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  1. How do I cope with weight gain caused by antidepressants? I still have an active "ED", and the meds have not made things easier.

  2. #katiFAQ Hey kati, I know you talk about depression, self harm and eating disorders as being a way of coping with something going on in your life, but what if you don't have anything, you have no trauma or anything. What would you tell your clients, for the reason behind their mental health struggles?? I love what you do!

  3. This was a video well done @***** !and that journal topic really REALLY made sense and spoke to me as it will to probably hundreds of other females around the globe. That is why I am sharing that journal topic because I know how hard it is to let a number define us. I hope your Labor Day was great!

  4. The journal topic was so helpful and relatable, especially today. I'm going to write it up and put it in my bedroom. Thank you so much to the person who sent it in <3 And thank you Kati for giving so many people hope and support 🙂 Hope you are having a lovely day!


  6. #katifaq  Hi Kati, you mentioned briefly about the competitiveness in ED's in a previous video. I'm currently recovering from anorexia and find being in group therapy with the other patients that the competition to be 'the sickest' prevents many people from getting better, and triggers even myself. Any suggestions on how to move past this?
    Thankyou :)

  7. #katiFAQ hey kati does self harm have to be just cutting? Is their other ways to self harm? I was told by an counselor that if it isn't cutting then its not self harm. So by me purposely bruising myself im coping in a better way is this normal? Am I self harming? Is their more then just one way to self harm or is cutting the only form of self harm? Help please. Thank you

  8. Hi Kati, I was wondering if 'lip-rape' is a real thing? When I was about 6, my cousin, who was about 11 at the time taught me how to french kiss. I know it sounds gross but i was a little kid, i didn't know any better.. does the fact that I consented (even though i was 6 and didn't know it was wrong) make it okay? #KatiFAQ

    Also, journal topic:
    "Your greatest ministry will likely come from your deepest pain." -Rick Warren 
    When I hear this quote, I think of all the people I've helped them by simply talking to them because they're struggling with things I've struggled with in the past. I want people to remember that while what they're going through (depression, SH, ED, ect) sucks, later down the road, they might be able to help someone else. 

  9. #katifaq My grandad got diagnosed with terminal cancer 5 months ago and since then I've been struggling with my depression a lot more. My self harm urges have come back too. I never talk about how I'm feeling so the situation just gets worse and worse. I feel really selfish for feeling like this when my grandad and the rest of my family are going through so much. I've got so many emotions I don't really know how I feel.. Is this normal? Any advice?

  10. I love LOVE love this video. I love the questions, I love the answers, I love the journal topic.

    When something or someone drains all or even a good portion of your energy and/or makes you feel like shit…it's time to take the steps toward moving on. 

  11. #katiFAQ  Hi! We have been discussing this some in my psychology class so I wanted your input. I know several people responded with similar questions: QUESTION: Hi Kati, Is it common for therapist to cry during session? Is it perceived as unprofessional or is it a normal and okay reaction to client's stories? I am really curious about this because I have a friend who's therapist would cry often during session with her and she liked it because she felt like the therapist understood her and it helped the relationship, however I also can see how it can be an uncomfortable thing for some clients. I would love to hear your thoughts. Is a therapist crying during a session okay or not? Thank you.

  12. Hey Kati id be glad to hear your opinion even if not in a video
    #KatiFAQ Hey my question is: I worked with my first therapist with almost 8 months and i got really attached to her. The thing is that she didnt really know how to set boundaries and as Im a bordeline things got bad. She decided she couldn't work with me anymore because i was worth much more that she could give me. She said that we could have one more session and that would be it (with the promise that until the session i wont harm myself). She also reffered me to my current therapist which is also her friend. I was devastated and i felt abandoned and betrayed so broke my promise and cut myself so we didnt have our last session. 6 months on its still bothers me and my current therapist believes that its best that we have the last session as i need a closure to move on. The 3 of us agree and we'll have the session in Sept. The thing is that i dont think im ready. I miss her. I'm not over her. I feel like someone closed to me died and i cant talk to him anymore. I want her to be my therpist again and im afraid that if i go to the session it will brake up and i wont be able to colllect my pieces. What can I do? I want to go. I want to see her again. Can I ask her to keep in touch? Can I ask her to see her like once a month? Can I ask her to try again? Or can I ask her to skip the therapeutic relationship (she is not my theapist we dont have one right?) and be my friend?

    please answer me? I'd give anything for a 3rd person to answer those questions for me,
    Thank you

  13. I have been actively trying to recover from bulimia for over a year now. I was behavior free for 3 months at first and now have been going back and forth from doing well to doing not so well, and am now in a constant period of not doing well. I am b/ping around 3-4 times a week and feeling terrible about myself. I go back to college in a week. What do I do?

