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  1. Thank you. You provide a lot of great advice and help me work on me between appointments with my psychiatric nurse practitioner.

  2. Ur question is a good one I think two people that have mental illness should take precautions before they hook up and really understand each other I know first hand about dating someone with a mental illness and it was always up and down but on the other hand it can be a good thing because they know how to deal with ur disorder so when u decide just think about the risk

  3. #katiFAQ Hey Kati, I don't know if you know a lot about how the mental health system works in Canada (Montreal, more precisely) but I was just wondering if I could get medication for social anxiety and maybe also depression without needing to see a therapist regularly, like maybe seeing a psychiatrist once a month or something but no more than that. I'm 16 and I wouldn't mind my parents knowing about it. Sorry if this is a really dumb question :/
    Thank you for everything you do 🙂 xoxo

  4. I don't agree that a person with depression absolutely will not get better unless she goes to therapy and possibly takes medication. Plenty of people have managed to overcome their depression on their own. People weren't powerless before talk therapy was invented, and they're not powerless without it now.

    For some people, therapy just doesn't work. There are people who go to therapy for YEARS and never overcome their depression, but they continue seeing their therapist for other reasons such as that they become obsessed with their therapist. In my case, I tried therapy many times, and it had no effect because, due to the circumstances causing my depression, the only one who can fix the situation is me, and there's nothing a therapist can tell me about how to do so that I don't already know on my own. I've literally asked therapists what they think I should do, and their responses are always that I need to do things that I already knew to do but don't have the financial resources and such to do right now.

    I don't doubt that therapy is helpful to many people. However, saying that someone definitely WON'T get better without therapy just sounds like a self-preservation effort from a therapist.

  5. Cheers….you made perfect sense. My friend is married with a boy who's lovely. We used to have some fun times. We drifted and shed text but I'd never make the effort. I had friends from work but they just wanted to get drunk! They didn't really care so much I guess, I don't know. I drifted from them also! Friendship is hard as I have been in the thought process that all I need is my sisters who are quick to put me in my place so I can't really be my true self. Even my mum has lost her friends! She has her sister who she's so very close to. I am further away from my sisters though in a mental state. I love them but can't relax around them you know? XOXOX

  6. Yep im working on looking for a good friend I have none at the moment but its better than being in toxic relationships it just gets hard sometimes

  7. Heyy kati, not a question but just wanted to say thank you. Your videos mean so much to me and often are one of the only things that can give me the hope to continue. You're amazing and I love what you are doing. Thank you ❤️

  8. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, my mood seems to be very up and down at the moment and I feel myself becoming depressed again. I finished CBT afew month ago and feel I maybe should see my GP and go back but I feel like my therapist might see me as a failure. What should I do? 🙁

  9. It's interesting what you were saying about friends.. I still don't understand. I don't crave friends and don't really want the drama in my life. Every time I connect with somebody I start wanting to get away from them/I don't find them exciting anymore/I feel different from them.. It's obviously me the problem but haven't been able to figure out what exactly.. I do feel excited if I mentally think about friends that I would genuinely like to have (same morals, hobbies..) ; anyway thank you for the video, like always <3 

  10. I would love to see a more in-depth friendship video! Perhaps include a bit about "how to make friends as an adult"?

  11. Hey Kati, lately I have been really stressed because I have been considering telling my parents AGAIN about my self harm, suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety. I'm terrified to talk to my parents again because I fear they will react more harshly, and more violently than last time. Life feels like a roller coaster that only keeps going down. My mom is sick with multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus, diabetes, and congestive heart failure, so she might say that I'm only doing it for attention, and that my problems aren't as serious as hers. What should I do? Just talk to friends? #KatiFAQ

  12. Hey Kati I'm 13 and I don't know if I'm depressed I have good friends but I'm not really close to them and its difficult to become closer to them I just always feel down and I cry a lot but I don't know why what should I do?

  13. Can someone recover from Depression without seeing someone?  If you mean isolation, then no: It will only get worse. If you mean without seeking professional help, medicine, etc. then in the theoretical sense it is possible. You will have to think realistically which may not be so easy to do while suffering from Depression. You have to surround yourself with positive, encouraging, energetic people. Limit your social life from negative, constantly complaining or angry vacuum-typed people. Not exactly easy to do when one is depressed. 

