Daughter Vs Parents

– So I posted on Twitter
recently that up to 80% of individuals with autism
have sleeping issues, suffer from insomnia that sort of thing, can’t get on a good sleeping schedule. Abigail’s no exception. We’ve recently been experiencing
her staying up super late and not being able to
get up in the morning, no matter what time we send her to bed. We changed her schedule a little bit, adjusted it by about 45 minutes. She went to bed just fine but then she woke up super early. It’s always an extreme. It’s either really late or really early. It’s a hard thing. It’s probably a lot harder
for her than it is for us and I think that’s an
important thing to remember. While you’re struggling
with your lack of sleep, your child’s doing the same thing. Just food for thought. Welcome to the vlog. Thanks for joining us. I hope you’re having a great day, if not I hope it gets better. Okay, let’s go. – [Priscilla] You look so pretty. – [Asa] She looks cute. – [Priscilla] Grandma and
Grandpa got her that shirt? – [Asa] That’s really cute. – [Priscilla] Isn’t it? – [Asa] Yeah. You look gorgeous, Ab. – You do. I’m posting your picture of your lunch. – [Asa] What is she having? – Lentils today with pirates booty, an apple, sugar free yogurt and a water. – [Asa] Nice. It feels like, I feel super
fancy having a refrigerator. I came in here last night,
I got a cold Powerade. I was so excited. I felt, yeah. – I was like, oh. – [Asa] It’s amazing when
you don’t have a fridge. – Yeah, he’s gonna be so
happy to have his coffee. – [Asa] Oh, yeah, I had coffee
this morning with creamer, it was fantastic. Hey, you got to go to school. Come on. Come on, let’s go. Oh, I know. No, no, no, we’re getting up. Come on. One, two, three. Good job. Okay, no, not laying down. Stand up.
There we go. Aw man, you jacked your hair up already. I had it braided. Come on, let’s go get your shoes. There you go. Little fleece, it’s fleece weather. Abby, you need a little
vest and some boots that you can look like Han Solo
like the rest of the girls. (running engine) (knocking)
(smack) – I love you.
– I love you too. – I’ll see you in a little while. – [Asa] All right have fun. – I’m gonna have breakfast with my girls. – [Asa] Huh? – I’m gonna have breakfast
with one of my girls. – [Asa] All right, bye ladies. – [Priscilla] Bye. – Oh look, Lowe’s is here with our refrigerator the very next day. Kind of wish I hadn’t have
filled the refrigerator all the way up. If you don’t know what happened with the refrigerator fiasco
it was in yesterday’s vlog. I’ll link that right up here for you. You were like angry, why are you so angry? – Because you have the heat
on, like we’re in Florida. You don’t need the heat on. – But you don’t need to be angry about– – Because I keep, you keep turning it on and I keep turning it off. – I have it set to 70. – But 70 with heat on is different than 70 at cool like it’s different. It’s stuffy in here. I can’t breathe. You have shorts on. Go put more clothes on if you need to. This is insane, stop
touching the thermostat. – [Asa] Why are you so mad? – I’m going to put a lock on it. – [Asa] Hey, shhh. – Gosh, I’m like why am I hot? Am I having a hot flash or no, my husband has the heat on
when it’s 56 degrees outside. – Because you came in you’re like, it’s so hot, is the heat on? Agh, divorce. – Pretty much, if you don’t stop touching that thermostat that’s means for divorce. – [Asa] You need to calm down. – Stop touching the, I wanna
put my face on the cold marble. – [Asa] Oh my gosh, you’re ridiculous. You look super cute, though. – Thanks. – [Asa] I like that sweater. – Size 14, woop, woop! – [Asa] Looks good. Okay, are you gonna help me film this? – [Priscilla] I am. – [Asa] Sponsored video coming up. – I need a fan. – [Asa] You know what
sponsored video means. – [Both] Giveaways! – [Asa] What’d you get? – Some Christmas decor. – [Asa] So. – Obviously I want candles to decorate with for Christmas but
we can’t have candles because we have Abigail,
so next best thing? These candles, they look real. Abby likes to eat the candles. – Yeah, she’ll take them into her room. Isaiah has candles in
