20 thoughts on “CONDITION or DISORDER – What Is The Autism Spectrum?

  1. I fully understand what you’re saying and why 🙂 But me being me,I still say ASD because I feel comfortable saying it when people ask me because that’s what I was diagnosed with

  2. ASC sounds weird why is there even a debate on this ?😕😕 I think condition is like allergies and more medical stuff rather than neurological disorders it's not something that needs to be fixed a lot of people are being diagnosed with it which is very surprising it's like OCD a Spectrum disorder so it's harder for us to seek help with things and support compared to someone with ADHD or epilepsy . I like to call it a different way of socialising

  3. Hey Andy I love your videos and they help me a lot dealing with my own autism. One thing I'm struggling with the most is sensory issues. Especially when I'm getting my haircut. Could you do a video about that maybe? That would be awesome.
    Yours sincerely,

  4. ASC? Are we talking about the American Society of Cinematographers or Autism Spectrum Condition? Kinda confusing because I talk about my special interest (cinematography) and my life with Autism Spectrum whatchamacallit. I have to play the curmudgeon card because I’ve been through DSM 3, 4, 5 and is the same symptoms with a new coat of paint. The problem is that spoken language is too fluid to base a diagnostic label from. There needs to be a wide community consensus before I adopt yet again another new identity.

  5. I just say autism, what we use is irrelevant. It's what the people that diagnose us say that you need to listen to.

  6. If the choice is purely ASD vs ASC, I'd choose ASC since it's less 'medical'/stigmatized as you outlined quite well in your video.
    Although I'd disagree that autism isn't something someone has, it is something someone is, at least I personally prefer that turn of phrase. But then again I am very firmly rooted in seeing autism as a variation of normalcy (which I've made videos about as well…)

    Given free choice, I use Neurodivergent or if it's just for a very brief explanation and I don't feel like explaining a lot I use Autism or Aspergers (since I live in a country where Aspergers is more commonly known than autism). I prefer Nd because I find it to be the least medical, and because I'm not just autistic, I also have some other neurological differences, I find that just using Autism or ASC can be a bit lacking as an explanation.

    To some degree, I'd agree that this whole debate could be considered hair splitting, but then that's what we autistics are known for isn't it? 🙂

  7. I never really thought about it and just kind of used ASD cuz I saw it the most but I feel like ASC is probably more accurate?

  8. I find myself avoiding both nowadays. I definitely think of it as a condition as oppose to a disorder but I only seem to refer to it as autism or on the spectrum etc

  9. In Dutch, we also use the term ASD (autismespectrumstoornis). I understand that it can feel negative to use 'disorder', like something is wrong with you, but it's been in use for so long. I think the negative connotation is already quite lost. But if you would prefer 'condition', I think that's fine too. It shouldn't really matter, if you ask me 😅

  10. I usually say that I'm autistic or that I'm on the autism spectrum. The term disorder doesn't really sit well with me but if one is to ask about my diagnosis in a medical context I would probs say ASD as it is the medical term.

  11. As an autism parent, I see it as what it is. No matter which terminology you choose to side with, autism is autism. With that being said, i prefer to not use the terms
    "disable" or "disability", as I feel that anyone and everyone has the ability to be great.. despite their differences from the "typical"…. Different NOT less
    Great video! Love finding other channels who are autism related.

  12. I have never thought about it we say asd just because that's what people know but if I use asc I not think they will know what we are talking about

  13. I quite agree Andy, I've always felt that the term "Disorder" gave too much in the way of negativity. Condition does give a more positive spin though I would probably would simply state the term, "Autism Spectrum".

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