  14. What do you think about two people with mental illnesses dating one another? That depends on where and how you meet. If you meet at a doctor's office or a mental health professional's office or something similar, then NO it is not a good idea. If things go south or one has a setback of some kind, it will drastically hamper both parties recovery efforts. It will make things harder on both people. If it is at a random place, chance-meeting typed situation, then it will depend on where you both are in your recovery efforts. If one or the other has just been diagnosed, not a good idea until one learns how to cope and handle situations. If it has been a few years for both then it is a good idea, for you both should know how to handle certain situations based on your respective illnesses. Then it will be up to both of you to trust each other enough to help each other and be patient with one another. Then if things go south, be prepared to walk away, both people. It will hurt, but neither one can take it personally. You will know you couldn't handle it. Take a few months off to recover then find someone else.

  15. I got of of my depression without anyone. well the second time. I was even cutting but then again I am different from whoever is reading this.

  16. If you don't mind me asking, are you educated in this field or speaking from experience – I'd listen either way, but just want to know.

  17. here's my opinion on the 3rd question. YES, YOU CAN GET BETTER WITHOUT THERAPISTS, MEDICATION, ETC. it's called self-help, there are tons, of books, cd's, and videos, plus a lot more on self recover/self-help tools for all kinds of life issues,. No One truly needs outside help until you have put a 100 % effort and a good period of time in yourself or invested in these two ( effort/time) strategies first.

  18. One of the hidden themes in Harry Potter is depression… and J.K. Rowling purposely didn't make a spell that can cure sadness, the point of the whole series is that dealing with sadness is a process that logically can't be tailored by a passing spell.

  19. It amazes me how focused you are, and how little you have to edit. if I ever tried this, it would be too much staring of into space XD you're amazing

  20. I've been having bad thoughts and doing bad coping skills, but I haven't told my parents and they think I'm just fine, and I'm scared to tell them because I don't know if they'll believe me or they will believe me completely and over react. So should I tell my parents or not?

  21. Your answer to no. 3 is really tough tbh. I want to be better. I want to take whatever steps necessary to recover. But I cannot afford any treatment, which is a problem to lots of people. Mental health treatment is great but it's something which is only really accessible to the upper/middle classes. It sucks.

  22. I have a really big question!
    I have this teacher that I don't know really personally but,I feel really comfortable talking to him and I haven't told my parents I self harm and I'm really depressed.I feel really comfortable telling him except my parents which I feel is really bad and would make my parents very upset at me.Ive looked at past experiences and I've noticed the school gets really involved and they have to take you to a councilor and it gets chaotic.What should I do I want help but,I don't want the school to get involved but I want help because I've had depression for a year but I don't even know what type I've took online tests and it says I sever depression yet some says i have signs of other also!I want help but the steps and decisions are so hard to choose!!HELP please!Im sorry to take your time and thank you !!Even if you don't answer thank you soooo much!!

  23. I was depressed, I stepped inward to find myself and made the decision to move forward and make changes and progression towards a better me. It took alot of energy and being that I am an introvert I pushed to get out more and do more and try to be more what I want to be. It worked for me and now I am happy and enjoying life to the fullest. I feel that I managed to do that on my own had made me a stronger person 🙂

  24. I think you can use self-help- but it's gonna be a lot harder och take a longer time. So depending on you- it might be better if you seek help. I had a mild depression for about 4 years (roughly) before I decided to try to do something about it- and that took 2 years (roughly) of work. I also think it helped me that I am very interested in psychology and constantly analysed my own behavior like some sort of science- project XD Anyway- I made it- so I think most people that also suffer from mild depression can to!

