Brains! We Cooked & Ate Creamed Brains!!

welcome friends it is Sunday morning so
we’re going to do another one of our regular sort of depression-era recipes
out of depression-era recipe cookbooks and today we’re working from the Chicago
Daily News cookbook and if you’ve seen the thumbnail or read the video title
you know we’re making creamed brains so these are the brains I haven’t cooked a
lot with brains I don’t eat a lot of brains so we’re gonna see how this works
out I know a lot of people have been
complaining that the recipes that I do from the Depression era don’t seem like
depression recipes and I think the thing that you really have to remember is that
for a lot of these cookbooks all of the recipes are aspirational these are the
things that people want to eat rather than what they have to eat and I think
this is one of these recipes where probably there were people that had to
eat this so the first step it says to boil them it doesn’t say how long or
what to do with them so I’ve got some boiling water and in they go okay so I
think the brains are cooked but they’re a little bit hot yet I also need to make
a white sauce so I’m gonna move on to making the white sauce and in order to
make this sauce it’s essentially just a roux which is butter and flour and once
the butter is melted in goes the flour equal amounts of butter and flour and we
just stir that together to cook it a little bit and what’s that cook together
nicely we put in some milk so we need about two
cups of milk okay well just let this cook it will
thicken as it cooks now we come back to the brains we need to chop them up fine
and then fry them so they’re cool enough to handle at this point let’s chop yeah
it doesn’t take much to chop them so in the bottom of this frying pan I’m
going to melt a little bit of butter okay now we fry the brains in the butter
until crisp now while you’re frying the brains make sure to keep an eye on your
cream sauce your white sauce if it gets too thick you can thin it out with a
little extra milk and if it’s lumpy just get a whisk and whisk it until it’s
smooth we just want to keep this warm at this point you reach sort of a
consistency that you’re looking for and then turn the heat off while you’re
finishing the brains that’s the way I’m going to do it because you can’t
overcook this and make it too thick and too gloopy and I don’t think that’ll
work out so well so I’ve got the heat off on this right now it’s going to stay
warm and I’m just going to continue to fry the brains okay I think they’re
cooked so I’m gonna take them off the heat and season with salt and pepper a
little bit salt a little bit of pepper stir that in and it says nutmeg I
I mean nutmeg goes with all kinds of things nutmeg always goes with a cream
sauce who knew that nutmeg went with brains
so only grate some nutmeg over the brains in the frying pan still I think
that will release some of the oils and make the flavor just a little bit better
on the nutmeg we’ll see stir that in now into the
cream sauce which is still pretty warm but I’m going to turn the heat back on
just a little bit I’ve fried off some mushrooms ahead of time so the mushrooms
go in and then in go the brains and now this gets served in pastry
shells oh my goodness Glenn it is so hot why are you cooking
it’s like 37 degrees outside and then with the humidity they say it’s like 43
so 43 degrees Celsius by cooking and it’s hotter in the studio coz look at
that temperature gage taught her in the studio I don’t know yes you need that
doesn’t even give you a wax color that you should use on your skis okay you
should get four clerks and I will garnish this with peas okay so I get a
second Bowl for me I think we’re just gonna taste one off of this plate and
that might be sufficient so okay you’re you’re concerned full disclosure
creamed brains Oh something no that’s just too much that’s too much of a dad
joke I don’t think I can say it uh you need brains cuz you’re cooking in oh
yeah so um it’s just awful this is served in puff pastry of olive onsen and
at the beginning I said you know a lot of these recipes are aspirational I
think cooking with brains in a cream sauce is definitely a depression-era
sort of people people who use all the parts you’ve got you use all the parts