  14. The journal topic was good…but what about if my eating disorder didn't start as a coping skill? I started to diet because I had been overweight and have felt ugly my entire life. What do you do when your clothes being too tight and the thought of gaining the weight back really are the most triggering thing? I don't have some family drama or past abuse to cope with…I just know that no matter how ugly I feel now, gaining back the weight would make me even uglier. I'm eating again, but I'm not sure if I'm ok with it. #katifaq  

  15. Thanks so much for this video and this beautiful journal topic! It kind if made me realise how stupid it is to let the weight of my body cells define me over and over. 🙂

  16. Hey Kati! I've been really struggling lately because my mom has been a really big trigger for me. It's tough because she is also my biggest support, and I want to go to her when I'm having a hard time, but lately she just seems to make it worse. What do you do when your support system is no longer being helpful, but you have no one else to turn to?

  17. #katiFAQ hi Kati, I recently started school, 7th grade. It's not working very well and I'm getting very upset and I'm blocking my friends out, they don't care either , I need yor help, I have never self harmed but I am really considering it, and nothing it working out so I just say "I'm tired" at school, what do I do? Thanks

  18. Hey Kati, I've been recovered from my ED for 3 years now but I haven't weighted myself since. In recovery we decided that I didn't need to know the number to recover so they blind weighted me and I was and am fine with that. However I am worried for when I want to get pregnant. I probably need to know about my progress and health by following my weight, but I don't know my current weight and I don't want to or need to know. What to do?!

  19. If you see this comment, please could you give it a thumbs up because I really need some advise. Kati has not done a video on this before. Thank you x

    #KATIFAQ It's been 3 months since I told my mum about going to the doctors for depression, I didn't tell her about my eating disorder, self harm and anxiety, because I was going to take it one step at a time. But it's been so long since I told her and we've not spoke about it since I feel like she thinks I don't need help or she's forgotten about me because of other stresses at home. Everything's getting worse, and my dad verbally abuses me daily. Should I remind her about the appointment? It took a lot of courage to reach out after a year of struggling. This has knocked me back, It makes me feel like my problems aren't big enough to get help? Thank you for everything Kati xx

  20. I think everybody should stop weighing themselves, and only let the doctors do it when it is necessary. it works for me and i've never felt better since i stopped weighing myself now i love my body as it is no matter what weight it is 

  21. #katifaq
    Hey Kati. How are you?
    I have a question. I was abused as a child and now in my late twenties I can't seem to be able to have a relationship. How can I trust men again and stop scaring them away? Thank you

  22. Is it OK just to go through life and never weigh yourself again, if you feel it would be triggering?  Can medical professionals ever make you, unless you actually have a current ED?  I thought that they could for thyroid disorder, but you're allowed to say no, which I didn't know at the time.  #katifaq  

  23. #KatiFAQ  Hey Kati, do you think dissociation always needs to be cured? 
    I have dissociated a few times, but that doesn't affect me at the moment. So do you think dissociation is something really bad? I do not experience that as bad. 
    I am already seeing a therapist because of several reasons and working on all my problems.
    xoxo love your vids

  24. #katifaq Hi Kati.

    Is it common for someone to have multiple diagnosis? I was hospitalized in May for having suicidal thoughts. I have bipolar disorder and, like most of us, would stop and start meds and therapy. This time I realized I was finally actually ready to work through my issues with theeapy. And, I have (for the first time ever) been totally open and honest. Through work with my phycologist and phyciatrist, it appears I have bits and pieces od many disorders. Bipolar, ptsd, add, anxeity. This in addition to my fibromyalgia, horrible back and chronic pain. I am not one who care about being labeled, but, I want to find a support group or some articles and its proving hard. So, how common is it to have bits and pieced and why did my brain win the multiple disorders lotto? ;)Thanks

  25. #KatiFAQ  Hey Kati, love your vids by the way! I have recently been either diagnosed or my symptoms have been narrowed down to either Mood Disorder NOS or Bipolar Disorder and have been referred to a psychiatrist. I was wondering what is a Mood Disorder NOS and how is it treated? Thanks!

