Classical Musicians React: Sulli ‘Goblin’ vs ‘Dorothy’

Umu: So now you’re reacting to a solo artist who is an ex-f(x) member, Sulli, and her solo debut song. This song is a conversation between a woman with a dissociative disorder, aka multiple personalities, (James: Damn.) and the other people living in her head. (Daniel: Whoa.) Umu: The randomness of the lyrics reflect this. Her agency describes this song as organic pop with a French sensitivity and it expresses the different ways she is perceived by herself and others. The song is composed by Johan Gustafsson and Cazzi Opeia, and the lyrics are written by Sulli. Do you want the lyrics beforehand or after? Henry: Um, I think I’m actually okay. Alright, you ready? Elizabeth: Always. Henry: THREETWOONE. Stephen: Well, that’s going to be intense. James: I love this documentary style. Kevin: This almost looks like a video-heavy type of song. Isaac: Wait— Kevin: Oh…the music video does remind me of a European art film. Aaron: It’s really beautiful cinematography. Aaron: I get Renoir vibes from this. Nick: I’m interested to hear how they start the song, because the intro is so long. Aaron: Interesting! It’s like a music box. Nick: Yeah, with the glock. Kevin: Wow, I like the minor-major chord progression. Interesting. Nick: That’s a weird bass to choose, I think. Aaron: It’s like kind of funky, yeah?
Nick: Yeah. Nick: And it’s also so far, registerally from all the other instruments. Aaron: It’s got like the high percussion. Is that an accordion? Fiona: It sounds so happy now.
Daniel: It sounds like Lilly Allen. Fiona: Yeah!
Daniel: Yeah. Fiona: There’s such a lightness and quality of playfullness. It’s like she’s playing hide-and-seek with her other identities. Seiji: Quarter notes are upbeat! So…and the piano. Fiona: I’m loving these subtle harmonies thrown in here. Daniel: Yeah there are like these huge… Polar separation between like the twinkling… (Fiona: The highs and the lows) Daniel: Yeah, the highs and the lows. James: She has a beautiful voice. Melissa: Yeah… James: Whoa… Fiona: So whimsical!
Daniel: Yeah… Fiona: What’s going on here? Nick: It’s interesting. They kind of started off with the same block chords in the piano Aaron: Yeah. for the Sulli 2 and Sulli 3 And then the same glock right before Sulli 3 that they had in Sulli 1. Henry: Whoa. Henry: This—I’m just very wrapped up in this video. It’s really, really interesting! Elizabeth: Ooh, and now we got sextuplets in the… Charm, I guess? Kevin: Oh wow, okay. That’s uh… Dorian, Dorian 4? Dorian…. Yep. Kevin: Ha! The knock tie- The knock… Lining up with the drums. Fiona: I like the [claps], it sounds like time passing.
Daniel: Mhm. Daniel: Interesting. Fiona: I like how that is like every other beat. Fiona: Twinkles! (Daniel: Yeah) They add to that eerie side of her. Elizabeth: That ended with dissonance, didn’t it? It was like, one dissonant note in there. James: Hmm. James: Interesting, I really like it. I get the vibe, and I’ve gotten this vibe a few times reacting on this channel. But I get the vibe from her that she really like… Like high art. I get the vibe that she really knows what she’s doing and that she’s making a statement. And I think she’s a phenomenal vocalist, even though the song was short and it didn’t showcase that much. She was really able to like pack in a lot in there. I think just aesthetically and as a vocalist. Just the production of the song too, I thought it was all really, really, really well done. Henry: I wish I had seen the lyrics before now that I’m in hindsight. Because I can tell that it sort of was like serving that, but at the same time I know that— Again, sometimes we’ll watch songs that are sort of like… The song and the textures are sort of like the backdrop for what the words have to say. Sometimes the words are just kind of like bullshit so that you can just like jam out. So sometimes because of that like sort of duality sometimes one suffers because you’re paying too much attention to the other one. I felt like that wasn’t true with this. Even though I don’t quite know the lyrics are, I feel like there was equal amount of attention paid to —or at least enough attention paid to all the aspects of this. The video, the lyrics, the song, the production the choice of like… Sonic aesthetics in terms of like what instruments they used, the way they processed drums. You know, there was a lot of stuff. Like, they had sort of a crunch filter on… The drums at one point. They did like some gating and shit like that, it was really cool. They put a lot of effects just on the drums! But like that wasn’t the only thing that they did, you know? They made a lot of really smart choices. I like that term “organic pop”. It very much felt like… I’m not sure I would know how to define it, but I know that this is it! Nick: I thought the instrumentation was the most wide a variety of things instead of— I expected there to be just a whole bunch of different sections in the song that (Aaron: I swear—) Nick: —came one after another.