his room all the time and they go missing. She’ll take them into her room and we find little wax shavings. – [Priscilla] She picks them. – All over the place
and she’ll pick at them with her fingers and bite on them. – [Priscilla] And
obviously, you don’t want to have a flame around her. – Yeah, are you excited? – I’m so excited. – [Asa] To decorate your house? – It took forever to be
able to decorate, guys. And there’s still some
things I can’t do, you know? Like candles, lots of people have candles, can’t do candles and that’s okay. If you have a younger child, don’t stress, it will get better. There will be things that
you can and cannot have. And this year we’re gonna
be putting out new things, so it will be a learning
curve for everyone. – [Asa] We’ll figure out
whether we can or can’t use it. – What’s gonna work
but she’s done amazing, knock on wood, with the
fall decor, you know? I thought that that would
be an issue but it wasn’t. I’m worried about the cat with the tree, everybody’s been
stressing me out about it. – [Asa] It’ll be fine. – Yeah? – [Asa] Yeah. – Okay, she’s not a good cat.
(laughs) – She’s a good, aww. We’ve established that
Priscilla is genuinely not a cat person. – [Priscilla] I am team Maverick. – She loves the cat but she’s just. – I prefer Maverick, Maverick’s my boy. – The cat’s just my spirit animal. It does what it wants, it’s kind of got an attitude, it doesn’t listen to anybody. – [Priscilla] It’s pretty much Asa. – It’s grumpy when it wants to be like, that’s my spirit animal. – [Priscilla] Yeah, you can only touch it when it wants you to. Hey buddy. – What does that mean? – [Priscilla] How are you doing? – [Asa] That was slightly inappropriate. – No, it wasn’t inappropriate. There’s my boy. – Abby’s home, Rebecca’s
here to hang out with her. They just went up to her room. I don’t even think she said hi to me. Because that’s what
teenage girls do, fine. – [Priscilla] I got a hug and a kiss. – Did you? – [Priscilla] I did. – Wow, Priscilla’s taking me on a date. Are you taking me on a date? – [Priscilla] Yeah. – She’s gonna take me to the movies. We’re gonna go see “Ford v Ferrari”. – [Priscilla] Is that okay? – Yeah. – [Priscilla] Isaiah says
it sounds really good. – It looks really good. I was watching the preview for it. It looks good, let’s go see it. Is Isaiah going? – [Priscilla] No, he’s
going to take pictures. – Oh. Thanks for my date. – That was fun. – Super good movie. – Yeah. – Highly recommend that movie. – Yeah, that was good. – Like, how many movies
have you been to lately where you really want to
clap during the movie? I mean, I wanted to do it, Priscilla did. Full on, like, yay, out
loud and everything. Good movie. – Yeah. – [Asa] Hi, hi. – Hello. – [Asa] Did you have fun Ab, we did. That was a good movie. Hi, kiddo. – We’re listening to Christmas music. – Oh, yeah? Well, it’s appropriate this
time of the year so that’s okay. She’s in her room again. – [Priscilla] Does she not
wanna hang out with you? – No, she didn’t wanna hang out with me. – [Priscilla] Aww. – I went and sat down
next to her for a minute. – [Priscilla] Yeah? – She got up and went to her room. – [Priscilla] Hi. – Maybe she’s mad at me, that’s a pretty typical
teenage girl thing to do. – Yeah? – She’s mad at her dad or whatever. – Hi. This is why. Why can’t you just relax and get pet? You get kisses. – [Asa] Because you don’t
like me, I heard you. I heard you talking about me. – Maverick, come here. – [Asa] He’s like see, you call the dog whenever you’re holding me. (grunting) – [Asa] Oh, be nice. Hi. (grunts) How are you? – [Priscilla] You look super cute today. Can I have a hug? No hugs? (grunting) – [Asa] So it’s not just me. – [Priscilla] It’s not just you. – [Asa] Hey, Ab? Are you ready for the weekend? Yeah, oh my gosh, I’m so excited too. – [Priscilla] I’m excited. – We’re gonna have a
good weekend, I think. We got plans, home plans but plans. We have a lot to do. So you guys know what’s
