Depression is enough of a reason to seek treatment

My name is Colleen I’m a former resident
of Sabino Recovery. When I was looking I never really found a place that dealt
with depression so I wanted to kind of communicate that if if you’re having two
problems with depression that this would be a good place as well when you’re
suffering from depression it’s like they’re everything is about addiction
you know so you get the addiction stuff now you now there are some places that
deal with trauma so there will be trauma stuff but there are some people that
you’re depressed but you don’t really know why you’re so depressed and it
could be because of a traumatic event it could be because you know you continue
to relapse after you know trying to quit something
something I think it’s important to know that depression is enough of rete of a
reason to go get treatment that when you look on the different websites and you
look at the different information about all the places that are out there and
and what’s available I found that there wasn’t a lot that specifically said
anything about depression and I found that depression can be so incredibly
debilitating and that’s that is enough of a reason to take the time out and to
go get help and find out what’s going on is it chemical is there something from
your past whatever it is and and deal with it so that you’re not stuck in not
enjoying life because way to live

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