Aaron: I heard an accordion somewhere. Nick: But I think it actually makes more sense the way that they did it because… They’re all kind of coexisting at the same time instead of being like, “Now you’re this person, and now you’re this person.” It’s like they’re all there and they’re all there at the same time. And it wasn’t that many instruments but they were just so odd together. Aaron: Yeah. Nick: I thought it gave it a really cool effect. Umu: Alright, so you’ll be comparing ‘Goblin’ to her B-side song called ‘Dorothy’ released on the same album. Umu: Dorothy is a new-age inspired song and the lyrics describe the different aspects of a girl who is no longer in the world. The song is composed by (Daniel: Simo and Min Kyu Jung) and the lyrics are by Sulli, once again. James: That shuffling noise on the and’s…it’s really interesting. Aaron: Well also like it’s—
Nick: The bird sounds-ish Aaron: It’s not balanced. Aaron: On like—
Nick: Is it not? Nick: Oh, you’re right! It’s stronger in the one I was listening less. Aaron: I love the sounds she’s making. It sounds like bird calls! Like, that’s so cool! Elizabeth: Oh, it does sound kind of pentatonic, doesn’t it? Henry: Yeah, totally.
Elizabeth: Yeah, it’s pentatonic. Kevin: Mhm! Kevin: Ooh nice, nice syncopation. Aaron: Ooh! OH! Aaron: Yeah! Nick: That’s such an interesting progression because—
Aaron: That gave me chills! Nick: I’ve never heard that in music that is not like… from Asia. Henry: Yeah! Elizabeth: She’s like entirely in syncopation this whole time! Wow… Kevin: Wow, she’s really doing these repetitions. I dig it! It really works in this context. Stephen: This is like such a nice song that just sets up an atmosphere that you just like… That a listener can just live in, it’s really nice. Nick: There’s like a cricket or something? What is that?
Aaron: Oh my gosh! Aaron: That little cricket noise, it sounds like she’s saying “Dorothy”. Nick: Oh… Aaron: Oh that’s so cool, I love this! Seiji: Ooh, alright. Stephen: That’s coooool, that is so cool!! That’s like contrast, that’s real contrast! Stephen: Mhm! Daniel: Yeah, and you also have the…. rhythmic dissonance here, three against two. Simple against compound. Stephen: Man, so many polyrhythms. Henry: There’s something about like having a really high energy, fast 4 over that like really chill 3 that just is like cognitive dissonance. It’s very interesting and a really smart choice! Daniel: It feels like the music is like splitting in different directions because of the meters Fiona: Oh… Fiona: That’s beautiful it’s like…
Daniel: It’s like it’s expanding… (Fiona: It’s like her mind.) Daniel: And it’s just voice like echoing while it’s like … Kevin: Nice, just cuts away. Melissa: Yo, that was so cool. James: Interesting. Umu: What was cool about it? Melissa: Like okay so reminds me so much of minimalism. Minimalism, like the style of music that’s like… Like Philip Glass, Steve Reich, like where they take—and other people too. Um, they just have like very sparse textures, I guess. James: And repeated motifs that occur over and over again. And sometimes they do displace a motif. So like it won’t line up with itself rhythmically. And it’ll just be like kind of aurally confusing texture and then they’ll go back to simplicity. So I feel like they did that a bit here. James: No, she’s singing about having an ideal and knowing that paradise is out there, but the world just like beats you down and you feel like very broken and… You look back on those ideals that you had and you’re like, “Oh…shit” like, “This sucks.” I don’t know! That’s sort of what I got from the lyrics. She feels very distant from the dream she once had, or the paradise she thought she would be able to get to. I really liked it! I thought it was cool. Isaac: Yeah, it was nice. It was very transient sounding. And then you have, I guess three distinctive breaks, of… The chorus. Because the first time it sounds very much held, as if there’s a tenuto mark on top. “Dorothy…Dorothy…Dorothy…” And then the second time, it starts kind of having a more… Propelled outlook of ends of the notes and the last one especially with the — It changed the ambiance to a more upbeat feel as opposed to stuck and kind of grounded to every every moment of… The passage and in each verse. It starts soaring even faster and faster so it’s very interesting to see her change the approach of saying “Dorothy” and it wasn’t it wasn’t one of those weird chance where it’s just, “Oh my goodness, we’re actually going to listen to this 15 times?” But I actually genuinely enjoyed listening to her say “Dorothy” and… Explaining what she means by “Dorothy” in the verses. Kevin: There’s this music meme where Binky, from the child TV show ‘Arthur’ Puts on some headsets and says, “When did they stop tuning their instruments?” “No, that is the music.” But this