Changing His Autism Medication

Good morning guys
You want to say it? Say good morning guys Morning time
Morning time? Yes. Today is Noah’s psychiatrist appointment we are kind of looking forward to it
because we definitely need something to change a little bit. Things have been a
little bit crazy here guys. I will talk to you guys more about that but I’ve got
to get all the little ones dressed Penelope is dressed. Lex it’s time to
put on your cool little dinosaur shirt but guys like look at the outfit that
Liam is going to be wearing today. There. he’s gonna be so cute and then Penelope
is already dressed because she’s like so adorable. You’re so cute, you’re so cute.
Yeah you are.
No brother’s trying to do his work. Leave brother alone to do his
school work. You’re a little ridiculous right now You’re a little ridiculous [montage music] It’s time to get dressed to go bye-byes. No… Yeah, do you wanna go bye-byes with Mommy? No What’s wrong? Hot hot Oh the cracker? Yeah those are Daddy’s they’re pepper jack
Let’s go find you some shorts. Oh look you have some shorts on right there- what
did you do? You’re so crazy No Lex is not staying here
Don’t tell me Bubby and Sissy are coming too. No Bubby and Sissy are staying home cuz they
don’t want to come to your appointment these are just things that you have to do So we are on the way to
the hospital to get Noah’s blood done he just has to make sure that his levels
are a certain way. Oh well they’ll do it in the part where your sunburn isn’t at. Yeah
guys we are so sunburnt, my back but in order for us to adjust his medication which
I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening today, they have to see where his levels
are at. I definitely love downtown St. Pete, we actually lived closer to this
area when we first moved down to the St. Pete area 6 years ago, it’s always nice
to kind of come back
Is daddy going to be waiting for us? Yeah I think Daddy’s going to wait in the car because Lex is sleeping and we don’t want to wake up Lex Why are you here?
Why am I here? Yeah.
I work here You do? I do. Are you nervous about having your blood done?
It’s just normally I would go through the pain but I was sunburned and that makes it worse Alright Noah, did it hurt? You were so brave. You did such a good job. I screamed, how do you call that
brave? You still did good! You’re gonna give him a big hug? yeah crush him like batman Oh my goodness my hair looks rough
Not only does Noah have his appointment but I have to stop into the Autism Center to talk to them about Noah’s evaluation and Lex’s How was your doctor’s appointment? Good. So I took Noah to go hang out in the van while I go talk to the autism center because Noah’s
done for the day and I’m done with it Guys this is real life. Oh my god, I
hate appointment days like this but I need to go talk to the Autism Center
about Lex and Noah. He’s just having a really really really rough time Yeah we need to get our A/C checked Something’s going on with our AC guys. In Florida
that is not okay. So all of that is done I got paperwork for Lex, Liam, and Noah
they all need to kind of go through the autism center process. When we saw the
geneticist before we moved here he agreed that it would be a good thing to
get Liam evaluated. We are gonna start like the home therapies and I am going
to sit down and talk to you guys about Noah and the medication adjustment and
all that but today is kind of chaotic Yeah baby? It’s okay baby I know you’re
just having a rough time. The doctor even said was like I have not seen him like
this in a very long time. I’ve got to take care- okay I know that’s what you’ve heard
sweetheart but I have to take care of other stuff when we’re downtown. We don’t
live close to downtown St. Pete, sweetie. It’s just been a long day. Oh, are we not
going to Tijuana Flats? Okay. I want that cookie dough flautas. I am glad Lonnie
came with me though. It’s just nice to like, not feel so alone on these things. We
are going to do some medication adjustments. Again, I’m gonna sit down and
talk to you guys… probably near the end of the day when everything’s kind of
calmed down and I can kind of clear out my thoughts. Oh, we also have to go to
Walmart to get diapers, don’t we? Okay. Alright, so. Organizers? Oh, for the bathroom? Yeah, Probably. That’s a good idea.
That’s why you are my wingman. Oh, I’m sorry is your back sunburned still? Still.. Like we just went to
the beach yesterday, like did his sunburn go away. I’m so sorry honey. I’m a bad wife. Oh, hot.
Mom, is it gonna be hot every day? Yes, we’re in summer and we live in Florida. Are we having kind of hard day today? That’s okay, we’ll get better. Hi Lex, are you
having fun? What are you doing buddy? You playing puzzles? – You’re doing good!
You built it! Let’s see what our other munchkins are doing. What are you doing? What are you
doing? What are you doing? I’m gonna to go to tickle those feet. I’m tickling those feet. I’m going to tickle your feet. You got half a sock. Let’s put your sock back so then I
can tickle it. Yeah… What’s that? Is that it tickle your feet? Is that a tickle your feet? Put your pacifier in. [montage music] Alright guys, It’s the Hot Sauce Bar. [montage music] Is that Nelly? *Nelly coo’ing* [montage music] Are you so happy, was it so good? That is so cool! Daddy unlocked it from the outside on
his app. So, basically Lonnie is gonna take care of things downstairs because
he’s gonna go ahead and start on dinner. I’m going to unpack and clean all the
bathrooms, cuz it’s been about a little over a week since we’ve lived here. So,
it’s time to deep clean them, make sure they’re staying nice and pretty and
clean. Ah, but if I’m being truthful all I really want to do is just… sleep.
