CCHRInt: Childhood is Not a Mental Disorder


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  1. I will agree that there are such conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, ODD, personality disorders and more. The video is not denying that and neither am I. The point they are trying to make is that kids are being OVERLY diagnosed with these conditions. Kids have energy and get excited. That's totally normal. Yes this makes it hard for them to focus in school sometimes. It doesn't mean they always have disorders. Plus it doesn't help the fact that most schools across the country are limiting if not completely eliminating recess, physical education and extra curricular activities in exchange for more class time. That's really just making things worse. If kids (especially elementry) don't have the time to detox and expend that extra energy that they naturally have, it will just make it even harder for them to focus and work in class. That's the big issue. Kids just need a chance to express themselves.

  2. Great Video and so true!   This from the former Chief Psychologist for State of WI-Dept. of Corrections-KMCI, Clinical Director APHS and past Executive Director of ICSPP- ISEPP.  All our diagnosis "Labels" are simply made up/created…not found or discovered like real diseases.  Psych disorders are metaphorical diseases.

  3. I am Bipolar! This video is pure, ignorant, Bollox!! Anyone who thinks this DANGEROUS propaganda is true, DO NOT have a mental illness, have never experienced a mental illness, which means they are simply under qualified to speak on such matters without talking out of their arse. This only contributes to stigmatizing REAL illnesses and EFFECTIVE medication, such stigma only leads to death! Dumb, dangerous and irresponsible cunts! I nearly lost my life because a "friend" wanted to play Doctor and tell me to give up meds he didn't even know the name of for a mood disorder he knew ZERO about.

  4. hm….I get the feeling someone did not understand the meaning of "disorder". Coming from europe I can only tell my view on things regarding the wrong diagnoses issue.
    One seems to be that something goes heavily wrong in america, since more and more people are not trusting professionals and authorities anymore (probably with a reason) 
    Then, there also seems to be heavy differences between the DSM diagnose system and the ISD, ISD in general (which is more commonly used in europe) is far more narrow in what symptoms are accounted for each "illness".
    Also, people in general seem to missunderstand what disorder means, it does not mean "being different" or "weird" or "socially not acceptable" or "lazy", disorder means someones life is so heavily influenced by their illness that they struggle HEAVILY with normal life. It interferes with normal life!
    Would it be "fair" to those children who actually SUFFER under their conditions to not get help early? just because some people think, that those are no real diseases?just because some got missdiagnosed? just because in america they seem to be too fast just prescribing medication?
    I don't think that one extreme way of thinking should replace the other extreme. rather we could learn as a society to not condemn people who need help, not exclude them "just" because they are not capable of normal functioning. The real damage is being done by people denying problems and denying people.
    Am I biased? yeah probably, because since a child I'm suffering under nightmares, anxiety, panic attacks and depression, but I did not get any treatment, because I was afraid of asking for help after being put down too often(I'm still struggeling to see a therapist and I'm not taking any drugs)…I am ALSO an artist, but guess what….I can not live my life as an artist fully because I'm getting fucking anxious every time i draw…because I fall into a pit of despair every time I want to become better at it….I love drawing….I'm passionate about it, but it's a hell lot difficult to do ANYTHING at all, if you are constantly having the feeling of needing to be in survival mode, because even the simplest things are difficult as fuck.
    here, try a game that shows how someone with depression thinks and feels…and sadly it can not show the whole scale, but it gives a hint on the suffering:

  5. Don,t be fooled, CCHR is linked the the church of Scientology. This video i
    s nothing more than plain propaganda for them. Do your research guys ,don't fall into the trap

  6. No a lot of these things are definitely major issues and should not be belittled be passing them off as quirk's in someone personality

  7. I will admit that maybe there are some legitimate disgnosis in mental health but I err on there being overdiagnosis going on when more than half of all people have some mental disorder. For every legitimate psychiatrist there is always one who stands to benefit from prescribing pills that aren't needed. For instance as a kid I was thought to have ADHD and Depression and although the psychiatrist didn't have a solid basis for their suspicion or conclusive evidence I was put on pills for them anyway. Further in the 8 years I was with Pacific Clinics at the one location I was at more than ten doctors in the same year quit their job some were even new to their job there. This must mean there is pressure from the higher ops to prescribe unneeded pills and these people either couldn't handle dealing with the patients or they couldn't keep conning good people out of money and good lives. This is why I am skeptical about psychiatric services. There have also been cases where psychologists keep the same patient until they retire and has no plans for an end of treatment result and the subject shows no signs of mental health improvement. Not saying there aren't legit ones out there but I have yet to meet them if there are.

