Daily Schedule For High Functioning Autism

Hey everybody, my name is Tom and welcome
back. Before I explain what’s going on behind me here, let me just say that I’m going to
start recording a couple of videos time and kind of get a backlog so that
I can get schedule going and do like at least weekly releases of these videos until I get
a lot a lot more and maybe then I can do a few more days so bare with me with that. And
if you see me in consecutive videos in the same clothing that is why I wanted to talk to you about what I’ve got
behind me today actually want to buy it last video I plans
got changed, which I fucking hate. And we’ll get to that and another video as well. But this is what we would call I’m not sure what
the real name for it I call it my real my retard calendar because it’s a calendar and
I’m a retard so I call it that I’d that’s not the name
at all right. That’s just my my pet name for it essentially is a day to day calendar for autistic
people that uses these like kind of little cartoons. So I mean, there’s very many
ways to do it kind of depends on the person. But I actually wanted little cartoon. So my
therapist printed off like a whole bunch of these cartoon,
I wanted to run through a few of them with you and kind of tell you what I do every day and what we’ve got on
the calendar so far. Okay, so hopefully this is an okay shot. And
you can kind of see what’s going on. I was going to take it down. But I’m kind of worried
I won’t get it back up in the same place. So I don’t want to take
it down. So just going to try and run through them and point out what the each of the cartoons are and
what they mean. And you know, this is something that provide structure and routine to my day.
Do I follow this day to day? No, I don’t. I probably should. And I’m, you know, I’m
getting better at it. But I don’t like being restricted. So although this is helpful for me. So every
day, we’ve got the same things going on, because I like to have repetitive
routine. So we’ve got things like breakfast, feed the
animals and have a wash. So we’ve got that in the morning there under the morning tab
right there. And this isn’t the nicest looking calendar. But we made it in under like half
an hour. And yeah, you know, it does, it does the job.
So you’ve got those things every day, kinda like Monday, Tuesday through, but then dusted
throughout. You’ve got a couple of these little washerwoman which tell me I need to do washing
on these days. So we’ve got Wednesday and Friday. And then every every day, we’ve got breakfast,
feed pets, and wash in the afternoon, we’ve got every day we’ve got have lunch, because one of my major issues is I forget to eat
or I don’t feel hungry because of nerves. So we need to make sure I remind myself that
I need to be eating and this actually has worked in the last month, I would say my eatings
got so much better. So dusted throughout. Again, we’ve got a couple of other things.
So we’ve got shopping, we’ve got bills, and I’ve got that on Tuesday and Wednesday, because
my money comes in on a Tuesday or Wednesday. And then we’ve got a cleaning man on Thursday, which
tells me I need to clean the house. So I do that I mean, I do I am I’m quite clean anyway. But once a week I
do a proper clean or what I would consider a proper clean being a man and everything
you know, it’s never a proper clean, my wife would tell me it wasn’t clean. But I digress. Anything. Then we’ve got things
like dinner where we’ve got like chicken chips and things
like that we’ve got feed the rabbits and the pet,
some feed all the pets. And then we’ve got one that reminds me to
go to bed. because quite often it will get to five o’clock in the morning, I’ll realize
that haven’t been to bed and be super tired. And then I won’t fill the actual needs to
go to bed. Because it’s like kind of morning already, I may as well just stay awake, right?
Although I don’t have a particularly nice name for this. I use it to inject comedy into
something that I’m quite insecure about being nearly 30 years old. This is kind of degrading
to me. And I mean that in the nicest possible way
is degrading to me but extremely helpful, extremely useful
to me. And although I don’t follow it religiously, it really is a good guide for me to get some
routine and not only that is good for the people around me. They kind of know what I’ve
got to do every day to that’s helpful for people you’ve got to live with. In essence,
I find this useful i mean i want to expand on it and add a lot more to it get it a bit
more detailed but for now this is a great start. So once I’ve got this down, I will
be expanding it and I’ll keep updating videos to show you the expansion as we go. I think
one thing I do want is whiteboard because it’s a little easier to rearrange your day.
This kind of like is stuck now. And I feel like I’d love to pull this off and bring it
closer to the camera. But I really I really don’t. I really do. It’s hard for me to explain.
I really don’t want to like mess it up because it’s working and I’m scared that if I change
it at all and mess with it, it will not work anymore. So I’m sticking with it. I hope you
can see it. I have got a few of the cartoons here that a spare
for the third is left me in case I needed to change anything and I can go through some
of those with you quite happily. So we’ve got the washing cartoon here it’s
just a little dude doing is washing we’ve got like a little rabbit hutch because I have
rabbits and it’s to remind me to feed the rabbit you know i don’t really need remind
feed the rabbit it’s helpful to be on the right we’ve got the cleaning this is the little cleaning man if I’m cartoons relax me I’m one of those
guys who watch like cartoons for hours every day you know and I find that they relax me they made me
feel like a child again and that I was happy to have when I was a child and we’ve got this man running away from his bills
which is gonna quite accurate for me we’ve got a guy just you know bathing up having
a good old wash loving it we’ve got a sleepy sheep person to remind me to go to bed What else we got here we’ve got one on here
with I’ve got one here that isn’t actually on here but is to be added
later and that is work and we’re kind of is just whatever I’m doing at
that moment as a project so at the moment I’m doing videos on YouTube and that is considered
my work so that is to go on a later date but I’ve had quite a depressing few months so
I really didn’t put that on to not pressure myself to do something that I didn’t feel
great doing his me doing the shopping and throwing cans
around else we’ve got we’ve got the dinner one we also have the lunch one and I think other
than breakfast which is just like croissants tea and stuff and this like feed pet one that’s basically it Oh this one’s yoga
but I’ve never ever abided by that I do like yoga by never ever have the motivation to do it. So not
once have I actually listened to that I should take it down but it stuck there now so I’m
kind of concerned about taking it down. Alright guys, I hope that
you enjoyed this and this is helpful for you. I’m not telling you to go and call it retire counter.
But when things are stressful, it might be good to recognize that some people
me included inject humor into it to be able to deal with it more effectively and not get
so upset by it. This is kind of upsetting to me just like being diagnosed was upsetting
to me. So I inject humor into it for myself it’s not meant to offend anybody it’s just
for me it’s just for me and I’m not calling anybody a retard I’m only calling myself a
retard and I don’t mind Thank you for watching. If you
do want to know anything about this, just ask some questions down below. I’ll get to
them. I’m happy to update videos as I go along with this and you can kind of see how it progresses
and how it affects my life so do keep popping back if you want to know about that I will
keep putting links in the description as and when we go so if you’re watching this at a
later date, there might be a couple of videos down below explaining the next steps of that
I went through with this calendar. With that being said I’m just going to say goodbye now and stop rambling
cheers so much for watching and have a good one.

2 thoughts on “Daily Schedule For High Functioning Autism

  1. Dear Sir! Greetings! You may be able to use this bit of advice for your calendar. I saw on YouTube where someone was using a calendar similar to yours. The nifty bit is that they have Velcro attached to the back of each image and then they can move tasks around and the calendar stays neat looking and useful. I hope this helps.

  2. Dude, great job making that calendar. I have an assignment for school and had to look up videos of people using activity schedules and this is the most useful one i've found so far. You're on the right track and I think if you use a whiteboard it'll work even better than the paper one you've got in the video. My bit of unsolicited advice would be to use velcro like Larry suggested but to laminate them too before you attach velcro to them. They will last a hell of a lot longer. Keep on keeping on bro, I can't wait to see what you pull off.

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