  26. Im really not writing to kill the mood. But really… I do not believe that the patients who get blind weighed honestly don't know the number.. Unless they are hospitalized ofc. But really. Who doesn't have a scale at home now? 
    I know I would cheat on that one.
    I think you get more stressed about not knowing the number. I would. 
    I think its better to know the number along the journey and slowly get used to it..
    I just.. Really don't believe that the patients are unaware of the number..
    Giant Hugs!! <3  

  27. #katifaq  is it normal for one of the negative voices making you feel like your problems haven't got bad enough to be able to recover yet? For example, when i'm feeling really low, i always get this voice that makes me not want to stop self harming because it isn't bad enough to be able to recover yet? like its telling me i need to get worse before i'm aloud to get better/stop self harm. sorry if that makes no sense. i tried to explain how i felt to my therapist but all she said is 'self harm isn't a competition and it isn't one you want to win' which was totally missing the point. thanks x

  28. #kati FAQ  Hi kati, thanks for everything you do it really helps. So I am at a new school where I don't know anybody and I was in recovery during the summer, but now I'm going back and I keep cutting and have suicidal thoughts. What should I do. 

  29. i wonder if there is a way to see the number before you get weighted like using the wiifit just so you get used to that being the number that will show up so you will be prepared in advance and just remember that it is a healthy number (at least at first) and then over time just see what happens

    thx for this ha bisky Q and A i love these so much

  30. #katiFAQ i've been in recovery for anorexia for almost a year and i still do blind weigh ins! to others out there, don't worry about how long blind weigh ins might be, personally i don't think i'll ever want to see my number, as long as i feel healthy, i couldn't care less about a number.

  31. Thanks for another great video Kati!!

    #KatiFAQ  I have a relationship question. People often say that with the right person a relationship is "easy"—but if you have a history of childhood abuse and SH/ED behaviors then will a romantic relationship ever be "easy"? How do you know if you should give up on a relationship or keep working at it? Do you ever recommend couples' counseling?


  32. The Eating Disorder services where I live don't do bind weight, especially if your inpatient, even if you ask to go on blind weight they encourage you to look so you can work with your key worker on why your weight is such a difficult subject matter to deal with. 

  33. #katifaq  Hi Kati, what are the signs and symptoms of someone with attachment disorder in their adult years? I tried googling it but I could only find answers for attachment disorders in children. 

  34. #katifaq
    I don't know if I want to go through recovery or not?
    Hey kati I've had depression for three years now and coped with it through self harm and bulimia. When I told my mum which wasn't too long ago she insisted on therapy, of course she a mother, but part of my doesn't want to recover. Why? I seem to refuse help from school most of the time and I feel so stupid. Is there any way I can just let go of my past?
    Love you and all that you do xo

  35. #katiFAQ I want to start binding in the hopes of getting FMT top surgery, but I know I won't be able to afford it for a long time and binding will alter my breasts and make them saggy. I am scared that I will stop binding and deal with saggy breasts. Should I still bind? Also, do you think it is a good idea to inform my parents I would like FMT top surgery?

  36. hey kati, is it normal that i feel like i should/want to be quiet and isolate myself from friends and family? i'm not open with many people anyway but i feel nobody wants to know and almost want to see who cares enough to notice.. #katiFAQ p.s. i found the second question and answer very helpful.. thankyou for everything you do x

  37. In the UK blind weighing is really quite rare (in my, and friends experience), even in CAMHS (child and adolescent), so that, hopefully, those fears can be constantly managed and confronted. And then once you're maintaining at a stable weight the frequency of weighing decreases until you aren't weighed anymore/ only as often as a regular GP would weigh you. I think knowing you're on a meal plan that is consistently making you gain the predicted-ish amount each week or maintain helps you trust your body and dietician. But I'm not recovered and find the idea of blind weighing terrifying!

  38. #katifaq Hey Kati! I hope your labor day was great! So on Friday I broke my leg (fibula and tibia are both broke) and I also struggle with an eating disorder. Since I have a huge cast and crutches I can’t get much physical activity and my family feels that they need to get fast food every night to make it “easy”. I know I am gaining weight but it’s making me go crazy not knowing how much I weigh and If I’m gaining weight or not. (I can’t get on a scale with my boot and crutches) any advice as to what I should do to try and stay fit and eat healthier? I don’t have a therapist etc.

  39. #katiFAQ
    Hopefully I'm not to late.
    At First thanks for all your work with the videos and workbooks. I'm enjoying it although I'm not a native English speaker I can understand you pretty good.
    Now my question is:
    I'm doing yoga classes since many years, but since a cup,e of month I can't stop thinking about the bad things that had happened in the past and the uncomfortable things that will happen in the near futer. Especially in the beginning when we meditate and in the end during the deep relaxation. Sometimes I feel worse and have to strongly remind me, why SH is not the best way to cope. Any personal tips?
    Thanks a lot!

