CGR Undertow – FULL SPECTRUM WARRIOR review for PlayStation 2

Most military shooters are not what anyone
would call realistic. While it is highly entertaining to be sliding backwards down the side of a
building while shooting enemies in helicopters, I don’t imagine that is a normal occurrence
in military life. So how would a military shooter that is more focused on realism play?
Well one of the ways is probably much like Full Spectrum Warrior. At a first glance, Full Spectrum Warrior seems
like just another military shooter, a dime a dozen. But when you understand the gameplay
and setting, it become much more than that. The story feels incredibly realistic. After
terrorist attacks, the United States deploys troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to track the
leaders of the terrorist factions. The story develops in a ripped from the headlines style,
and can sometimes feel more like a news broadcast than an actual game. But this is a game, so obviously there has
to be gameplay. And that is where the game really sets itself apart from others. You
take control of the 159th Light Infantry as they accomplish tasks in the war-torn land.
The interesting thing is you control the division, not an individual member. You have two separate
squads marked Alpha and Bravo and it is your job to keep them alive. The game is much more
of a real time strategy game than it is a shooter. You will tell the separate squads
when to move, where to move, who to target, and when to take cover. The command system
does take some getting used to but is intuitive and complete when you do. The missions are objective based, having you
moving from one side of the map to the other, all the while using real military tactics
to advance. Expect having to leapfrog every time you want to move a squad, having one
squad lay down suppressing fire while the other books it to cover. Sometimes it can
become very frustrating when engaged in combat, because you can’t actually shoot the enemies.
You tell your squad who to fire upon, then they do it, leaving you to just watch. But
what all this does is give you an actual feeling of connection to your soldiers. When you make
a mistake and lose a squad member, you will actually feel like you lost a friend. You
will feel each mistake, which will have you spending extra time thinking out your movement.
Every action has a consequence, and every mistake leads to a death. Plan wisely. If you crave high paced military action, then
look elsewhere. But what Full Spectrum Warrior does deliver is gritty, intense, and stressful
combat that you think it through.

29 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – FULL SPECTRUM WARRIOR review for PlayStation 2

  1. i remember tis game!!! you brining back my freshman year in high school. you should review close combat first to fight. i remember lots of modern military started pumpin out after bf2 came out.

  2. Great game – Currently available as freeware on PC, and as pretty much any laptop/PC should be able to run it, it's definitely worth a try.

  3. In your review, you covered all of the design and gameplay aspects that made this an excellent "tactical shooter" game….i.e., a shooting game where actual tactical decisions are made in order to be successful. Full Spectrum Warrior, ORIGINAL Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six are prime examples of this. They are worlds apart from all of the current generation's "tactically themed", arcade style, Hollywood-esque shooters that, regrettably, dominate the industry. I wish they would make more of these.

  4. I hated this game when it first came out, but now that I've matured a little bit I'd like to give this game another try. It looks fun.

  5. 'no doubt petty and shitty' you summed it up nicely thank you 😀 i like to think of them as 'extended previews' they aren't reviews

  6. are you retarded, does Sony own the IP

    no THQ does and maybe EA since they bought Pandemic and killed them

  7. They really gutted this game's presentation on Playstation 2. When it first came out on Xbox, it was very impressive. On PS2 it's just a shell of what it was.

  8. Searched this game because i just played xcom enemy unkown, and I wish this game got ported to ps4

  9. Searched this game because i just played xcom enemy unkown, and I wish this game got ported to ps4

  10. Ah, this was a real game right here. So sick, original is free on pc now, and Im torrenting 10 hammers so I can get my fix

  11. It was also on Xbox, I used to watch my older brother get so pissed when he lost a guy. He took the game VERY seriously.

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