Carl Jung on Overcoming Anxiety Disorders

In the first video of this two part series we discussed what Carl Jung believed the existence of anxiety disorders and other forms of neurotic suffering can teach us about our way of life. The cause of the neurosis, according to Jung, is always to be found in the present. In a conflicted way of life in the here and now The outbreak of the neurosis functions in a prospective manner It signals to us that the life path we are on is inconducive to our well being Or as Jung wrote The road to recovery according to Jung does not require reliving childhood memories or working through old family conflicts For unless we were the victim of some sort of trauma of which we have yet to process our childhood memories will not free us from our present suffering. What is needed is a new attitude one which entails We must step off the side lines of life and establish an uniform direction to our existence in which we, and not others, are the final authority. The first step in recovery is simple in theory but difficult in practice we need a clearer picture of who we are and where we are heading we can no longer afford to falsify reality Instead of fleeing from our difficulties, denying our flaws or blaming our lot in life on forces independant from our control self-acceptance must become the rule for as Jung wrote While many people fear what they may see if they take an honest look at themselves in actual facts, the practice of self acceptance is liberating No longer do we need to expend so much energy denying our flaws and hiding them from ourselves and others instead this energy can be used for its proper purpose of contributing to personal growth and promoting our recovery For the bold among us Jung suggested that one way to gain a better picture of who we are is to turn to someone we trust for an honest assessment of our character In addition to becoming more aware and accepting of our current situation we also need to recognize where we are heading if we remain neurotic For often those afflicted by anxiety disorders especially in the initial stages of the illness believe that if they can avoid the things which trigger their symptoms then a relatively comfortable life is still possible symptom management, not recovery, becomes their primary goal But this path often leads to a hell of one’s own making For while avoiding the situations, activities and life tasks that trigger our symptoms, may be of minimal inconvenience at first over time, as many neurotics will attest the practice of avoidance snowballs until life becomes restricted in the worst of ways. For this reason Jung believed it was crucial for the neurotic to recognize that while recovery is certainly not easy it will in the long run prove far less arduous that remaining in the grips of a neurosis Or as Jung wrote Jung compared the task of recovery to climbing a steep moutain pass while he suggested those who never make the attempt are like individuals who sit on the pleasant valley road below not realizing that a raging bull is heading directly for them But so as to not be overcome by despair and the recognition that no easy escape remains we should remember that a neurosis offers us the chance to discover a path in life that is far more fulfilling than the one we currently tread In fact, recovering from a neurosis can result in a level of psychological health and a degree of resilience not found in those who never endured such suffering a neurosis, in other words is only a curse if we remain forever caught in it but it will prove a blessing if we can find an escape But the attitude change which is engendered by self acceptance and the recognition of where we are heading if we remain neurotic is only the preparatory step on the road to recovery the real solution lies in action we must stop being mere observer of life and At this stage, there is a tendency for those suffering from a neurosis to want to know exactly what tasks they should be fulfilling and what path in life they should follow But according to Jung, caution must be exercised in this regard for as he wrote With that said, Jung does offer some general advice to help us avoid dead end paths Firstly he warned that the neurotic should be cautious of conformity Some people are neurotic because of an acute sensitiveness to the inadequacies of the dominant way of life in their society and hence So long as they strive for conformity they will remain trapped in their suffering These individuals, according to Jung are not ill because they lack the ability to live like anyone else Instead of following the well worn path of conformity But not all who are neurotic fall into the class of the bearers of new cultural ideals Many people are neurotic simply because they are unwilling to face up to one of those tasks of life which all of us because of our shared human nature naturaly gravitate toward be it the need to pass on our genes to cultivate a social life to participate in some form of productive work or eventually to face up to our death In these cases the question of conformity or non conformity does not apply recovery is simply a matter of facing up to the life tasks we have for too long avoided or as Jung put it For those whose neurosis has led to a dramatic restriction in activity the specific task which is chosen is not too important We just need to find something to aim at which can help effectuate a transition from the inner realms of our douts, worries and intrusive thoughts to the external world of people, places and things A useful practice in this regards was recommended by Jung’s colleague Alfred Adler We should imagine ourself free of the neurosis and also free of the fear of social ridicule In such a situation what would we choose to do? Who would we want to become ? We can even turn to our dreams and fantasies for clues as to the direction our life should take For as Jung wrote As we begin effectuating the extroversion that accompagnies recovery focusing our energy on living in the world instead of primarily in our heads our symptoms are likely to flare up Many people however, never heed the call of their neurosis urging them towards a more fulfilling life maintaining that before they can begin down this path they must first conquer their symptoms But if we agree with Jung’s analysis that our symptoms are primarily the result of our choice to stand on the side lines of life then such an approach will likely fail We have to accept that recovery will only be achieved if we are wiling to move forward in the presence of our fear and anxiety And in this regard there is no formula for our deliverance no advice that will turn the meek into the brave rather, as Jung wisely noted