happening tomorrow? – What? – Priscilla’s vlogging tomorrow. – I am. – It’s gonna be a mom vlog. – Mom vlog. We’re just gonna TikTok all day. – It doesn’t sound like a big deal but really, it’s a totally
different perspective. – It is. And I don’t know, I film
different things than you film. – You do, it’s gonna be refreshing. – No B-roll. – I think you should try to
do some cinematic B-roll. – Oh, I can do some, I can like get down there I’m like this is Asa
B-rolling, are you ready? – [Asa] I feel attacked. – (television mumbles in background) – Who am I? – Does my face do that? – You do. – Oh.
– Yeah. – What camera do you wanna use? – I don’t care, whatever one has the
best B-roll capabilities. I’ll get B-roll of you being a brat. How about that? Look, why are you biting me? – Say, I’m not. Okay, that’s biting, yeah. – She was biting me. – Say, I’m playing, I’m playful. I’m a playful lion, roar. – [Priscilla] I don’t like that. – Everybody was saying we
should get Abigail a kiddie pool with pillows in it but
that’s why we’re saying on the cruise is that the kiddie pool
pillows replaced her couches ’cause she has her nest in her room and then she gets all huddled
up in her stuff over here. That’s why she liked
the kiddie pool so much. What do you wanna do tomorrow, huh? – [Priscilla] Are you guys so excited? – [Asa] What do you wanna do tomorrow? – [Priscilla] (mumbles) – [Asa] Are you gonna show me? – [Tablet] Popcorn. – [Asa] You wanna eat popcorn tomorrow? No, tonight? – [Priscilla] Make sure you
all say hey when you hop on. – [Asa] Where do you wanna go? What are you looking for? – [Priscilla] Anybody on here? – [Tablet] Car ride. – [Asa] You wanna go
on a car ride tomorrow? We can do that. We can do that, yeah. That’s a really good idea. – [Tablet] Car ride. – [Asa] Yeah, we’ll go on
a car ride tomorrow though, not tonight, okay? – [Priscilla] Yeah with foundation
which, I wish you guys– – [Asa] Hey. – Hey. – [Asa] How was photos? – It was good. – [Asa] Hey, come up
here and take your pills. Yes, don’t (mumbles), come on. Let’s go, ready. – [Priscilla] She’s like,
we’re pulling an all-nighter, it’s Friday night. – [Asa] Nah man, not doing that. Give me a break? Tell me you need a break. Abby, come up here and take your pills. (laughing) Come up here and take your pills. (laughing) Come on, be authoritative. – Abigail Lorraine. Okay missy, stand up. (laughing) I’m serious, I’m serious, I’m
so serious, I’m so serious. I’m serious, you gotta get
up and take your pills. You gotta take your
pills, you gotta take it. (smacking)
(laughing) Don’t kick, get her Maverick, get her. Get her Maverick. (smacking)
(laughing) My sweet girl. Okay, seriously, you
gotta take your pills. What’s up, buddy?
You need attention? You need attention? – [Tablet] Sorry, I
didn’t quite catch that, could you please repeat it? – [Priscilla] Come on, come on. – [Asa] Come on, let’s go. Here stand up, take your pills then come back down here, okay? – [Priscilla] Yeah, you’re
just taking them real quick and then you can come back down. I can’t even (mumbles) you. (laughing) – [Asa] Careful, be careful, Ab. – [Priscilla] Come on, come on. (grunts) (laughing) I’m gonna wrap your
blankets up and pull you. (laughing) How are you making yourself
so impossible to move? – [Asa] Watch out, stand up. Let’s go, come on. Give me your hand, come on. Stand up, stand up. – [Priscilla] You’re not going to bed, you’re just taking your pills right now. Oh my goodness. Team lift, woo! We won. She like threw my phone. Hello. – [Asa] Come here, come here. – [Priscilla] What do you mean? Well it was just that I
was trying to do a lot and it wasn’t working. (laughing) I got you, we win, parents won. (clapping)
Woo! I mean we’re out of breath but– – [Asa] It took us over four minutes to get our 14-year-old hundred
pound kid up the stairs, I don’t know that we won. – Oh we’re winning. – [Asa] Good job. Okay hey, real quick, bathroom. Yes, you need to try, go try. – Come on, what are you doing Miss Priss? – The girls in this
house are out of control. Everybody passed out, I’m
the last man standing. Goodnight. (beeping) – [Asa] Nope. (laughing) – Team effort. (thump) – [Asa] Gosh.

