CT scanning – Sådan bruger Belden Cekan CT scanning til kvalitetskontrol

(Experience how) Belden Cekan A/S uses CT scanning for quality control Belden Cekan produces plugs for office buildings, hotels and stadiums, for very complex IT-installations. My name is René Oestergaard and I am the head of development at Belden Cekan. I run a department where we develop products and tools – and produce the tools. We use CT scanning for complex parts, where we can’t use traditional CMM methods or vernier calipers. And for parts, where we know that the accuracy is very important for the part feature. In these cases, we have used scanning from Zebicon to validate our products. There are many details, and we also tend to work with challenging materials. Here we have a part, which is also shown on the screen behind me, which contains some tiny tracks, where we insert a metal plug. And here the accuracy is extremely important to us, otherwise we experience defects later We provide 25 years guarantee on our products in the market. So, we have had the small tracks scanned, there’s eight in each component, And this has assured us that they are identical. We have been very satisfied with Zebicon. There is always a dialogue when a measurement job is in process, and I get our files within a few days. I get our reference parts back and can archive these with the rest of the project. Typically, when we send a part for scanning and inspect the result afterwards, there are some dimensions that we know we need to pay attention to before scanning, but the scanning also reveals details, that we wouldn’t have seen without a scanning. It is an advantage for us because we have a complete documentation of our products and we can go back and look up a dimension that we might not have had the need for investigating at the time of the CT scanning.

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