Crime, Love, And Lies ๐Ÿ”‰ Tricky Riddles With Answers

David’s been a detective for more than
20 years. The local paper wanted to interview him. The reporter asked the detective to prepare
some stories. The weirdest and wildest criminal cases he could think of! David chose cases
that readers could solve on their own. He’s sure these detective riddles will help the
readers boost their brain power and improve their analytical skills! Besides, he knows
for sure that solving detective cases increases IQ, his went up by 20%! Are you ready to solve
these short detective riddles? Let’s start right away! The CEO of a small company came into work
early. Bad news…he had been robbed! Someone had found the key to the safe. Everything
was gone! The CEO immediately called the police. He told them that two of his employees,
John and Ted, used the company truck. The truck keys and the safe key are on the same
keychain. But they always return the keys! Anyway, the CEO always locks his office. The
employees have never even been in there. The detective talked to John and Ted when
they got to work. He asked them both the same question: “Someone broke into the company
safe yesterday. Do you know anything about it?” Ted said that the CEO always locks his office.
Sometimes the CEO gives Ted a bunch of keys, but he wouldn’t break into the safe! John
claimed he would never make a copy of the safe key. He wouldn’t even know which key
to copy. The detective realized immediately who the thief was. Who’s the thief? You
have 10 seconds to catch him! It’s John. The detective said the safe was
broken into. But he didn’t say how. How did John know the safe was opened with a copied key? Guilty, sir! A young family moved into a new home and
hired workers to make repairs. After the first day, someone stole all the money from
the family safe. They called the detective who questioned the workers: The Painter said
he was laying tiles in the bathroom. The Electrician said he was installing sockets
in the kitchen. The Designer was taking measurements of the premises. Who stole the money? Your
12 seconds start now. Obviously, the painter. Have you ever seen
painters lay tiles? I haven’t… He’s not who he claims to be. A detective saw his neighbor getting attacked.
So, he chased the criminal. At some point he noticed that the criminal ran into a coffee
shop near the apartment building. There were 6 people in the coffee shop. The detective
looked around and identified the criminal right away. Who attacked the detective’s
neighbor? I’ll give you 12 seconds to find him. I’m sure you’ll spot him right away! Look, it’s an eco-friendly coffee shop.
Customers have to bring their own mugs! That’s pretty cool, right?
The others have glass or ceramic mugs. The criminal is holding a plastic cup! Got you! Jim found a man, unconscious, in a dumpster.
The police arrived first, then an ambulance. The paramedic was about to pull the injured
man out of the dumpster. The police showed him to the detective. They had to use a flashlight.
The detective questioned Jim. Jim: “Tom came to see me last night. We talked for
a while. Then he went home. About half an hour later I went for a walk. Plus, I took out
the trash. I threw out my trash. I looked in the dumpster and saw Tom lying there!
I called the police immediately!” The detective knew that Jim had attacked Tom! How did the detective know? You have 12 seconds to figure it out Jim said he saw Tom in the dumpster. It was
pitch black inside the dumpster. The cops had to use a flashlight! How could Jim see
him? One night, a museum’s power was cut off.
The guards started patrolling the museum…looking for signs of trouble. The power came back on,
but there was panic on the second floor! Some priceless historical documents were missing.
The detective arrived at the scene and started the investigation immediately! There were
only three people in the museum when the power was cut off. The chief guard said that
when the power went out, he sent his guards to patrol the museum. Then he watched the
security camera monitors. The first guard said he went to the East wing and started
from the roof. The second guard said he was afraid of the dark so he just went out
onto the roof and sat there until the power came back on. Who should the detective arrest,
and why? Your 12 seconds start now! Don’t be lazy, this one is easy! The detective should arrest the chief guard!
He couldn’t have watched the security camera monitors. There was no electricity. A man with a suitcase full of money was
attacked on a street. The only witness was a taxi driver. The police interrogated him,
and this is what he said. Driver: “I got into my car but the windows were icy, so I
couldn’t see much! Then I heard screams, but decided not to get out of the car, I was
scared. Instead, I breathed on the glass and saw the attack.” The police were suspicious. Why? You have 12 seconds to answer this question Breathing on the glass won’t help, windows always freeze from the outside, not the inside! A detective was asked to investigate a case in an office. Sarah came to him and said that some creep has started messing with her
department’s employees. He follows them after work and throws paint on their faces!
5 women have already been injured…the paint can’t be washed off! Johanna was the first
victim. She said that it was definitely a man who had a cap pulled down over his eyes.
The girls didn’t see his face, but he looked like a man. Then Alice was attacked, then
Mary, and then Emily. The detective questioned Sarah a bit more. She mentioned that there
was some drama in their department. Some people were caught drinking during lunch break.
They didn’t get a bonus this year: James, Robert, John, Daniel. She also added that
the name of the last victim, was Sarah. The detective knew immediately who he should
arrest. You have 12 seconds to figure out who did it! It was James. The criminal had left his “autograph”.
The first letters of the victims spells: A detective was at his friend’s anniversary
party, in a large mansion. The evening wasn’t spoiled, even by the heavy rain. His friend
gave his wife an expensive diamond necklace. When there were only a few guests left, the
electricity was suddenly cut off. After about a minute, the guests heard a female scream,
and seconds later, the light came back on. All the guests saw the hostess lying there
unconscious… and her diamond necklace was gone! The detective told everyone to stay
right where they were. He asked everyone one question: “What did you do when the
power went out?” The Gardener Sean said that he went to the toilet. Quentin said
he was talking to Sarah. Sarah stated that she was flirting with Quentin. When the power
went out, Quentin hugged her. Julia said that she was walking around the backyard. Derrick said he felt bad and slept through the whole party.
He only woke up when he heard the scream. The detective knew that two people were involved
in this crime… and he knew their names! Who are the criminals? You have 12 seconds
to find the answer. Julia said she went for a walk, but look
at her, and her umbrella. Completely dry! Liar! Who’s the second criminal? Tell me in the
comments and I’ll Pin the right answer ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. It was Derek because Quentin's and Sarah's stories we're similar; the lights won't have any effect on the plumbing system; and every party I went to was always noisy except for slumber parties.