  40. Hi Kati I don't know if you will read or respond but if your I love your videos so much now on to the question so in school we have to keep track of all our food and calories and turn them in and I am anorexic I and I am trying to recover and I talked to the teacher and she said that I still have to do it and my mom won't let me get out of it and I don't have a therapist should I fake foods on the paper what should I do #katifaq

  41. #KatiFAQ I was sexually abused throughout my childhood but I am only just beginning to process it. I spend a lot of time with children (working/volunteering/babysitting) and I love children but now when I think about the abuse I feel like theres something wrong with me and that people wouldn't want me round their children if they knew. I don't know what to do? Should I avoid being around children? XX

  42. #katiFAQ hey Kati, just today I had my first panic attack outside,I had panic attacks before but there were always when I was alone. Now I'm really nervous about it happening again I was triggered by this man who was too close to me on the line and breathing in my neck, that made me remember about the rape. I just really don't want it to happen in public again. Any tips? Thank you 🙂

  43. #katifaq Hi Kati,I just found out today that a friend from high school killed himself. I know that I should feel bad about it, but I just feel jealous of him. I know this is a horrible response, and I feel bad about being jealous, but I just can't stop feeling this way. It's basically the same whenever I hear that any one has killed themselves. Is this a normal reaction for people who have attempted suicide in the past? What can I do to react to the situation more "appropriately?" Thanks.

  44. #katifaq. Hi Kati my therapist has told me that she will be doing more traveling this year for work related matters. Whenever I hear that she will be traveling In a way I get angry because I don't like it when she goes away. She told me that when she is away we will be able to Skype and call and which reassures me but it isn't the same. We work really well together but I feel like I am being selfish because I don't want her to travel. What do you think?

  45. #katifaq  Hi Kati,

    Thank you for your wonderful videos. I look forward to them daily.

    My therapist of over a year recently left private practice to better support her family financially. This has been particularly difficult for me. Before meeting her, I hadn't found a therapist that I felt comfortable with. Now, I am taxed with the task of finding another therapist I am comfortable with. How can I get over losing this important relationship I have lost? How can I trust someone else when I am now scared that this will happen again? Is it selfish that I don't want to find another therapist, and I want to keep seeing my therapist?


  46. #katifaq hi kati! Sometimes i feel depressed for a while and then feel good for a while. I have self harmed but not often. Sometimes a few days and then not again for maybe even two months or something. I have purged but kinda the same story. I don't get it. Could you give some advise or anything? Thanks!

  47. #katiFAQ Hi Katie, my therapist wants me to go to a local ED support group.  I went for the first time last night and I found the activities to be very helpful.  I'm weight restored now and it made me feel like the biggest one in the group.  How can I benefit from going to the group if I'm comparing myself to others and feeling bad about my body?

  48. #katiFAQ Hey kati, I know you talk about depression, self harm and eating disorders as being a way of coping with something going on in your life, but what if you don't have anything, you have no trauma or anything. What would you tell your clients, for the reason behind their mental health struggles?? I love what you do!

  49. Hi Kati #KatiFAQ Can u pls explain the link between EDs and depression? Can depression cause an Eating disorder or visa versa? Love ur vids! xxx

  50. #katifaq is it possible to ever fully recover from depression? I'm not sure with all its ups and downs and twists and turns.

  51. #katifaq I hope its not too late but I was wondering how do you know when your mentally ready to go back to school? I was pulled out of middle school last year due to severe anxiety and was planning to go back in a few weeks. How do I know I'm mentally ready?

  52. #katifaq I have a huge question hope this is not late but I seen my sister purging and self harming but she doesn't know I seen her. I tried talking to her but she lied to me. I'm just super worried. If I tell someone I think she will hate me. I just really don't want her to commit Suicide.

  53. I disagree with your third answer (kind of). I think as a whole, the answer should be no. Restriction (of some sort) is probably what triggered the eating disorder, and restriction is just going to trigger the same thoughts that recovery has quieted.
    Weight loss efforts (emphasis on effort) require some kind of energy deficit in otherwise healthy human beings, and that is just a recipe for danger in people with restrictive eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.). The most unhealthy/dangerous thing for a person with a restrictive eating disorder is restriction, not being "overweight" (according to BMI scale, like some ignorant doctors may believe) or anything along those lines.
    If your body decides naturally to lose weight, that's fine, but that doesn't require any conscious effort. So there's not even any reason to think about it other than the fit of your clothes changing.
    The only exception to the "no" answer is that if you genuinely have a disease that causes unnatural weight gain (again, not specific to an arbitrary BMI scale, but specific to your body), and if it's more dangerous than the consequences of the eating disorder. And only in this situation do I agree with the part about including a dietitian and therapist, because relapse is still going to be a risk.
    Obviously I know this is a much more long-winded answer than appropriate for a short video, but I want anyone reading the comments to see this and read about it in slightly more depth =)