  8. I am here to hlep all children and adulte to assume who they really are, I am here to serve the beauty of our world, and i am proud to serve my own value!
    Thank you for this video!

  9. Good evening. My name is Sophie Proud and I am the editor for Songlines Entertainment's online series, entitles Children of the Rainbow. Our latest interview covers a broad discussion, which includes exactly what your video is so powerfully showing. I am writing in order to ask for permission to use a few scenes from your video in our own interview. You will be of course credited and your website and Youtube channel linked in the description.
    I am looking forward to your answer!

  10. BRILLIANT commercial !!!! Finally some common logic !! Wake up the redundant field of Psychology and educate people in NLP instead !!

  11. Hey guys, i just wanted to let anyone here know who needs or is looking for help about a website that is completely free and anonymous. It provides a counseling service where you can talk about anything that is troubling you to a live person from wherever you are in any language. Here is the link to 7 Cups of Tea. Take Care!

  12. I am one of the only kid in my class who doesn't take medication that stuff screws u up all the kids that take it act medicated and strange who ever takes adhd stop all these drugs is just the beginning of the end

  13. "There are no brain scans, x-rays, genetic or blood tests that can prove they are "'mentally ill.'" Yes there is a test that only requires a mouth swab to assess whether the level brain chemicals are balanced or deficient in areas that control disorders. Then the diagnosis can be scientific rather than guess-work of behavioural symptoms.

  14. Didn't it just come out that 60 or 70 percent of all psychology can't be replicated?

    I'm not anti-psychology. I am anti drugging people with different medications as if you were using an Ouija board. And adderall is trash.

  15. you can't make a stupid video and expect for your mental condition to be cured.

    this video is harmful and is trying to stop children from getting the help they truly need.

  16. Wait what? This is a stupid video in terms of it saying "childhood is not a mental disorder" of course it isn't np but these disorders do exist and you can't just turn a blind eye to them. You'll only promote more suffering. It would be a really good video if the message was something more like you are more than your disorder. It might actually help kids with these disorders that way…

  17. Someone is fighting back for the kids.If they don't fit to the current system, maybe it is the system that need to be questioned!

  18. 'oppositional defiant disorder' feels like the most sinister of these
    labels… no different from the Soviets who institutionalized political
    dissidents as mentally ill.. Schools are doing the same. There ARE
    variations in both adults and children
    in attention control and ability to focus, and stimulants can improve
    this BUT if i child is too young to give consent then they are too young
    to be medicated. Forcible medication with psychotropic drugs is mind
    rape. Sorry to put it so strongly. Taking drugs should be a choice,
    not something forced upon someone the better to manage their behavior to
    fit an institutions needs. And we also should be asking how much
    'problem' behavior is a healthy response to the petty humiliations,
    boredom, indoctrination, and worse, of coercive institutions like
    mainstream schools. As long as we continue to raise children with 'you
    will do this, because i say so' without negotiation or reason or respect
    to their needs and preferences, they are in effect prisoners. It's
    exactly how prisoners are treated.

