on getting in relationships, that EXACT point in time, i said to myself, screw it, if it happen it will not be because of me.

  43. I am sorry but where does her "spiritual" advice come from? I can't say I agree with anything she says. Keep real people. Anyone that has developed an industry on offering spiritual advice to overcome issues that present themselves as part of our journeys through this life, has to be questioned for their motives. Stating in one sentence, "what if I told you you can understand depression if you understood that single sentence", is very irresponsible. Depression is multi faceted and there are multiple reasons for it that cannot singularly be put down to futility. Beware there are positive commenters on here who are part of her industry.

  44. I've been abused as a child. I couldn't have a meaningful relationship with my parents. My mother was emotionally cold. My father was a heavy drinker. I was beaten. It was harsh. I couldn't be myself. I couldn't be innocent. I developed coping mechanisms to deal with what I was going through. One of the coping mechanisms I had to develop is the constant tuning out; in today's world tuning out means "mind-wandering" or ADHD. I had to suppress my emotions in order to survive. It was a living hell. When I was 24 years old I plunged into a deep, dark depression. I bought a small box of nicotine gums, Nicorette and only three pieces of gum relieved my depression. I felt motivated to keep doing the work I've been doing which is being in the news business. Then I stop working in the news business and I turned to personal development. I started to educate myself to become a better person. I still have social anxiety problems, although I'm getting better. I do have a daily meditation habit and sometimes I feel good. I can be present all the time. I can read books for a while without having my mind wandering all over the place. After a while, my meditation habit started to bring out stuff from my subconscious mind and recently I became deeply depressed again. I was extremely scared that I'll never be able to get rid of my depression. But something in me said to embrace my state of depression and to feel it; as I did that for a month, the depression went away. I am no longer depressed but sometimes I'm moody. I don't let my subconscious mind suppress my moods which is why I let myself feel all the emotions I have. For a person to be healthy emotionally, he or she needs to completely feel any emotion that comes up and deal with it in a compassionate manner. I do that all the time. I'm happy to be on the path of healing. I still have much to learn but I know I can do it. A glass of wine every night makes me happy. The thought that one day I'll love a girl, makes me happy as well. If somebody wants to talk to me, here's my Twitter account: ovexro. Peace and well-being to all of you, beautiful souls! <3

  45. im depressed.. had 1 suicide attempt.. since then im loseing people left and right.. so of course i want to change something.. now the most drastic thing i can change is again suicide.. i know.. doesnt make sense.. but its how i feel..

  46. God is real. He is kind, majestic and gentle. I used to think the journey was a wheel, bhavachakra. But the journey is a shape of a bowl. The valley of death. It's easy to slip down into that slope. When you're stuck in the bottom pits, you ask God to help you out. I believe this is the process of being born again.

  47. I’m not sure I’m fully out of my depressed funk but I am holding onto what I got left. Not wanting to fail my classes

  48. Damn I didn’t even know i was depressed lol. This video made me realize that i’ve just been trying to change my childhood and family for so long. Literally the definition of futile! This video made my anxiety go away and now i can just look somewhere else and to other people! I got so hung up on trying to make my family and other people feel better and it was just never working. Time to stop doing that!! 🙂

  49. Regarding your thoughts on medications, while I understand what you mean and for many people I believe getting off medications can be successful and valuable, I think it’s incredibly dangerous to spread the belief that medications should not be taken, or at least incredibly irresponsible not to warn people to ween off safely if they want to try other approaches sans medication. The people I know who need to be medicated for mental health issues are under no illusion that it will cure them, but rather use as a tool in an extensive toolbox to help create an environment where they can begin to address to other aspects of their suffering (such as spiritual/shadow work). I do understand and believe that ultimately people are over medicated (and that people profit off them, which means they will often be pushed or continued when it’s not necessary) , but for many people there is a chemical need to incorporate them into one’s approach to their therapy. Believe it or not, here are psychiatrists out there who are careful in their prescriptions and ween when possible (although good luck in your search, I hope you can find one of them). Not everyone in medical or science based professions are ill-intentioned or only out for money. The rise in all the prescribed pharmaceuticals certainly points to a spiritual disease affecting the whole of humanity, but there are many people who benefit from their use. Please, for those of you on medications who want to get off- don’t just stop taking them cold turkey without support. It’s Dangerous. Talk to your doctor and get off them in a safe and supported manner. Many people who are in depression will feel desperate and when a beautifully inspiring/insightful video like this comes along, some people will jump in head first out of sheer desperation in faith that they found something (perspective, belief, etc) that will “cure” them. Stopping medication altogether can be harmful or fatal. It can also lead to extreme symptoms and psychosis, which people are more likely to be extreme in their actions and less mentally able to do the spiritual work. Of course I would hope most people would go about this responsibly, but unfortunately I know from experience that desperate people in the depths of depression may not make the most well thought out decisions. I am writing this to caution those people, as I’m not sure if that was addressed here (sorry it was a long video and if I missed it, my apologies😔)💖 wishing you all true spiritual healing and don’t feel any shame if your medications help you and you feel you need them- there’s an unfortunate tendency in the spiritual communities to (unintentionally, I’m sure) shame people for using them, or somehow suggesting that their healing is less “real” or “spiritual” (not saying Teal did that, just something I noticed in general and wanted to mention here since many people in depressions are watching this)

  50. I can already feel rn .. having this knowledge and taking action in the direction of acceptance and excersizing the control I do have is gonna be transformational for me. I could never thank you enough, Teal. You have taught me so much throughout all of your brilliant videos. I've been depressed since 12 yrs old and I never believed that it was an inherent part of who I am. This information "resonates"😉 with me in a painful and powerful way and I am so grateful for that.

  51. Side note : reading the comments here does not feel beneficial. No looky @ the comments mmkay. Love you. If anyone needs help understanding I am happy to share what I took from this video corresponding to the question you have. Only comments coming from a place of compassion aloud under this comment thanks:)

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