  4. The criminal with Julia is Derek.
    โ€ข How come he woke up only by the scream, while he did not wake up because of the noise at the party?

    โ€ข Besides, his hair are still right and not scrambled like one would have after sleeping.

    Please tell if this answer is right!

  5. 11:42 – I think the second criminal is Gardener Shawn because how could he have gone to the toilet if there was no electricity since he couldn't have seen anything around him.

  6. The guy who went to the bathroom is the second murder. The signs are pretty obvious. This crime was obviously a two person job to begin with. The male who claims he went to the bathroom wasn't wearing a tux like most of the guys as well as the one who was asleep. This could have gone both ways here but one of them must have turned off the power when the other one kills the victim. Perfect timing of teamwork. Wait… though the bathroom one makes no sense. It was Derik and Julia!!! Derik said he wasn't feeling well doing the party so he fell asleep. Bathroom guy could have just actually been.. You know… Going bathroom. When the detective investigated the crime you can notice Derik didn't look sick at all. He looked completely normal from after his nap. If he didn't feel good he could have left, or would have never showed up in the first place!!!! Man I should be a cop!!!!

  7. in go eco,right at the bottom of the sign,"no plastic"anothers sign sais no straws sand the culprit was using a straw!did the narrator miss that?

  8. how suddenly lay on the ground with no physical damage on her face ? the criminal was so expert. hehehe haahahahaha ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€

  9. The guy who was sleeping how tell me he doesn't wake up with the super noise of the music or the noise of the raing and wake up with a little scream

  10. The second criminal is Sarah? I mean she looks the same like Julia so maybe they are twins and that they sound the same too. Perhaps Julia killed The victim while Sarah made sure Quenton(?) didn't notice? Or the other way round? I give up.

  11. I reallyx2 like the detective riddles cuz it train my brain ๐Ÿง  and I want to became investigator!!
    This channel help my destiny

  12. The guy was not in the bathroom.He was shown in 10.15.Besides, compare the suits .At 10.15 he is wearing a black suit but when he is interrogated by the detective he is shown wearing a red jumper.

  13. A suggestion
    …. Humble suggestion

    Pls don't say any thing
    Your voice makes me wanna laugh

    And I cant afford to have distraction while solving detective riddles

  14. Ehahahahahah… you all think itโ€™s one of those people who stole the necklace, BUT IT WAS I, DIO! AHAHAHHAHA STANDO POWA! ZA WARUDO TOKI WA TOMARE

  15. 4:00 "I'm sure you'll find him" me 12 seconds later: nope didn't find shit

  16. Look at 10:15 he is standing right there and the lights are out so he was not in the restroom he lied cuz he was the one who did it.

    Like if you agree

  17. I think the one who is sleeping bcz when the party was loud he won't woke up but listening the scream …he woke up…which is too weird for me…

  18. Its the gardener why is the gardener dry if it was raining and why was the gardner inside if he is the gardner. What gardner works in the rain at night

  19. It was the guy who sleeping while the party! Why? Cuz he said that he's wake up when he heard the scream but, why did he didn't wake up hile the party is going? There's gonna be so much noises!

  20. I think the 7-second riddles the voice of the person is different and the introduction and on the riddles it saids how much time you have ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ

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