Candida Case Study 1: Kirsty 19 yrs – Fatigue, Brain Fog and Thrush

Thanks for checking out my video. I’m going
to be doing a series of case histories over the next few weeks, which may be of use to
you. In my book, Candida Crusher, there’s about 25 case histories in here out of the
many thousands of people I’ve seen, so I’ve written a few of them up in here. I’m going
to go through a lot of these case studies. I’ll read some text out of my book and then
I’ll elaborate on these cases and explain a bit more as they go along. I think you might
find this of a lot of use. Our first case history is a 19-year-old lady
called Kirsty. This is out of chapter two of Candida Crusher. Kirsty’s a young female
student who came to my clinic about two years ago complaining of chronic fatigue. She was
absolutely exhausted and found it hard to concentrate at the university. Kirsty was
falling asleep during the afternoon lectures and becoming anxious at her inability to concentrate.
Her main complaints were foggy thinking, anxiety and depression, occasional vaginal yeast infection,
intermittent pains in her tummy, nausea and small white spots on her body.
Her mother had been a patient of my practice for some time, so she referred Kirsty to see
me. When I questioned about her daughter’s diet and lifestyle, so I gave her a call.
I remember calling this lady up. Sometimes I get very good information from relations
of patients regarding the patient’s behavior or desires, their diet, and sometimes people
are a bit embarrassed to give that information away.
I practice in a small village her in New Zealand. Not that many people and many people know
people. And for that reason, I often get a lot of inside information on people. It’s
surprising how often I go shopping and someone will say, “Oh, I’ve got to send my daughter
to you,” or “I’ve got to send my husband” or things like that. “And by the way, he drinks
too much.” Things like that, so you’ll get information.
In Kirsty’s case, her mom told me that Kirsty likes to drink quite a lot of alcohol on Friday
and Saturday night, a lot of white wine, and she smokes a few cigarettes, but likes to
drink. And, of course, when I saw Kirsty, she said she didn’t drink much at all. But
according to her mom, she’s drinking like a bottle of wine a night on the weekends and
eating a lot of stuff that typical university students eat like two-minute noodles and a
lot of take away food. What I’ve written here, Kirsty showed me her
arms and I immediately identified a fungal skin complaint that I’ve commonly seen on
arms, legs, and torsos of chronic Candida patients for many years. I knew this was another
chronic Candida sufferer, and her doctor ran all the tests and found nothing wrong. The
skin scraping was sent to the lab, which was inconclusive. I’ve seen similar skin rashes
before and sometimes the doctors quickly say, “Oh, it’s eczema. It’s psoriasis. It’s dermatitis.”
It’s blah, blah, blah, some weird name. Sometimes they’ll get referred to a dermatologist that
comes up with a name like this long. “I’ve just diagnosed this condition and we’ve got
this wonderful cream for this condition.” I tend to call dermatologists “cream specialists”
because all they do is give creams all day. How depressing is that? We had a few consultations.
I can remember working with Kirsty for some time, two or three consultations and a few
Skype consultations. The big thing with young girls at that age
is usually they’ve moved out of home. They’ve just started university or college. They miss
their parents. Sometimes if they haven’t been introduced to alcohol, they’ll cut loose and
go crazy with booze. My daughter when she was 17 or 18 would have a glass of wine here
at home sometimes, so she got used to alcohol at a young age and she didn’t go crazy with
it. Many times when they’re flatting or move into
an apartment by themselves, with a girlfriend, or with their boyfriend, they’ll often have
crappy diets. They’ll eat two-minute noodles. They’ll have pizzas. They won’t look after
themselves properly. They’ll be under high stress, study stress, financial stress, emotional
stress; they’re on the Pill, all these sorts of things. They’re basically a sitting duck
for a yeast infection. Many of them get digestive problems. It’s easy for them to eat at weird
hours and get heartburn or bloating or constipation. Many of these girls also get urinary tract
infections. These are some of the core issues that I tend to look at with patients.
The main thing really that needed doing in Kirsty’s case was the diet needed changing.
The lifestyle needed changing. And these are things I spent time talking to her about.
About the need for eating quality proteins, cutting out the sweet foods, cutting the booze
right back, and of course, we had a fantastic outcome with this patient like we do when
patients comply. Patients say to me, “I’m looking for a good doctor.” And I say to them,
“Well, that’s funny because I’m looking for a good patient.” When we find good patients
that comply, the outcome is usually satisfactory. That’s just a bit about Kirsty in case number
one regarding her skin infection. Her skin is perfect now. We’ve had no more problems
with her. That’s case number one. Thanks for tuning in.

5 thoughts on “Candida Case Study 1: Kirsty 19 yrs – Fatigue, Brain Fog and Thrush

  1. My granddaughter has something similar to this young girl. She doesn't have thrush but she does have red itchy skin episodes. We are very careful watching her diet and try to feed her as best as we can.

    We think she has candida as she has always eaten lots of carbs which don't seem to agree with her any more.

    In the past few months she has had no appetite whatsoever. Is it wrong to insist that she eats something? What can we do for her?

    Thank you for your videos.

  2. Sir is it fine to use baking soda , turmeric powder,leamon juice for candida …because I am struggling with it…pliz help me….

  3. I was vegan 44 and super fit. I ate so many carbs and dry fruits I developed horrible candida in my gut, sinus, and mouth. I was just feeding my fungus.

    I believe I had candida for many years after sinus surgery and many antibiotics.

    Today I'm candida diet for the last 4-5 months. I'm a vegetarian today. I eat eggs.

    I took Canxida Remove and Restore. I eat plenty of natural probiotics. Amazing changes my mouth in a nice pink color. I have a small sinus infection but is much better. The biggest is the Anxiety levels are much lower after I quit sugar and carbs and my sleeping is much better. In addition, I have not had an alcoholic beverage in 3 years so that also helps..

    Anyone had advice on sinus and candida, and natural remedies?

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