  25. I'm depressed and I use poetry to help me I write my thoughts down u guys should try it But for other people who are new to deppresion here is my story I'm 10 and suffered from deppresion since I was 9 it,all started when my sis left I c a Mr sleep at night and sometimes I starve myself my parents don't know I starve.myself I have a good friend who understands my pain she knows how it feels so far and life I'm trying to be strong and work through it

  26. I've actually written several personal journal entries on "this I believe" or "I know this much is true", all my personal opinions natch, but I'd never heard of this book! and it's very cathartic when ur feeling like u don't know who u are or why or how, it helped me find some solid footing from which to move forward. I love that suggestion and that I found your site! (3 years later, but hey, I'm late to everything! 😎) thank you for what you're doing. it's greatly appreciated. 💙

  27. I feel like I'm starting to get depressed again, not sure why… I don't want to see a therapist, or take medication.

  28. I recommend ashwaghanda, holy basil, vitamin D, and magnesium for bpd, anxiety, and depression. I have been taking these supplements for a week now and i feel amazing. Also try your best to eat a healthy consistant diet, avoid stimulents(including caffeine), drink A LOT of water(at least 2.5 liters a day), and avoid sugar like the plague.

  29. My very best friend, whom I love only in this capacity, but, and it'a big but, he is married with his wife becoming more and more jealous of the time he and I spend together. (we have invited her to join us though to no avail.)
    Should I just STOP seeing him, even though I have known him since I was 9-years-old? (I recently moved back home after 25 years, and not only is my new landlord, we also easily picked back up where we left off as friends from the way back.
    Could you please advise me the best course of action? Since I have moved back, he is my only friend and I would totally hate to lose him.

  30. Damn that didn't answer my question lol. I've been dealing with chronic depression for most of my life, but my mom never made an issue of it so she wasn't proactive in helping me. Now as an adult I have my own insurance and have been trying for half a year now to get therapy and I've had zero luck in finding someone who can help me that is covered by my insurance. And I dont make enough income to pay out of pocket, so I thought this video would explain if it was possible to overcome depression on your own when youre not left with much of a choice and cant go to therapy lol. I also don't do well in groups I'm very much a lone soul kind of person and get flustered around too many people and dont like having the attention on me so support groups and stuff wouldnt be practical for me. Guess I'll have to keep looking for my answers…lol

  31. Kati, I have no idea what to do. I go to a boarding high school with a policy that if a student is determined to be suicidal, then they will have to leave for the rest of the academic year and possibly into the next year. I've been considering reaching out, but after knowing this policy I have no idea what to do. I would not put myself at risk for suicide, but I'm scared that it will be determined that i am. My first episode began before I went to this school, and my current feelings continued even during the summer. I do not think that being put on leave would help me, and I'm scared that it will make me worse and make me feel like even more of a failure. I have worked so hard to get into this school, but now I feel like I'm drowning and I can't handle it. I feel like my only option is to keep going until college when I can reach out without being punished for it.

  32. I think that if one doesn't want to see a therapist, there are other helpful ways:
    – listening to videos therapists film (like Kati's) and trying to apply those methods to your life
    – journal
    – talk with someone you trust (friend / teacher / family / whatever)
    Anyway, I think that these methods would work if it's situational depression (or other non-permanent things). Don't know about permanent, but you could give it a try 🙂
    Keep me posted!! We can talk if you'd like. <3

  33. Any advise?
    At my work place one of my colleagues I believe has some kind of depression or low self esteem. This has been happening over, almost 2 years! I do feel sorry for her and the rest of the work place have tried to help her and advised her to get some kind of help. She cries over the smallest things. For example, she cried the other day over someone using her blue tack. I sympathise because I have been in a really dark place but I hid how I felt from everyone and sorted out my problems my self with a little help from a GP. Unfortunately, it’s getting to the point where I feel like her behaviour is starting to effect me. I feel like my mood has considerably dropped over the last 2 months as she has gotten worse and she confided in me. She won’t get help even though she says she is going to. HELP! I don’t want to end up like I was in my past and I don’t want to sound mean by saying she’s driving us all crazy! Do I tell my manager about it effecting me? I obviously can’t not go to work.

  34. What if you want to get help (because you need it), but you can’t. It’s just something you can’t do. Is there any way to do self-therapy?

