Defeat Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Solutions, Example

Being depressed does not mean that you
never have happy moments. This can make depression confusing for the person
experiencing it, and for the friends and family of that person. Depression is a
clinical term and is different than having a bad day or feeling sad for a
day or two. Sadness and loss of interest in everyday activities are often named
as common symptoms of depression, and they are, but depression can look
different for different people. You may feel “BLAH” most of the time for
months and still be able to complete your responsibilities, but never feel
fully present. You may never cry, but instead want to sleep all the time, never
sleep but feel extremely tired, or just get irritated a lot and want to be alone.
Feeling hopeless and like nothing is working out can be a sign of depression,
though it might be hard to talk about with other people. You may feel
overwhelmed just getting out of bed and getting dressed each day. Depression can
be exhausting! So, why does depression happen? Sometimes, people can become
depressed after they suffer a loss, such as a pet, a friend or family member, a big
change, such as a move to a new school, or witnessing or experiencing a traumatic
event, but you don’t necessarily have to experience anything like that to be
depressed. There may be a lot of different things that are contributing
to what you are experiencing such as your genes, the environment you live in
(for example our toxins present or is it stressful), or your brain chemistry.
Specifically, imbalances in dopamine can be related to feeling depressed as
dopamine contributes to good and pleasurable feelings and experiences.
Though you may want to just be alone, you don’t have to suffer by yourself in
silence. A professional counselor can help you sort out what’s going on.
There might be something you can change about your current stressful situation
and things you can do to take the edge off of feeling so miserable or “BLAH.” It
may seem impossible at first, but trained professionals care and can give you the
tools to dig yourself out of the dark hole of depression. That way, you’ll have
those tools to use to help prevent you from getting so low again.

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