  19. very important petition on mental illness and the wrongful labeling that goes on in hospitals today

  20. Look, you people are missing the point. It isn't saying that these disorders don't exist, it is saying they are not all that child is. For example, my 11 yr old has ADHD and was labeled in kindergarten. for the past 9 yrs he has been jumping from med to med because his doctor, schools, and society can't except him for him. I finally realized last yr that we weren't helping him, we were branding him. He now has given up on life and if anybody asks him why he didn't do something, he replies because he has ADHD. Because nobody bothered to see him as anything else. Nobody gave him a chance to come into his potential. 11 yrs old and has already lost hope! That's what this is talking about. These disorders could be seen as good and bad. Encourage the good, and teach these kids how to handle the bad. The label beneath the label is very accurate. For myself, who grew up with ADHD and ODD, undiagnosed, who was never afraid to face a challenge head on, will now say to all pediatricians, psychologist, psychiatrist, and teachers:

  21. Where is the narration. I wish they would let you know if some senseless music is going to be played so I don't get suckered into watching almost two minutes of words on a video and being serenaded by music.

  22. Etiologies and labels can be helpful, but we should never define ourselves or our others by a label. We are all unique human beings.

  23. For those who think that this video attempts to debunk actual diagnoses and mental illness, you're missing the point. It simply points out that it's easiest to label the child as dysfunctional than to take a long hard look at the society into which they were born…there are some cultures where personalities that we as a culture consider dysfunctional are sought after…this video simply goes to show that, while there are many who suffer from these viable disorders, there are others who suffer the label alone and learn to define themselves within its parameters.

  24. Although over-diagnosing disorders is an issue, this video is really problematic because it's suggesting that these disorders don't exist whatsoever, especially for adolescents, which is completely false

  25. Someone pointed out this is a Scientology group.  Scientology is no better or even worse.  But I can agree and promote the concept of the video while denouncing Scientology.  I now will not repost this video.  I say if humans are biogeared to receive labels, then I'll really work hard at not taking advantage of that and promote labels that build people up….unlike the politicians/cults/religions/marketers/advertisers/Psychology Industry.

  26. Wow, what a great video. That's right. Childhood is not a mental disorder you nasty evil psychiatrists. My brother Zee knew this and you should know this too. We have to stop these pedophile criminal psychiatrists right now!!! These people are monsters. Zee knew.

  27. The "meaning" behind this video was a bit…hidden. Yeah, I understand what it was supposed to mean, but it still shouts: BIPOLAR DISORDER=ARTIST to me. Awful video. Just awful. But, sadly, it's as if parents love to have their children diagnosed and medicated just to make them sit down and shut up. (Based on what I have noticed in my town.)

  28. It doesn't matter if you think mental health is real or not. The science shows it is. Sorry that this video was made for nothing.

  29. It is not the taste of the medicine; it is what it does that matters. For the 1st time in history the Ultimate Truth of Life has been revealed, it contains the most accurate explanation of the big picture of life, it explains the nature of everything, including the nature of the mind and how to overcome the badstates permantly. Google TruthContest read the Present The Truth can solve every mental disorder

  30. You guy's know that the CCHR was co-founded by the guy who made Scientology, right? Along with the grandfather of mental illness denial, Thomas Szasz. If anything, being co-founded by Hubbard immediately calls into question anything that these people say.

  31. This is a very great video, but you have commercials playing. That is a distraction from the message of the video.

  32. I have mixed feelings about this video. I think labeling is a problem, not just with kids. Many mental disorders are hard to diagnose, it's not black and white, and I've seen friends mis diagnosed or getting different prescriptions from different psychiatrists. I'm not questioning the effort of science and the professionals involved, neither that they do help or try to, I'm just saying that it is prone to a lot of mistakes and I think that with kids and teens, the borders are much broader. I remember being told I might be schizophrenic (i am not) and how that terrified me. The labeling creates a huge stigma, mental illness unlike others, sort of defines who you are because it messes with how you think and see things and how others see you. But the biggest thing for me is how drugs, some of them very unknown, are being prescribed to kids, maybe because parents just want them to quiet down and control them and I understand that, I am a parent. I don't judge. However I wonder if kids could run and play like Mark Twain's Sawyer or Huck.. would they be hyperactive? A classroom is something artificial, an apartment is something artificial, we can't forget that. Seeing your kid just a few moments after a full days work, it's not natural. Maybe the way we handle kids should also change.

