72 thoughts on “Delicious Caramilk Balls Recipe

  1. I love you in every single way. I live in regional Australia and there are no blocks of Caramilk at all in the entirety of our small town and the 9 other surrounding towns.

  2. I am known for my white Christmas recipe. I wanted to do a caramilk version…… can’t find that bitch anywhere….

  3. Literally sooo jealous!!! My doctor put me on the keto diet 3 weeks ago because I'm fat (literally) and I love carbs 😭

  4. Love the nan tins/bowls. Everyone's nan's have random tins, don't they? At what age do we younger folk acquire a set?

  5. Melbourne misses you Christian!!
    I will be making these fo sheezy!! "Well we can fuck that right off" is my life motto lmao

  6. In the future, your musics a bit loud
    But love this video you got me into caramilk and I am very grateful for that!!

  7. My new director at work is a spitting image of you Christian. I giggle everytime I see him and I just like him alot more than I normally would because I adore you😍. He has a cute sense of humor but sadly no fashion sense…but I just find it hilarious how much you both resemble eatchother.

  8. I made these about a month ago. yum. good with arrowroot biscuits as the base. and yes i burnt the chocolate the first time too. sigh.

  9. My two loves Anzacs & caramilk.
    Christian you seriously need to try a caramilk donut at T Rose Bakery in Langwarrin Victoria. Pop in next time you come down to the Mornington Peninsula.
    I live near a highway & I film nature videos from my backyard, I feel your motorcycle gang going past pain. Especially when they all head down to Phillip Island on Grand Prix weekend.

  10. I had to turn the sound down when you started mixing everything as I was worried my neighbours would think I was watching porn LOL

  11. Should have used Marie biscuits and a bit more than your recipe said. Sounds delicious though. Now, all I need to do is get my stupid Woolies to order in more than on box a week. Dick heads.

  12. I wanted to try Caramilk Chocolate. I ordered some on eBay. I could only really taste white chocolate. Do you think I was sent the wrong thing?

  13. I tried to get caramilk when it first came out. NEVER got to try it .. Then KitKat released KitKat Gold,, more recently adding it to its permanent range because it was so popular and they aren't about that Cadburys drag it out for a year, life. Anyways, back to my caramilk journey. I began to devour a block of KitKat gold, every 2 days. One if I could get away with it… For months.. Because caramilk was unavailable.
    I finally got to try Caramilk, annnnd, gotta tell ya, not nearly as impressive if you've had KitKat first. I've still got half a block in the fridge. If anyone wants.

  14. I laughed so much at the renovations bit haha. Literally trying to watch this over the sound of my neighbours drilling huge holes in the wall haha 🙈

  15. so balls in your mouth is probably why you haven't uploaded in a long time, what with the move & everything. Maybe do a vid on Grinder

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