Dave Chappelle Reveals White People’s Weakness | Netflix Is A Joke

– Don’t forget who I am,
don’t forget what I am. I am a black dude. (audience laughs) And don’t ever forget how I got here. My ancestors were kidnapped. I don’t even know where the fuck I’m from. They were put on the bottom of boats. They sailed ’em across the Atlantic. Many of them died, only
the strongest survived. And once they got here, they beat the humanity out of my people. They turned us into beast of burdens. They made us do their work and the irony is hundreds of years
later, they called us lazy. We fought in the Civil War. We damn near freed ourselves. Then in reconstruction,
black people did great. My great-grandfather
was a very wealthy man. But then the Black Codes
came, Jim Crow came, and it was a hundred years of
unspeakable oppression again. Lynchings, all kinds of terroristic acts to keep us in the margins of society. Yet we still fought. And Dr. King was born. And then, things got better. 20 years after Dr. King was assassinated, Michael Jackson was
moonwalking on television. Something, something,
something, Barack Obama. (audience laughs) Donald Trump. Now here we all are. 400-year nightmare. Took us 400 years to
figure out as a people that white people’s
weakness the whole time was kneeling during the National Anthem. (audience laughs) That’s a brittle spirit. That’s right, n****. ♪ And the rocket’s red glare ♪ (Dave screams)
(audience laughs) What are you doing, n****, stand up! (audience laughs) The vice president of the
United States got involved. Mike Pence got involved, he
went to the game himself. These n*****s will have
to stand when they see me. (audience laughs) And all them football players
looked up in the stands and saw Mike Pence, is that Mike Pence? C’mon y’all, Wu-Tang, bah! (audience laughs) (Dave yells) Foiled. (audience laughs) Brittle spirit. I could kill every white
person in America at one time, you know how I’d do it? I would just wait for the Super Bowl. And right when the sing
the National Anthem, I’d have OJ Simpson
walk to the 50 yard line with them bad knees. (audience laughs) Is that OJ Simpson on the field? What the hell’s he doing here? Oh, I know what he’s gonna do, stop him! (audience laughs) (Dave yelling) (audience laughs) (upbeat rhythmic music)

100 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle Reveals White People’s Weakness | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. Slavery…give it a rest. 2020 ffs. No black American knows slavery, nor their parents, grandparents…yet the hardest pill to swallow, and never swallowed, is that slavery was a trade. The Africans sold their own.

  2. I'm going to say it again…
    Dave go to the doctor and get that lump on your neck looked at it's definitely gotten larger.

  3. Kidnapped 馃槀 was sold by african warlords.
    Half the country worked all 400 years you did and we freed you. Yes republicans. Ftw.

  4. Last two years of Obama's 8 years in office Chicago saw 20 year highs in violence. 4000 people shot each year. Every year since Trumps been in office we've seen a decline in violence. 3000 people shot in 2019.

  5. as a white person I don't give a f*** about the national anthem and all I do is trash the f**** government from the beginning of time… coincidentally I get along with black people very well weird how that works馃槑

  6. Black people are so downtrodden that they deserve their own space. I say we move them all to Colorado. It鈥檚 good for the spirit and great for the blood.

  7. in other words it's funny how the people who were pissed that some guy didn't kneel while God damn song is being played are the same people are most likely to be racist at the core. which comes back to my original premise that if you truly are racist you are one double-digit IQ dumb motherfuker. We're all cut from the same cloth

  8. I was just watching old Chappelle shows…his voice has gotten so much lower and his body got so much bigger…he looks like a different person, but still better and smarter than ever.

  9. Michael Jackson then Maxwell – Sumthin鈥 Sumthin鈥 then something something something then Barack Obama.

  10. I wish I had something witty to say. Can鈥檛 do it. All of the world鈥檚 wit has been bestowed upon Mr. Chappelle.

  11. Stop acting like things that happened to ancestors happened to you. All our ancestors had hard lives if you go back far enough. It's just an excuse to feel like you have something special that makes you untouchable. It just shows he has no appreciation for how great we have it in america. Go to any other country and you'll find real racism.

  12. Hans Hanson of course I smell like mayonnaise. That鈥檚 your mom鈥檚 smell on my D. Quit trying to sniff, you weirdo 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃ぃ

    (Have to edit. Because you cry) 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  13. I love Dave Chappelle, but didn't get that joke about white people's weakness, pretty sure that because i'm not from America. So could anyone explain it to me, please??
    It seems to me that black people were not allowed to sit infront of white one. Correct?

  14. before I die. I wanna smoke a joint on a hillside in the Himalayas with Dave. the words that comes out of his mouth. perfection

  15. if it wasnt for slavery , none of the Black people would be living here today.
    So stop whinning and thank God you live here.

  16. How do people continuously ignore the fact that whites were last to the slavery party馃Ignore the black handlers that caught said black people to the Arabs to buy. Whites were also the first to be apart of abolishing slavery馃
    So who鈥檚 fault was it when Sandra parks was killed. Still love ya Dave馃憤

  17. Africans enslaved everyone and traded people for goods or services. for 10,000 years. Then 1776 america started and by 1886 we Banned it from the earth.

  18. NFL players kneeling?
    Protest on your own time, not at work.
    If a Dennys waitress kneeled at work she would be fired and no one would argue the point.

  19. O.J. kneels on the 50 yard line at the beginning of Super Bowl LIV, and then….
    …Nike offers him a $10,000,000 contract and his homicidal face pops up on billboards all over the U.S.
    Pence, along with most of the GOP, Fox News, and countless televangelists across the nation drop dead from ensuing cardiac arrests.

  20. Ah the slavery concept. Don鈥檛 want to talk about your own people selling you huh? Nope don鈥檛 bring that up. Whitey bad. Boo boo.

  21. My recommended today has featured a lot of black comedians today. 80% featured jokes about white people. 0% can still touch Dave Chappelle

  22. The truth plain truth who's happily laughing in background Exactly馃懝馃懝馃懝馃懝馃懝馃懝馃懝馃懝

  23. I like how Dave Chappell is channeling more of his energy into serious topics. Lenny Bruce did the same thing, and Bruce changed the way Americans think. Dave is TOTALLY capable of making a massive impact on American culture.

  24. I promise he just gave us a really short but perfect accurate description of our history while being funny at the end at the same time. How does he do this? 馃く馃ぃ

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