you’ve got in the end these parts tended at that time to be used by people who
were in the lower economic strata I think putting it in a Bullivant
or a puff pastry or it says pastry shell is the aspirational part yes you would
have had this on toast I think it seemed I think you probably would have put this
on toast cream or stale bread and there that’s what the peas go into and that’s
why the peas and the cream and the cream would have made the stale bread or the
toast yeah the cream cheese on toast cream
salmon on cream salmon on toast yeah yeah okay so I’m just gonna dig right in
I’m not gonna have any of the pastry I’m just gonna taste the cream in the
mushroom so this is where I have to do a full disclosure cream things and cream
things as mushrooms not my favorite flavor like I don’t do the cream peas on
toast and the cream salmon and or cream of mushroom
so I’m a little concerned just about the cream okay how’s the texture um I mean
take another bite because I don’t know if I got brains or not what you just got
mushroom I might have just got mushroom I mean mushrooms and brains apparently
have a texture that’s very close how many brains are in this recipe I got
brain that time okay um so you know when you get it kind of thick get all my I
don’t my glasses on I can’t really see not have any the flavor I don’t know
when you get a piece of brain tell me what you think of the flavor I’m gonna
have oh well there’s I’ll take one at that is that that’s brain okay here you
go mmm I heard some in the first one okay it spilled on the counter it it’s
kind of like any other type of meat that takes on the flavor of whatever it’s
been cooked it’s very soft it’s it’s very palatable I get a fish flavor to me
it tasted like fish I can see that cuz of the texture cause it’s very soft yeah
like a fish I mean it’s actually even for the cream part pretty good yeah I
mushroom be part it’s actually pretty good
so I don’t know that this would be my number one choice why not uh well I
think the cerebellum adds great balance to the flavor really does the circle why
not the amygdala makes me want to come back for more so I guess what I guess
what I’m saying is I’m I’m not a fish I’m not a big fish fish and see where I
like this so that’s so because I don’t like that strong fish flavor that I’m
getting from this I might not come it’s not the fact that it’s brains after
having it the brains don’t bother me it is that that in the same way I might not
have it cuz I’m not a big fan of the cream Gary but there are lots of options
and other things that you can cook with brains all those types of meats brain
heart they’re all really all if you’re going to eat meat you might as well you
have to eat eat all the other parts cuz they’re perfectly good deed
so brains not the easiest thing to come by I went to three or four supermarkets
to find them but I they’re out there these were sheep brains I think all told
the most expensive part of this meal by far was enough pastry so if you were
gonna serve this in Depression style you could have it on toast you have it on
toast and it’s like a five dollar meal that would probably feed there’s enough
here for like four people yeah you had Spiess clearly we have some carrots yeah
I you good to go well you could make this you could
probably fill that with vegetables as well you could put a whole bunch of
vegetables in that and then put puff pastry crust on top stick it in the oven
and handle in a potpie potpie grain potpie make it your own my friend yeah
you know if you’re gonna cook with brains play around with it and a
different spicing I mean a little bit of hot sauce would be great in this I mean
there’s so many other things yeah dude it’s sort of change that flavor and make
it but clearly it’s a base ingredient it’s easy to work with
yeah it’s it takes on whatever flavor you put in it which means that you can
do anything you want with it you could make it with jerk you could
make it with yeah a curry so creamed brains get kind of a nfe from me but not
because their brains and Julie seems to like them although it’s iffy because she
doesn’t like cream so a cream sauce so thanks for stopping by see you again
soon cool stay cool stay cool yeah I’m gonna have some juice you