Oooh, My sunburn hurts so bad guys. But, I need to get this done. We have to get
this house functional. So ready, set, go! I don’t know if any of you use the Dollar
Shave Club. But, we are in love with the Dollar Shave Club, and no this is not
sponsored. How the Dollar Shave Club works, in case you don’t know. Is it’s
just kind of like a subscription service, you have one razor and it just keeps sending
you refills. It’s wonderful. We love it so so much. The problem is, is if you forget
to put the subscription on standby. You end up with too many refills… This is too
many refills. I think I might even have some more somewhere I really hope
Lonnies put a stop on our subscription. However, we’re kind of making some
progress here. I mean, it doesn’t look like progress, but we’re making progress.
Okay? Alright, LANDing Crew, I did it! I cleaned all of the bathrooms, and oh my
goodness the ceiling fan is obnoxious, it needs some WD-40. I don’t even know if
that’s a thing for fans, but it needs it. So this is our clean bathroom. It kind of
looks like the same from the empty house tour. Our list of things we need, is it’s
kind of becoming a little bit endless… But, we’re doing priorities. So, we need
shower curtains… those can wait, for right now. I unpacked everything to, so this
bathroom was horrendous, because it had a huge box in the middle everything was strung everywhere. So, I organized everything
and then look a little nice a basket, and then look at that bathroom. It felt like the
downstairs bathroom was the worst, like, it’s the one that everyone uses, because
who really wants to walk upstairs like this… just to go potty. Oh, my goodness! Today has been
exhausting! I’ve been really downplaying, the issues we’ve been having with Noah. I
don’t know, I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining about having a special-needs
kid. [oof sound] Like, that’s not what… [pause to laugh] That’s not what our channel is about and that’s not who
we are. So, I’ve just been kind of like downplaying it. These last few weeks, last
month has been just so so hard, so hard on us, so hard on him, and when I talk
about this I don’t want it to come across like we’re playing the “Woe is Us”
card, because I realized that the reason Noah’s having issues is because he’s
struggling so much himself and this is so hard on him, before a couple of months
ago he would have a meltdown like maybe once a month, maybe once every three
weeks. All the first few vlogs you guys saw… This moving and the excitement of
the new house and everything… What it didn’t show was the constant… meltdowns,
the constant issues, the constant. like in the midst of moving and packing and
getting situated in our house with six kids. We would have to take like two
hours out. Like, it’s hard anyway… When you add that in it’s really difficult. He’s
really irritable, and when he’s not irritable… He’s very very high-strung and just very…
He’s just very intense! That doesn’t mean, we don’t realize that he’s struggling.
Knowing that it’s not his fault, and it’s beyond his control… does not make it any
easier for us. So, we definitely knew that he needed to have a medication adjustment.
He’s been on the same medication for like eight nine months, like the same
dosage. Like, we haven’t had to change it. He’s been doing so so good, and that’s
why his psychiatrist was like I have not seen him like this in a very very long
time. He’s right, he hasn’t. Noah has been doing really well. We’ve been so proud of
him, and we still are so proud of Noah. Even though, there’s been so much thrown
out him guys. I mean if you think about it. I had issues near the end of my
pregnancy. I had Penelope. I had issues right after I had Penelope, and that was
scary for him. I can’t even imagine how scary that was for him. Not fully
understanding everything, and then we’re moving to Boston… and we’re not moving to
Boston… and now we’re moving to Clearwater…
Lonnie took three months off and then Lonnie’s back at work… Oh wait! Lonnie’s
home now. Oh wait! We are moving. It was just a lot. It’s a lot. So, I’m very proud
on how he’s accomplished things, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues
that need to be addressed. So, that’s kind of what we did. We had to do his lithium
levels, he takes lithium for pretty much his, like irritability, his
impulsiveness, uhmm, aggression… All of those things that’s come with the lithium does
for him. They have to see where his levels are at, because if his levels are
too high… That means they can’t increase it, they can’t do anything. But, if it’s
low or just kind of like, okay, then we can look at increasing it. So that’s kind
of what they looked at. The only reason I’m going into detail on like his
medications and things, is because we get a lot of questions about them. It’s just
kind of good to know what other kids are on, what works for them, at certain ages
and things like that. He’s on Tenex. He’s on Tenex, during the day
to just kind of help his hyperactivity. It’s mainly just for his symptoms of ADHD,
because once he gets going on that hyperactivity will. It’s a lot. He
literally spends most of the day either, melting
down or screaming from excitement. I’m not.. It’s just like being overwhelmed I
guess. I don’t know, we definitely wanted to address that. He also takes clonidine
at night. Pretty much, they’ve increased his Tenex, which is the Guanfacine and
then they… are keeping the clonidine as is, because the clonidine helps him sleep.
He’s not really having sleeping issues. Thank goodness! They are going to look
into possibly increasing the lithium. So, that’s basically what we did. I don’t
know what else we can do other than just let this medication adjustment, hopefully
help him through the next couple of months. I am going to go edit now because,
I am so behind on videos… It is insane! I need to get all these videos up but,
it’s just like, I can’t find the time. So, I have to find the time today and
tomorrow… but, I love you guys and I hope you guys subscribe! If you like this
video and if you don’t like this video… if you hate it this video.I’m so so
sorry! Lonnie says sarcastically, in the background: “then dislike it!” Yeah! Dislike it! Hit the dislike button,
because so many of you guys love doing that, [joking] But I love you guys and we will see
you tomorrow! [ending credits music]

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