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  2. “You say it is the good cause that hallows even war? I say unto you: it is the good war that hallows any cause. War and courage have accomplished more great things than love of the neighbor. Not your pity but your courage has so far saved the unfortunate.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  3. respect for Jung,,i just must say "When you become the master of your own dream, that mastery will reflect directly on your own reality" is tricky when you lose integrity, mozaic easly falls apart.

  4. The more people we add to the equation, the more confused we can become. Requesting the impartial judgement of others may not get the results one would want. There is a neurosis, and there are legitimate fears. Why would anyone strive for conformity? Fear?

  5. Why do all of these types of videos sound the same? It's like a 7th grader trying to be "smart" while they give their PowerPoint presentation to the class.

  6. So I listen to this 20 times in a row what I got from it is that anxiety or neurosis dosnt have anything to do with our past but the fact that we are not doing what we want or supposed to do or have no direction or meaning and don't accept who you are or hate yourself in a sence so I say love thy self find somthing to presue a goal to better your character or physically or mentally and EMBRACE the chaos and Change and grow as a human and anxiety will naturally disappear in the dark

  7. The American Psychiatric Association would do anything necessary to make sure this type of thinking never becomes widespread. The billions that the psychiatric foundations, pill Mills( Pharmaceutical companies) and drug pushers ( a large majority of doctors, though not all) would lose would drive them to desperation. It doesnt want to lose its iron grip on society and propaganda at Large. If people realized what anxiety and depression really were ( with the exception of rare cases, where there is brain injury and chemical imbalance or true severe trauma) and realized that powerful people are simply prolonging and profiting off of their misery, and that they aren't getting any better because that doesn't make any money, the sooner they will realize that they are being fed a line of b*******.. they dangled a carrot in front of your face and tell you the Cure is right around the corner meanwhile they collect your money. They realize that by constantly forcing you to focus on your depression will amplify it and that if it wasn't there to begin with, then eventually it will be. If that isn't evident in the placebo, nocebo phenomenon then nothing will convince you.

  8. Hi! A great way to overcome anxiety is to do a job that requires you to talk to people all day. After a week, you won't give a fuck about anything.

  9. 8:10 Whoa, wait, wait, hold up. So my kids weren't fuck ups but me living up to life's duties? Huh. And here I been thinking they brought my life chaos & eternal poverty. Welp!

  10. Is it coincidence or synchronicity that's my all-time favorite character in my all-time favorite movie is named George Jung (pronounced young)?

  11. Crippling stage fright from 12-64 have been efforts to be confident and fulfill human tasks. Then I go 180 to doing nothing. I am freer now. I quit acting and a huge wave of joy flooded my body and mind. I walked away, satisfied and hopeful. Writing, language training painting. A change in life attitudes to stop fighting my fears lead me to embrace pleasures of growing in new ways that are far more satisfying! Thanks for fleshing things out so well. I understand m6 change was a true healing.

  12. You are awesome. I needed to hear this. Subscribed.

    I am finally ready to be accountable and put in the hard work, to get where I want to go, and to gain my complete self-reliant independence. Thanks brother.

  13. Good work. I was a serious follower of Jung in my youth. His Collected Works were my bible for many years. However, over time I became less enchanted with his stuff – probably because
    his ideas reminded me of military shrinks who patch up shell shocked soldiers to return to the madness and get blown to bits.