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  1. Welcome Friends! Thanks for watching – If you liked the video, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and of course Reddit. As always this delicious recipe is in the description box above.

  2. We're up to 35 degrees here in uk n everyone's dying, no chance you'll find anyone cooking over here with this weather. Nice vid, real fun thanks.

  3. 4:10. Jon Townsend would be so pleased

    “This is your brain. And this is your brain on a frying pan with some cream and butter. Any questions?”

  4. For some reason, I was thinking of ri de veau (which is a delicacy) but it is another organ. When I saw the title I was a bit turned off by the thought of probably putting it through a food processor but to describe it better would be fried brain in a cream sauce. Still unsure I would buy some brains to try this but if it was offered to me, I would try it.

  5. Newbie here and definitely wasn't expecting creamed brain 😬. An interesting recipe to say the least but love your channel!❤

  6. My childhood involved the occasional brains and eggs breakfast with a side of grits. My mother is from Mississippi and we live in Ohio. Brains are harder to come by, there used to be like 5 companies that made canned Pork Brains in Milk gravy but there is only one company still making them in the USA, the Rose brand from South Carolina? I think. We used to stock up on some cans when we visited family in Mississippi. A tiny can, maybe 4 ounces has like 2,500 mg of cholesterol.



    edit 2 (last one seriously lol) THEYRE EATING IT

  8. Why are certain cuts of meat a turn off, it's all just parts of the same animals in the end, what makes it grim to think of gobbling on brain, feet, stomach, eyes & the other kind of balls. Yet steak, legs & breast etc all get a lick of the lips and a yummy. I too would snear at eating brains, but dunno why.

  9. Oof. Sorry Glen, I couldn't hang. I put off watching this for two days, started watching, immediately freaked out and started getting sick. Nothing you did wrong, just this wasn't the video for me. Looking forward to your next video.

  10. Love your channel. That said: I was fighting a purely psychological nausia during this one. It was worth watching to see the two of you ingest this "delicacy". Twisted, I know!

  11. I ate my fair share of brains in the past (it was one of my favorite dishes). When I prepared it, before cooking it I had to remove the net of filaments that runs around and through the matter. Did you do it ?

  12. mmmmm. Braiiins. My mother used to do Lambs brains in black butter and pepper when I was a child. Very nice too.
    It is difficult to get brains in England after B.S.E. no jokes please, we are suffering enough.

  13. I enjoyed this video but I will pass on eating brains. Gotta watch my cholesterol lol. Keep up the good work.

  14. Thank you, Glen! Now I have to break out my celcius to Fahrenheit converter! I'm thinking if 43 degrees is hot to you, Canada must be very cold!

  15. My grandmother said it was hard to get the butter and milk she said they had a lot of vegetable base foods and soups because they grew them there selves she said they had to because you had no money to buy things her father was a out of work coal miner and one day her father went hunting and brought back a cat he found in the woods and used it to make Rabbit/cat stew the young people of today think they have it tough they have know idea they waist money like its water on 5 dollar coffee and endless crap at wawa

  16. This is definitely an aspirational recipe, and not a "we have to eat something" one.

    My great-grabdma was born in 1900 in Eastern Europe, and for her entire life, brains were a delicacy.

    You can also notice how exquisite the recipe is because it uses multiple techniques, spices, lots of butter (which was an expensive ingredient) and a rich, white sauce.

  17. "Creamed Brains" No wonder they were depressed. o.o

    I've made most of the recipes you've posted, but I think I'll pass on this one. Sorry, duckie!

  18. Canadians have such a good sense of humor. I find the whole upper America to be so fascinating and foreign (I’m from Florida it’s pretty jacked down here)

  19. My grandparents and family of their generation all ate brains and they insisted it was a delicacy. Apparently it was served at weddings and considered a very posh, elegant item. However from what I know the brains are supposed to be plunged in cold water after parboiling and rinsed well of the blood and scum. If not the brains have an off flavor which is probably what you sensed and described as "fishy".

  20. As we sit here watching Glen and eating the lamb chops I just barbecued my girl friend is going, 'Eww eww ewww ewww'. Not sure if it's the video or my cooking.

  21. Brains have always been cheap. Flour is always affordable and making puff pastry is not all that hard. Just flour, water and a fat of some kind like lard or butter.

  22. I know my mother had eaten brains as a child… scrambled in with the eggs. Also tongue. But she never prepared either for us, and I have never felt the urge to research them. Hahaha!

  23. Sorry. LOL @3:08 now when you're frying your brains…uhh…make sure to keep an eye on your cream sauce…. (if you say it 3 times in a row it kinda funny) Again, Sorry about this comment……………..

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