isn’t the case of tuning their instruments, but I definitely had that feeling where at the beginning… The piano sound wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t know what to do with it, because there were lines like [singing] But every note seemed very concrete and I was like, “Man, that’s not what my teacher taught me how to play piano.” But if K-Pop or K-Pop balladry has taught me anything, is that a certain piano sound does not indicate that the entire song is gonna be bad. (Isaac: Mhm.) And for this one, I definitely…there definitely hit that moment once she started singing, especially when she started repeating “Dorothy” the first time. I became when Binky started floating with all the colors, you know? Kevin: I was like—Yeah.
Isaac: Whoa! I really got this feeling that I was sort of in space just floating. Just looking at Planet Earth and stuff. And that’s someway halfway through that. The music did not change at all and then I realized, wait a minute. What if this is about something more spiritual because… As Umu introduced, the song is about… You know, a girl who is not in this world anymore, that could mean physically, but that could also mean like spiritually, or in some sort of a zen place, (Isaac: Metaphysical.) Metaphysical place, exactly! But the music was able to evoke that as well and then…and this part is just my interpretation. But once the beats started kicking in, it was almost like, “I have returned… “Return to the world after my voyage and I was able to see…” You know like when people are crossing the street but they like play it in fast motion for dramatic effect? Like people, just like cars just moving, and the traffic lights. That’s kind of what that fast beat reminded me of. It’s like seeing through the matrix. You can suddenly see we’re all in such a hurry, but to what? Yeah, it got really philosophical without saying… without being very, you know, very… Verbose, it’s not the most poetic thing. But it’s just evocative enough and even repeating “Dorothy” over and over again was able to evoke all this stuff and I really liked it! Stephen: It’s really interesting how sometimes you can create this really weird kind of… Rhythmic attention. So for example, they’re like [singing] So like three 16th notes and then it goes back to the triplet but because both of those subdivisions sixteenth notes in eighth note triplets, they’re not like related to each other. Like sixteenth notes and then eighth notes are, right? Where they’re not in between so they mash up against each other. Stephen: It creates this really kind of weird… Syncopated feel. So that’s what I think like, that’s what I hear with what she’s doing. It’s really cool how she had like different meters going on towards the end with a really fast break beat. And then… Just like that triplet 6/8 feel that Seiji brought up. Also, what’s really cool is if you notice like in the chorus like [sings] “Dorothy” right? So like…it’s just really cool how the lyrics match what is going on musically. So for the chorus, even though it’s different pitches, it’s like a three note repeated motif and then she kind of reflects that in the verse where… All the lyrics like melodically were grouped into like the same melody notes. So like three notes and then three notes, like so just this repetition of like groupings of three. It was really cool. Daniel: I liked how the repetitions, especially the word “Dorothy” It’s like her in conversation with herself over and over and over again. It’s just expanding…and expanding from like a single focus.
Fiona: Maybe it represents thoughts never leaving your brain. Fiona: …Always just there.
Daniel: Maybe, or I mean— Daniel: It seems like it’s taking up space, so like…
Fiona: It was positive too. Daniel: It’s not even in her head or like maybe it’s the idea that her head’s expanding? You know, like her head space? Daniel: I don’t know.
Fiona: She has meditated… 10,000 hours. That’s all I got to say. Umu: Do you like ‘Dorothy’, or ‘Goblin’ better? Fiona: ‘Dorothy’ Umu: Why? Fiona: Because… Umu: Probably because period. Fiona: Because. Daniel: I like this, because I feel this way right now. I’m kind of tired actually so it’s just like… Hearing her voice just like echo and echo and echo just feels like rest. Fiona: I like the repetition and how there was so much variety in it. But it was just repeated a lot. And like Daniel said, everything just expanded so it had this kind of nice light yet exciting energetic vibe. Daniel: Yeah. Aaron: It puts me in my feels! Just like the way the piano part is this like… chromaticism to it that goes both ways of like… Uplifting and downlifting but then also it’s just such a unique… Like her voice. Well then also it’s simple.
Nick: Yeah. Aaron: But also there’s a lot… texturally going on And I love that when you have to listen for like the good parts. And then also, I love a great voice leading in counterpoint, so… *claps* bravo.