100 thoughts on “Daughter Vs Parents

  1. I grew up with cats and I currently own cats, and I have NEVER had an issue with Christmas tree ornaments. Ever.

  2. Asa, thanks for sharing that point about insomnia and autism. I didn't know that the two were related and it's interesting to think of it that way. As someone who's on the (I suppose higher end?) of the spectrum and has dealt with insomnia for as long as I can remember, I can certainly speak for the personal struggles it causes and how frustrating it can be. I find that on days where I haven't gotten a decent amount of sleep, there is quite a significant difference in my brain functioning and I tend to have a tough time thinking straight and regulating my emotions. Maybe that's what's going on with Miss Abbie too. However, I have a feeling that the love and emotional support y'all give her goes a long way and makes things far less difficult for her than they could be so awesome job on winning at parenting. She is so lucky to have such an amazing, loving family.

  3. I agree with Priscilla 100000000%. Put on more clothes, Asa. Its always 66 in the summer and 72 in the summer in here.

  4. My cat was a wild kitten but he never once took an interest in my Christmas tree. He’s 7 now and still no problems. You may get lucky.

  5. Dealing with sleep issues with my 2.5 year old. He'll wake up in the middle of the night for 1-2 hours. 🤦
    Also, totally agree with P on the thermostat thing!!

  6. My Husband is the same but when it's cold he turns down the thermostat and opens the windows , Arrgh !!! He's autistic so I don't know if that's why .

  7. I agree about the AC/Heat thing. My husband has learned not to touch my thermostat. We are in S Louisiana. No reason for that heater until it is under 50. Lol.

  8. Maybe she was saying she wanted to go to the movies. When she said popcorn and car ride. She heard you and mom talking 😍

  9. As being on the asd spectrum my self. My sleeping patterns are all over the place. I find my brain does not want to power off. I end up sleeping to much my self

  10. Y'all have fun with the Christmas tree and Nala lol your in for a treat. We place bets on which one of our cats will climb the tree first lol 😂 they love it xo

  11. Abbie has the best laugh. I challenge anyone to watch the ending where she is not getting up willingly to take her meds and not smile. It's impossible, in my opinion. If you can watch it and not smile or giggle along with her, then you should see a doctor. Love it!  
    xoxox Heather🇨🇦

  12. If you ha e a fake tree no breakable objects on the tree and bend the branches up so the cat doesn't nock stuff of the tree.

  13. Can I tell you I love seeing Cilla mad…. it’s a whole other Cilla, made me feel better as I am not the only one that feels the same way. Heater for 60 degrees? NO WAY ASA!

  14. I will like to know how you guys handle your time as partners. Is obvious and the common sense said that kids are priority and when you have a child with this like I do even more is a priority. Have you have any understanding each other in that aspect?

  15. That was slightly inappropriate, lol 😝 you two are so funny 💗 I am not a cat person either, lol . Poor Abby not sleeping is distressing. I hope it gets better 🤗🙏🏻

  16. Heaters should never be set higher then 64 in Florida lol I’ve been running out the back door cause it’s too hot in the house…lol

  17. To deal with unruly cats… anchor your tree to the wall near the mid section, the cat will climb the inside and knock it over. They like to hide inside the tree. Use plastic ornaments, they make really nice looking plastic ones. The cat will climb the tree and knock them off breaking any glass/breakable ones (or climb in the tree and knock the whole thing over breaking many ornaments at once). If you want to put some glass/breakable ornaments on, use extra string or ornament hooks to extra secure them to the tree, and only hang them on the upper third of the tree. The cat will most definitely bat at any lower hanging ones and they will fall off and break (unless they are plastic). If you are absolutely set on using glass/breakable/or sentimental ornaments, put your tree in a room that you can close the doors and do your best to keep the cat out of that room. I am totally a cat person, although I do absolutely loves dogs too, but christmas trees are cats favorite destruction toys

