Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 2018 – A Quick Review

In this video I am going to give a short
review on the Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 bike, which I bought just a couple of
weeks ago. I’ll try to cover as many mountain biking disciplines as I can for an all-around type review. And, well to put it briefly, the Spectral is a great
do-it-all bike, but won’t that make it equally bad at everything? Let’s find out! Of course, the present review is going to be extremely biased as well, nobody really criticises something they’ve just spent loads of their own money on. Well any way, let me do just that and start with the
things that I didn’t like about the bike First, the rear shock seems to bottom
out quite easily, even in a drop of this caliber despite riding with the sag set at only about 20%. The bottomless feel that Canyon claimed whilst introducing the new frame and shock combination is something that I have yet
to experience. As always, the devil seems to be in the details in this one too. This rubber seal of the dropper post cable
is driving me nuts. I had it come off once, only to never get back in properly and it slips out at the slightest vibration in the
start of every ride. How frustrating is that? Now, for the brighter side of things. The Canyon’s size calculator guessed my frame size to be M, which I have to say, feels spot-on. I’m 178 centimeters with 82 centimeters
inseam. The bike feels very light and
weighs in at around 13,5 kilograms. It’s an extremely agile bike! One thing I noticed though, is that the stock grips lose a ton of grip when wet. On the trails, the Rockshox suspension and 2.6 inch tires allow adamant trust for traction and boost confidence. Perhaps even a little
bit too much for myself as an intermediate cyclist. Of course, I went and rammed the bike into a ceiling. Yeah. A ceiling. I checked and discovered no fractures or dents around the impact area. All it really needed was a pat on the belly and the machine was good to go again! The plastic sleeve that contains the cables doubles as additional protection for the frame. Note the middle pattern that
probably works to even out the distribution of the impact forces inside the sleeve. And what this another crash left me with
was only a bent front brake rotor, which was easily bent back to working order. And I also had to re-index the rear derailleur. But with so little damage,
the bike seems like a very sturdy build Perfect. Additionally, someone told me that they were
worried about the weld quality of the bike, and that they would stand out intolerably
especially with the red frame. But, to me, the welds seem well done Hi.

25 thoughts on “Canyon Spectral AL 6.0 2018 – A Quick Review

  1. Mulla on sama pyörä ja on kyllä mahtava! Mut oon jo rikkonut sen muovi suojan siis pieni lohkeama n. 3cm ja jarrulevy on vähän vääntynyt ja semmosta mut oon täysin tyytyväinen!

  2. Great bike man. Currently looking to get either the Spectral 6.0 or the Capra. One of the hardest decisions of my life haha.

  3. Ostin juuri saman pyörän ja Canyonin runkokokolaskurin mukaan asetuin M ja L kokojen väliin. Laskuri suositteli mulle kokoa L vaikka olen vain 3cm sua pidempi ja jalan sisämitta on vain 2cm pidempi. 1cm lyhyemmällä jalan sisämitalla koko olisi ollut M. Päädyin lopulta kokoon L ja täytyy kyllä sanoa, että tää tuntuu aika sopivalta myös. Ei ehkä aivan niin ketterä, mutta alamäessä rullaa todella vakaasti.

  4. Really difficult hearing what you were saying. Didn't give a like, but didn't dislike either since the video was well done. Just couldn't understand what you were saying. Should try speaking further from the mic and then a bit louder and clearer. Practice your speech, record it and listen to it, and record it again if it isn't good enough.

  5. Thanks for the great review! I’m considering the 2019 al6.0 now and this is helping me make my decision. You ride similar to how I do with the drops, street, mini trials, and trail riding so I think I will also like this bike!

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