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  1. This was so beautiful, I really appreciate how you handled it so respectfully thanks so much for doing this reaction, I loved this single and even tho I'm crushed because after it's release I thought this was the beginning of she releasing more songs in the future, I'm at least glad we were left with a piece of her

  2. i've been a meu since forever, i noticed a huge change in f(x)'s style after she left but i never really connected it to her, but when goblin came out i thought her music matched f(x)'s old whimsical aesthetic (which i love SO MUCH and was the reason why i got into them) the most compared to the other member's solo releases, i was so excited. Now that i think about it, i guess f(x)'s old concepts did revolve around her A LOT. 4walls was great but i could definitely feel her absence (imo 4 walls screams KRYSTAL'S and not an ounce of sulli)

  3. The song sounds so cheerful and whimsical and like he said, it sounds like she' playing hide and seek with her other personalities or like a little kid innocently suggesting something like "dont be afraid of the cat without fur" and if you actually look at the lyrics and relate it to what she was going through, it's so sad. Now that she's dead both the songs has such a different meaning.

    18:42 holy shit the description this mans right here gives to the song hits so hard now.

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  5. Dorothy is such an experience. I'm glad that, at the very least, Sulli could show her artistry in Goblin and Dorothy. They were very unique and very real songs. Goblin was an amazing videos. I was looking forward to what else she would bring as a solo artist as her role in f(x) was quite different than her solo career. Glad that the music get its own video to be appreciated with

  6. I really love her first album when it came out so much that I look forward to her next. I got teary-eyed of how much the musicians love her music because it is beautiful and artistic. She would have loved this reaction. I'm so sad to see her go, I still am, but I'm just thankful to her for giving us this beautiful music. โค

  7. I remember when Goblin was released and thinking "finally". This was it. We finally got to hear her side as an artist and I really enjoyed it. It was unfortunately short lived. I hope Sulli is resting well in peace.

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    Rest in peace there beautiful girl…

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    'ReacttotheK' and appreciate what you're doing.

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    what a beautiful reaction, I specially enjoyed Isaacยดs input on Dorothy. Thank you guys

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  13. I love "Gobling" but I discovered it too late, I can't listen to it because I cry every time, it's so hard. I appreciate your uploading this reaction, thank you.

  14. The very first song I listened to off of the Goblin album was her song On The Moon. Itโ€™s still one of my favorite songs ever; I canโ€™t even describe how it makes me feel. One of the reactors said that Dorothy made him feel like he was just floating in space staring down at the earth, which is similar to how On The Moon made me feel. I have had so many long nights studying for tests I knew nothing about, but anytime I got too overwhelmed, I just listened to On The Moon and dreamily danced across my room with my eyes closed and I felt like I was dancing on the moon. Thank you SULLI for making such a beautiful piece of music, and I hope you are flying high and smiling as your color the sky.