  33. i would like to see a law where addoptian parrents must do a iq test be for they addopt children,already have seen on tv here,that a child was smarter than the parrents combine,but because the parrents don't understand the child(because they are a bit hill billy's)the children are beeing labeld! that is the world upside down! exuse my engles

  34. This is all bullshit. Come work at the psych hospital and see the truth. Most the kids are highly violent and abused by their scumbag parents. Most of them are beyond fixing. But civilians and lawyers don't see that. Cause they aren't in trenches. It's fucked out there and it's all because of bad parenting.

  35. wow so much ignorance in1 video.People are diagnosed for a reason if you have ocd you are not a cleaner for fun.the difference betwenen having a quality which is good such as energetic it doesnt destroy your quality of life or relation ships mental illnesses such as adhd do…dont turn mental illness as part of everyones personality as a person with severse social anxiety and high functioning autism this video annoys me this kids probably dont have mental dissorders such as social anxiety and adhd because if i was them i would refuse to be part of this ignorant video….mental ilness it actually real dont joke about it saying ur bossy or a leader if you have ocd for example…thats just rude

  36. This is how classical diagnosis labelling skillfully indoctrinating a child and it's carers relatives friends classmates about his her illness disorder
    So it's the solely psychiatric mess of information and understanding of a child

    Effective way to understand how we need to ve sensitive to others feelings and needs being able to stand by others when need be
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    Mind is like a tool box With all humane traits Like a recovery console as in LAPTOP the HIDDEN hard drive requirenent of no formatting but address issues with Differentiation and integration maturedly Being respectful sensitive to others feelings and needs.
    Its much appropriate to address root cause of trauma than strumming on someones behavioral presentation
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  37. Mental disorders are very complex and most psychiatrists don't much beyond giving drugs.  To try to do counseling is another question mark.  I have come to view helping people is a combination of nutrition and spiritual exploration — which most experts know nothing about.

  38. Great I wish I could also just rip my ADHD off my shirt and smile and function like everyone else and I think my best friend also wants to just peel a silly label off her shirt and ged rid off her suicidal thoughts, great, I didn't know it's that easy

  39. Wtf. So people can choose not to have mental disorders? Wow. Wasn't aware. Let me go share the news with my mom, who is locked in a Mental Institution.

  40. This is a very empowering video and many people here are taking the joy out of it. As a victim of wrongful diagnoses and labels, I stand by this video. It has helped me overcome my so called "mental illness" the natural way. Thanks for posting this!

  41. Psychiatrists can be wrong and corrupted.My mother locked me in a hospital where she worked before because she had enough of me.They just said I was dangerous for myself (no diagnostics)My mother act really well by saying she is worried But to me she said that she doesn't need a failure and that I m going to payShe even stopped everyone that tried to help me.

  42. I clicked on this video expecting an inspirational video about why ADHD is awesome and why you should be proud of it. Instead I got a video that essentially said your ADHD is fake and it made me so made. I was not a normal KID and if I didn't get the help, phycology and other treatment I needed, I would not be where I am today! This channel was most likely made by people who don't have any of these disorders! This offensive to anyone who has to deal with these disorders every day!

  43. Okay so if you're not one who can relate and don't enjoy rants don't read but I just need to blow off some steam…..


  44. It's an excellent video to use in teacher training with Ts who have learned to label their Sts and consider there is NO help for them.

  45. Let them choose there own labels
    I suffer from ADHD
    I suffer from depression
    I suffer from anxiety.
    I'm not making this up to sell myself drugs??? The inability to focus, the crippling self hatred, the practically inability to talk to people! Im not a "Humanitarian" or an "inventor". I'm a sufferer, you think I want this? You think I ASKED FOR THIS!!! If I had it my way I would be those things! But I'm not! I'm suffering, my life is a fucking mess! If I had medication I'd probably be in much better shape than I am now. Fuck believes this garbage.