    Jung's and Freud's psychological theories owe much to the ground breaking work of Nietzsche and the latter's to Cervantes' Don Quixote. He even learned Spanish to read it in the original. On balance I think a person interested in the psyche would benefit more from reading Nietzsche than Jung who was considered by some – perhaps wrongly – as a borderline personality.

  14. I'd like to say that this entire premise presupposes that the neurotic condition is due to the desire to have an extroverted, highly social, life and failing to achieve it. This excludes introverted healthy people who have no unrealized desire to fill their lives with social interactions. Implying they should or motivating healthy introverts to be extroverted would likely produce the very mental afflictions antecedent to this video.

    You may have the key to my chains, and our locks are clearly different; but you presume I wish to leave because it's what you desire.

  15. Duties… That's why people are neurotic because all of you bigots prescribe them duties!!!! The duty to make a family, to obey, to be productive, well maybe in your tyrannical democratic societies people subconsciously cling to be unproductive and not to carry out the duties you create for them! Listen only to the gods! And use your intellect when you've found your purpose, be hedonistic when needed, sometimes a wrong step can rob you years of your life for a miserable reward

  16. As a junghian psychoanalyst I can confirm the value of this video. I have yet to see an anxious patient without this characteristics. It's not the symptom that's stopping the neurotic from living his life. It's the fear of a "free" life that is creating anxiety to stop him/her from living it. Being free comes with a price and this price is the fear of facing change and the unknown road that's waiting for our personality to come.

  17. It can be overwhelming to be faced with the gut wrenching truth, the complexity of ones mind and how it can affect every aspect of your life negatively. I have a lot of work to do but I don’t know if I can do it on my own.

  18. Self-acceptance through subjecting yourself to the objective judgment of others Psychological independence + Cultivating a social life + Contributing to our community + Finding a purpose + Facing up to death

  19. I wish CJ was still alive… that way, I can talk to him personally… I have thousands of questions to ask him. That would undoubtedly satisfy me.

  20. Acceptance + Pain = Pain
    Non-Acceptance + Pain = Suffering + Pain

    Choose wisely brothers and sisters. May we climb the mountain and discover our strength.

  21. The similarities of the accent of the narrator to the voice of Kermit the frog of The Muppets is strangely relaxing

  22. Carl yung did extensive research on Buddhism and Hinduism and that's how he could get out of those teachings of his teacher Freud!

  23. Love the quotes from Symbols of Transformation. It's a great book if you can muddle through the endless mythological references. Another one I particularly love is "To the extent that the world and everything in it is a product of thought, the sacrifice of the libido that strives back to the past necessarily results in the creation of the world."

  24. Many people have lost their hearts and follow blindly. I have to agree with C. Jung. No will. Everyone on this planet is to a degree neurotic and obedient. What does a difference in degree matter, if neurosis is prevalent.

  25. This makes more sense to me than any other video ive watched today therapists counsellors and psychologists make me so mad Its not even funny . What a trap the hole mental health issue can be if you struggle with intense emotion depression loneliness and the will to solder on. Every-time i have a break down i have to bring
    Myself to the same
    Conclusions this video pointed out. Nobody can fix you except you most of
    The time therapy only makes things worse and more confusing cuz they can always misinterpret your problems making things worse and much harder on yourself. Nobody can care more about your life and wellbeing than you can. If you cant then that would be the perfect thing to start working on by yourself. Every day fighting and countering the attacks of your inner self telling you your gonna fail your not good enough nobody cares about you your just hopeless anyways. As hard as that can be some days believe me im living it all right now day after day. Im the only one on earth willing to fight for
    Me anymore or even be my
    Friend thats how lonely my life is but its empowering though. Im actually
    Winning without those stupid ass psychologists and head shrinkers trying to put everyone in boxes and get them on drugs. Fuck that and fuck the world of psychology to there fucking people up just to
    Write prescriptions and feel big pharmacy companies robbing people blind with placebos.

  26. i started watching thinking it would be really generic and common sense ….BUT it amazes me that it got and nailed it to the point…its like you guys are talking to ME

  27. I couldn't stop crying while watching this. I spent my entire 20s hiding from the world. Is there life after 30? I feel like I am an old man with the mind and experiences of a young boy.