  15. One and her only solo album turns out to be a timeless masterpiece. On The Moon is my fav song out of three tracks. Even though she's no longer with us but I'm grateful that her music have been received lots of love from music-lovers.

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  17. Sulli will always be our giant baby. Thank you for making this video, we MeUs and Peaches appreciate it a lot. ๐Ÿ’œ

  18. I stopped listening kpop for 2 months after sulli and hara passing. It was really hard to me witnessing these beautiful and talented girls gone that way

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  20. I tried not to listen to her songs because I know I'll cry and I definitely did while watching your reaction. This reminded me how talented Sulli was and I miss her so much, so I am going to listen to her songs again. And I will also listen to that Aurora Awakes, thank you for recommending it!

  21. This was the first time since her death that I felt strong enough to listen to her songs. Thank you for uploading it and for the beautiful intro!

  22. i really tried not to cry but as soon as the aurora descriptions came in i lost it, this was beautiful umu, thank you

  23. Geez! Considering this was reacted to before her passing, and the songs were written and recorded a while before, too, Dorothy especially feels prophetic like Bowie's Black Star or Prince's It Always Snows in April. The idea of the girl who is not of this world anymore, ugh. Sulli was a true artist, one who could not hold in her feelings and in everything she did, we could hear what she was going through. Both of those songs are truly beautiful and so glad to hear the compliments and validation she should have gotten while she was with us.

  24. didnt really follow sulli till goblin and well the lyrics are true when you truly look and understand them.

    as someone who works in media more leaning on the journalism side seeing how another country reacts to a person is truly interesting she pulled eyes to things that most didn't and yet she got hit with everything in the Korean media and that, thats horrible
    it shouldn't take someone to pass for change to happen

  25. yesterday i tweeted that i miss sulli and here you are uploading this, perfect timing
    thanks for the nice introduction we MeUs appreciation your consideration
    my favorite in this album is in the moon

  26. I hate how the world treated her when she was here, but I hate it more how the people who used to belittle her, hating on her, now acting like they gave a shit about her, sending her all those RIP message, when infact it was their words who's actually helping her demon took control.

    I miss her, I always do, after she left f(x), I stop stanning K-pop group for a long time. It just fuck up how people treated her back then.
    She was kind, she was fragile, and yet people treated her like a freak.
    And now she's gone, I just wanna remember her movement, her eye smile, her giant baby attitude, and her music.

    Thank you Umu and the rest of Reacttothek crew, I appreciate those opening, I haven't watched the rest of videos cause I don't know if I could, seeing how people who didn't know Sulli reacting to her music, as just her music.

    I believe now she has moved on from darkness and into the light, miss you Jinri ๐Ÿ‘

  27. For someone who suffer from mental illness, and for someone who cry after listen sulli song, i hope ur getting better and more happier. Dont forget this one, ure not alone, u have our and God ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘ผ.

  28. I dont know what to say but i am deeply grateful for this. I very much miss sulli even more now. Thank you so much!

  29. I love her whole songs when it released. I cherished it as a new beginning. But it ended that way. I just miss her so much. So so much.

  30. If only SM had let her do her own art earlier, what a blessed music scene would we have now with her work.

  31. Hearing this song reminds me of the time I waited excitedly for the release of her Goblin album and watching the music video nonstop …if we only had been more aware at that time, we would not have lost such a beautiful and pure soul.๐Ÿ‘

  32. I've been avoiding watching this reaction bc I knew it would make me upset… sure enough, I was crying already at the opening seeing Emma's heartfelt words and thoughtfulness with Aurora Awakens. But I have finally watched it and I am glad I did, even though it hurts.. Sulli's art deserves to be appreciated and celebrated.
    Sulli, you deserved better. I hope you are at rest now ๐Ÿ’œ

  33. I have DID and Sulli and her song Goblin mean so much to me. Many people are afraid of DID and people who have it and her song is all about how we aren't so scary. We are just people. We "just wanna tell you hi". The song and the video always make me emotional. The song recently saved my life. Another alter (personality) watched the video when very sad over Sulli's death. The alter herself had been suicidal but seeing the video made her realize that Sulli would not want her to die too.