  18. Priscilla you are looking so GREAT!! And Asa, I am so with you. Cats are definitely my spirit animal as well! 😂😂😂

  19. Pricilla, I’m so with you on the heat thing….. if the heat is on you better be wearing warm clothes with it or it’s too warm for the heat. Asa, hands off the thermostat!!!

  20. Don't put ordainments on the bottom like 2 rows because the cat will bat at them and knock them off and possibly break them! I know this from personal experience!😂

  21. I have the same issue with my husband and the heat. He turns it on when he doesn’t need to! Like WE LIVE IN ARIZONA 🤦🏻‍♀️ drives me nuts.

  22. Priscilla, i just felt like i finally had someone to relate to. My husband will have the heat cranked up for no reason lol i hate it so much.

  23. Some people may think that this is just Abbie not wanting to sleep like a lot of children do, but thats not the case (I'll admit I thought that at first). People with autism tend to have insomnia: It takes them an average of 11 minutes longer than typical people to fall asleep, and many wake up frequently during the night. Some people with the condition have sleep apnea, a condition that causes them to stop breathing several times during the night. Sleep in people with autism may also be less restorative than it is for people in the general population. They spend about 15 percent of their sleeping time in the rapid eye movement (REM) stage, which is critical for learning and retaining memories. Most neurotypical people, by contrast, spend about 23 percent of their nightly rest in REM.

    There is mounting evidence that too little sleep can exacerbate autism features, such as poor social skills. Children who do not get enough sleep often have more severe repetitive behaviors. It says in most cases it cannot be completely "fixed" but can improve, they recommend sleep studies to find ways to improve sleep pattern amongst people with autism, but for the most part there is no permanent or quick fix. I don't know how true that is but I decided to do a little bit of research (I guess I'm that person 😂). Poor Abbie… I've had situations where I couldn't sleep for several days due to a lack of medication and it was a nightmare, I cannot imagine what it's like for poor Abbie dealing with insomnia her whole life.

  24. Things like this goofy little argument are what help me realize that Abbie really does understand everything going on around her, and she's just like any other teenager 😂

  25. I do not think I’ll ever be able to put bulbs on my tree again! My cat thinks I got her a new toy when I put it up! I also hand raised her from a day old so she’s a little spoiled ! My other cat doesn’t bother my tree! This will be my second Christmas with her so we shall see!! Oh and she chews the paper off the gifts also!! Ugh I have videos of her doing both last year!!

  26. I have an unusual question. When you guys are play fighting or even with her "bad," meltdowns. Has any one ever hadto go to the hospital for injuries.

  27. LOL Priscilla and the thermostat is REAL. I have the opposite with my husband, he turns it down to COOL when it's 30° out 😤

  28. Can you do an outfit of the day with Abbie. Right along with her lunch 😊 she is too cool. Your family is my favorite ❤️

  29. I have that same shirt that abby has in the beginning, although shes looking a lot cuter than me 😉 Long time follower and parent of a child with exceptionallities. Thank you for making me (& I'm sure other families) feel like were not alone in this. ❤

  30. Oh my goodness my hubby and I have the same disagreement regarding the thermostat…Asa telling Pricilla “you need to calm down” is brave…especially telling a hot flustered woman to calm down 😂

  31. This is one of my favourite videos so far!! A glimpse of another family’s happy and fun moments! Loved how carefree and happy y’all are in this! Abby’s laughter is so cute and contagious!! ❤️❤️🥰🥰

  32. I feel you Cilla!! My dorm room has central heating for all three rooms and my roommates keep it on 74 and turn it right back on the second I turn it off

  33. Her playing when you were trying to get her up to take meds was so sweet. She loved the interactions between you all.

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