  35. I liked how you defined friendship: someone who cares about you and is there for you… I feel like I've had enough bad friendships and like I've never really trusted anyone. I just couldn't go on with those people anymore because I didn't feel any support, quite the opposite: I felt like they were using me or making fun of me, being jealous and judgemental… I don't know if that's just part of being a girl but those kinds of friendships fucking suck and make me anxious.

  36. I had a close friend (my only friend at that time) that told me I was getting really boring and she doesn't want to communicate with me, because I was in a really bad depression and distancing myself from her pushed her away. That just made things worse. I then met my best friend to this day and she never gave up. I'm sure I wouldn't be here now without her, so don't give up on people that easily -even if it feels like you're not getting to them at all it's not like that the process is slow. It's been 12 years of awesome friendship and we're always there for each other

  37. im in a relationship, we both have anxiety and depression, and we have "panic cycles" where i cry and she shuts down and we both need hugs and neither of us can function, but we've been trying to combat it by making lists of what we can do for each other so that we have a plan of what to do if we panic, and by practicing calming techniques (in and out of panic)

  38. Thanks for talking about friendship with as much serious consideration as romantic partnership. It may seem like not a big deal but I’m aromantic and it really wears me down to constantly see people treat friendship as an inferior type of relationship. Thanks again.

  39. Kati, I have a question. I used to have depression (based on matching every sign and symptom) and it lasted for several years. It did get really bad and I almost killed myself. After hitting rock bottom, I started working on it on my own through self care, positive self talk, books, writing, yoga, excersise, talking to friends etc. I never got help from anyone though bc I couldn't afford it so I just used free resources and did a lot of the heavy lifting slowly on my own. And I'm actually better (WAY better) now but it took several years. So my question is: Am I really better or deceiving myself? Did I really do that on my own? Is that possible? Like I said, I never got professional help. I don't want to say this and have people assume from me that they shouldn't get help. I know that that is dangerous and me not getting help was dangerous and not ideal. But is it possible I'm an exception and I really beat depression (at least for a good long while) without going to a therapist or getting meds?

  40. I think your videos are helping to normalize mental health and fight the stigmas about it by offering educational content that feels conversational and casual. Thank you so much for this important work! Your style is so down to earth. I really appreciate it. Much obliged.

  41. I want to talk I want to Get better I am done with everything I already take meds so I would do that but right now I have no oppertunity really I am terrified and have no money

  42. About true friendship at answer 2: I find it really hard to trust people. I've experienced a enormous hard time with false friends and how they treat/talk in front of you/besides your back. Creating a support group is important, but I think it's easier to have an objective in a group of friends and work on myself to actually feel better in my own presence. Solitude is a bliss on this moments. Now a days i have my therapist to talk about my deep feelings and stuff, and the superficial part of it is on the rest of my social abilities. At least that's what worked on me.

  43. I believe that "never" is overused and "forever" is underrated. I believe I have control in my life and can lead myself to love and happiness. I believe understanding of myself and others is the best way to start.

  44. See, most people have depression and even don't now it or they do know but they wouldn't go to see any therapist. There is still a huge stigma around mental illness. Nobody will treat you seriously if you have mental health disorder. If an employer finds out they may lay you off for whatever reason.

  45. I stg Katie is like psychic bc I always find the exact question I have in it’s own video already and I never thought she’d have done it already.

  46. No 2 for sure not friends saying they like you a lot but don’t show it and feeling disliked and feeling like they are talking bad about me behind my back feel stabbed,#3 I feel lost sometimes

  47. hell yeah i wanna get better but you are right that i don’t want to see anyone. it’s almost embarrassing. i am an over thinker and if i tell someone i am scared of what they will think of me. they might think i am being dramatic or just think i’m weird. if i did go to therapy idk if i would ever tell any of my friends. i just don’t want it to be that real you know like being that unstable where you need help is scary

    also weird question but can you get hives from stress? highschool just started for me so i am super overwhelmed and i have been having hives on my back and stomach that only show up at night and i havent been eating anything different or being around anything weird

  48. Kati Morton with your permission can i write you and or email you for help because where i live at my neck of the woods nobody cares about helping me with my depression. 😔

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