  34. Thx for making this ๐Ÿฅฐโค๏ธ I just hope my angel is resting in peace ๐Ÿ˜” I love her so much and goo hara tooโค๏ธ๐Ÿฅฐ my two beautiful angels are now together taking care of each other

  35. ive been captivated by "Dorthy" since it came out and I don't think I'll ever hear anything like it from the korean music industry again. It's hard to believe she's really gone from this earth….

  36. Ngl that was suffocating. It was good to watch, I always appreciate reactions to the songs I like and since I could watch jonghyun's without breaking down I thought the same would go for Sulli but I guess the context truly is different. I'm sorry I wanted to write something but it's just hard. Thank you for the intro, it was heavy, somehow, but beautiful.

  37. Dorothy is like a sweet calming lullaby with haunting beautiful vocals thank you for introducing me to this song and Sulli <3

  38. Idk why I watched this when i knew when i saw sulli i would start crying but im so glad to hear people appreciate her and her music

  39. As soon as Dorthey played I started sobbing, that song hits hard, especially after this horrible news. It was really hard listening to them describe the hardships the song talk about because that's what she went through, the people won against her. I will always miss Sulli ๐Ÿ’•

    Please find a new, better place than this horrible earth where people didn't accept you, RIP Sulli

  40. This is so heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time, Sulli was a treasure and it will always pain my soul everytime I remember she's not here anymore.

    Thank you very much for the video. ๐Ÿ’œ

  41. Korea sexism killed suli and kuhara we korean women korean feminists will never stop our fight for freedom

  42. Since the released i've always listen goblin… till we got the news which shock all of us. Rest in peace sulli

  43. i have never heard dorothy before but the way they describe the song and rearding Sulli's life, it just tears me up. she chased a dream that is no where seen and she free herself of that sorrow

  44. I'm not Sulli's fan but i really miss her. She was really a soul of SM and a real princess. You are so precious, Choi Jinri

  45. From the very start, I wished nothing but the best for my girl. Im so happy that she's being appreciated for her music now, despite the recent events. Till the afterlife she still makes changes to make peoples lives better.

  46. Listening to this mini album now after the fact; it's eerie and very sad how it was like she was preparing us for what was to happen next! Like she already knew what she was going to do; and that she was imagining what it might be or feel like afterwards! Like one of the reactors said, it was like she was floating above everything and looking down and reflecting! It also takes me back to the last Instalive video she made right before she left us! I remember watching it live that day and thinking that it was just cute Sulli bored at home making funny faces and being silly for her fans! But when I watch it now, it still makes me tear up; because you can see the pain and sadness; almost like she was trying to cheer herself up one last time before she left us!

    Umu, as I've told you many many times in the past; you have created a masterpiece of a channel that takes us to places us non musicians would never even know existed! And what you did for this particular reaction was BEAUTIFUL; and makes me stand and give all of you an ovation for capturing what Sulli created and was trying to convey to us! And I think that SULLI herself would be VERY PROUD and THANKFUL for what you did for her in this video! BREATHTAKINGLY AWESOME JOB to you Umu and the rest of your reactors!!! โค๏ธ

  47. "I hope you are able to listen to it and picture a smiling Sulli streaming across the sky spreading light and colors wherever she flies" now that….. made me cry
    Sulli was such a beautiful soul and person, I had heard a week before her passing 'Goblin' and I loved it, started stanning right away expecting so much from her only to wake up a week later to the news, though I had not been a fan for a long time it felt so personal and it hurt me so much that to this day I still cry about her. Despite it all I hope she's flying around high and being happy in a place that deserves her, because earth clearly didn't. RIP

  48. I was literally bawling since the very beggining of the video and i was with a kind of a heavy mood, just crying. But a glance at the ironic bunny shirt really pulled a smile out of me and completely shifted my mood. It's like it was saying "you should smiling, not crying". Pulled me into the right track to just be appreciating her art and the positive comments <3

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