  46. Stop trying to make mental illness a normal thing cause it's not, it's not mainstream it's a serious thing, labels aren't bad at all so please stop normalizing mental illness

  47. NATURAL CURE TO MENTAL ILLNESS: I’m so appreciative for this type of platform, it gives us all opportunity to openly share our experiences without fear of shame. It is no longer a news that there is permanent cure to schizophrenia. My daughter was diagnosed of schizophrenia 15 years ago, over those time, I spent more time in hospital than out of hospital without much improvement. It was difficult and humbling, she had a major breakthrough only with CONSUMMO treatment. we're so proud that we've done it all to save her, She now think more clearly. She has grown as a person in all facets of life. She more compassionate, intelligent, wise, sociable, and actionable! For more detail on Consummo, kindly visit this blog:, And if you have used this medicine, I will advice you create an awareness to help others, because, every family that has a mentally ill patient needs help. Thank you

  48. I was diagnosed with ADHD age 40 after a lifetime of issues that all clicked into place when I read an article about ADHD by chance one day. I wish I'd had the advantage of being diagnosed and medicated early on in my life. ADHD wreaked havoc from my early teens onwards and was exhausting and destructive. It is wrong to say that there are no medical indicators – ADHD can be shown on a brain scan now. It is neurobiological and at it's simplest level it's a lack of dopamine and dopamine receptors. It is NOT a label, or an excess of energy, or being a daydreamer, it's a very real condition and it ruins lives- up to 50% of the prison population are thought to have it. As a member of several large support groups I also know first hand how the symptoms are shockingly consistent from person to person. When I read that article, it was like reading my biography, and when I met other ADHD people, I finally met people who understood my struggles. Now I can spot undiagnosed ADHD people a mile off because the symptoms are so distinct. I've managed to carve out a career for myself, but it's been so painful, and I've struggled with so many aspects of normal life- education, parenting, timekeeping, organisation…I dearly wish I'd had the medication and support I needed because it's been absolutely life changing for me, and it's been like laying down a huge burden. After a lifetime of being called lazy, unmotivated, away with the fairies and so on, and dropping out of two universities, failing at various courses and jobs and making impulsive decisions, I finally know why I couldn't just fit in. It isn't all negative either, diagnosis and treatment help to harness the gifts of ADHD, such as creativity, communication, problem solving and lateral thinking. Children with ADHD need early support and treatment to use their talents and develop strategies for success, rather than slipping into addictions and anti-social behaviour. Medication just increases dopamine, which allows us to calm down and focus, and get rid of sensory overwhelm. Evidence shows that children have better outcomes when ADHD is acknowledged and treated, and medication may permanently increase dopamine levels. Lots of disorders don't show up on tests, like chronic fatigue, depression and MS. You wouldn't deny they exist, so stop denying psychiatric disorders that have been studied, researched and peer-reviewed by some of the most highly qualified medics, and have proper diagnostic thresholds in place for symptoms. Stop shaming people with conditions for seeking help and treatment. If you haven't lived in our shoes you have no idea how it affects every facet of your life, often detrimentally. It doesn't help or treat an ADHD kid to tell them there's nothing wrong and they're just a kid… that kid might then end up in prison, or addicted to drugs, or dropping out of education despite being bright. Instead acknowledge your own limitations in understanding these conditions, and confront your own prejudice. Denial is the problem, not diagnosis.

  49. Maybe the people who think that Scientology is bad should actually check out the Scientology network because I thought the religion was bad and now I know the truth about the religion and it’s amazing!!!

  50. First promote homeostasis. Do this by insuring an individual is properly nourished and ain't cannabinoid deficient and then go from there with your 'diagnosis's.' Also, remember, boys and girls are different for pity's sake.

  51. I think there's a fine line. Between overdiagnosis and kids who have mental health issues being ignored because people don't want to label them. I also think it should focus less on eliminating the mental health label and more on how someone can carry multiple labels at once. And when it says " let them choose their own labels" seems to indicate that someone is choosing the mental health label, rather than it being something that they developed ( like PTSD or phobias)or that they were born with. To me it almost is shaming of mental illness.

