Delicious Food and Drinks in Cabbagetown – Food Tour

I’m gonna take you to some of my
favorite places to eat and drink in Cabbagetown this is one of the oldest
areas in Toronto but how exactly did Cabbagetown get its name you might
wonder why the name Cabbagetown came to be the neighborhood got its nickname
during the Great Depression it was hit with extreme poverty so some families
dug up their front lawns in order to grow cabbages this vegetable kept poor
families from starving there are so many Long’s covers and cabbages at the whole
area transformed into what we now know as cabbage dim if you have kids the
Riverdale farm is a fun place to explore it’s winter season now so the amount of
farm animals may be lacking however it’s a rare warm January day and a few horses
and cows roadside eating so I got a glimpse and a sniff something just
across from the farm is a local favorite Park snacks they serve up ice cream hot
dogs burgers and other great snacks unfortunately they are closed during the
winter season so I wasn’t able to indulge in some treats jet fuel is a
coffee shop with real flair Coffee so strong it’ll get you moving as if you’ve
ingested some fuel for yourself all the coffee at this shop is espresso based so
it’s got quite the kick just what I needed
Azzam parliament is a british style pub that’s been serving the community for 25
years the old Victorian house was transformed in a great local bar and
restaurant that has delicious food and drinks so I just placed an order for
their house on Parliament burger with a side order of spinach salad with goat
cheese but here’s the twist it’s deep fried goat cheese and it just adds so
much to the salad it really packs a punch and I
absolutely delicious when you’re thinking about eating or drinking and
Cabbagetown first thing it usually pops in your head is House on Parliament it’s
been an institution in this area for years okay here is the house on
Parliament burger and it’s quite hefty as you can see a nice piece of bacon on
top of there as well you have some nice shoestring fries here nicely thin cut
when I give you some garlic mayo to dip it right into beautiful the salad is
arranged beautifully as you can see right here was I was talking about the
goat cheese deep-fried right in here all my favorite places in cabbage and
grab a nice butter tart is Epicure shop it’s also like a bakery a deli a coffee
shop it’s kind of like your one-stop shop it’s kind of like a viewer from the
states it’s like a bodega it’s like your one-stop shop for everything you kind of
need for that day to consume so we got your coffee or your foods your deli
meats and a beautiful butter tart so buttery creamy delicious flaky on the
outside if it’s a perfect Canadian treat really it’s probably one of the most
Canadian things to be in France there’s a butter tart offer a sneaky drink at the favorite
local dive in Cabbagetown alice’s place every neighborhood needs a dive this one
is my go-to house transformed into a small bar you’ll feel right at home when
you step in because it is in fact a home I actually love places like this a
little dives and holes in the wall this is one of the spots that I love to go in
casual and if you want to put beer this might be the perfect spot feel the
cabbage down it’s affordable low-key and there are plenty of other great bars and
restaurants that shoot you choose from if you’re in cabbage down but I couldn’t
say no to attending my night at Choo choos diner all aboard the gravy train
next stop all day breakfast hour of sausage and eggs all day breakfast the
classic after a night out with friends drinking sometimes just seeing a bright
neon sign that says all-day breakfast open kind of sucks you in I’m a sucker
for all-day breakfast in the place serves greasy eggs bacon ham sausage wee
hours of the night probably can I go and choose use diner it’s one of the spots
off it up by I’m close we’re fine within the vicinity of cabbage ham where I’m
out and the name to to dine are P you haven’t guessed but it’s the name is for
it’s not for chewing of food it’s actually the choo-choo of a choo-choo
train or subway train the whole decor of the place when the diner is
inspired by trains and they only have one beer on tap and if you’re from
Toronto and we might be able to guess which beer that is beer and all-day
breakfast I feel like I’m on vacation right now
this is this shouldn’t be happening wow this is uh this is massive I can’t think of a better way to really
end this night on this tour of cottage town we’ll have the oldest historic
areas in Toronto what’s your favorite local spot and kouchtown let me know in
the comments below and I’ll see you next time

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  1. Greetings,😃..
    Good day,Sir…
    Wow,all are great in this video..I really love and enjoy watching this video…The butter tart☺️,looks yummy😃…Thanks for sharing…Godbless🙏

  2. Alice's and Chew Chews and House of Parliament …three more stops on my Toronto visit feedbag list
    The closed eyes and music say it all!!!

  3. Ahh cabbage town.. good to know that history! That burger!!! The butter tart needs to be in my mouth lol.. Chew Chew diner.. perfect for a night out and eating breakfast at 2am in the morning! 👍

  4. What a cool story about that town! Really looks like a lovely area with great dining options. Great video, my friend! Alice’s Place and Chew Chew’s Diner look especially awesome.

  5. wow that first meal looked really good! That burger! Loved the history part of the video, I didn't know that's how it got the nickname!

  6. Never heard of the cabbagetown it’s an interesting history. It’s amazing how we rarely think about the scarcity of food that so many people experienced in the past.

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