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*sings* It’s the most wonderful time of the
year…. unless you’ve got Chronic Pain and then it can be a bit of a nightmare! Hey everyone, it’s Katy and welcome back to my channel and welcome back to yet another
#ChronicallyChristmas video. So last time, I did my ‘Aspie Christmas Survival Guide’
that I will link somewhere down below or somewhere here so that you can go and see it if you
haven’t already. But I thought today I would do a very similar thing but for those of us
with Chronic Pain. So here is my little guide to have a Chronic Pain – Free Christmas.
So all of the tips and tricks that I am about to share with you definitely come from the
Pain Management Clinic that I went to – that was an 8 week Pain Management Programme. All
of these tips, I learnt from that programme. I don’t think I mentioned any of these during
my vlogging that I did when I was in clinic, but if I did, I definitely didn’t go into
as much detail so that is what I’m going to do today.
These tips and tricks that I learnt are basically how to survive any kind of key event or scheduled
event that is coming up in your life and that you need to do. This is something that you
can incorporate into any kind of event but obviously we’re going to keep it Christmassy
today. So I feel that the key to having a Chronic
Pain-free Christmas is to remember the 3 P’s! P number 1 is to ‘Plan’. So sit down with
your family and anyone else that you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this Christmas
– for me it would be family – just anyone in the household, sit down and make a list
of everything that everyone wants to do this Christmas or needs to do this Christmas or
ideally wants to do this Christmas. Any kind of ideas or activities that you need, want
or ideally want to do just pop it down on this list. It’s going to be massive, it’s
going to be a huge list. Probably you’re already thinking of things that you don’t want to
do on this list or you feel you can’t do but just write them down. Write anything down
regardless of how practical they may be for you and bear in mind you family’s ideas as
well so if your family or friends want to do something write that down as well – just
literally write down a list of everything that you could possibly do this Christmas!
I feel like this is the easiest step and definitely the best place to start when you’re trying
to make this Christmas as pain-free as possible. It’s to get an idea of what everyone’s expectations
are and also what you’re expectations are of what you want Christmas to be this year
and I think it’s really important to communicate with your friends and family about what you
want to do and also what they want to do and just write it all down!
The second P is ‘Prioritise’. So take that massive list that you just made, which is
probably going to be huge and prioritise. Start to think about things that you really
actually need to do so maybe getting Christmas presents, do you need to visit family this
year? Then start to think about the things that you really, really want to do – so the
things that if you’ve got some spare time, this is really what you’d ideally want to
do. And then try and maybe get rid of a few f the things that your really can’t do or
that you don’t really fancy doing or things that are in the minority just scrub those
off the list. But I think the key to this step going right is definitely the 2 C’s – so
we’ve got the 3 P’s and the 2 C’s – ‘Communication’ and ‘Compromise’. Throughout all of these
steps, the 2 C’s are so important. You have to be able to communicate your needs to your
friends and family, they have to be aware that you have Chronic Pain and that you can’t
do everything and that maybe the expectations that are put on you are not really that great
and that you’re not going to ever reach those expectations. But you have to be aware also
that your Chronic Pain affects the people around you and sometimes it’s about compromising
what you want and sometimes it’s about compromising what they want.
And the third and final P is to ‘Pace’ and I think this is, again, very, very important
but often what people don’t really have a balance with is pacing. I find that with my
Fibromyalgia, on my good days, I will go 100 miles per hour and then I end up having a
bad day a day afterwards because I’ve just done way too much. It’s finding that balance,
that pacing so that you can do as much as you possibly can this Christmas without really
exerting yourself and pushing yourself 100%. But then you don’t want to be sitting around
doing nothing this Christmas in fear that your pain is going to be made worse. I guess
the other key side when it comes to pacing is to definitely know you’re own limits. So
any kind of organised event that you’re going to this Christmas like a market or a party
or going to the theatre, anything that involves wither sitting, standing or walking for a
very long time, it’s to know how long you can physically take that. That was another
really massive thing that we did in Pain Management was to learn how long you should be sitting
for before you get up and have a bit of a stretch and a wander round, how long you should
be standing for before you sit down and how long you should be walking for before you
stop. Try and find those times for yourself and know you’e own limitations when it comes
to standing, sitting and walking. And just remember that if you do have a scheduled Christmas
event like a Christmas party or something outdoorsy like a market, you don’t have to
go for the whole time! Maybe just doing an hour there will be fine and then coming home
– you can feel like you’ve achieved it and that you’ve done it and that you’re really
happy that you’ve been there and feeling a bit more festive – but you don’t have to stay
there for half a day or the whole day. It is about knowing your limits.
And if you are the kind of person who does like to do a lot of Christmas things outside
of the house and you have friends or family that really want to drag you out to get festive
in more conventional scheduled events kinds of ways – so like markets, going out for a
meal or going to see the Pantomime or something like that – you can apply the 3 P’s to that
situation specifically as well. So if you’re wanting to go and see the Pantomime, plan
it! Make sure you plan how you’re going to get there, how you’re going to get back, what
time you need to leave, who’s coming with you, where are you going to sit, where’s the
ideal place for you to sit, getting your tickets ready. Then you can prioritise what your needs
are – whether you need an aisle seat, whether you need to have a lift there and back, whether
you need to go in on the train or whatever you fancy, prioritse your needs. And then
Pace! So know that if you’re sitting down for a while, plan a little stand up, walk
around session in the interval. So these 3 P’s can be applied to Christmas in general
but it can also be applied to the smaller events that you want to do this Christmas.
So 3 P’s – they’re amazing! So those are my tips for having a Chronic
Pain-free Christmas and I know that Chronic Pain is completely different for every single
person out there but I do feel like the 3 P’s can be applied to any kind of pain, any
kind of situation and I thought that is why I would centre this video around the 3 P’s.
So we could go on all day talking about how to have a Chronic Pain-free Christmas but
I think that’ll be too unique to me or not specific enough for you so it is about working
out what your limitations are, what your requirements are but I do feel like the 3 P’s can be applied
to any sort of Chronic Pain situation and they can be universally adapted to your needs
and your requirements. So I think that is about it. I hope you’ve
really enjoyed these little tips, let me know if you have any top tips on how to have a
Chronic Pain-free Christmas in the comments below. This is also the last video to get
your questions in for my Q&A – I’ve had a load of questions about managing pain this
Christmas so if this video has sparked any more questions that you want me to answer
in my upcoming Christmassy Q&A then let me know in the comments below. I will be filming
that at some point this week so get your questions in as soon as you can. You can also tweet
me or comment on my Facebook posts if you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook then just
get in touch with me somehow and get those questions in! Hope you’ve had a really good
day and as always, I hope you’re enjoying this #ChronicallyChristmas series, I will
see you soon – bye guys!

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  1. qs: How do you deal with christmas shopping, wrapping and those kinds of things. Do you find your chronic pain makes it more stressfull? and increases your pain?

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