  52. Unfortunately, it's our human tendency to label things…and even more unfortunately, insurance and other "payors" necesitate a label of a diagnosis in order to provide payment for a service (like a doctor's appointment, medication, lab, etc.) The human mind & spirit cannot always be contained in one simple label, but sometimes it's the best we can do at the time. That doesn't mean we aren't always trying to better in classifying & organizing mental pathology. There has been good work & evidence gained with research, but we have a ton of research to do in order to accurately understand psychiatry & psychology. It is not yet as advanced as many other medical disciplines.

    That being said, there are labs to be ordered in some cases to rule out medical pathology (ie thyroid labs for hypo/hyperthyroid if that is in question, STD's which can cause psych symptoms, like syphilis or herpes, etc. etc.) Medications are not always indicated, and stray away from any practitioner who throws meds at *everything*. But they are helpful sometimes, and as long as the risks/benefits are discussed openly and honestly, and the evidence (or lack thereof) of the diagnosis/treatment discussed openly and honestly, then good care can be had.

  53. Not a Psychiatry Medication but Whole Medicine Or Medical Medication are not a Science but Very Dangerous & Harmful Weapon against Human.
    Inshort, Today's New War Ways to against Humanity.

  54. RENEWAL…this is absolutely 100% correct and needs to be seen

  55. ADHD is a wide spectrum that ranges from normal child behavior to out of control needing some form of treatment. Medication is the last effort of a good psychiatrists.

  56. Cchr on psychiatry. No science, No cures
    It's first video uploaded 12 years ago on channel with 9,500 subscribers but play doh videos have billions and pewdiepie brings so much value. Look at society how educated we are. See Dr Blaylock video talk about it.

  57. Xcellent work again CCHR. How do you keep up this xcellence? Amazing it is.
    Energetic, you people are. My brother Zee knew all about this and you confirm it.
    Never let it be said you didn't confirm it. We should all get the real facts like you.
    Understand, is what you do best. My brother Zee knew this too, Get the facts.

  58. They gave me two injections in one mounth plus pills put me inforcable confinement for nothing gave me little time on passes Emma nurse took them away for no reason's my rights have been violated it's injustice St Joseph's health center Toronto Ontario Canada my 💓 go's out to kids and teens going through adolescent mental health crisis it's been fabricated diganoisses since 2001

  59. There using bleach at St Joseph's health center the patience nurses are using perfume's colones that are not permitted bad smelling cleaner's from hospitality Toronto Ontario Canada

  60. The only reason they put me on invega is to lower my libido to deprive me from having intimacy with girl's it's a rights voilation my libido still works my sperm count is lower to be precise St Joseph's health center hospital if I could file for malpractice I would but it would take a good lawyer to do so this has gone on since 2001 Toronto Ontario Canada

  61. Are you crazy don’t you guys know that if oppositional Defiant Disorder or Conduct Disorder is left untreated your child may develop Anti Social personality disorder which is dangerous. You Scientologists need to stop spreading lies.

  62. It’s not psychiatry that labels but it’s the people who don’t understand mental illness label others for example-
    1. Major depressive disorder- Laziness
    2. Generalised Anxiety Disorder- Timid
    3. Boderline personality disorder- Dramatic
    4. OCD- Annoying
    5. Oppositional Defiant Disorder- disobedient
    6. Dyslexia- unintelligent
    7. Social Anxiety Disorder- Awkward
    8. PTSD- Lack of resilience
    9. Schizophrenia- mad
    10. Bipolar disorder- unpredictable
    11. Conduct Disorder- criminal
    12. ADHD- troublesome
    13. Autism spectrum disorder- Abnormal
    14. Mental retardation- dumb/stupid
    15. Factitious disorder- liar

  63. what the point of this video is: not every deviation of norm is a syndrome. there's a difference between anomaly and disability.

    what the point of this video isn't: mental illnesses are made up and psychiatry is fake.

  64. I think the gay example is a good one. Some kids dont know what to do when they like kids of the same gender. Society needs to catch up, as does the medical industry.

  65. …and thats Major Medical MalePractice Dr. Mendelssohn…they and Freudian Illegal therapists are still at it…..

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