  54. Something about weighing yourself – your body can gain or lose surprising amounts of weight from fluctuating fluid levels. You can lose almost a pound when you urinate. If you mow the lawn and you sweat a lot you can lose a pound or two like that. Some people are more prone to this than other's. If you take a big drink before you weigh you will weigh more than you did before you took the drink. If you consume a lot of sodium your body will be prone to retain fluids. It's really hard to gain or lose a pound of body fat. Most weight fluctuations are due to fluctuating fluid levels.

  55. Plus the scales are just extremely misleading anyway. They don't take into account all the other things like water weight, muscle mass, the weight of food in your stomach and colon. I used to weigh constantly throughout the day, I never weigh anymore, ever. It's just such a bad, inaccurate indicator of where your health and fitness levels are at. Two people can be exactly the same size and one can be a lot heavier just due to more healthy muscle mass 🙂

  56. Question number three is basically right where I'm at as well…however I havent attempted to loose weight even though I want to because some days I struggle with seeing my body different. Some days I think it's "normal" and some days I think I look huge so I havent been willing to put myself at risk for relapse when I don't even know the truth

  57. I have an eating disorder but I've never gone to the doctors because I'm really scared, I don't want them to weight me, I'm 16 and from the uk, I live with my dad but in the uk you are allowed to live by yourself at 16, I want to go to the doctors but I don't want them to tell my dad, I've told two close friends about it, which one of them wants me to go to the doctors and said they will go with me.

  58. My cpn did not agree with me asking to be blind weighed. I didn't want to know my weight but she insisted I needed to know my weight in order to truly recover because if I didn't see my weight as it went up I would have a huge shock when it was suddenly loads higher. I did not agree with this so I went ahead and agreed with my GP that I did not want to know my weight. However I still do not know my weight and I'm starting to see what my cpn meant….. I think I would get upset if I suddenly saw my weight now

  59. Thank you for making this video. Thank you for making this channel. As someone with an eating disorder it is exstermly helpful to find a channel about managing eating disorder and to see a person who has survived it. There are so many channels about depression and anxiety, but not many that covers eating disorders and this is why I subbed.

  60. CAMHS always let me see my weight and it’s sparked similar things but yet they let me see the number still

  61. I looooove your videos, Katie. I am currently myself in recovery for an eating disorder (BM) and i was so worried about losing the weight i gained from binging. I will protect my recovery because YESSS i am working my ass of for that little baby. I will work one step at a time. Bet wishes ,katie.

  62. When I'm emotional I don't eat that's how I am like people be like emotional and eat alott but for me I don't have any appetit is that normal ?

  63. I am so thankful for finding this video, I had anorexia as a teenager and I have been worrying about triggering my ED as I am trying to lose the extra weight I gained from having a child. I am going to take your advice and seek out a therapist along with the rest of your advice for protecting my recovery 💖

  64. Guys. lost tons of fat does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I will give you some advice now. Get a popular fat burn secrets called Fenoboci Diet Plan (google it). Thanks to it I have lost crazy amounts of weight. I should not even be talking about it cause I don't really want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just simply in a great mood today so I'll share the wealth haha.

  65. I agree with Kati's caution re: losing weight after recovery. Losing weight can be a trigger for a lot of people who have previously had EDs, and even sometimes an initial trigger. In many of her videos Tabitha Farrar discusses the theory that running on an energy deficit can trigger a biological reflex in some people that could be responsible for a chunk of ED behaviours. That entirely lines up with my lived experience. Any time I have lost weight in my life – whether intentionally or not – it has brought on obsessive thoughts and behaviours and now I know enough to be really careful and nip that stuff in the bud! I would not counsel losing weight to anyone who has previously had an eating disorder unless they have a whole pile of checks and balances in place – and oh yes, some medical reason for doing it! I think the act of running on low energy intake can change one's whole internal wiring and bring on all sorts of disordered behaviours and thoughts.

  66. How do u deal with a work "biggest loser challenge" when you struggle with restricting already and occasional binge /purging. Even if they said they'll measure by percentage?.. I feel like if I don't I will feel jealous and act out anyway and if I try like a normal person ED is telling me yeah right and therefore I know it will end in b/p cycles…help 😭🤦

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