  28. This video directly addresses me in ways I thought impossible. I am ordering Jung's works mentioned in this video and am going back to further my education this morning.

    Thank you.

  29. Speak truth. Accept your flaws. Work on them. And if you still can't seem to learn from your faults there's always

    Modafonil (you'll thank me later)

  30. False trauma causes anxiety and depression. Death of a loved one heartbreak have nothing to do with responsibility etc but life happening…

  31. 5:11 this part really intrigues me. Has jung or any other psychologists shared thoughts on this subject? (I commented on part 1 looking for this quote, thinking it was jung)

  32. Great discussion. Culture will trick you into feeling guilty for being you, if you let it, you'll become neurotic. You're under no obligation to do what is expected of you, society has become very ill since we forgot this important stance. If you look outward for answers, you can expect to become as messy as the outside world. Peace and love.

  33. Great videos! Love the choice of accompanying artwork! What’s the painting at 3:49 reminds me of me reflecting on my life so far 😂😂😂

  34. Academy of Ideas ….. Jung was a very smart man! ……
    He absolutely has something to teach us all. Nice ….
    posting! ……. Thank you.

  35. 9:04 – Wife keeps taking anything I pick and fucking with it, only thing i do otherwise is exercise, not sure but don't look good if i stay around.

  36. I feel like this video speaks exactly to where I am in my life, avoiding , hiding, but not able to escape my true desires

  37. Great video. I got into Jung in my 20s but wasn't quite ready to understand it. It makes a lot more sense now.
    I tried to find some of his writings at my local library but no joy there. Thank you distilling some of his writing and sharing it.

  38. I always used to try and avoid anxiety, which as you probably guessed only made it worse. Instead we should face our fears and accept the anxiety without judgment.
    I like to use the term ''befriending the inner demon''. Sooner or later you'll realize he has a wicked sense of humor and he was only trying to help you in his own twisted way.

  39. If Jung had been understood and honestly heard, we would not have so many societal psychosocial issues today, but few have the fortitude for self reflection and personal accountability and learned dependency our Fearless Political Leadership fosters for the purposes of remaining in their positions of power… thus enabling the fearful folk to remain immature and dependent upon government.
    Sadly, those who lead, are no better equipped than those they presume to lead…

  40. We are led to believe something is wrong with us anxiety riddled people when its just our psyche trying to restablize itself by signaling an underlying problem in the form of psychological discomfort.. what an eye opening series thank you Academy of Ideas !

  41. Amazing how this great mind was sidelined in Psychology in favor of Freud and then the cognitive behaviorists and the neuro-psychologists, all the more shallow approaches to life and the person.

  42. Uncompromising basically, always works – indubitably, but with others in our lives which involves deep emotions comes much wisdom.

  43. In my 60 years of life, I got some answers. The most important one is that we can build our lives on negative perspectives or the opposite, on positive perspectives.

    Predominantly negative perspectives are those modern psychiatry offers (including Jung) because they are built out of the negative principles of life. But it is a legitimate approach and it works best in negatively oriented societies. The point is that you have to build your life by overcoming never-ending frustrations that bombards your ego. On this path, you are always alone "deep inside", even when you are surrounded by relatively "close" people. Life is full of frustrations (sexual, social, etc) and you must overcome them – mostly alone! You are an isolated unit, deep inside dedicated to maintaining your own trembling field of power. It is an ideology based on the LAWS of NEGATIVE reality.

    Here and there on this power-oriented, chauvinistic world, we can find communities based mainly on the POSITIVE principles of life. Principles hastily named "naivete" by many contemporary psychiatrists. Principles that oppose their cold chauvinistic "cleverness" by offering inclusiveness, harmony, positive creativity, spiritual clearness, unselfish help, the warmness of heart…

    Can Freud or Jung or thousands of their ancestors offer this? Not many. And only those that can, are real healers.
    Freud and Jung and their followers are not healers, with all their mental machinery they are nothing but psycho-mechanicians with extremely limited abilities. This is why they need chemistry so much in their psychiatric work. This is why they are good for the systems based on repression. Repression goes well with merciless restraint, but not well at all with liberated mercy of loving heart.

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