Depression – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Now, we will look at the causes of depression There is a higher risk of depression if there is mental trauma, unprovoked accusations, debates with spouses, poverty, unemployment, death of a close person, divorce, love affair, an unfortunate event that happened as a child, alcohol or drug addiction Even when this is not the case, depression can be caused by chemical changes in brain, such as biological factors. Excessive use of mobile and Internet can also lead to depression Stress, rejection, disappointment, failure, money management are the main causes of stress in everyday life Sometimes there are more stressful situations to deal with Natural disasters such as accidents, life-threatening events, social ostracism, rape, public humiliation, flood-quake-collapse, can increase stress and result in depression. And depression is one of the most important causes of mental illness. Depression will lead to more deaths than cancer or heart attack deaths in the world by 2020, says a World Health Organisation study. Now let’s look at the symptoms of depression Almost every day, most of the day, feeling depressed, lacked in daily activities, feeling unhappy, loss of appetite and weight loss, insomnia, feeling tired, slowing down of concentration, loss of concentration of thoughts, quick decision making and lack of self-esteem. Feeling guilty, feeling like I’m failing, often men have high alcohol levels, suicidal thoughts or attempts Doing so, these are all symptoms of depression. There are two reasons why women are more depressed than men, the first is because scientists showed 100 pictures to 12 women and 12 men, , some of which were shocking, that is, the broken hands of the lesson, and some of the daily dry clothes. Three weeks later, when the pictures were shown again, it seemed that the men who had given the shocking feelings were forgotten, but the women were sure to remember. This proved that women are emotional. Another reason is that married women between the ages of 25 and 45 are more depressed than unmarried women of the same age This may be due to the stress of employment and increased family expectations among women. The reason depression is more prevalent in poor women is that poor women do not get any emotional and financial support as well as suffer much mental, physical and sexual stress. panis tria depression laka sasamori
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